The Perfect Mother (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 NETFLIX PRESENTS ["Ooh La La" playing.]
Dial up my number now ♪ Weaving it through the wire ♪ Switch me on ♪ Turn me up ♪ Don't want it Baudelaire ♪ Just glitter lust ♪ Switch me on ♪ Turn me up ♪ I want to touch you ♪ You're just made for love ♪ I need la la la la la ♪ I need oo la la la la ♪ I need la la la la la ♪ I need oo la la la la ♪ [somber music playing.]
[song playing in the back.]
[in German.]
I'm sorry I'm late.
[son in English.]
You're just in time to blow the candles.
I'll warm up your plate.
I thought Sunday night would be a safe bet.
It was longer than expected.
There were complications during surgery.
- Sorry about that.
- [woman.]
And your patient? How is she doing? Farida? Hmm.
It was her, right? Her fever is going down.
She should be fine, so [son.]
Let's eat that cake already.
I have a test tomorrow.
[uneasy music playing.]
[breathing heavily.]
- [man.]
Happy birthday, dear Hélène ♪ - [son.]
Happy birthday, dear Mom ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ [man.]
And many more ♪ Happy birthday again, Mom.
[in German.]
Thank you.
Many happy returns, darling.
- Let's take a selfie for Anya.
- [Hélène.]
Oh, yeah.
[shutter clicking.]
[dog barks.]
[breathing heavily.]
[man in German.]
All right, now.
- Can you cut the cake, Lukas? - [Lukas.]
No, that's not the right knife.
Ta-da! [Hélène.]
[in English.]
Uh, Matthias, my love.
But this is just It's too much.
I'm not sure I can pull this off.
It's not just to wear.
It's for you to have.
[in German.]
What's the point, then? - [chuckles.]
- Lukas [in English.]
It's my way of thanking you for everything.
Our life, our family.
[in German.]
Thanks, Dad.
Now I look like an idiot.
- Why? - [in English.]
[in German.]
How beautiful! [Lukas.]
It's no ruby, perhaps, but I made it myself.
[in English[ Oh.
I love it.
Thank you, my dear.
You're welcome.
- [sighs.]
- [Matthias.]
Don't worry, Hélène.
She'll call in the morning.
MOM [breathing heavily.]
- [in German.]
Hey, Mia.
- Hello! Come in.
- Good morning! - Oh, hello, Mia.
- Not too nervous today? - Just enough.
- [Lukas.]
Hi, Mia.
- [Mia.]
[in English.]
Here, I also packed you a cereal bar.
- I'll text as soon as I'm out.
- Okay.
- Love you.
- [in German.]
Good luck.
Thank you.
[door closes.]
[somber music playing.]
[birds chirping.]
[Hélène sighs.]
[in English.]
So you didn't completely forget my birthday.
Mom, please, just listen to me.
The police are calling me.
I'm in a serious trouble.
Hold on.
Slow down.
I don't understand.
Take a deep breath.
Tell me what happened? Someone died.
Someone died? What? Who died? Hang on.
Dad's here.
 I'll put you on speaker.
He's listening too.
A guy.
I didn't know him.
- I was - Did you get hurt? [Anya.]
No, nothing happened to me.
I was with him.
We had a few drinks.
I went to sleep.
And then, there was blood everywhere.
- He was dead.
- [Matthias.]
Where did this happen, Anya? - How did you meet this person? - [Anya.]
He's someone from school.
The police got my number from his sister after I went home with him.
His name was Damien.
They're gonna wanna ask me questions, but I don't know what I should tell them.
I'm outside the station now.
I'm coming there right now, okay? We're right with you, Anya.
I bet they think I'm the one who killed him.
You had nothing to do with it.
They'll see that for sure.
Tell them what you saw.
You have nothing to hide.
I just wanna come back home.
Of course, you do.
I'm coming there now to bring you home myself.
[Anya breathing heavily.]
Mom, I'm scared.
Listen to me, Anya.
We're going to help you through this.
Every step of the way.
- We'll stay on the line.
- [sobbing.]
That's it.
Go on.
[people speaking indistinctly.]
I'm in.
[phone ringing.]
[people speaking indistinctly.]
I need to fill that now.
That must be her.
- Fucking sure? - Yeah.
I'm Anya Berg.
- [officer.]
Your phone is on? - [Anya.]
Yes, it's my parents.
You're an adult.
Turn it off and give it to me.
What did he say? [officer.]
As of this moment, I'm placing you under arrest in connection with the murder of Damien Carnau.
Dad, Mom, I'm at the police precinct in the 17th arrondissements.
My love [call disconnects.]
I'm going.
There's a flight at 10:20.
I'll get tickets.
No, no.
 Lukas needs someone here.
You sure you wanna go alone? And your patients? There's that high-risk operation for Farida.
I'll call you when I get to the airport.
Will you stay with your mother? I'll be home tonight with Anya.
[suspenseful music playing.]
Lukas, it's your mom.
I had to leave for Paris.
There's an emergency with Anya.
Something happened, but don't worry.
Your sister will be fine.
Your dad will come and pick you up after your exam and explain everything.
I'll try to be home as soon as I can.
I love you, sweetheart.
[car honks.]
[car honks.]
[cars honking.]
Thank you.
[man speaking indistinctly.]
Anya Berg, she's my daughter, and I'd like to see her now, please.
Uh, of course, Anya Berg.
I'll be with you in one moment.
[phone rings.]
I was bleeding.
There was blood on them.
I didn't want to keep anything.
So you got rid of your clothes? Yes, not far from the metro, I think.
Why am I having so much trouble understanding? Help me out.
Why didn't you call the police right away? My cell phone was in another room.
But you got it back later.
Why not call then? I heard something moving.
I thought he was still there, so I ran away.
Who is he? The dealer you mentioned? [sighs.]
It's the fifth time you've asked me the same questions.
How can you be sure the dealer is the one who killed Damien? You just said you were hiding in the bathroom at that time.
Who else could it have been? I told you.
Damien and I were in the middle of [officer.]
Of having sex? You wouldn't be able to identify him? [sniffles.]
It was too dark.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
But he hit me.
I already told you, aside from her lawyer, no one is allowed to see her.
- We'll see about that.
- [woman.]
Ma'am! Come back, please! Ma'am! You're not allowed back here.
It's restricted! - [Hélène.]
My daughter.
I need to see her.
- [man.]
Ma'am! - Excuse me.
Let me pass.
- Ma'am.
- Calm down.
I'm sorry.
- I'm the mother of Anya Berg.
- Relax.
- I want to see her.
You can't.
Please, it's a restricted area.
You can't get in.
- I wanna see her.
Let me see my daughter! - Hold on, ma'am.
My little girl, I'm here.
I'm here now.
It'll be okay.
Your daughter's in custody.
- What has she done? - [officer.]
You aren't allowed to be here.
- I'll walk you out.
- I won't leave you.
Why she doesn't have a lawyer? You can't question her without one.
We offered one several times.
She refused.
We'll get her one.
Believe me.
[ominous music playing.]
No, she couldn't.
My daughter would never Your daughter was involved in a homicide.
We're investigating how.
If you really wanna help her, hire a good lawyer.
- [woman.]
Good morning.
- I'm hoping to speak with Mr.
- Is he available? - Let me see.
He's all booked up this afternoon.
He's in court tomorrow morning.
I have an opening tomorrow at 2:00 p.
No, right away.
I mean, if that's possible.
My name is Hélène Berg.
No, Hélène Journault.
- He knows me.
- [woman.]
I told you, ma'am.
- Mr.
Duc is busy - [Duc.]
Ana? Ana [clears throat.]
Tell me, did Baratier happen to [soft music playing.]
Hey, Vincent.
Holy shit.
To what do I owe the honor of your visit all of a sudden? I know.
I'm sorry to just show up just like this.
But I need your help.
It's my daughter, Anya.
She's at the police station in custody.
They're questioning her about a murder that happened last night.
I saw photos.
It was terrible.
We have to get her out.
There was so much blood.
Did you meet with her? Yes.
Well, no.
They wouldn't let me speak to her, but Anya was there at the apartment when it happened.
She's a university student.
She's only 20.
Now she's all alone.
She doesn't know what they want from her.
So we need a lawyer.
I wish I had a happier reason to see you again, but Yeah.
Me as well.
After 25 years of nothing.
[somber music playing.]
It'll be all right.
I'll handle it.
- Ana? - [Ana.]
Yes? Cancel my appointments for this afternoon, please.
All right.
Thank you.
No, in the blood work.
- [Vincent.]
I'll get you coffee later.
- [man.]
She's had a medical examination.
She's okay.
They're searching her place now.
- Confirming that her statement checks out.
- But she's innocent.
When will she be released? - They're just making sure.
- Why would she lie? [sighs.]
The lead detective on the case was on my team the year I left the police.
He's gonna let you see her.
My baby [sniffling.]
Mom, I'm sorry.
I'm here now.
Okay? Okay.
Is Dad with you? He's with Lukas.
You know, he has his exams.
But he's been asking about you all the time.
My baby.
Who did this? Who did this to you? Huh? Huh? Tell me what happened? [Anya.]
I went to a club.
I had a drink or two.
I thought that was it.
[upbeat music playing in the background.]
I was there with Julie, a friend from college.
She'd just turned in her thesis, so we we were celebrating.
I spilled my drink on this guy, but he wasn't upset.
He was nice.
I'd seen him on campus before.
We kept hanging out.
And then he invited me to his place.
[somber music playing.]
- [kissing.]
- [Anya chuckles.]
It's on the top floor.
This is it.
Welcome to the crib.
Everything was fine.
All of a sudden, his dealer showed up.
I swear, I only drink alcohol.
I didn't know there would be drugs or anything.
I'll be back.
[arguing indistinctly.]
What are gonna do about this? Shut the fuck up, mother fucker! Are you serious? - Don't fucking touch me! - [groans.]
The guy, out of nowhere, started beating Damien.
- Let me go! Let me go! Stop! - Bitch, stop! [Anya.]
Let him go! You shut up! Don't fucking touch her! Don't touch her! [moans.]
Get out of here! Get in the bathroom and lock the door.
Go! Get out of here! [Anya.]
Damien told me to lock myself up in the bathroom.
[breathing heavily.]
But I left my phone in the living room.
I I called out to Damien, but he didn't answer.
Damien? I was so scared, Mom.
Damien? [knocking.]
I waited.
I must have fallen asleep.
I was in such shock.
I I could hardly stand.
I don't know exactly when I woke up, but everything was quiet.
[suspenseful music playing.]
There was blood everywhere.
[gasping, moaning.]
And he was on the floor.
- Then I heard a noise.
- [rattling.]
I thought that maybe the dealer was still there, so I ran.
He was still there.
I couldn't do anything to help him.
I can't imagine how you must feel.
I I couldn't even call the police because my phone was still in the living room.
He was just laying there, Mom.
My daughter was assaulted, and you're treating her like a criminal.
She's the victim here.
Can I please leave now.
It's normal.
 They're confirming her version of the events.
It's normal.
What do you mean version? She's just said what happened.
She says she wanted to call the police, but she never did, even when she was safe.
She threw away her clothes, but she can't say where exactly.
 They wanna understand.
She's traumatized.
They're doing their job, okay? I would do the same thing in their place.
If she were all guilty, why would she go to the police? I should look at the case file.
Okay, fine.
I'll go find a hotel.
We'll talk later, huh? [ominous music playing.]
So what's the problem? It's illegal to flirt? I'd call that more than flirting, but she's an adult.
The real problem is the dealer.
He just never shows up.
And there's an expensive watch missing.
- And so? - [Mani.]
Oh, Vincent.
If you were me, what would you think? [heart monitor beeping.]
They're still trying to find this dealer, I guess.
The lawyer, what did he say? [in German.]
[in English.]
He's checking on the details, but he thinks she'll be fine.
- How do you know each other? - I know him from school.
We're old friends.
- Dr.
Berg? - [in German.]
- Can I speak with you? - I'll be right there.
[in English.]
I'll call you later.
[heart monitor beeping.]
But why would she lie? The dead boy's wallet has disappeared.
- And a watch worth 15,000.
- Who was this guy anyway? He's the heir to a powerful family.
The cops are waiting to see a blood test for Anya.
To see if she took drugs.
Non of the cameras show a single other person entering the building that night.
- No one.
- No, Vincent.
- No.
- There's just one neighbor.
Walking her dog.
Anya doesn't take drugs, and she wouldn't lie.
Okay? I saw the photos.
It's impossible.
I saw the look in her eyes.
She's telling us the truth.
What if the dealer, I don't know came in through another entrance.
There could be another way in.
We'll look into that, Hélène.
We can check it out.
It may be the case that that's another way into the building.
It's possible.
So what we should do is wait for the toxicology results and the forensics report because there's a good chance they may find traces of DNA that indicate the presence of a third person.
They'll also see she wasn't taking drugs.
- That's good for us.
- But they still won't release her.
The police are convinced that they have the culprit.
They're also sure they can prove what they think happened.
It's our job to give them another story to create doubt.
That's what we're gonna do.
So if there are other security cameras around the neighborhood, we'll find them.
Could be a neighbor that heard a noise, we'll check on that as well.
And you know what? Perhaps you're right, and there is another way into that apartment.
We're not giving up.
We'll do it.
If I'd come back to you then, you'd have talked me into staying.
I was too fragile.
I had to get out, put distance between my mother and I.
Losing you was the price I paid.
[teacher in German.]
Hope everyone has had enough time.
 Time to hand in your work.
I'll see you later for the next part of the exam.
[speaking indistinctly.]
How did it go? Pretty good.
You? "Pretty good"? You show off! - Yeah.
- [chuckles.]
Come on.
[Hélène in English.]
Lukas, it's your mom.
I had to leave for Paris.
There's an emergency with Anya.
Something happened, but don't worry.
Your sister will be fine.
[unsettling music plays.]
[in German.]
Hey, Anya.
It's me.
Listen, Mom left me a message.
How are you? I'm really worried.
I hope it doesn't have anything to do well, with you know what.
[car window rolls down.]
[speaking indistinctly.]
- Hi, Mr.
- Hi, Mia.
- How did it go? - Pretty well.
- You've missed your son.
He's gone.
- Damn.
- Bye.
- [Mia.]
See you.
In any case, call me back.
I love you.
[Hélène in English.]
I'm waiting for the lawyer.
What are the police doing? Anya was assaulted, and now we have to prove she's innocent? Hélène? - Hélène, are you there? - I'm sorry, I I I don't think you have to handle this by yourself.
There's still time for me to catch a plane.
No, no.
Someone should stay with Lukas.
He needs you more than me.
He could stay with Mia's parents.
No, no.
We shouldn't worry him.
How did his exam go for him today? I left him a message.
He didn't answer.
I don't know.
I haven't seen him yet.
VIOLENT DEATH Hélène? Hélène, are you there? I should go.
I'll keep you posted.
Damien, the eldest son of Claire Carnau was found dead in his Paris apartment.
The young man was studying economics at the Sorbonne.
He was the heir to the Elligence group, a producer of cosmetics.
His mother, Claire Carnau, the CEO of the group, made a statement a few moments ago.
My son Damien [shutter clicking.]
was a remarkable young man.
He was involved with humanitarian organizations.
He had a bright future ahead of him.
[shutter clicking.]
The police are currently questioning a young woman who was with my son at the time of his death.
I'm asking anyone who has information regarding this young woman or or any one else involved, to get in touch with the police.
My son has been murdered.
He deserves justice.
[Hélène sighs.]
[somber music playing.]
It's that way.
[sirens wailing.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
Is this your first time in Paris? - Not really, no.
- [man.]
Where are you from? - Berlin.
- [man.]
Berlin! But you're still French.
- You don't miss a thing.
- [man chuckles.]
You work in fashion? No.
You must work in journalism or, uh You seem like you could be a musician as well.
I'm waiting for someone.
They'll be here soon.
I see.
Have fun.
I've some news.
So, it's good news for Anya.
[shutter clicking.]
It's somewhat acrobatic, but I think I found a way to reach Damien's apartment from the rooftop.
This way involves having to go through the next-door building, which also happens to have security cameras in the lobby.
Did we have access? They never asked for it back.
It worked like a charm on the building manager.
Look at this.
Between 01:00 and 06:00 a.
, five people can be seen passing through.
And check out this guy here.
This is good, Hélène.
That guy could be our dealer.
Do you think he can be identified? Our job is to prove it wasn't Anya.
That's what we want.
It creates doubt.
That's what we're looking for.
Our only goal is to prevent the police from ever saying Anya is the sole suspect.
And with that there, we can do that.
Have you shown the footage to the police? No, it might antagonize them.
They'll find it themselves.
What? I don't want to wait around.
We make Anya sit in that cell just to be nice? Hold on.
I never said we just wait.
Let's check out the dorm room.
She has asthma.
I'm here to bring her her medication.
In her statement, Anya says she went out with Julie that night.
Julie is her neighbor.
It's room 42, second floor.
There's some people up there.
We're going to find this Julie.
And we're gonna ask her the questions we wanna ask.
I'll wait here.
It's better not be seen by my former colleagues.
[speaking indistinctly.]
- It's all in there.
- Okay, good work.
Everything okay here? [girl.]
It's a complete mess, really.
- You had to throw everything on the floor? - We're doing our job, ma'am.
Let's go.
Excuse me? I I'm Anya's mom.
This is her room, isn't it? Yeah.
I'm not sure if the police have explained, but Anya, uh Yes, they told me.
I I'm looking for a friend of hers.
Julie Gauthier.
Yeah, I know her.
She's the one who lives next door, but she's at work right now.
She works at a bar.
It's next to the metro.
That's where you'll find her.
Thank you.
I didn't realize Anya was sharing a room.
Are these her things here? I don't recognize them.
No, they're mine.
Yeah, there's not much of Anya's stuff left here.
What do you mean? I don't get it.
Where are her things? Don't worry.
I'm not working for the police.
I'm her mom.
I'm worried about her.
She needs our help.
I told the police.
Anya let me stay a few days.
She doesn't live here anymore.
She's subletting her room to me.
For how long? Uh, Christmas.
She's not allowed to sublet her room.
I lied and told the police that she's still living here.
It's just that I have nowhere to go.
You don't? Why are you here then? My husband.
He was abusive.
I had to get out.
At the justice center I visited, Anya was volunteering that day.
Does she do that often? Yeah, I guess.
That's when she said I could stay here.
And where does Anya live? I'm not sure.
Julie, she'll know.
Well, then.
Best of luck.
Can I can I ask you for your phone number? Yes, of course.
I'll give you mine.
Do you think the police know about it? If they knew her real address, I'd have seen it in her file.
- That means she lied about that at least.
- Here it is.
You have to go to her.
You have to Just ask her straight out.
I can't.
 Hélène, wait.
Listen, I can only see my client once every 24 hours.
How's this? First, try to understand.
Okay? Lay conclusions after.
[upbeat music playing.]
[people speaking indistinctly.]
As a lawyer, I'm not supposed to investigate.
That's forbidden.
Are you Julie? I'm Hélène.
Anya's mother.
- Okay, what do you want? - Were you with her last night? You're her friend, aren't you? - Yeah.
- Can you tell me what happened? She met this guy Damien at a club, and he invited her back.
Is that true? Yeah, that's right.
Do you know if Anya had any drinks with you? A few smoothies.
We're at a club.
 What do you think? Anything else? Like drugs? I couldn't tell you.
- Do you know if she sometimes use drugs? - Never with me.
- Is that what you told the police? - Yep, I did.
And does Anya live with you? She lives at the dorm.
I went, and I met Soumia.
We know she lives somewhere else.
Then I think you should try asking your daughter.
[somber music playing.]
I'd forgotten how much I loved Paris.
Do you regret moving away? I didn't have a choice.
We can always choose.
For a long time I thought you left because of me.
[clears throat.]
A long time.
- Sorry about that.
- Even now, I'm not so sure.
Hélène, any news? You remember that my father was sick.
Things were complicated between my parents.
My mom waited ten days to tell me he died.
To keep me away from the funeral.
That was the last straw, Vincent.
That day, I realized I had to leave.
She was always gonna be that way.
Distance was my only escape.
Did you get married? Divorced.
[phone chimes.]
Oh, let me see.
Noah, ten years old.
It was back when I was still a cop and never at home.
So eventually, she met a teacher, and they moved to Spain together.
Do you see him? Not often.
- [man.]
- [flickers.]
Lucky you, vaping's no match for the real thing.
I'm a lesbian.
We're only chatting.
Say, weren't you out with that guy who got killed last night? What kind of tips do you get around here by the way? 'Cause I'm a guy who pays really well for good information.
Hmm? [exhales.]
Okay, princess.
It's not like you were the only person in that club! [breathing heavily.]
- [grunts.]
- [glass shatters.]
[upbeat music playing.]
- [in German.]
Time for bed? - As if nothing had happened? - It's late.
You have your exams.
- Anya is in jail.
She's not in jail.
[music stops.]
She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
She'll be back home tomorrow.
- Don't worry so much.
- Don't worry? You said a guy assaulted her.
Tried to kill her.
She isn't that strong.
Anya sometimes has Has what? - She sometimes has - Lukas, come here.
Mom and the lawyer are looking after her.
Mom's hotel is next to the station.
They won't leave her on her own.
All right? But What's tomorrow's exam? - German.
- German.
- You're good at that.
- Hmm.
Don't worry so much.
Go to bed.
We'll take care of Anya.
Good night, okay? [mellow music playing.]
We'll do whatever it takes so you can go home with your daughter tomorrow, huh? [Hélène.]
Thank you.
[sinister music playing.]
- [exhales.]
- [door opens.]
Anya Berg.
In accordance with the law, your custody has been extended 24 hours.
Would you like a chance to notify your lawyer? [phone vibrates.]
Hello? They're keeping her another day.
Oh no.
They found her DNA on the knife and all of the victim's body.
She was lying.
I want to see my mother.
No, no, she didn't lie.
She said she stepped in between the dealer and Damien.
- Perhaps she tried to grab the knife.
- There's more.
They also found skin that matches Anya's under Damien's fingernails.
[door closes.]
I'm very sorry.
I'm going there now.
You stay at the hotel.
I'll call you back.
Tell her I love her.
[call disconnects.]
[somber music playing.]
[phone vibrates.]
Hello, Mrs.
Berg? It's Soumia, from the student housing.
Good morning, Soumia.
I was wondering if Julie gave you an address for Anya.
She wouldn't say, no.
Because I just got it from one of the volunteers at the center.
Would you like me to tell you? Yeah, that would be great.
Wait, hold on.
I'm ready for you.
You know, I was surprised when they told me where it was.
When they told you what? The place where she lives is a shelter for battered women.
Berg, I heard what happened.
I can't believe it, really.
- Come with me.
- Sure.
My daughter gave this address as her place of residence.
Yes, she's a counselor with us.
- A counselor? - Uh, she started off by volunteering.
And then when a position opened up, we offered it to her.
What position? As a counselor.
For the most part, she gives French lessons to children, and also assist people with legal advice.
I'm sorry, you mean to say that my daughter dropped out of school to come work here? She takes one or two classes online, but not go.
No, no, no.
She wouldn't have time to go to university and do her work here.
- Hey there.
- [woman.]
- When did she start? - Back in January.
How are you? She said she'd be more useful here.
[people speaking indistinctly.]
I'm sorry I thought you knew.
Here we are.
[soft piano playing.]
- Yes? Take your time.
- [Hélène.]
[uneasy music playing.]
That guy could be our dealer.
Do you think he can be identified? [soft music playing.]

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