The Penguins of Madagascar (2008) s01e26 Episode Script

Friend in a Box

Skorca! Penguin, penguin, make a wishy.
Something scaly cold and squishy, hows about a tasty fishy what kind do you eat? Catfish! Albacore.
Fish! And don't forget the grenade.
And that settles it.
Private, you're on an aerial recon duty.
What? Alone? All night? And with potential enemies on all sides.
It's a soldier's paradise.
Can I bring snacks? All right, deal.
But nothing sugary.
Recon man is focused, disciplined.
The sweat stuff goes straight to the brain.
Oh yes, of course.
Must be careful of brain.
Okay, I'm leaving now, don't wait up.
Focus, discipline.
Then, a little reward.
Focus, discipline.
Discipline, focus Oh maybe just one more peanut butter winky.
"Too much sugar".
What does Skipper know about sugar? I ate sugar and I'm the best recon I've ever I see a fire engine! Weehoo! Weehoo! Wee-arrrrr! I'm a pirate - wow a caterpillar! My name backwards is etavirp - haha - what's a verp? Is it sugar? I love sugar! What? No, no there can't be.
It must be sugar playing tricks on my eyes.
Out sugar, out! Oh, much better.
Oh dear.
I really should tell someone about this.
No one is safe! The end is near! What in the name of Gandhi's Nunchuks? Hit the snooze.
No one is safe! Status report, Private.
What's up there, what did you see? It was an orca! Oh, the killer whale.
Deadliest predator in the sea.
Yeah, this could be a real problem.
In the middle of the zoo? Ba-da-bam.
Meeting over.
No, you don't understand.
This orca was giagantic.
And it It came from the sky.
A sky orca? Skorca? That is what the cool people will call it now.
Because we take two words and we make them one, which is so hip, you know.
Skorca! Who can be safe from the terror that swims the skies? Nobody! All who agree please vote by getting panicky now.
I'll catch this skorca.
Catch'im, serve'im straight up on the barbie.
For the right price.
I don't think so.
We'll eliminate this flying sea demon.
And we'll even do it for free.
Come on, boys.
For free? What good is anything if it is not very expensive? Okay, peoples, your king has heard your babies squirrel for help And he, me, which is I, the king.
I'm taking the controls of this crisis.
Maurice! Give the hopperty thing whatever he wants.
All right, men, we've got an airborne predator.
Kowalski! Battle plans.
Rico, weapons! Private, I want full details on What happened to your chin? No, it is nothing.
Just calm down, let me see.
Sugar sticky.
Oh, yes, see, about that Peanut butter winky.
Okay, I know what you're thinking.
Private ate too much sugar and now he's dreamed up some flying whale that doesn't even exist.
Wow! That is what I am thinking.
Sugar dreams and mind reading powers.
- How many winkies did you eat? - Skipper.
This wasn't just some sugar dream.
That orca, it was real.
And we wanna believe you, Private.
But compare the evidence.
On the sugary sugar side we've got empty snack cake wrappers and your own upset tummy.
On the skorcy side nothing.
Less than nothing.
Kowalski, what's the number less than nothing? Negfinity.
But maybe he moved, maybe he's even coming this way.
Hey, we may already be a winner.
Winky, winky, winky! That's a free box! Look, I see the skorca! Where? It It was right over there.
Argh, the contest already expired.
Of all the bad luck.
Skorca! You You missed it.
What's your diagnosis, Kowalski? Acute imaginosis of the frighty boom.
Worst case I've ever seen.
Is there any cure? Well, the sugar should wear off in less than 5 minutes.
That's five too many.
Give me results, man.
The skorca is a pretend creature.
Therefore if we pretend to defeat it, that should cure Private's sugar stroke fantasies.
Imaginary combat.
I like it.
All right, men, initiate operation "Scaredy pants" now! It's here.
Skorca ahoy, Skipper.
Engage! Skipper? You're all just pretending.
Mama, it's got me, oh boy! Re-engage! They don't believe me.
I guess it's up to me to stop the skorca.
If I don't come back, know that I've always loved you Lovely.
Looks like Private's got it even worse that we thought.
Pursue and restrain, boys.
Target sighted.
Stand down, soldier.
We're only here to help.
You could help by believing me.
I wish I could, Private, but there's just no such thing as a giant flying orca.
Why are the humans screaming? Kowalski, analysis.
They appear to be too scared to move, screaming through twisted frozen smiles that some unseen and terrifying Odd.
I don't remember a forecast of sudden giant orca-shaped shadow Oh sweet mercy! Mother Mata Hari, it's real! Sorry.
It's okay, we have to get a higher ground, attack from above.
You heard the man.
Move, move, move.
And leading off the New York balloon parade for the sixth year is Ying Yang the wonderwhale.
Well, Ying Yang had some technical oopsies, but after a trial run last night he is up and swimming for fun.
I guess all's well that ends well, eh, Jilly? Move it, ya bludgers, or I'll rip your arm off to scratch my giant orca.
Back off my skorca Come on, jumpy one.
Defeat the skorca demon and his costumed minions.
That guy is worth every penny.
You see, Maurice.
Where are the fight for free penguin-types now? Skipper, the creature appears to have some sort of a blubbery force field.
Also That's about to pure evil, gentlemen.
Rico, grenade me.
My car! Explosives are useless.
We'll have to go fin to fin.
Oy, penguins.
That fish is mine! The excitement is giving me the tingles.
Maurice, scratch me here till the tingles go away.
It's not working, Skipper.
His shields are impenetrable.
We'll have to keep fighting.
There's no one else who can stop it.
Maniac! Can't you see we share the same enemy? Joey don't share.
Oh! I penetrated the shield.
His name was Private.
And he was the bravest little truth-teller we'll ever know.
The boy saved us all and how did we repay him? By telling him, there was no skorca.
Actually, Skipper, you're right.
As of today, there's no skorca.
Well done, Private, well done.
A flying orca.
It's like our worst nightmare brought to life.
Interesting theory.
But whose nightmare is the giant waffle cone sundae? Flee for your lives! How can we be saved from Two-scupula? The ice cream that walks like a man? Oh, yes.
That will do.