The Penguins of Madagascar (2008) s01e25 Episode Script

Driven to the Brink

We Like to Move It Crew Klems, -Ori-, mytom & Roms sous-titres.
eu / seriessub.
com Hey, guys.
You have to say something before you burst in on us like that.
Lucky we didn't set off our new defense grid.
Tear gas, blow darts, land mines, the whole enchilada.
Isn't all that a little severe? Is it? One of these days, you'll learn there's only one universal language, force.
And math.
Force and math.
Music, also.
Force, math, and music are really the only Laughter? The point is we speak fluent force around here.
We feel safer knowing that no one, and I mean no one, can get into our lair.
happy frogs, and belly flops Not big meanies And special ops Hi.
How are you? Roger! How could you possibly get through my defense grid? Me? I just let myself in through the front door, there.
Well, then.
According to the security protocol, you are either an enemy agent or our guest.
You sure it's no bother if I hang out here? Well, actually, we might Make yourself at home.
Home, that's my problem.
Take everything that ain't nailed down.
Then take the nailed stuff too.
I estimate the target to be approximately 17 miles.
Make it 17 feet.
First they called me names.
Then they start taking my lunch.
- Now - Now they're taking your home.
That ain't gonna fly.
But I tried everything.
I tried being nice.
I tried baking them muffins.
Good point, Rico.
Have you tried hammering them 'til they run crying to their little rat mamas? - That sounds violent.
- If it's done properly.
I don't know, guys.
I don't think I'm comfortable with you actually hurting anyone.
Don't worry.
We're not gonna hurt anybody.
- You are! - What? Go on, show them that vicious primeval instinct.
But I'm not sure I have one of those.
What do you think these claws are for? And these teeth? They're useful for arts and crafts, scrap booking Look at yourself, man.
You're an alligator, prehistoric killing machine.
Those are just rodents.
Now, all you have to do is let nature take its course.
Say it.
Let nature take its course.
Let nature take its course.
Let nature take its course.
Gentlemen, I feel How about you take a course of this and this! How about these and those right there? And how about over here? Right behind you ear! Nature can be cruel, gentlemen.
Fear not, Roger.
We'll mold you into an instrument of destruction and mayhem.
In order to coach you, I need to know what I'm dealing with.
Take Rico for example.
He's clearly a world-class psychopath.
So we kind of took that ball and ran with it.
We can use any talent you have.
Well, there is one thing, but I don't think it's gonna be very helpful.
Anything you say will be helpful, anything.
I've always dreamt of being a singer.
When you hear the night's last flush Then, my dear, it's time to hush One or two, either number Says to you, peaceful slumber Feel the drench from the broken pipe That stench it's You know how I just said anything you say will be helpful? I was wrong.
Naptime's over.
I think we have to let Roger be Roger.
There's nothing we can do to change who he's inside.
You're right.
It's not like we can just take Rico's berserker rage and drop it into Roger.
Can we? A mind switching machine.
Is it gonna hurt? Just a little pinch followed by the brief sensation of 1,000 suns exploding in your skull.
I get a lollipop? I don't know.
Couldn't we just accept Roger for who he is? You're an idealist.
We are now go to switch the minds of Roger and Rico using this 17-speed kitchen blender.
So after Rico trounces the rats inside Roger's body, we switch them back? Exactly.
It's 100% foolproof.
More accurately, it is 2.
7% foolproof.
There's a 97.
3% chance that this will backfire and result in an abomination that will be an affront to the most element laws of nature and the universe.
I like those odds.
Switching from grind to chop.
Now grate, cream, mince, beat, whip, crushed ice.
Really? That's a handy feature.
Shred, liquefy, puree! Rico, talk to me.
It's me, Roger.
- It worked.
- We did it! If that's Roger, then where's Rico? Just take it easy there, Rog.
Can I call you Rog? Where are those delish muffins of yours? I can't believe I'm doing all this.
I have such guilt.
But you have to remember, Roger, that isn't really you.
Still, I really can't stand violence of any What am I doing with this horrible stuff? This is terrible.
You have to remember, this isn't really you.
I thought you said that wasn't really him.
Well, I Pick a lane here.
Would somebody here please tell me which one really isn't me? Does it matter? He or you has his or your home back.
Mission accomplished.
No harm done.
That may not be entirely accurate, Skipper.
I failed to take into account the warm blood/cold blood differential in their physiologies.
It may cause Rico's aggression levels to spike to dangerously high Stand down, Rico.
Rico's never disobeyed an order before, not even the time I forced him to suck the cobra venom out of my left buttock.
He's heading into the city! We have to stop him me it that thing.
Get him! The target is two inches away and closing fast.
Private, get those wires ready.
Kowalski, stand by to re-switch brains.
- And, Rico - No, I'm Roger.
Never mind.
But, I can help.
I can, I want to.
Tell me what to do.
Tell me what You're not cut out for this kind of action.
You better sit this one out.
Now, boys.
Don't test me, Rico.
If I gotta take out one of my own, I'll do it.
Ask Manfredi and John Stop, Rico.
Bad gator.
Bad gator.
When you hear That voice.
That angelic voice.
It's time to hush One or two, either number Says to you, peaceful slumber Feel the drench from the broken pipe That stench, it's mighty ripe So swat the flies, close your eyes Drift off to my stinky lullaby Soldier, you can share a foxhole with me anytime.
Thanks, guys.
I feel like I could cry.
Do penguins cry? 'Cause I We should get these two back into their proper bodies.
My car! Okay, people, from the top.
A-one, a-two, a-three.
I like happy frogs and belly flops Belly flops Not big meanies and special ops Lolly, lolly, lollipops Not karate-aty chops Bobby, bobby, bobby Lollipops