The Perfect Mother (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[unsettling music playing.]
[people speaking indistinctly.]
[heart monitor beeping.]
I'm calling the police! - [thuds.]
- [screams.]
[heart monitor beeping.]
- [Hélène.]
Is he awake? - You're way out of line.
- Tell me how is he doing? Please, just - You think I'm dumb? You think any of this will help your daughter? You playing detective? Please, tell me.
He was lucky.
Injured hip, two ribs broken.
He came this close to puncturing his lung.
He's hurt, but he'll be okay.
[somber music playing.]
[theme music playing.]
[unsettling music playing.]
[in German.]
Shit! That was the cerebral venous sinus.
 We have to do a bypass.
Good, yeah.
Matthias? Matthias? Dr.
Yaman will continue the operation.
I It'll be fine.
[breathing heavily.]
[Mani in English.]
He lost consciousness but no brain damage.
He just woke up.
[phone vibrating.]
The first thing he asked me was how you were doing.
[phone vibrates.]
[in German.]
Shit! [in English.]
If you'd let us handle it, that dealer wouldn't be on the run.
It was this the apartment here? Yes.
I'm certain.
Watching from my window, I get on this walkway.
I wasn't sleeping well.
Must've been the baby.
He got onto the roof, and climbed back down on the other side.
- There? - Yeah, it was right there.
It never occurred to you to call the police? Well, I really wasn't feeling well.
What time was it? I'm not sure.
Three in the morning.
Take a look at these.
Did he look like this? Well, it was pretty dark, so But he was wearing a cap, yeah.
Eight months? [chuckles softly.]
Thanks for your help.
Ellie? Show her the way out? We got the results.
That's the girl's rape kit.
Call the shrink.
Meeting in my office.
She was right.
Damien Carnau raped her.
We also have accounts from other girls.
They want to stay anonymous.
Similar experiences with Carnau.
It appears he got off on being violent.
So, the dealer supposedly came in next-door, entered the apartment from the roof immediately after Anya was raped, right when she went in the bathroom to hide? [man.]
No, not necessarily.
The neighbor was more talkative today.
She confirmed she did in fact hear a fight.
She also heard a girl scream.
That must've been seconds before the murder.
Anya wasn't in the bathroom.
Another lie.
What's going on? She had been drugged.
She had been drugged.
And she had just been raped.
It may be that some of her memories are skewed, but it doesn't mean she's lying, at least not on purpose.
Let's find that dealer.
[phone rings.]
Yes? Hello? [Mani.]
Anya's detention is being lifted.
She'll be appearing before a judge.
She'll probably be under judicial supervision for the rest of the case.
Of course.
That means she won't be able to leave Paris.
Yes, I understand.
You know, I I was just trying to help my daughter.
I have to go.
[phone rings.]
[in German.]
I fucked up, I know.
You did what had to be done.
- I couldn't focus.
- The operation was successful.
I should've gone to Paris to help my daughter.
It's easier to stay here, believing I'm irreplaceable.
What's stopping you from going to Paris now? I let my wife handle it.
She does it so well.
[in English.]
I just feel very guilty.
For what? For having started all this.
Uh-huh, and why do you say that? I never should've been with him at all.
I shouldn't have climbed onto his scooter, and I shouldn't have gone home with him.
None of the choices you made gave him permission to rape you, Anya.
[phone vibrates.]
Hello? Hi there, Mom.
- So I just I just heard that - About Anya.
Yes, about Anya.
But what happened to your face? Are you hurt? No, it's nothing.
A couple of stitches.
 I fell.
Mom, I'm sorry - about Anya.
- No.
They're going to be releasing her.
It will be okay.
Lukas? What if I really am guilty? This man penetrated you without your consent, Anya.
That's called rape.
He alone is guilty.
He alone is guilty.
Lukas? Is everything all right? Is something wrong? No, no.
It's fine.
Really, I'm okay.
When is she getting out? [Hélène.]
Very soon, we hope.
They know the person who did it.
But sweetie, are you okay? Yeah.
Bring her home soon.
And the tests? Yeah, going well.
I think.
we're proud of you.
[call disconnects.]
He told me I was teasing him.
He was looking at me as if I was just like always.
What was like always? You said, "It was like always"? Yeah, I'm just saying It's like, you know It's always the same.
Every time someone tries to grope you or catcalls you.
I I thought he would be different.
I don't know if I can trust a man again.
It will take time.
Everyone has their process.
That's the fairy tale you're supposed to tell me? Time doesn't heal.
The person that I used to be isn't coming back.
[Lukas in German.]
Mom thinks it's all over.
It's only the beginning.
You didn't see her the last time.
She went to Paris to forget.
And now You have your physics exam.
Focus today.
You'll be able to help her better.
Think about the future.
Think about the marine biologist you're going to be.
The fish need you.
- Lukas, we need you.
- [chuckles.]
[somber music playing.]
[phone vibrates.]
[in English.]
Look who it is.
[in German.]
Will you pick up? What the hell? [chuckles.]
[in English.]
I thought you were Well, I guess I'm not.
Come on, I'll take you home.
Take it easy.
Same build.
Same haircut.
Where were you on Sunday night? With your mom.
I'm listening.
I was living my life.
So Damien Carnau was a client.
Did he show you how to get in from the roof? What roof is that? You think I'm a Ninjaman? Know what I think? I don't give a fuck what you think.
You went to Damien Carnau to sell him dope, or to get money from him.
- You fought.
You grabbed a knife.
- [scoffs.]
I bet we'll find his DNA under your fingernails, on your clothes, and your own DNA on the knife.
[imitates farting.]
You're good at telling stories.
You should try writing a movie, man.
You're going to be charged with the murder of Damien Carnau.
What's he saying? Hey, yo! What are you talking about? I didn't kill anyone.
That's a good look, man bun and a baseball cap.
Huh? Very stylish.
It's cute too.
And those scratches there.
I hope they're not infected.
Okay, fine.
I saw the guy, Sunday night.
But not at his place.
He's a good customer.
He pays well 'cause he's scared of me.
If you scare them, they don't argue.
- Hey, how's it going? - I'm doing okay, man.
So then, coke? Hmm? What else? GHB? Nuh, nuh, nuh.
Nuh-uh, that's not for me.
After that? That's was it.
He pointed out this one chick.
I told him I thought she looked nice.
I don't give a fuck if she's nice.
I just like them hot.
I'm totally gonna nail that tonight.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
And then? I just wished him luck, and then I left.
Where? To see your Ma.
Damien Carnau was killed an hour after.
It'll be a problem if we don't know where Hey, man.
Give me a break.
I'm not the one in that photo.
After meeting with him, I stopped at a bar.
That's all.
Just chilling.
While I was there, my girl got this idea that I was too too friendly with a young lady.
That's why Ask her if you want.
She can confirm.
You're saying she scratched you? That's her.
She's kind of feisty.
I'm sure the cameras would've caught it.
With a bit of luck, it's all on tape.
That would be lucky, yeah.
You might also see us make up.
All night long.
Make sure to remember to check the, uh, the toilets.
We left DNA all over that bitch.
And then, what else? Oh, yeah! That's right, about my hair.
When you get done watching all those movies, just hang around north Paris, bruh, you'll see many guys with my haircut you could pick up.
We good? Know what I think you'll do now? You're gonna pack your things up, leave for a bit, and I'll go home.
How is that? Did I get it right? Just stay put for right now.
I'll be back.
See ya.
Can you check his alibi, and his girlfriend as well? And the security cameras in the bar he went to, huh? Check the knife for his DNA.
This isn't our guy, even though he looks just him.
I know that, but we have to keep looking until we're certain, okay? [gasps.]
It's all right.
I'm right here, okay? Here I am.
We're in your office.
Do you want to call your son? Why would I? You could hear his voice.
He could hear yours.
No, my son doesn't doesn't have room for me.
He's still your son.
He needs you.
[phone vibrating.]
- Hello? - [Anya.]
Mom, it's me.
The judge's releasing me.
Can you come pick me up? Mom? I'll be right there.
Love you.
Go pick up your daughter.
[soft music playing.]
It's, um It's your dad.
I just wanted to hear your voice for a second.
So tell me what did you do today.
Yeah, I had a good day too.
Yeah? Oh sweetheart, are you okay? - You look so pale.
- I'm okay.
- I wanna go now.
- [Hélène.]
Yes, yes.
Let's go.
The judge agreed to release you, but you're still a person of interest.
The murder isn't solved.
- I'm afraid you can't leave the country.
- Yes, of course.
We're ready to help in any way.
May I suggest to avoid the reporters, take a different exit.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Any news, officer? Shit, where's the taxi? Bring out the police chief! Hold on.
Wait back here.
He'll be able to see us.
the suspect in the murder of Damien.
There it comes.
Come on.
Did you often attend parties with Damien Carnau? Were you alone on the night of the murder? Go away! Did he give you those marks on your face? Damien raped me! - [man 1.]
Anya, I can pay for your story.
- Leave us alone! Jesus.
[man 2.]
Anya! Oh, oh! Hey, hey! Follow that taxi there, please.
You okay? We just have to ignore them.
- He said that he could pay.
- Don't listen to them.
[sighs, sniffles.]
How much do you think? Don't speak to him.
Don't speak to anyone.
[ominous music playing.]
[phone vibrating.]
Hello? Anya Berg has just been released.
And she accusing your son of raping her.
Are you there? Did you hear me? I heard you just fine.
Why was she released? The police are looking for a guy who came into the building next door.
Either she killed Damien, or she's protecting whoever did.
Keep digging.
Pay whoever you need to, but prove she's lying.
There's no way I'll let her tarnish the memory of my son.
Got it.
I'm so relieved.
- My goodness.
- Me too, grandma.
Look at me.
I'm so happy to see you.
Me as well.
Aren't you coming in? Mom, this is a safe place.
There are reporters standing outside your hotel.
We have nowhere else to go.
You said so yourself.
- Well, I'm starving.
- [grandmother.]
Oh, my poor girl.
Let me make you some tea.
I think here's some fruit here.
[somber music playing.]
I kept your room just the same for several years, but now everything is in the cellar.
I remember the day you took away all your luggage.
You'd have left no matter what I said.
You know, at the time, I wanted to be free myself.
I wanted to escape the constant rage I saw in your eyes.
- It all worked out.
- Mm-hmm.
Even so, I still wish I could have kept you here with me.
Mom? Can I please borrow your phone so I can call Dad? Yes, of course.
Zero, one, zero, three, your birth years.
Hello, Hélène.
[in German.]
Dad, it's me.
So good to hear your voice.
[in English.]
Are you at the hotel with your Mom? We're with Grandma.
They realized I didn't do it.
Mom's doing a great job.
What about you? How are you doing? - [Anya.]
They gave me some pain killers.
- [Matthias.]
How are you feeling? I don't know.
I'm angry.
[Matthias in German.]
I'm sorry, darling.
Don't be angry at him, but Lukas told me what happened.
He showed me the pictures of what happened with Leo before you left for Paris.
Everything's fine, Dad.
It's done.
I dealt with it on my own.
Why didn't you tell us? I wanted to forget.
What's the point of telling you? [Matthias.]
I'm your father.
[in German.]
I I think you're really brave.
[in English.]
I just really don't want them to win.
[in German.]
Dad, are you still there? Yes.
There's so much traffic here.
I'll call you back.
As soon as I can.
I love you.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[in English.]
Dad says hi.
- Here, darling.
- Thanks.
Do you need anything else, sweetie? How about an orange juice? I think I'll just take a nap.
I was thinking we could talk for a bit.
I'll leave you girls alone.
- I can bring you your things.
- It's all right.
I can manage.
- There's some clothes here.
- Sweetie, I know everything.
I already know.
You know what? What are you talking about? I know you don't live at the dorm, that you dropped out to work at the shelter.
I also know what you did for Soumia, who I met.
Why didn't you tell us any of this? Because I'm a grown adult.
And how I live is my own choice.
You know I respect you.
I admire your choices.
I'm proud to have raised such a compassionate young woman.
I just wish we could talk more about this.
Don't count on it.
- What do you mean? - [chuckles.]
Oh, Mom.
Just have a look around.
Most people can barely survive.
They don't have the same comfortable life as you do.
Yes, I realize we're fortunate, but Mom, your whole life is about choosing a new color for the foyer.
You're in shock, my dear.
Maybe you can ignore it, but I sure can't.
[in German.]
Just ignore them.
- I can't do it.
- [Mia.]
Of course, you can.
[dramatic music playing.]
Lukas! Lukas! [teacher.]
Mia? Yes.
Hurry up, please.
[phone vibrating.]
[in English.]
What if I told you I wanted to drop out? What if I'd said I was working in a shelter? That I gave my room to someone who needed it more than I did? - What would you have said? - It's a bit late to ask that question.
You don't lie to your own family.
Really? - It's not that obvious.
- What are you saying? You two act like the perfect couple, even though you barely talk to each other.
I won't permit you to judge my relationship Lukas and I can barely breathe under all this pressure.
Under what pressure? We let the two of you do whatever you wanted, whatever you asked.
- You're putting us under so much pressure.
- What? To be perfect kids.
To fit this family ideal.
To prove that you're a better mom than yours was.
Leave me alone.
It's been a rough couple of days.
I guess this had to come out.
Now we just have to say about Sweeping everything under the carpet again? [exhales.]
Mom, you know I was just raped.
I know, my poor baby.
I know, just I'm going to get her things.
Leo? [in German.]
Hello, Matthias.
I know what you did.
- Lukas hit me first.
- I've seen the pictures of Anya.
- I have practice.
- I know you beat her.
She she likes it rough.
Rough? Like this? Rough like this? How rough? Like this? [thuds.]
- As if she was an object, a damn bag? - Stop it.
Why? You don't like it? - Stop it.
- Is it too violent? Did she also tell you to stop? You lousy little asshole.
An idiot! Arrogant and selfish! That's what she says about you! [somber music playing.]
That fucking asshole! The pig! [cries.]
HE'S MISSING THE EXAM I'M COMING [message sent chimes.]
[engine starts.]
Lukas, where are you? You didn't go to your exam.
What are you doing? Call me back as soon as you can.
You hear? Call me back.
[phone keyboard clacking.]
WHERE ARE YOU? [suspenseful music playing.]
 Lukas didn't answer.
But I'll try again later.
It's fine.
Your mom went out to buy some clothes.
Um, I think I'll take a walk.
Do you think that's a good idea? I just need some air.
[ominous music playing.]
Tell her we're thinking of her.
We can't wait for her to be back.
Whenever she's ready.
You know, I'd really rather she came back to Berlin with me.
I'll be in my office if you need me.
[upbeat music playing.]
[woman vocalizing.]
When they checked her blood, they found this.
How did she get her hands on it? GHB is used in date rape, but originally was a sleeping pill.
Maybe that's why she had them around.
And tape them under the sink in the bathroom? She's telling lies on top of lies.
I don't recognize my daughter, and I can't help her.
What do you think she did, really? If the police believe Anya, she doesn't need a lawyer anymore.
She told me my life was a sham.
My relationship with her dad.
My relationship with her and Lukas.
I know when I left for Berlin, I wanted to be free.
I went to college.
I went to parties, eventually got married, but I never wanted to be the perfect wife, just raising her kids.
But after I gave birth to Anya and Lukas, it it seemed really natural to try to be the mother that I the mother I wished I'd had.
They were the proof my life wasn't a failure.
She's right.
A perfect mother.
Everything that didn't fit, I pretend it didn't exist.
The perfect parents don't exist either.
You know that, Hélène.
I don't know.
I don't even know if Matthias and I Once Lukas goes out on his own, I don't know what will even be left.
What can I say, Hélène? I can't help you because I really want you to need me.
I want you to want me.
Because I want you.
[in German.]
I was stupid.
I'd have passed the exam.
Made my parents proud.
- It wasn't that difficult.
- It's not about making your parents proud.
You have your own life.
 It'll be fine.
Come on.
This concrete gets me down.
Let's get out of here.
[chuckles softly.]
- I'm glad you're here.
- I'm paid by the government.
[ethereal music playing.]
[in English.]
[Hélène sighs.]
[eerie music playing.]
It was such a nightmare.
I've never been so scared, Anya.
So glad you're safe.
[shutter clicking.]
Everything is all right.
I didn't say a thing.
I was strong.
Where have you been? I don't know what to do.
I Where can I even go? I felt so lost, so afraid.
We have to be careful.
They're looking for you.
They saw you on a video.
They saw me? But they don't know you.
They just showed me an image of someone going upstairs.
You're unrecognizable.
[uneasy music playing.]
What matters is they don't link us together.
Why did you have us meet here if we can't be seen together? Why take the risk? I wanted to see you one last time.
One last time? You have to run, Kamal.
You hear me? Go.
Run! Just run! [suspenseful music playing.]
For a lighter wood, we have several models.
Otherwise, we thought about something very low-key with the Onyx model.
[phone chimes.]
Or perhaps you're looking for something a bit more elegant, like the Chalcedony? Or if you like a color a bit warmer, we also have Is that her? And that's the man they're after? Make sure you send this picture to the police.
And make sure the girl knows we're never backing down.
I'm sorry, but I wish I could stay.
Well, I'm not sorry at all.
- [phone vibrating.]
- [chuckles.]
It's Mani calling.
Hello? [Mani.]
Where's your client? She's not at her mother's hotel.
We're here.
She's not.
What's going on, Mani? Why do you need her? [Mani.]
This is serious, Vincent.
Where is she? [panting.]
Anya? Is that you? I'll call her.
 We'll be right over, but what's going on? Something's new came up.
What came up? There's a photograph of her with this dealer an hour ago.
I'm warning you.
 If she isn't at the precinct in half an hour, I'm issuing a warrant for her arrest.
Anya? Anya? [sighs.]
[somber music playing.]

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