The Penguins of Madagascar (2008) s01e06 Episode Script

Hard Boiled Eggy

The We Like To Move It Crew presents: All right, boys.
Coast is clear.
Let's move.
- Hey, guys.
- Jumbo shrimp.
Doesn't a stealthy rendez-vous mean anything to anyone anymore? A stealth no.
Why? Should it? All clear.
But stay on your toes.
Well, anyhoo, guess what I found in my habitat, today.
- It's It's - An egg? And you are birds, so So What? Back at the aquarium, the daddy penguins handled egg duty.
Marlene, we are an elite force, not nursemaids.
Actually, Skipper, incubation is a guy thing for penguins.
It's natural instinct.
You too, Kowalski? We can't give in to every gushy urge nature's burdened upon our species.
Come on, you marshmallows.
Think manly thoughts like monster trucks.
Isn't that just the No can do.
We can't possibly take this mommy mission.
Of course you can't, silly penguin.
Because the egg is mine.
Where did you I thought we had this area secure? You laid an egg? That's highly illogical for a mammal unless Are you part platypus? What did You are a party puss, but I I am king of things.
Longly I have waited for the spirits to give me a proper heir to my throne.
That is why they sent me this egg.
Sent you? Yes.
I shall call him Julien Jr.
I will raise him to be just like me.
Handsome, brilliant, and most of all, humble.
We'll take him.
Resume coochie-cooing, men.
Well, we will see who's coochie-cooing when I I was muttering to me, not you, silly penguins.
Now carry on.
We'll take shifts.
The egg will have round the clock supervision and training.
- Training? - That's right.
By the time this rookie hatches, he'll be ready.
- But, sir? - The clock is ticking.
Commence operation: "Hard boil.
" Lovely.
You're playing a game with Eggy.
This is no game, Private.
This tiny obstacle course trains tiny soldiers.
You'll get your little play time when it's your shift, Private.
Not bad.
But you'll never make officer with a time like that.
Let's get in it to win it.
You've built a crib for Eggy.
No, it's an intelligence intensifying incubation chamber.
From egg to egghead in one giga-jolt.
You can't The sum of the square roots of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side.
What just happened? Please, tell me you're just flying a kite.
Rico, where's Eggy? Eggy can't fly.
Bring him down.
Bring him down.
You lost Eggy.
Look at them with the vomiting of my J.
That is no way for a royal lemur egg to be treated.
He should be at my side.
My left side, right about here.
Me and my J.
J, with me he will stay-ay.
And then we can play-ay all night and all day-ay! From this lemur egg my lemur prince will rise.
Its little femur leg growing to king size.
He'll be regally, he'll be legally mine.
Look at how cute he is.
With me he will stay-ay.
And then we can play-ay from june until may-ay! He'll be regally, I said legally mine! Well, yes, J.
- of course you can kick Mort.
- Your highness? No, no, he likes it.
Your highness! You totally ruined my J.
It had music and everything.
Maybe you should let go.
I'm no expert, but I suppose whatever's in that egg, it ain't one of us.
Really, Mr.
Smarty Booty? And where J.
will hatch from if not from an egg? Mammals usually come from Do not gross me out with nonsense, Maurice.
I think I am getting an idea.
It is definitely an idea, and I have it.
Me! You're in safe hands now, Eggy.
Well, safe feet.
What are you doing with the egg? It's not your shift.
Obstacle courses, giga-jolts, hang gliding.
You're all pushing too hard! You don't know everything, Skipper.
- I'm sorry, it's just that I - Think you know what's best for it? But you're a boy yourself, a dreamer.
What could you know about raising it? I'll show you.
It's my shift.
Everything's okay now.
I'll never let anything bad happen to you.
I felt him kick, and then he smiled at me.
What? I'm an egg! Who is your daddy now? Not me, because I am J.
's daddy and My baby! Fooled me once, J.
My eyes! Wait, was that just no.
A duck? A mother duck.
- Keep looking, kids.
- Excuse me, are you missing My egg.
Do you have my egg? Kind of but no.
But I sent it to the best eggy sitters.
Come on.
Eggy's gone, and it's all my fault.
I am a bad daddy.
No moping on duty, Private.
- This is not over.
- Target spotted, sir.
Let me see.
What are you waiting for? A moment of silence to honor our fallen.
Just think of monster trucking.
Here, J.
Come here, boy.
He's alive! Quickly, men.
Operation "Stop pop".
My J.
! You're safe now.
And you have little feet.
Yes, you do! I demand custody.
Look at all the danger you have heaved upon my J.
We heaved? You're the heaver, mister.
Eggy was aces until you pilfered him.
But I pilfered J.
while he was on your watching.
That makes you responsible for my irresponsibility.
I'll slap you into the middle of next week.
How dare you, sir? Quiet! Both of you.
You're upsetting Eggy.
- He thinks I'm his - Mama's here! See, I told you they were natural born hatchers.
Were you good for the sitters? The baby didn't give you boys trouble, did he? Now that you mention it Happy to serve.
That's precious.
But time to get in line, kiddo.
Monster trucks, men.
Monster trucks.
Does she get to keep all the J.
s? 'Night, boys.
You did good today, Private.
It's just instinct, Skipper.
Do you think Eggy will remember us? Cute and cuddly, boys.
Cute and cuddly.