The Penguins of Madagascar (2008) s01e29 Episode Script

The All Nighter Before Christmas

starts right now~ -==ÆÆÀÃÐÜÀÖÔ°ÇãÇé·îÏ×==- ±¾×ÖĻ½à ¹©Ñ§Ï°½»Á÷£¬ÑϽûÓÃÓÚÉÌÒµÓÃ; ???boys Âí´ï¼Ó˹¼ÓµÄÆóì µÚÒ»¼¾µÚ28¼¯ monkey love ʱ¼äÖ᣺giaku How are you? I have a box Zoo Hoboken back there.
- Load alive? - Just drive the truck, lady.
Turns out there in the background.
I will check, when check.
Kowalski, said that the consignment is Sweet Alaska salmon.
Negative, Skipper.
It is a kind containment unit.
- I would say that is an ape.
- Fish and chips, man! Rico! Cage of chimpanzees, already! What the hell? You do not see anything.
Ah Fresh air! I say who the hell are you? Lulu.
What? They said I was coming? Actually, no.
Sorry to bother you, boys.
But I'll just stay a few days.
Just to retire my cage Zoo in Hoboken.
Your friend is right? He is a chimpanzee of few words.
Phil, do not be rude.
Phil? Oh, my.
Give us leave.
Linda? But, Phil Your big dog.
Helping to win your heart? Well .
I do not have the tricks.
But who knows Wait, come to me advice? Nobody ever come ask me advice! This is so unexpected I did not Okay, okay.
So, anyway A girl chimpanzee, huh? Yes, Phil is definitely head turned by it.
I have everything upside.
Candles, moonlight, acoustic guitar .
No, no.
Spanish guitar.
Mui romantico.
Then, after a soft serenade you offer a bouquet of oysters on the half-shell Arranged for form your name MARLENE Yeah, but her name is Lulu.
Yeah, I know.
Whatever! So do not have errors.
No offense, but I do not think so be it catching the heart of a chimpanzee.
They heard the mission: Helping dumb ape to capture the heart the lady chimpanzee.
Kowalski, want a plan action on my desk by They came here after the my advice So is "my" mission.
But the use of the word "capture" automatically makes this an operation of penguins.
Sorry, Marlene.
These are the rules.
Men, I love options.
Skipper Our data show one sure way to the feminine heart.
Begins with an incision of 10cm I heard that the way to win the heart of a girl is sit on her egg during the long, cold winter.
Private, you and the team Bravo protect the egg from Lulu.
I fear that Lulu not a penguin.
As I was saying Candles, moonlight Marlene, please.
Do not put their emotion and feeling it.
This is love! What we need is of an undercover agent.
Someone who can tell us what does that chimpanzee vibrate.
No, no, no! I am not even comfortable in Okay.
Sorry, Lulu.
I have Well, I have this friend, who are interested courting you.
Really? And how exactly this friend look like? Fairly decent I guess.
Actually, a bit like me.
You are shy! The answer is yes! - Of course I'll go with you! - This is fantastic! Wait.
What? Sorry, buddy.
Fear that I've blown it.
Do not worry, chimpanzee.
We have everything under control.
Private, options! Hello!? I'm the one of the options.
Not when it comes matters of the heart.
Is where the young Private stands.
Have difficulty pra understand Emotions e.
feelings e.
- Women.
- Right.
- It is with you, Private! - Let's see Come on, Private.
You know what to do.
Luar, guitar, oysters.
Hmm .
Sorry, Marlene.
And if Phil demonstrate his machismo? Machismo! Spanish! I liked! Yes! I enjoy poetry, fine cuisine e.
the ballet, of course.
Manson! What sensitive soul you are! Feet to the top, chimpanzees! - What? - Penguin Robbers! And they have wands! Yes, pigeons! Feel my sword! Kowalski, we seem bandits, not pirates! Really? Well .
The point is We want all of your bananas! And no one here is brave enough to stop us! - Certainly, not that sissy.
- You can stop there.
Manson can not be brave.
But I I'm from Hoboken.
That's it, baby.
Those evil penguins will no longer mess with you my sweet sensitive soul! No, I suppose not.
I have other options, Skipper.
Private, I've heard enough their options.
Thank you.
I'll follow your plan! - I? - No, I pointed pro Kowalski.
Operation Love of Heaven.
Manson will target our to a designated location.
Where a heavy box License.
Number I have to repeat? Moonlight, candles Where a heavy box, with bananas fall.
I thought it would homesick but ill think about it since I met you.
Now I sorry a moment.
Do not give any further step.
In fact, one step right.
No, no.
The other right.
Perfect! - It's the sign! - Go.
Do not want to cut.
What are you doing? Get off me! Everything went wrong.
What the hell is the problem? The problem was that I based my calculations on cotton cord.
But we use nylon! I've made the adjustments, then we ready to try again! Or no.
Gentlemen, time to pra from heavy artillery.
Yes I'm talking about love potion no 37.
- 37! - 37? I know it's risky! As is love.
Look what happened with Manfredi and Johnson when they fell in love the sisters beard.
They lost their hearts, lung and 5 meters of intestines.
What is it? Sweat flamingo and garlic.
Uh, baby! Take me.
Take me, cute little thing! Well, hate to say this But maybe Phil and Lulu were not going to happen.
Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! You have not followed the advice from a certain someone.
Caramba! Marlene is right! Then came to me for romantic advice.
Okay, that was not what I had in mind! To impress the female monkey you should get on her.
That's how I conquered my many girlfriends.
What girlfriends? You do not know.
All live in Canada.
But believe me when I say who were all forged.
With lipsticks, shadows and such But, you know, with good taste.
My secret is two words that I say now.
Get ready.
Wait! There were these two.
And these do not! Or these! - Just say the two words! - Okay.
"Roller Disco"! That guy is not new.
However He is a great dancer! The victim is approached.
What are you doing? I hate to admit.
But the Tail Curly can even have this resolved! No one can resist allure of roller disco! Heavens, Phillip.
I never imagined that you were a romantic! Perhaps not all is lost.
Admitting that the situation seems a bit dubious.
Now let the dogs out! Help! Get them from me! - Would not be doves? Thought, pigeons have been better.
Good to know.
Good to know.
Lulu? Please leave.
No way.
You are all lunatics! Close the lid! Not let her out to fall in love with Phil! No, no.
Listen! We put it in the box with it then close the lid.
Then they fall in love, or die trying.
Give me 15 minutes! I prepare oysters more than enough! Phil! Do not be reckless, man! - What? What will he do? - He will talk to her! Biscuits with gravy! Do not draw a plan for this! What, now? Lulu, I'm sorry for everything that made you go But I did not know how to tell you I think you're fantastic beautiful and wonderful e.
I'm understand that last part.
And I would like to spend a few hours we have left together the big and hairy arms each other.
His words, not mine.
Well, Phil.
Why not say this right from the start? So it was just talk? Does it work? Thus the data indicate.
Huh! Who knew? »Ó­¼ÓÈë