The Penguins of Madagascar (2008) s01e22 Episode Script


The We Like to Move It Crew presents: Screwdriver.
Ostrich feathers.
And, finally bubblegum.
Fine work, Kowalski.
What is it? I have no idea.
- Let's keep it under wraps til you do.
- Hey, guys! Private, interference.
Rico, stash the invention.
Kowalski, look natural.
- Guess what! - Quiet, Marlene.
We're testing Kowalski's new invention.
Top secret.
'Cause you're doing a real good job of hiding it.
I'll have you know we're close to an exciting breakthrough.
You want exciting? Try this on.
Guess who's getting a new roommate? That's right It's me.
New roommate, new uh-uh New what, what, new what, what They're transferring someone into my habitat, so we can totally hang out and swim and style each other's fur.
- It's going to be perfect! - Too perfect.
How can you be sure this new roommate isn't actually some sort of spy? Come on.
A spy? Sent here the steal the plans for Kowalski's new invention.
Here's a little something that I try to keep close to my heart.
Try looking for the best in people, 'cause you'll always find it.
That's cute and naive.
Manfredi and Johnson were cute and naive.
Well, Manfredi was the cute one until their little Nairobi surprise party.
Friendliness beats paranoia.
Still cute, still naive.
Cute and naive.
Got to perk up the place with some fresh flowers, comfy pillows.
Yummy snacks.
- Guys, I have a door right over there.
- Sorry.
- Skipper thought you should see this.
- They're zoo transfer papers.
Your new interloper roommate arrived in country this morning on a class "F" freighter.
A class "F" freight is only used for animals weighing 1,500 pounds or more.
If the average otter weighs 13 pounds, that means exactly 115.
384 otters are headed here right now.
That's got to be a mistake.
Besides, if my roommate really did land this morning, it means she'd be here Excuse me.
Hi, there.
I'm Marlene.
- You must be my new room - Rat! Disgusting rat.
Shoo! I'm not a rat.
I'm your roommate.
Really? 'Cause with that rat face, you must get mistaken for a rat often.
Actually, no.
Mostly because I'm an otter.
And my name's I'm Rhonda.
So help yourself to the sardines.
They're Rhonda? They're kind of a "welcome to the zoo" kind of thing.
And I thought we could So where do I bunk? You must be exhausted.
We're tight on living space, This'll work.
Remember, boys, We may not be dealing with 115.
384 otters at all.
It might very well be one giant mutant 1,500 pound otter.
Or 6 large semi-mutated Or 1,500 tiny 1 pound otters, right, Skipper? I like where your head's at, soldier.
It's so not otters.
You mean because of how grotesquely they've all been mutated? Of course not.
It's because my new roommate is a walrus.
For the record, is this walrus spy mutated in any way? She's not a mutant, and she's not a spy.
She's just huge and kind of gross.
I've tried to be nice to her, but nothing works.
Well, we can always arrange a nice long trip for her.
Right, Rico? What? I can't do that.
I mean, she's not that bad.
It's just maybe we just need to get to know each other.
Wake up, Marlene.
You can't get along with everybody.
I am awake.
Mostly 'cause she snores really loud.
But still, with the right attitude, you can make any situation work.
You'll see.
I'll prove to you that I can get along with Rhonda just fine.
You watch me! Take me out to the ball game Take me out to the ball Good morning, Rhonda.
How's the water? Even better now I added my own bubbles if you know what I mean.
I got that.
And all over my pond too.
You know, you really might want to consider Is it my hairbrush? This is yours? Here.
I'm done anyway.
Just be sure you clean it before you give it back.
Give it back? But it's mine.
That's what I said.
Just clean it before you give it back.
You you can't I don't okay.
Rhonda? Maybe we need to set up some ground rules here? Ground rules? Sure.
- I hear ya.
- Great! Now, if we work together and just respect each others Heads up.
Booger alert.
Wait, what? Excuse me? False alarm.
Did I mention I have a chronic sinus thing? That does it! - Listen up, sister! I'm - How are you two roomies doing? Great, great.
We're doing great.
See? We are like sisters.
Really? You seem a mite worked up.
No, I'm good.
Who are you anyway? As far as you're concerned, I am nobody.
Sheesh, does he always just barge in like that? Talk about pushy.
My home! It's ruined.
And what's What's that smell? Finally.
I'm exhausted.
- Good night, Rhonda.
- Night-night.
Take me out to the ball game Take me out to the ball game - Take me out to the - Stop, stop! Please, please.
Please! You are driving It is clear that we are very different animals.
And that's great.
You know, I believe in my heart that no matter how much distance there is between them, two animals can Rat-face, where's that hairbrush you were supposed to give back to me? It's mine! It's mine! You cannot use my brush to scrub your disgusting Hold that thought.
Here comes another one.
Here, at least cover your face with this.
The towel! Don't use me! The towel That was a close one.
Rat-face? Why? An intruder! Kowalski, initiate the self-destruct.
I want you guys to get rid of Rhonda tonight.
- Right now! - But you're like sisters.
I don't care if we're identical twins.
I want her gone forever! Cancel self-destruct.
Now, I know you're all worked up.
Maybe you should calm down and think things through before you She used me as a tissue.
Talk to me, simians.
Two shipping containers, both scheduled to leave Whichever one's going furthest, put her in it.
Just make sure it ships out of here tonight.
You hear me? Kowalski, options.
We can't close the top.
We may have to abort, wait until tomorrow to Out of my way, soldier.
Hey, Rhonda, I got a song for ya.
Take me out to the ball game Take me out to Bye-bye, Rhonda.
Home, sweet You might want to take a look at this.
The shipping label on Rhonda's crate.
It's headed for Alaska.
I don't care if that crate is going to a polar bear reserve.
- I am done - But it is.
It is? It is what? Going to a polar bear reserve.
But polar bears eat walruses, don't they? What have I done? We need to stop that crate and bring Rhonda back.
- I thought you hated that spy.
- For the last time, Rhonda isn't a spy.
And, yes, I hate her, but I'll hate myself more if I let something bad happen to her.
Not on my watch.
There's the crate.
I'm on it, Skipper.
I've got to save her.
This is an ideal time to try out my invention.
- Will it help? - Couldn't hurt.
Throw it to her.
Of course, I suppose it could hurt very much in that I still don't know what it does.
So that's what it does.
What the heck is this doing here? This crate's supposed to be going to the Hoboken aquarium? Whatever.
At least she wasn't a spy.
- Have you seen my invention? - Sure, it's right I mean, it was right lying right Agent 12 calling Dr.
I have a priority one coded alert.
Take me out to the ball game.
Repeat, take me out to the ball game.
Agent 12 out.