The Penguins of Madagascar (2008) s01e11 Episode Script

Concrete Jungle Survival

The We Like To Move It Crew presents: All right, men, we're up against nine ninja warriors.
Missed one.
Nice work, Rico.
Watch out for the ninjas, Marlene.
You mean bowling pins? I mean ninjas.
Don't you see the little faces on them? Why are you guys working, anyway? Come on, it's fun day! Fun day? Rico, code blue.
Private, weapons check.
Kowalski, options Hold on, wait, what is this fun day? Few humans visit on mondays.
Thus our zoo overlords renamed monday "fun day.
" Why wasn't this in my morning briefing? How am I supposed to know that? Come on, people, I'm not a mind reader.
You, Skipper, are just not fun day material.
- Hit the brakes, sister.
- What? I've taken down an angry walrus with a wing and a prayer and another wing.
I can handle anything.
Except fun.
Especially fun.
Right, boys? - Big fun.
- Yes, Skipper, sure.
I'm as fun as the next guy.
Not if the next guy is that guy.
It makes my tummy tingle.
Hello, silly penguin.
What are you doing in my bouncy? Because it's fun day.
And certain sea mammals think I'm no fun.
Check out this fun move.
I call it "Corkscrew".
You, you did this.
- What? - You did this.
I know, I take full responsibility.
Well, 90%.
I said "Have fun".
I did not say "Go nuts".
I should not have "Corkscrewed".
Shame on me.
Maurice, it was all in fun.
Come on, bring in it.
I'm not laughing! All right, I'll try to calm down the screamer while you guys go get his crown.
Sound like a plan? It does sound like a plan.
Commence operation: "Give the furry crybaby his bottle".
She did stop the screaming.
I will get you for How am I supposed to be kingly without a crown? It is the proof of my kingliness.
And that is why I'm going to make you Ready? Wait for it.
A new crown! But the old crown and I have been through so much together.
But it wasn't as amazingly cool as This! It is puffy and complicated.
Like me.
I got you or not.
I want my old crown.
Skipper, turns out the new crown didn't fly.
It did fly, too much.
Not to worry, Marlene.
We're on the trail.
Private, hold the flashlight.
Oh, dear.
I don't like the looks of this.
Keen instinct tells me there's danger ahead.
And it's got my name written all over it.
You three wait here.
I think I'd prefer to tag along if it's all the same, Skipper.
Denied, Private.
I "corkscrewed" us into this.
I'll go solo.
But you're forgetting the penguin credo: "Never swim alone.
" Skipper, we're in this together.
And by "this," I mean a steel cage trap.
My head is naked.
My head is nude.
My head is crownless.
Dark is my mood.
Crazy poetry good stuff.
I want my crown.
And I have your crown, a crown you'll love as much as you love yourself, because It's you! There is an awesome amount of fabulousness going on here.
- It is hot with handsomeness.
- And here's the best part.
My need for beauty and my need for fizzy drink, both are satisfied.
My little head! I like you hideously disfigured.
Oh, boy.
Sewer rats.
They're actually quite cute.
Attenti-oh-nay, little rodentia.
Has anyone seen a leafy crown? Maybe.
- What's it to you? - We need it, pronto.
It belongs to our King.
- And there's only one way to have it.
- Smile and say "please"? Paw-to-paw combat.
Beat the King, get the crown.
Beat the King, get the crown.
I'll go easy on him.
Where is the little guy? - You are toast.
- What was that? Crusty on the outside, soft and warm on the inside, and good in a jam.
That's nice.
You're going down, clown, down to rat town.
Aren't we already there? Now, this might be working for me.
Do you really think you can pull it off? - Snake! - I don't Come on.
- Snake! - That was a good look.
- Tell me you found the crown.
- The crown's been found.
That's great.
Wait, where's Skipper? He's unable to take your call right now.
He's about to battle a mutated rodent warlord.
Kowalski, analysis.
This appears to be a former lab rat, thus the extreme mutations.
Incredible size and brute strength And magnificent aim aren't everything.
You and me, bird, one-on-one.
Talkin' about no help from the flock.
Let's dance.
I'll lead.
That the best you got? Bird, that is some weak sauce.
Missed me that time.
Feel the rat.
Who's your rat daddy? How do you like me now, flightless bird? I knew you'd go running home to your mama! - Poor Skipper.
I can't look.
- This is the worst fun day ever.
Fun day.
Of course.
The "Corkscrew".
Who's got the weak sauce, now? Look, look, you could be King of the cowboys.
Shut up, okay? Can you not see that your King, which was me until the incident, is brooding? I failed.
I failed.
Everybody, I failed.
I am an otter failure.
If I could just say a magic word and make your crown appear, I would.
The magic word is fun day.
My crown! I have missed you, little head thing.
It has a smudgy spot on it.
Well, you see, there were these sewer No, this simply will not do.
Bring me my spare crown.
Much better.
A spare crown? He just had, you know, just sitting around All along a spare crown all along? For emergencies.
What kind of fool King would only have one crown? What? No, never on a fun day, seriously.