The Penguins of Madagascar (2008) s01e21 Episode Script

Hello, Dollface

The We Like To Move It Crew.
- What are we looking at, here? - Isn't it obvious? Looks like a regular fish, to me.
That's because it is.
Thanks for clearing that up.
Meeting adjourned.
Wait! It's a regular fish now.
But when I zap it with my super ray, it will be a super fish.
Then, when we eat super fish, We'll get stronger bones, denser muscle mass and, best of all, remarkably shiny feathers.
Aces, Kowalski.
I thought you'd finally cracked.
Keep an eye on him.
He's finally cracked.
Don't like.
Don't want.
Don't care.
Used to like, not anymore.
Wait! Was that a mango? So sweet and tangy and juicy and sweet.
Did I say "sweet" twice? It doesn't matter.
A mango can be sweetie sweet.
And now it's gone forever! I'll get it.
Wait! Mort, come back! That mango went into the gorilla pen.
We must do something.
But I cannot be leaping into action on an empty stomach.
Mango, where are you? Mango! - Yo, Bing.
- Badda? We got us a trespasser.
We got us a thief.
You know what we do with thieves, around here? Kissies and huggies? Thieves get bounced.
All systems are go.
Prepare for laser enrichment.
Pretty light tickles.
Good heavens! Mort, are you I mean, look at How do you feel? I'm muscley! I love it! Wait, I need to do Tests.
Is this gonna be a problem? It was then I realized that I must focus on the most importantest thing in all of the life: Me.
Are you getting all this? I got it all.
Okay, then.
Chapter two.
What is that are you Is Mort back? Did he bring the sweetie sweet sweetness of mango? Mort failed.
Mort, how many times am I telling you? One: No touching the royal feet.
Two: No failing the royal me.
I get mango now.
You didn't notice anything different about Mort? He's obviously doing something different with his hair.
It's nice, actually.
- You want your mango? - Yes, please.
Tell you what, friend.
We're not givin' it to you.
- So what you gonna do? - Beat us up? I said, "beat us up.
" Here, take a mango.
Take some bananas too.
Just don't hurt us no more, okay? You got all this from the gorillas? You like? I like very much.
How did you do such a thing? They told me to beat them up, so I did.
Don't be ridiculous.
You are far too puny to beat up such big gorillas.
Your Majesty, take a really good look at Mort.
Now that you mention it, I suppose he is a bit buff.
A bit? - He's huge, man! - It's true.
And because of this hugeness, you got things? Perhaps I can be using this to my advantage.
Elephant! Give to me your peanuts.
Sorry, I don't have any.
Check the trunk.
Why do you lot want my hay? You blokes don't even eat the stuff.
No, but there's something else I like to do with it.
Make macrames.
Nice? Touch me hair again, and I'll snap you like a pencil.
Really? Listen, if there is to be any snapping, It will be you who is the broken pencil, my friend.
Get him off me! Good day to you! Tell me you've got that antidote figured out.
Got nothing.
No matter what I do, The formula's molecular structure fails to achieve low-energy orbitals.
Have you tried adding sugar? Please.
This is an intricate problem that requires that Sugar! Of course.
That's the answer.
The monosaccharide will stabilize the entire solution.
Good job, Private.
Well, I thought it needed the monostereo thing.
Eureka! This will do the trick.
Saddle up, men.
We've got a job to do.
Using Mort's muscles to loot all this loot was geniusness.
I really must compliment my brain.
Brain, good job.
I thought it nice to have an idea you didn't pull out of your booty.
Do not speak ill of the booty.
Booty, booty, booty.
Shut up about the booty! You shut up about the shutting up.
I am not talking to you.
Fine, I am not talking to you, stupid brain.
Anyway, now I will dive into my Mort gotten loot.
Can Mort have banana? Mort, you silly billy.
Of course you can't have a banana.
This is the royal loot.
But I want banana! Give me a banana! Maurice, do something.
- Like give him a banana? - Don't be ridiculous.
Mort, now, let's not do anything hasty.
You no bully Mort no more! You may have those.
They were a little green, anyway.
You might want to peel no? Okay.
You do whatever makes you happy.
Mort cuddle feet! Sorry, sorry.
Had an itchiness.
Go back to the foot-cuddling.
Pretend I'm not here.
I am pretending I'm not here.
Thank goodness it is Mort cuddle feet! What you lemurs do with your feet Is your own business, Mort.
But when you terrorize the whole zoo, it becomes ours.
Given that we turned Mort into the threat, wasn't it our problem? Not now, Private.
Anyway, you're drinking this antidote pronto.
It'll reverse the unfortunate freakish effects of the super ray.
Mort don't want antidote.
Can't feel royal toes.
Mort like big! Oh, boy.
Mort like strong! Nobody boss Mort around! He's in berserker mode.
Retreat, men, retreat.
Open up.
It's medicine time.
Now, Mort, let's take a moment to gather ourselves.
Yes, please.
Has anyone seen my spleen? I know you don't want to go back to being little bullied Mort.
Still, might be a nice change of pace.
Let's give it a swirl.
But, Mort, there's a natural order of things, And being little and loveable Mort hate little.
It does tickle! I like beating up! Kowalski, options.
Only one, Skipper.
Close your eyes so you don't see it coming.
What the deuce? Big penguin.
And you're supposed to be little lemur.
So take your medicine now! I'm normal me again.
And I like me! But I hope you've learned a lesson of value.
Being a bully is no good.
Wait a minute.
You used Mort to bully everyone else.
Maurice, please.
We don't play the blame game here.
All of the blame is mine.
Just don't sit upon me.
Nothing left to do but whip up another batch of antidote.
Actually, I don't think that'll be necessary.
Private likes big.
Oh, boy.