The Penguins of Madagascar (2008) s01e45 Episode Script

All Tied Up With a Boa

Oh, looks like somebody generated an electro-plasmonic energy orb.
Rico, no weapons testing indoors.
Wasn't me.
It's Kowalski, Skipper.
He's been in his lab all night.
Everything under control, Skipper.
You don't understand.
I haven't had a scientific breakthrough in weeks.
What about your shrink ray? Small potatoes.
Useless! Oh, I don't know.
We could whip us up a batch of teeny-tiny french fries.
No, there's a ground-breaking discovery somewhere in my brain just waiting to burst forth.
If you need me, I'll be on the cutting edge of science! Eureka! No.
Look, if you're tired of sushi, just say so.
Don't be hacked up.
Don't be hacked up.
Thank a maker.
Which in this case is me.
What is it? And why is it in our chow? Gentlemen, this gelatinous mass was brought to life by yours truly.
Really? What's it do? Not sure.
But isn't it just a little bucket of adorable? All right, Jiggles does not like fish.
Jiggles? Oy, that's my juice.
Ooh, jiggles does like fruit.
I don't know, Kowalski.
Naming your scientific abomination is just asking for trouble.
They grow so exponentially.
Ready for my blendy order, Maurice? What'll it be, your majesty? I'm feeling in a tropical mood today.
Make it eh mango.
Mango! Eh, guava.
Guava! Coconut, kiwi.
???, tamarind, yuzu.
loquat, fruit of the loba, giant lala, belizean genip, bilimbi, puna-puna, genamoya, peanut butter fruit, cura-cura, lovi, noni, malagadumba, macombo, molobo, prickly pear, ugli fruit And a hairless rambutan.
And, uh, toss in an energy boost.
All of this smoothie ordering is exhausting.
Jiggles! Don't you ever scare me like that again.
Back to the lab, you little gelatinous jokester! To the lab! The lab! Kowalski? Should we be concerned? About what, Skipper? Oh, I don't know.
Let's start with your monster.
"Monster" is a bit judgmental, isn't it? I call him as I see him.
Just because jiggles has no nervous system doesn't mean he has no feelings.
He's a big blob of mad science, man.
Well, if he wasn't before, this scientist is mad now.
Come on, jiggles, they don't understand you like I do.
Jiggles, now that you are you know alive, I think if you are going to live here, you need to Skipper, someone's at the hole.
At this hour? Rico, prepare a New York welcome.
Somebody boosted our fruit and the trail of green goop leads over to here, over here.
Look, I love a mystery, great ape.
, but I think what you've lost is your, uh mind.
Nah, I lost my bananas.
This is not how it looks.
Hey, what are the other birdies doin' over there? Classified.
What about my bananas? Rico.
Bananas indeed, right? Get it out of your system, jiggles.
See? It's all good in the Good golly wally! Jiggles! He's gone berserk.
Working on it.
So what have we learned here, Kowalski? We? You.
What have you learned? Is this really the time to point flippers, Skipper? The jelly man sucked up my mango.
All right, I've got a plan.
Rico procures one bottle of sunscreen, pineapple coconut scented.
The faux fruit odor will attract the hungry jiggles like a bee to pollen.
And then we spring a ridiculously elaborate trap.
One question, kowalski.
After we capture your monstrosity, what do we do with it? Well, I I suppose we return him to my lab, where he will live a life of hidden shame, safe from the small-minded maniacs who can't or just won't understand him.
Make it happen.
More tropicality.
I love this coconapple cologne.
Julien, no.
What, too much? Help! What? He'll spit him out.
Talk about your fruitless efforts, eh? We've got to get Julien out.
Right, give me ringtail extraction options.
Skipper, don't you see? Julien was a jiggles hater.
You know what happens to jiggles haters? This is what happens when you hate on my monster.
You admit you made a monster.
The good kind of monster.
My kind! You've got to snap out of this, Kowalski.
Oh, I see.
You're all haters now.
Well, see you later, science haters.
He called us haters.
That makes me sad, Skipper.
True genius is never appreciated in its time, no.
Not by little birdies with tiny little bird brains.
Sweet, oozing jiggles, you are the only life form who understands me.
We We had an understanding.
Oh, now it's a problem, heh? How could I have been so blind? What have I done? I'll tell you what you have done: gone nutso.
There must be some way I That's it.
Really nutso.
Jiggles hates fish.
I had fish for lunch.
Ah, no use.
I just can't upchuck like Rico.
Reach in.
There? Oh, oh, gross.
Do you want to be digested? Okay, okay.
This is the second most disgusting thing I've ever done.
Look, I did So That happened.
I will not talk of this if you don't.
The truth is clear now.
Jiggles is a mindless monster on a ravenous rampage.
Best of luck.
I don't need luck.
I need my friends.
Present and accounted for.
As long as you take back that "hater" remark.
I believe this is where I ask for options.
I'll need to get some gear from my lab.
Can you keep the creature contained? Can do.
What's in the case? Science created this problem.
Science will solve it.
That had to be tough, Kowalski.
There was no other way.
You know, science is a wonderful thing.
It gives us toasters and televisions and artificial flavors.
But mad science, that just ends with dicey super weapons and freakish creatures and artificial flavors.
I guess I'm just not the mad scientist type.
You're more of a a glad scientist.
I am glad.
Glad I used my shrink ray.
Now, this time I want you to be a good goo guy.
Who's my goo guy? Who's my goo-guy? Goo-goo-goo-goo-goo goo guy.