The Penguins of Madagascar (2008) s01e31 Episode Script

Whispers and Coups

Yes! Closing time, let's go.
Come on, move it or lose it.
Oops, lost it.
Ahh Closing time.
Are there two sweeter words known to man or beast? Puppy love? Ka boom? Plutonium-fueled-DNA-mutating- nature-abominating-monster maker.
The first word was hyphenated.
Yeah, great, all good.
But I'm sticking with My dolly! Skipper? That wasn't me.
It was I lost my dolly.
Help! Hot-molded plastic! Dolly down! Rescue operation is go, go, go.
Target acquired.
My dolly! Kowalski, strike this one from the Skipper's log.
And her name is Princess Pony Princess.
And her favourite food is sparkle glitter.
Great! And we are gonna do all we can to bring princess home from the sewer, okay? Come on, sweetheart.
Lost toy file and Well, I've done all I can do.
No little girl will shed a tear on my watch.
Well, the chimps can crack the girl's address, but that dolly could be anywhere in the 6000 miles of the New York City sewer system.
So, we'll have to split up.
Let's see.
That's That is a lot of sewer.
What about a replacement dolly? We'd need an exact duplicate, and where would we even find her? Perfect match.
All we need is a dress.
I'll get my sewing kit.
I'll get the glitter glue.
Oh, hey, it's your call, compadre.
Just try not to think about that weepy little miss with an empty place in her heart where her dolly used to live.
Way to go, Rico.
You'll be okay, Rico.
It's like my grandma always told me.
you do a good deed, and good comes back to you.
Princess Pony Princess.
Mom, mom, she came back! Mom! Remember, Rico, good things always come back around.
No, Sally, you seen this? Hey, what's the number of the animal control? Any warm fuzzy feelings yet? Well, the universe does still owe you one.
I'm sure, any minute now.
Sardines! Ooo, in cuttle size.
See? Good things do come around.
What in the name of pickled shnauzers? She is beautiful.
Got a call on a 415/p.
Penguins involved.
Now how I'd know it'd be you, punks? - It's officer X.
- The deranged animal control supercop.
You birds are long way from the zoo.
That's awfully unsafe.
Considering what time it is.
Payback time.
Ah, payback, that That's make much more Zoo is not good enough, huh? Well, guess what? Out here you're stray animals, and that makes you mine.
Kaboom? Now more than ever.
You think you can play me? You're penguins.
You don't even have brains enough to fly.
No, but we sure know how to fall.
Yes, I know what I said about giving up your dolly.
Okay, officer X was a nasty surprise.
And yes, the fall was a bit rough on a bum.
But we got away from him.
I mean, that's a good thing, right? Not yet.
You heard the man.
As long as we outside the zoo, we're considered stray animals I never felt so filthy.
We're still seven blocks from home.
But at least we've got a solid head start on Kowalski, analysis on that glow.
It appears, officer X's van has laser drilling capabilities.
So, we should move then.
Oh, most definitely Kowalski, give me an exit strategy.
Up ahead, topside tunnel.
We should be safe up here, Skipper.
There's no way he'll fit through So wild, so free.
Yet I know I could tame her.
We'll never make it home with that steel psycho mobil on our tails.
Boys, we're taking that van out.
No, you're right.
The van must Go.
I need a minute.
Giving up, huh? That's what penguins are from Antarctica.
Can't take the heat.
Swing team, deploy.
You see that, Rico? The way you dodged that lunatic.
The universe You all right, amigo? Perhaps universe blinked.
I loved that van.
Yes, we all loved the van.
You think you're the only one hurting? Let it go, Kowalski.
Come on, we will lose him in the park.
I'll never leave the zoo again.
Except maybe for snowcones.
Delinquent penguins.
In the name of the metropolitan sub-bureau of animal control and pretzel cart regulation you shall not pass.
Kowalski, tell me you've got a really sweet option.
Frontal approach cut off.
I suggest a brown river sneak around.
Really? Interesting choice.
On me.
Keep it moving, boys.
That maniac can't be too far behind us.
Sweet dixie dreidels.
How much are they paying this guy? There's no escape in justice, punks.
Like mother always said, whatever you do, it always comes back around.
Skipper, those pipes.
I believe they're sewage feed lines.
And they're pointed right at officer X.
Well, that's a lucky break.
You're right, Rico.
It is the universe.
Go for it.
Eat sewage, chump.
X to the doghouse.
Prepare a cage for four outlaw birdies.
I I don't believe it.
Curse you, universe.
Private, knock off the whistling.
I'm trying to curse the universe.
It's not me, Skipper.
It's Skipper, it's that sewer line.
Something is blocking it.
Oh, mama, it's gonna blow.
Oh ma.
That ain't gonna come out at the cleaners.
Rico, that was it, your payback.
I knew it.
The universe was just waiting for the right moment.
Correction, Private.
It was waiting for the right girl.
The lost dolly, it was blocking the pipe.
Rico, I believe this pretty lady is now yours.
The penguins, I tell you.
The penguings The crazed officer was arrested for a vandalism spree over several city blocks last night.
You see, Private.
Once you let the universe know who is boss, things just work out.