The Penguins of Madagascar (2008) s01e28 Episode Script

Hot Ice

CAT'S CRADLE Eyes on the prize, Kowalski.
Hack this new habitat control system and we'll be swimming all the fish we could stomached.
Fish! I'm trying but this is the most advanced encryption I've ever seen.
It's got Sudoku with fractions.
Did you try the master code? Damn! Nothing.
Run it backwards.
Now try starting with 3 Fish! Wow, we're in! Way to hack that mainframe , Rico! Skipper, look! this is scary man! Well, boys.
Looks like they finally track me down.
Those Danes really know how to hold a grudge.
Penguins! Moon Cat! It's Max And you know, I'm not really from the moon.
- Yes, but the name just works.
- Yeah, it's fine.
Now help me! Hide me! Save me! We are in your debt from the exceptional hospitality .
you show us on our lunar mission.
Are the Danes' after you too? No! It's Animal Control! They're after me.
You know what those maniacs do with stray cats? Do you? Me neither.
Well, you will not be find out tonight.
Let's roll, boys! How many enemy agents we're talking about? Because if it's more than a dozen we may need the jumbo brass knuckles.
Knock them.
We are doomed! We are doomed! - We are doomed! - Steady So doomed! Time to put out the cat.
Ah, geez.
I am all myself.
Just one human? That's not combat.
It's playdate! Rico! Penguins.
Nature rule breakers.
Birds were supposed to fly, but you got to swim instead You think you're above the law of nature, punks? Huh? Do you? Rancho Cucamonga.
Private, kowalski.
On me.
Mom made butter biscuits, gravy, gravy, bongos.
Your home cage, kitty.
Kowalski, options! - Strategic retreat, Skipper? - Explain.
It's like running away, but manly Execute.
Interfering with Animals Control.
This is Just like a penguin.
Once you get to sewers, find an alligator named Roger And give him this secret code, friends "Help me, oh please, please help me.
For the sweet love of Mother of Mercy please help me escape Animal Control's officer.
who is chasing me.
" He'll know what it means.
You birds are the best! Be strong, my friend.
Well done, men.
Mission accomplished What in the name of candy jam? Booby traps.
Everywhere! Sweet science of boxing! He sealed out the entire perimeter.
The man knows his technique.
We got to run! Escape is no longer an option, my feline friend.
We'll have to hide you in the zoo until Johhny Lockwood is seized.
Anything you say.
My 9 lives are in your hands.
Okay has a not much of fresh air in here, huh? Try to conserve oxygen by shutting down any unnecessary brain function.
Rico, show him how it's done.
Just keep it down and everything will be OK.
Midnight bounce party! Ain't no party's like a midnight bounce! Because midnight bounce is not Hey, the royal bounce is really screaming tonight.
I must bounce with extra violence to release the trapped spirits.
Maurice, bring the spirits plunger! We have got a clogger.
Why are we doing this again? We're leaving your scent int this habitat as bait.
As the Animal Control comes in Joey, the foul-tempered kangaroo, takes him out.
It's pure kitty.
no buts about it.
I fell to far behind They must've taken my tail, taking the rear exit and curl around the back side.
This ends here.
What's wrong with the Private? Private seem like this in our mission to backstab the ape Oy! You right there! Joey don't like tresspassers in this piece, eh, mate.
You don't hear anything? Joey's gonna have to teach you.
I think he teach me that move? - Update me, chimp.
- Well, he simply isn't human.
No man can take that much poo without throwing.
What are we gonna do? I have never been get caught before.
Maybe not so bad! You never know until you visit.
I'm out of ideas, Skipper.
He 's trapped us in every hiding place in the zoo.
Phil asks if you've tried Red Rhodesian slasher.
There's no Red Rhodesian slasher on the chart.
"Felinus Infernus" An ultra rare and incredibly vicious wild cats.
The habitat is ready, but the beast itself has yet to arrived.
Could be an ideal hiding spot.
Red wild cat? It may be more right than you know, primates.
Sometimes the best place to hide is in plain sight.
Alright, Lunar Cat.
Now let's see how good your viciousness.
Growl Snarl I'm hissing here.
- The trail has gone cold.
- Yes! Hey, pokey.
You jockey.
You really faild your duty.
You'll never gonna touch my kitty furry tail.
He's blown his own cover! Hello, kitty.
Why didn't anybody tell me you'd arrived? Stand back! Officer X, Animal Control.
Let's see how this plays out.
Is that the name your mother gave you? My mother never told me my real name.
Said it was classified.
Now turn over the stray cat or face the full power of Metropolitan Animal Control and Regulation Stray cat? This is the male Red Rhodesian Slasher we've been waiting weeks for! - But - Oh, my That female slasher is going to be happy to see you! They're getting cranky when you're lonely.
I'm gonna meet what? - Female? Cranky? - Still playing out.
That feline is a known fugitive on admission In you go to the kitty love nest.
Oh my God! Isn't Nature magical? You know what, ma'am? It is.
I think I'll just sit here and wait inc ase the nature decides to make a break for him.
Whatever float your boat, weirdo.
Well this might've played out a little too much.
You have to get me out of here.
This kitten's mad! Apparently, the Rhodesian slasher have a painful, intense, and very elaborate courtship ritual.
But the good news is most fatalities don't occur until the fifth week.
I can't take five weeks of this! What am I gonna do? Time for a kitty jailbreak.
Private, execute foamy lips subterfuge Mark 7.
Arf! Arf! I'm the rabies! Rabid Chihuahua.
The greatest Animals control threat known to man.
Arf! Arf! I like diseases! What the And here we go! This is for all the marble, boys! Gotcha.
My felinus infernus! They're escaped! They? Take good care of my lady! Okay, big guy? Bye now! Ink? Oh poo.
Nice stripes work, Rico.
Get brush stroke of the Renaissance master.
I can't thank you bunch enough.
Consider it a debt repayed, old friend.
Enjoy your freedom.
Sure thing! It but umm Isn't the whole outside wall is still wired in with the sergeant psycho's booby traps? We've got a man on it.
I'm expendable!