The Penguins of Madagascar (2008) s01e15 Episode Script

Kaboom and Kabust

Well, well.
Trying to bury a secret, Miss zookeeper? Pity for you, penguins never sleep.
Penguins never sleep! Look alive.
I've got my freak on for recon.
Awfully cheery for someone pushing a suspiciously human-shaped sack, wouldn't you say? I don't know.
Sometimes a good whistle makes me feel like a pretty little butterfly.
Damn the sweet talk, Private.
You know Rico has gooey love mush sensitivity.
Looks like she's burying the evidence, above ground, standing up in the busiest crossroads of the zoo.
Putting her gruesome handiwork on display? How sick is this woman? Please, no zombie.
It's worse.
Hello, Mr.
Robot guide.
Tell me where to find the otters.
Otters that away, little ranger.
Works like a dream.
Good-bye, annoying tour group questions.
It's too horrible for words, except these ones, the words I'm saying right now.
These are fine.
But anything else, no go.
But, Skipper, it doesn't look that horrible.
I like that fearless attitude, but only a fool could fail to see the danger in this metallic invader.
Step to the sides, gentlemen.
Now can you not see that I am coming through? Metal wiseman, show me who is the smartest of all creatures.
That is right! Me.
Make the shiny man do magic again.
Now show me who has the most attractive bottom.
How does it know? Take a look at our future, boys.
Phase two, robot animals.
It's a classic cost-cutting maneuver: replacement and elimination.
But there's four things they didn't count on.
The war on robots starts now! Come on, Rico.
These prissy party favors won't take down that pile of evil robot steel.
What now? That is just disturbing.
The classic time bomb bundle with the l.
Countdown delay, maximum explodability matched with maximum getaway-ability.
You're a mad genius.
That robo zoo guide goes sayonara in a half an hour: high noon.
Alice incoming! Time to take your medicine.
That should keep your lunch down where it belongs.
That dame is a riddle wrapped in mystery and dunked in nasty sauce.
Mission time.
Re-regurgitate that time bomb.
You all right? Gack attack.
Anti-vomiting syrup.
We'll take the "ew" out of "spew.
" Appetizing.
Looks like you're all plugged up till the medicine wears off.
from detonation, Skipper.
So that's their game, blowing us up one by one with un-regurgitatble gut bombs.
Horrified yet impressed.
It's so obvious, I should've seen it coming.
I'm sorry, Rico.
I blame myself.
Not Rico.
Not anybody.
- Status report.
- 22 minutes, 46 seconds.
Then we've got to get that bomb out of our buddy's belly.
Rico, my friend, we are going to teach you to spew again! Try to keep it in the bag, please.
Shields up.
Don't worry.
There's more than one way to make a penguin puke his guts out.
- Really? How many - 17.
Just don't ever ask to see number 12.
I smuggled this out of the souvenir shop.
A nature documentary? Wait for it.
This is Antarctica, icy home to the playful penguin.
That looks like uncle Nigel.
Become prey for the insatiable blood-thirst of this leopard seal.
That image will haunt me.
It's just a boring documentary.
But you can't eat just one, Mr.
Well, Rico, Sorry it's come to this, but I had Kowalski whip up a little concoction called number 12.
Two scoops of squirrel lint, a dash of baboon spit, used kitty litter, one hippo toenail, and anything we could find in the monkey cages.
Bottoms up.
Kowalski, ideas? That bomb is not coming out.
We could send a man inside to defuse it if we were yay tall.
How close are we to shrink ray technology? Curse you, shrink ray! Make that 712.
Who is burping up the stinking fog of lint and spit and unspeakable things from a kitten and I don't even want to know what that fart was It smells like the circus.
Am I going to the circus too? Why is the circus so dark and slimy? There's popcorn down here.
Hurray! - Bird's gone carnivore.
- Quick.
We must flee.
Maurice, distract them by being eaten.
Tiny lemur, listen very carefully to Kowalski.
He's going to talk you through this.
All right, you need to get to the bottom of the stomach.
Down the spiral staircase? Take the elevator.
It's quicker.
Do you see the time bomb? I see an old squeaky toy.
- I see it! I see the bomb.
- Good.
Now separate the blue and yellow wires from their sheathing reverse their polarity, then splice both into the ground lead, which should be a slightly thicker copper filament.
Am I going too fast for you? Which of the colors is blue? Is this a blue one? No, I believe that's a kidney.
Sorry, amigo.
Looks like game over.
I never thought it would end this way, but I want you to know I love you, you crazy knucklehead.
I also love you in the same way expressed previously, dude.
I love you too, Rico.
And I love this popcorn.
It's a little wet, though.
What is that noise? I know I'm not good with words, Rico.
And, either are you, really, but I just want to say you are my brother.
That's poetry, Skipper.
I don't know about him, but this mush is making me want to blow chunks.
Do you mind? Where raise the sun lay softly its head, there will the land whisper, Rico.
Now that's poetry.
I just want to see a penguin throw up.
- Mort, the bomb.
- Get rid of the bomb! I've got the bomb.
Mort is the best! I am the winner.
Mort is the Little ranger.
We won.
And Rico's still alive! Come here, boys.
He was the only one who truly appreciated my bottom.
He's still loving my booty.