The Penguins of Madagascar (2008) s01e46 Episode Script

Rock a Bye Birdie

Sorry, boys, you just got flanked.
I'd say this simulated combat exercise is over.
I'd say that too, Skipper, if that flanking manoeuvre hadn't sent your man straight into our classic pincer trap.
Boom shaka-nah! Ha ha! We fooled you, Skipper.
What? Oh, man! Well, what you failed to take into account is this terrain just turned into molten lava.
Your mens' legs melted.
Boom shaka-nah! Well-- But-- Oh, look! A scientist just developed personal hover technology.
And we just developeded laser eye beams.
But we are wearing mirrored disco ball pants that reflect your laser eyes back at you.
Peh-tang! Peh-tang! Oh! Get off! I called no lava! Missile incoming! Look out! Skipper, did the missile just tell us to look out? What new madness is this? Activate the talking missile defence shield.
Ah! Backhand, Private.
Shields penetrated.
Ground units, move in.
What the-- That ain't no missile.
That's a lady.
What a lady.
A peregrine falcon, I believe, one of New York City's skyscraper-dwelling birds of prey.
Ooh, a huntress.
A winged mistress of airless skies.
Enchanté, Miss? Kitka.
Sorry if I frightened you.
Frightened? Ha! Madame, I eat fright for breakfast.
With skeleton marshmallows.
I see we are much alike.
I also have a taste for danger.
Served extra crispy.
With a side of mortal jeopardy.
Ooh, then perhaps fate meant for us to dine together.
But how rude of me not to introduce the team.
I'm the skipper and these guys are the, uh, others.
So anyway, what does bring you to our zoo, Miss Kitka? I smacked into a window and hurt my wing.
Just trying to fly it off, but I think it may be broken.
Kowalski, medical exam.
Ah! It's broken.
But my nest is at the top of the Consolidated Amalgamated building in midtown.
How will I get home? I'd suggest the six train to Miss Kitka, I insist you stay here as my personal guest till that wing heals.
Whah? Why Skipper, you're as noble as you are handsome.
Guilty on both counts.
Skipper, I'm not sure this is the wisest idea.
Really? How so? Kitka, may I ask what your usual diet consists of? Mostly smaller birds.
And sometimes the delicious little furry animals.
Why? All hail King Julien His name is Julien It's pronoun-- Ah! Predator! Quick, boys, activate the falcon shield.
Right away, your Highness.
What's with sad eyes? Barbecue sauce? I'm yummy with cornbread.
If you still have room for dessert, you can eat this dumpy one too.
He would not mind.
Say what? Whoa there, ringtail.
Miss Kitka's my guest.
She's not eating anybody.
Tell them, dollface.
Really? Okay, for you, Skipper, my sweet, I will resist feeding on the zoo's delicious, helpless, perfectly bite sized I got sampled! She called me her sweet.
Penguin boy wasn't looking for love Falcon girl predator from above He's endured danger on the jobs that he's done She, like his neighbour, served up hot on a bun But what's this feeling that's got them both reeling It's stranger than digesting a dove It'll be a week to remember as long as no one's dismembered The greatest danger is love The greatest danger is love Why Miss Kitka, is that our hollow bone structure or are we dancing on air? Skipper, hasn't Kitka's behaviour seemed strange to you this week? Strangely attractive or strangely compelling? Actually, I believe Private meant strange in the "oh, sweet mercy, we are all going to be ripped to shreds and swallowed into a churning cauldron of digestive juices" sort of way.
You boys just haven't gottn to know Miss Kitka like I have.
The lady is a rare flower with razor sharp talons and a beak that could punch a hole through battleship steel.
Hee-yah peh-ting! Huh? Ah! What in the name of Cupid's crossbow? That's a big bird.
B-- Big, big bird.
I saw the bird.
The bird was big.
It was a big bird, it was a big bird! Would you '86 the freaky deakies.
What happened to ringtail? What happened? Your girlfriend happened! I woke up to a falcon swooping over King Julien toward midtown! Kitka's nest is in midtown, the Consolidated Amalgamated building.
Yes, but Miss Kitka's recovering from a broken wing.
The lady can't fly.
Skipper, falcon feathers.
It appears she's made a full recovery.
I guess it's clear what's happened here, boys.
Obviously some sick puppy has framed Miss Kitka.
To the Consolidated Amalgamated building.
Oh, it's locked, Skipper.
It looks like we have to reach the top old school.
Boys, we're going to scale this skyscraper even if it takes us days to reach the summit.
Actually, I think the doors open in half an hour.
No time.
The weather's turned south, Skipper.
I don't know how much more the men can take.
Rico is already showing signs of altitude sickness.
Avalanche! Whoa.
And there goes the rest of our food supply.
I'm afraid we may have to scuttle this mission, Skipper.
The stakes are too high.
I'm with Skipper.
There's no way I'm letting King Julien wind up as falcon food.
That's right.
If ringtail goes, we lose the only witness that can clear Miss Kitka's good name.
What? Help! I am being chased by a hungry falcon who wants to eat me! Boy are we going to laugh when we hear the explanation for that one.
Your Majesty! I just want my blanky.
Can I please have my blanky? There, you see? No sign of Miss Kitka.
I trust you'll all be withdrawing your slanderous accusations immediately.
Hey, what do you know? She is all better.
Good for her.
I know you've been blinded by love, Skipper, but you must see now that your lady friend is a vicious, savage shredding machine who's trying to save us.
Oh, from another falcon.
Yes, of course.
Why else would the Kitka lady come to my rescue after the boy falcon sweet and snatched at me? Silly penguin.
Miss Kitka! Oof.
Oh boy, that hurts.
Nice technique.
Was that a Romanian tangler I saw in the middle of that dog fight? It's like you look straight into my violent soul.
Um, Skipper? Right.
You rest easy, my feathered fury.
We'll take it from here.
Action time, boys.
Whee! I'm a carnival! It's no good.
That falcon is in his element.
Rico, I need to take this fight to the skies.
I can't watch! Okay, then I will describe it for you in really boss sound effects.
Check it out.
Fling! Scraa! Ook! Flafta flafta flafta flafta.
I'm a penguin falling! No, no, no.
I was just practising that last one in case I need it later on.
But I got you, though, didn't I? You will never foul the good name of Miss Kitka again! You hear about Frank, huh? Yay, we are cheering together! I could really make a habit out of saving you, Miss Kitka.
Mmm, peck-peck peck.
Trying to kiss, but I got no lips.
Peck, I love peck.
No, no, wait.
I'm getting good at this pecking.
I hope you've learned something about not judging others.
Miss Kitka is clearly a fine non-zoo animal eating citizen.
That's right.
I only ate one squirrel, and he wasn't even from the zoo.
Excuse me a sec.
It's a nice flight, but the snacks in there are terrible.
I think we should see other people.