The Penguins of Madagascar (2008) s01e30 Episode Script

Truth Ache

starts right now~ -==ÆÆÀÃÐÜÀÖÔ°ÇãÇé·îÏ×==- ±¾×ÖĻ½à ¹©Ñ§Ï°½»Á÷£¬ÑϽûÓÃÓÚÉÌÒµÓÃ; ???boys Âí´ï¼Ó˹¼ÓµÄÆóì µÚÒ»¼¾µÚ29¼¯ tagged ʱ¼äÖ᣺giaku Maurice, I pass real thermometer.
The thermometer says: Cold.
We ask spirits of the sky pra turning this wind of cold to roasted.
Oh great spirits of the sky .
I should say "please"? The legs are real frozen by my side! Kowalski! Give options to not burn those fur burning.
I suggest a rotation of Sure.
At my command: Rotate! So, doctor, you study penguins? Yes It's my profession and my passion.
Do not know how will be valuable to watch them these severe and unforgiving conditions.
Since gel beer.
Prepare to receive service, guys.
Let me know if you see something weird.
Strange how? Know when to come, doctor.
Wow Are even amazing creatures! A temperature below zero and look at them.
Cute and cuddly, boys.
Cute and cuddly.
Skipper how cold you doing? Kowalski? I do not need But I would say that at least are more than -27 degrees celsius.
The freezing point the goo.
I lost all sensitivity on MY left cheek.
And my cheeks, Private.
And it's right, do not worry.
This can not mané take much time.
I take that back.
I think he is not this fall.
Have to make him fall, Private.
Time to turn on the heater.
This boiler should increase steam production at 700%.
Raising the temperature throughout the zoo.
Phenomenal! I just need to install a chiller to prevent the pressure Emergency alpha.
Emergency alpha.
Emergency Alice! Gotcha! I do not know where the birds were going, but no longer go anywhere.
Yes, it is essential that they remain in the search field.
- Skipper! - Do not start to sweat, Private.
Men better than this guy have tried to make me talk.
Help! Ready.
Blocked! Good luck, doctor.
Not so bad.
Rather striking, perhaps.
What are they? Electronic Gadgets trace.
Every move we is being monitored.
It will not provide.
No one know where we are all the time.
Not even us! Rico, hacksaw! Skipper, how long even saw the bracelets? Bracelet? I was sawing my foot! Maybe your idea is good, Private.
No! Sensor anti-violção.
Will cut the circuit and trigger the alarm.
Well, boys, it seems that arranged a waiting game.
I'm afraid we can not wait, Skipper.
We left the boiler before I could install the cooler.
Without it, the internal pressure steam will increase by Blammo! - How long? - 2 hours, 4 minutes.
Unless we go down there and finish the job.
But what the scientist? Do not think he will notice if any of us try out? Affirmative.
Where did they go? We thank the spirits of heaven by providing the warm comfort we are experiencing.
If you have something I can do Anything * There's something we need to do.
You offered.
Hi Yo, spirit of heaven? I.
never thought to speak as a penguin crank.
Shut up and listen to me.
Just like a grumpy penguin, to tell the truth.
His kingdom will explode in 1 hour and 47 minutes.
Uh! A vengeful spirit of the sky! Me! Skipper! Your idi * Sure.
Just listen to the plan.
Sure the place is that? Is very vaporous.
Pay attention, Curly Tail.
You have 1 hour and 12 minutes pra install the cooler.
This including lunch coffee and a nap real? Kowalski will guide you, step by step.
Do exactly what he says.
I'm realesco! Nobody can tell me exactly what to do.
How about you send Kowalski say exactly what to do? Okay, should work.
Private! Rico! Report.
I think the scientist is suspicious.
Just smoke and mirrors.
We have to start to act like penguins! But we only know the routine smiling and waving at us! What more do penguins? I have no idea.
I am a key! Ready! The cooler is in place! Listen carefully.
If you open the bottom panel should see 7 buttons different.
Red, crimson, scarlet, purple, brick, ruby and pink.
Make sure to turn only button scarlet.
Goodbye or zoo.
Private, we need some material about penguins.
Now! Okay.
Try to scrape the ground shake your head.
Now give a short run beat their wings and jump in the air and out flying! Wait, these are the pigeons.
- Uni, Duni, tuni - We are running out of time.
Turned the knob? Remember Only the scarlet button! - Where was I? - Tuni! His eyes see this button as scarlet? Or is this brick? In this light? This must be crimson.
Crimson? So what is the ruby? I look like an interior decorator? They are all red! Just turn a knob! Private, is this really necessary? Yes! It is essential to maintain social order within the flock.
First you "is" with Rico then it takes you! I did it! Hypothetically speaking What would happen if we install this cooler I do not know, maybe in the air conditioning instead of the boiler? Would cause a chain reaction would destroy half the city.
- Why? - Nothing.
The only way to prevent it open the main water valve and flood the whole room.
Hold on! You can repeat the last part? About prevent? Flood the whole room! We have to go down there! Skipper! We can not! Alice would have the network before we could reach them.
It is for the lemurs, now.
The lemurs? Ah Are "getting"! We have to find water pipe! It is the only way to relieve the pressure! Then start to find it now! Mort! It's time to start being a little volunteer.
I think there is only I? Penguins males present Now a bizarre ritual mating dance.
They succeeded! Nice move, Curly Tail! Mission accomplished.
Exchange, final and out.
Sorry for this doctor.
Gave some kind of defect the central heating.
Do not worry.
Already compiled data more than enough.
I also discovered a new method communication of the Penguins.
The "high rises.
This is the "down low".
Followed by "very slow"! »Ó­¼ÓÈë