The Penguins of Madagascar (2008) s01e16 Episode Script

The Helmet

Look alive, men.
Time to get us some popcorn.
Prepare to commence "Operation Popcorn.
" Bit on the nose, isn't it, Skipper? - Easy to remember, though.
- Popcorn! Roger that, Rico.
Go time.
- Private, decoy duty.
- No problem.
I've been working on my waddle, Skipper.
Outstanding! Regurgitated.
Just like Mama used to make.
Dance, Mort! Dance for the silly humans, and they throw the delicious poppity-corn at us! Popcorn, I like this! Maurice, your booty is barely shaking.
Eyes on me.
Both eyes, Maurice.
Your lazy eye, too.
- I don't have a lazy - No, it's OK! Look, I have one, too! Yes! You are powerless to King Julien's superior robot skills.
- Hey, little animal lover.
- Hi.
I'm Zookeeper Alice.
Did you know that every last beastie in this zoo is on a very special diet? I guess.
You guess.
You're a little guesser, are ya? I have a Zookeeper Alice tip for you, little guesser! Do not feed the animals! - Maurice.
Make them shush now.
- Order! Order! Hey, you guys, come on! Everybody calm down! There.
OK, great.
I can't live without popcorn! - Popcorn! - Popcorn, popcorn, popcorn I'll get your popped corn.
- Something smells fishy.
- Yeah.
I don't know about these guys.
I mean they stink of actual fish, Maurice.
Open a window.
Here's what we know.
Alice has clamped down.
She's actually enforcing the "Do Not Feed the Animals" policy.
All popcorn supply lines have been cut off.
Finito! But not to worry.
We have a plan.
Rico? Maurice, where is my plan? Why don't you vomit up a plan? And do something about the stink.
The only thing that stinks here is your attitude.
The Skipper likes team players.
So do l.
As long as I am in charge of the team.
OK, my kingly plan is coming to me First, obviously, we must get rid of that insane zookeeper Alice.
You'll just get more Alices in her place.
- A lot more Alices.
- Give us a number, Kowalski.
- 42.
- Good.
Show me your math later.
Excuse me, fishy, interrupting bird.
Your king, which is me, is very busy.
Maybe you didn't get the memo, punk, but this zoo runs on democratic principles.
And I don't think we put you in charge.
Did we? How could I not be in charge? Being in charge is what kings do.
So, shut up.
- I vote for you.
- Not the feet! Do not touch the feet! OK.
Let's get a little, I don't know, creative here.
What if we all work together to get the popcorn? Fine.
OK, you each do it your own way and may the best species win.
Good luck.
Failure is not an option.
Which is fine by me because I do not intend to fail.
I vow to do the opposite of fail.
You mean succeed? No, I will not "suck seed.
" No one will be sucking seed.
- We will all be eating popcorn! - So, you have a plan? Better! I have confidence! Shall we leave this to the professionals? I think so.
Rico! According to this symbol, which appears to be Aztec in origin - You are here.
- Tell me something I don't know.
Without mucus, your stomach would digest itself.
Tell me something else I don't know.
Something less disturbing, maybe.
Snack storage facility at eleven o'clock.
Blast! It's already 1 0:.
We don't have much time.
Rico! No unauthorized personnel on missions.
Sorry, doll-face.
Maybe another place, another time.
Attack-stack, men! Target acquired.
Keep it together, Private.
Reverse formation now! This reeks of fishy, flightless bird-type creatures.
- I suspect that they came this way.
- No kidding.
Where's the popcorn? - There's the popcorn.
- Well played, Mort.
Skipper, look! Keep your stinkin' opposable thumbs off our popcorn! This is not yours.
Mort found it.
Right, Mort? Finders keepers.
Kowalski? Legal analysis.
He's got you, Skipper.
It's the Finder's Keepers Treaty of 1 859.
Blast! Secure another bag, men.
Prepare to eat popcorn 'til your guts explode.
Rico! - What? - Huh? This doesn't look anything like the picture on the bag.
It isn't very puffy.
Only l, King Julien, have the key to this mysterious mystery.
- I've got a clean shot, Skipper.
- Hold your fire.
He's bluffing.
They are popcorn eggs! They need to be hatched under our warm bottoms.
That would be really Yeah, I don't what that would be.
Marlene, I think the word you're looking for is "ridiculous.
" We shall see who is ridiculous when popcorn begins exploding from my bottom! That lunatic will not be our king.
We'll crack that popcorn code.
- Skipper! Alice is on the move! - Rico, kill the lights.
I meant turn them off.
Rico! Mort, Maurice, gather 'round.
Everyone grab an egg.
Now put it under your bottoms like so.
Think warm-bottom thoughts.
Do like I'm doing! I think mine's hatching! Remind me not to eat that one.
We need answers, now! Talk, mister! Where are your fluffy little friends? We can do this the easy way or we can do this Rico's way.
Skipper, our bag's sprung a leak.
A leak? Yo, Alice.
Aren't you supposed to be shoveling the elephant poop? I can't.
I'm investigating the warehouse break-in.
Two sacks of popcorn are missing, and I think I'm onto something.
Skipper, I think Alice might be onto us.
One side, Private.
Kowalski, Rico, hit the water.
Private, help me hide the popcorn.
The incinerator's the last place she'll ever look.
It's like nothing happened.
Skipper, something happened! Fire in the hole! Earthquake! I knew it! It's hatching! I knew I shouldn't have installed those decorative spikes.
- Kaboom? - I'm going to say "yes.
" I'll get to the bottom of Yo, Alice, you find that missing popcorn yet or what? You can say that, yes.
It's a pop-storm! Or, is it a corn-ado? Skipper, I have to say you guys rock.
Marlene, let's just say mission accomplished.
We showed those lemurs, Skipper.
You bet we did, Private.
Even that delusional king has to know when he's licked like an all-day sucker.
My bottom is magic.
The salty-snack gods have chosen to reward me.
Thank you, salty-snack gods! Is there any doubt now that I am king? It's by divine right! Right? Right.
You know, men, I'm actually pretty darn sick of popcorn.