The Perfect Mother (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 NETFLIX PRESENTS I met your mother in college.
She was about your age.
You look like her.
What was she like? She was an angel by day, and and very much a rebel by night.
Really? Mm-mm.
Shall we? Mm-hmm.
The police found your DNA on the knife.
And there is nothing from your story yesterday that can explain that.
Why don't you tell me what happened? You can tell me.
I'm gonna defend you no matter what you say.
I'm on your side, Anya.
Really, I'm here to help you.
BASED ON THE NOVEL THE PERFECT MOTHER BY NINA DARNTON The doctor who examined you he turned his report in to the police.
He says your wounds aren't consistent with someone trying to break up a fight.
In fact, he thinks they indicated direct assault.
Who wanted to hurt you, Anya? - Damien? - No.
His dealer was there and the two of them The police couldn't find a single trace of this dealer.
They think you do drugs, that you needed money, and that you thought you'd find it at Damien's.
And that's why you got into a fight with him.
But I don't do drugs.
Your friend Julie says exactly the same thing.
If that's true, then the blood test should work in our favor.
And that will help.
But we'll still have to explain all your wounds, and why your DNA was on the knife that was used to kill Damien.
Anya, remember, I'm on your side.
 I'm your lawyer.
If you had anything to do with his death I didn't kill him.
I need to know everything about the circumstances of that night in order to for me to defend you, and to prove that it wasn't premeditated, that you didn't kill him in cold blood.
It was all self-defense.
That he attacked you, and you had to fight back.
Tell me everything, and I'll find a way to defend you.
I didn't kill him.
What happened, Anya? I'd seen him on campus before, and I thought he was cute.
I liked him.
It's on the top floor.
And when we got to his place, he took some coke.
That's when he got rough.
He hurt me.
I don't want this.
- Stop! - Shut the fuck up! - Shut up! - Get off me! For me, it wasn't a game anymore.
Damien, stop it! He was hurting me on purpose.
So I told him to stop, to get off me, and then I pushed him away.
Stop! Ah! Fuck! Let me go! Stop! Get off! Get off! He raped me.
Afterwards, I locked myself in the bathroom.
I was terrified.
I must have passed out.
Then I heard shouting.
It was his dealer.
I knew he was supposed to come by.
Then all of a sudden, it was silent.
I touched him to see if he was breathing.
I heard a noise.
What noise? Where did it come from? From the back.
From the bedroom, I think.
I don't know.
So I grabbed the knife to defend myself.
It wasn't me.
I didn't kill him.
I swear.
Why did you tell the the police that you tried to break up a fight between Damien and his dealer? I was too ashamed of what he did to me.
I shouldn't have gone with him.
I came on to him.
It's my fault.
It's not your fault.
That's why I didn't call the police.
I wanted to go home.
I wanted to shower, and get rid of those clothes to erase what he'd done to me.
Mom is going to hate me.
Let's go sit down.
Can I can I see her? No.
They're going to examine her.
They'll do, uh, a rape kit.
She'll see a psychologist.
Why didn't she tell me? She's ashamed.
She thinks it's her fault.
My little girl.
You have to understand, this doesn't change anything as far as the investigation goes.
It could work against her because once they confirm it, it gives her a motive.
Because they don't believe her.
She lied the first time, why would she tell the truth now? - Did you tell them about the other way in? - Yeah.
They're identifying every person who came in or out of the building.
I have to I have I have to show you something.
I Soumia called to give me Anya's real address and You went without me? I found this.
Does he look familiar? Okay, hang on.
Put it away.
Come on.
Not here.
It's the guy who came in through the roof.
Did she have the picture up at her wall? - It was in her closet.
- In her clo - You shouldn't have touched it, Hélène.
- I wanted to bring her some clothes.
Then why didn't you just take some clothes? Why did you take this picture? Maybe you think Anya is not talking because she knows the guy who came in through the roof.
Deep down, you also think that Anya is lying.
She was raped.
She wouldn't lie about that.
Even if she's not telling the whole truth, I won't let anyone treat her like she's not the victim here.
Clear case of self-defense.
But if that guy was there, then he knows what happened.
We have to find him.
- Are you going back to see Anya? - I'm not allowed to see her till tomorrow.
If this is the guy who came in through the roof, it's make or break.
Either he killed Damien, and Anya's protecting him, or he's not talking to protect Anya.
Please, come in.
Come in.
I'm a psychologist.
I work closely with the police but independent from the investigation.
Follow me.
I'm really just here to listen to you and maybe to help you.
Have a seat.
I told them I had to see you in my office.
It will be quieter.
- No kidding.
- Sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
It's hard to resist, isn't it? Where did you get this? Some guy at the club just posted it on Instagram.
- This guy here is the one who died, right? - Yeah, that's him.
And the headline is: "Orgy ends in bloodshed.
" - That's pretty good.
- You're on board? - Can you get me more? - You have a budget? - Where there's a click - There's a coffer.
Thank you.
Hélène? How do you know I was here? Matthias gave me a call.
Mom, I didn't ask you to come all the way out here.
I have to focus on Anya.
- When are you going to get her out? - Give me five minutes before you start.
I know an excellent lawyer that could help.
Yeah, we already have a good one.
I thought you'd agree to speak with me.
Mom, you're taking advantage of a crisis.
- Anya's my grand-daughter, Hélène.
- Mom, I can take care of my daughter.
We see each other.
She comes over for dinner.
You live in Berlin.
 You never come here.
You don't know anyone in Paris.
I know people in the Justice Department.
- So, just let me call them - Anya was raped.
But how did that happen? Because no one was there to protect her.
Let me help.
No, I know how you operate.
Nothing comes for free.
Her oxygen saturation is back to normal.
Her condition has stabilized.
It's risky, but we could move on to the next phase of reconstruction.
It's for you to decide.
She thanks you.
She's ready to move on to the next phase.
Please excuse me.
I have to take this.
it's my wife.
Thank you, Maryam.
Hi, honey.
Has she seen a doctor? How is she? Not good.
She's meeting with a psychologist today.
And yeah, she saw the doctor.
I should be there with her.
- I have to be there.
- What's the difference? We can't see her anyway.
My mom showed up here.
Why did you give her the name of my hotel? I'm really sorry.
Are you okay? Of course, I'm not.
What should we tell Lukas? The truth.
I'll tell him.
You take care of Anya.
- Are you going to tell him tonight? - Well, yeah.
You wanna tell me how to do it? Matthias.
Don't look so glum.
I'm sure you aced it.
At least feel for me.
My brain totally fried.
You say that, then you get an A+ and the Nobel Prize.
THE RIGHT TO KILL? A GERMAN WOMAN IN CUSTODY Hmm? That's her brother, right? Hey! Ignore them.
Hey! Are you insane? Lukas! Lukas just saw this.
I'm worried about him.
The right to kill? A German woman in custody.
Oh, Anya.
Any news on Anya Berg's rape kit? We're waiting on the results but hold on.
Look at that.
Hardly an innocent young virgin, if you ask me.
- Hello.
Sorry, I'm, uh, looking for information on this girl.
She look familiar? - No.
- How about you? - No, sorry.
- Okay, thanks.
Hello, Miss Carnau? I'm Hélène Berg.
Hang on, please.
- My daughter isn't a murderer.
- Leave me alone.
I know you were friends.
Please! Wait.
Don't go.
I need you to help me find this man.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
- Your brother raped my daughter.
- Get out of the way! I'm sorry! I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Are you okay? Yes, the screen, it cracked.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I told Anya not to go.
Excuse me.
Hi, sorry to bother you.
I'm looking for information about this girl.
Does she look familiar to you? Not at all.
Excuse me? Get in, please.
It's all right, sir.
Have a seat, sir.
Go ahead.
I didn't tell the police.
I couldn't do that.
I won't tell anyone it came from you.
She told me she thought he was nice.
They started talking before I had the chance to introduce them.
Then why did you tell her not to go? My brother is We're different.
What do you mean different? Everyone told him he'd take over the family business, and that That he could just have everything.
Audrey, what happened? Your photos blemish my son's memory.
I can pay.
For everything you've got before you publish.
And if I don't want them to be published, I'll pay you more.
The first figure is my cell number.
The second one is my offer.
My brother wasn't bad person.
The real problem is our family, with our name, our money.
He could have any girl he wanted, even ones that didn't want him.
I loved my brother.
I was jealous of him for a really long time.
For most of my life.
I worked like crazy to to try to be better than him, but he was the heir, and it just drove us apart.
Now we'll never be able to make amends.
I understand that you need to know who killed your brother, but it wasn't Anya.
Leave my son alone.
You should focus on this girl.
The police work too slowly.
That little slut murdered my son.
And I want everyone to know.
And what about this guy here? Did you run into him a lot? No, not that much.
I mean, once or twice at college parties, I think.
He was basically Anya's "charity project.
" She'd met him at one of our meetings.
Was he involved? Do you know his name? Kader or Kamal, I think.
- Kamal.
- Kamal? Hmm.
Lukas! Your phone's in the kitchen.
It's blowing up.
Lukas! Lukas! You could turn it off if you don't want to pick up.
- They're saying bullshit about Anya.
- What bullshit? What is it? This is What is this filth? You know, Lukas Listen.
I spoke with your mom.
We have to tell you something.
Anya was She was raped.
I know.
What do you mean? By the guy who died? We wanted you to hear it from us.
The media will be talking about it.
We just wanted We have to stay strong.
We have to be there for her.
So, did she try to to stop him? No.
Your mother says it was a drug deal that went wrong.
She got caught in it.
You said you knew.
How? I called Mom to talk about the videos of Anya.
She told me then.
I'll order some food.
- It was a mistake, seeing that girl.
- Yeah, but now we have a name, Kamal.
If we can find him, we can find out if he was there, if he was involved.
- If Anya - Hélène, you're doing this wrong.
Let me deal with it.
What if this was your son? Okay.
I'll reach out to my former CIs and ask if they know a dealer who matches the description.
Thank you.
Damien's neighbor.
I read her statement.
She declined to say anything.
My guess is that she's not a big fan of police.
Might be worth while to talk to her directly.
Come on.
Don't look at it.
Come here.
- What? - Hello, ma'am.
I need to ask some questions about the night that young man was killed in the apartment above you.
- Did you hear anything? - I was listening to Wagner.
Please, wait.
We're not the police.
You're reporters? Good riddance.
No, ma'am.
My daughter was the young woman in that apartment.
Please, I need you to help me understand.
You didn't hear anything at all? That's what I'm saying.
Please, ma'am.
My daughter's life is at stake.
Can you hear me? - You tried.
Come on.
Let's go.
- No, I'm staying here.
- What floor? - Come.
No, I'm staying here.
You hear that? I'm not moving.
I'm warning you.
I have a huge can of mace.
Did you hear anything at all? Well.
Yeah, I did.
Hitting and shouting.
Sounded like a fight.
And some girl cried out, "No!" She said "no," and that was it? And then it went quiet.
There were two voices.
You sure? Well, yeah.
I think so.
- And that that was it? - You want me to lie? Come on.
She's a really nice neighbor.
If Anya said "no," she wasn't the one who She mentioned three people fighting.
That's a good sign.
What is it? If she said "no," then everything went quiet, what does that mean? Does it does it mean she saw everything? - That she saw the murder.
- Wait, Hélène.
It's just what some old lady remembers.
Until we find the guy who came through the roof, nothing is for sure.
Her temperature is up again.
She was bleeding a little.
Nothing to worry about for now, but Okay.
Call me if anything changes.
I know it's none of my business, but is everything okay? Earlier, on the phone, you seemed so It's fine.
I'm here, in case you need someone to talk to.
I'm good.
But thank you.
Hélène Berg, please leave Hélène, Hélène, why didn't you tell me that you already talked to Lukas? Lukas.
Lukas? Hi.
It was either this or going over my notes on tapeworms.
My dad.
My brain is on a loop.
- You want to talk? - Mm-mm.
Let's blow off some steam.
That's his sister.
He's an ass.
Forget it.
Just a joke.
Lukas! Lukas? Lukas! I must look pathetic.
I really think you should lay down and get some rest.
I don't know.
It's all a blur.
My head is spinning.
Hello? - It's Mani.
I'm still at the precinct.
- Yeah? Both toxicology tests came back.
He'd taken cocaine and ecstasy.
And she was on GHB.
Hold on a sec.
What is it? They found GHB in Anya's blood.
It's an anesthetic, but rapists use it too.
Okay, Mani.
So you realize this explains why she blacked out, also her foggy memory.
And it's totally consistent with what she's been saying from the very beginning.
We'll get the rest of the results tomorrow including the rape kit.
What's he saying? Looks like her version checks out.
Does that mean you're letting her go? Like I said, we'll have the rest of the results tomorrow.
We also think that we've IDed Damien's dealer.
Really? What's his name? Bash.
It's all we have for now.
We're on it.
- I'll keep you posted.
- Thanks, Mani.
Looks like he drugged her.
Looks that way.
Then he raped her.
Who would do that? Who who is this guy? He's How is she ever gonna get past this? Hey.
You'll be there.
You'll help her.
You'll get through this.
There you go.
Almost done.
You'll definitely have a little scar.
Don't worry.
The girls love it.
- Right.
- Thanks.
Be nice to him.
What about you? How often do you talk to your son? She took him with her to Spain when when she moved, but The truth is I I was never around much.
When was the last time you got a chance to see him? Six months ago, for his birthday.
He needs you, even if he doesn't say it.
What an idiot.
What were you thinking? A fight, in a club, the night before an exam? What should I tell Leo's dad? That my son is a psychopath? You should go to Paris, Dad.
Go see Anya.
Your mom is already there.
- It's complicated for me.
- Complicated? Your job matters more than your children? I'm sorry.
What? - Come.
- What are you doing? I want to show you something.
Come! And Matthias? - Is he a good dad? - He's just so busy.
He does what he can.
- Well, that's my car.
- Vincent.
Thank you.
Come on.
In here.
Look at her.
Her name is Farida.
She's 14, from Syria.
She loves math, soccer.
Look at her.
She was playing in the street.
 A bomb exploded.
Next to her and her friends.
The others are all dead.
Her face was destroyed.
I performed a face transplant on her.
But I went too fast.
She's been bleeding.
Her body is rejecting the graft.
I have to operate on her again.
Then maybe again, until she can leave with a new face.
With a new chance at life.
- Dad, Anya needs you too.
- I know that.
Why did you fight? It's not like you.
Because of a girl? Mia? Dad I did something bad.
Anya She She and Leo used to date.
I knew how he was treating her.
I saw them.
What are you saying? He's sick.
He was getting drunk and doing coke, and he would take it out on her.
- What did he do to her? - The last time, it was even worse.
He forced her to sleep with him even though she didn't want to.
You and Mom were at a dinner.
I could hardly recognize her when she came home.
You can't tell anyone.
I insisted on taking pictures.
You promise? I told her she had to go to the police.
 He forced her to have sex.
He should've paid for it.
It's the last time.
I know it.
She told me not to tell you.
She didn't want you to worry.
We weren't supposed to talk about it.
But, Lukas She didn't move to Paris for college.
She wanted to go.
She couldn't free herself from him here.
He loves me.
It's my fault.
- I should have told you.
But how could I? - Lukas, no You're never there.
When you are, you don't listen.
Now it has happened again.
I shouldn't have listened to her.
Leo made fun of Anya today at the club.
That's why I The asshole never paid for what he did.
They do know a Bash.
Apparently, he hangs out in a parking lot over here somewhere.
I'll tell the cops about it tomorrow.
- They'll set up a meet.
- No, we have to go now.
Weren't you the one who said it was an advantage to have an ex-cop for a lawyer? Yeah, I did say that.
It's true.
All we need to do is see his face and make sure he was the one who came in.
If Bash and Kamal are two different people Anya will definitely be out of the woods.
- Yeah.
- Hold on.
Just give me one second.
Hey, do you see him? No, not yet.
Nothing to report.
I'm just calling to keep up my cover.
I saw someone go in who could be our guy.
He's coming.
Yeah, I see him.
Be careful.
No, I won't sell for under 300! No way! - What? - I said I won't sell.
Am I supposed to improvise too? Because you're ripping me off.
That's why.
Hang on.
Hey, buddy! Um, I'm looking for my car.
It's on the second floor.
Are we on the second floor? I don't know.
What am I? A tour guide? Vincent? Just fuck off, man! Vincent.
He has the same hat, long hair, a scratch on his face, but he's not Kamal.
It's not the guy from the picture.
So Anya is probably out of the woods.
I'll call Mani to bring him in right away, okay? Okay.
Hey, dude, dude.
Come here, come here.
What are you doing? You're looking for your car? - Do you even know where the fuck you are? - No, I'm just looking for Think I'm stupid? What do you want? I just got lost.
Rami, Rami! Get him! Son of bitch! Vincent? Vincent! Vincent! Vincent! I'm calling the police! Vincent! Vincent! It's important that we try to talk on a regular basis.
So I took care of it.
From now on, all our appointments will take place in here.
Please, have a seat.
Would you mind leaving us alone, please? I'll be right outside.
It's normal to have trouble talking about it.
But it's often the first step towards healing and gaining some perspective on what happened to you.
Are you okay? Hey, Anya, is there something wrong? My stomach hurts.
It's my period.
Oh, I I don't have anything here.
I'll ask my colleague.
Just a minute.
Hello? It's me.
I think they're gonna let me go soon.
Where are you? Is there a problem?
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