The Philanthropist s01e05 Episode Script


Crystal Beach That was the name of the amusement park On the lakes where my family Use to spend two weeks every summer.
I remember the last time we went there as a family.
Cherry sodas and cotton candy.
My parents gave us just everything we wanted.
I should have suspected something was wrong When my father agreed to take me On the roller coaster for the third time.
- teddy, do you remember when we were dating And you took me on a mystery trip to st.
croix? - hmm.
- then when we were married, You took me on a mystery trip to martha's vineyard.
And now that we're divorced, you take me to kosovo? - you know, this is exactly how she was when we were married, Just questions, questions, Endless questions.
Thank you.
- teddy, why are we going to kosovo? - the answer is simple: Divided loyalties.
That's life in kosovo.
Sort of like my american father and british mother-- Always at war.
Let me finish telling you about the amusement park.
We were waiting on line to ride for the third time.
My dad announced That he and mom were getting a divorce.
As the car started up the incline, I held onto the safety bar And didn't say a word.
And then as we were coming around each drop And spinning around each turn, I didn't even scream.
And when the ride was over, i refused to get off, Refused to let go of the safety bar.
And dad tried to pry my hands loose, But i would not let go.
So he left me there.
[all screaming] - teddy, you still haven't told me Why we're on our way to kosovo.
- you'll see.
you'll see.
you should try the qofte te ferguara.
It's a traditional kosovan food.
It's delicious.
What do you know about the situation down there? - yugoslavia broke into a lot of little countries.
- yeah.
- there were mass graves, ethnic cleansing.
Lots of people.
- and people just like you and me, People who want to work, to be with their families-- Eat, sleep, fall in love, Watch tv, and grow old.
Well, one morning, a dozen or so years ago, They woke up and found That their tiny corner of the planet Had gone completely insane.
[gunfire] Serbian army swooped down from belgrade, Started to slaughter the albanian muslims.
And then in retaliation, the albanian muslims Began to slaughter the minority serbian christians.
After many years of bloodshed, 10,000 dead.
The province of kosovo Separated from the nation of serbia And became under the protection Of the united nations and nato, Which has only made the tension worse.
So it's kinda like that roller coaster I was telling you about.
You know, up and down, up and down.
You swoop and swerve and do your best Not to let go.
- oh, okay.
all right, stay back.
Come on.
come on now.
- rayburn, i'm sure i'll need your protection At some point, but right now Children and small mammals, i think i can cope with.
- all right.
- what are these kids doing here anyway? - orphans mostly.
They have nowhere else to be.
- if we're successful today, They may not have to beg anymore.
Shall we? - what makes you so certain That your plan is the best possible approach? - best possible, i have no idea.
Best i've heard so far though.
- you may be wise to move more cautiously.
The city is divided, And we purposefully keep both sides apart To avoid conflict.
- yeah, i've never been big on avoiding conflict.
And how many of you have a toilet in your house? One that works more often than not? - [translating] - who has constant heat? Electricity? Water That's clean enough to wash in.
Clean enough to drink? Right.
My partner, philip maidstone, Is in pristina as we speak, Negotiating a contract That, if successful, Would guarantee that our company Will invest 1/2 million euros per year In your water, your housing, And your power.
- who do you negotiate with? - we negotiate with the e.
and the kosovan government.
- ah.
- i have a question.
- yes, ma'am? - why come here? Why you want to do this? - to be brutally honest, to, uh, to make money.
Now tell me, does anybody know What this has in common With this, This, And one of these little babies here? Viagra, man's best friend.
They're all made with this.
- halloysite.
- halloysite, yes, sir.
And you live right on top Of one of the largest deposits on earth.
And yet, this morning, Your unemployment rate was - 59.
- 59.
thank you, aj.
So why isn't kosovo The halloysite capital of the world? Why isn't every greedy, soul-sucking, Money-grubbing bastard like me Banging on your door to dig the stuff up? Why don't you have good-paying jobs? - you are talking about jobs for albanians? Or serbs? [grumbling] - ah, and there, there in a nutshell, Is your answer.
Ma'am, it cannot be "or.
" It has to be "and.
" Sorry, what's your name? - genta cobaj.
We albanians will not work with foreigners.
- foreigners! - sorry, sir-- sir, what's your name? - javor perovic.
- and mr.
perovic, How long has your family Lived in this area? - a thousand years.
We have farmed these lands A thousand years.
- a thousand years.
Right, a thousand years.
- a thousand years.
- shh, please, please, please.
A thousand years.
I mean, surely the statute of limitations Has passed on this one, huh? - fine.
hire only serbs.
- hire only serbs? - he should.
Then you would have workers, instead thieves.
- business would thrive if business was black market-- Rape, murder.
- [shouting in serbian] - [speaking albanian] - [speaking serbian] - [speaking albanian] - [speaking serbian] [overlapping shouting] - whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
hey, enough, enough! Look, i am gonna say this once and once only.
If you refuse, i will get on a plane And i will go home.
You work together Or not at all.
- go home.
- well, that went well.
- nice work.
Got a plan b? Anybody? Or "c" or "d" or "e" or an "f" or A zed? - i told you you were jumping the gun coming here.
- yeah, you did, you did.
- and i warned you that your little show-and-tell Wouldn't appease people here.
- yeah, that was phase one, phil.
Phase two begins right now.
- so what is phase two, free cable? - hey aj, at the meeting, A couple of the locals were very vocal.
What were their names? - javor perovic and genta cobaj.
- we're businessmen, huh? A deal gets done by flipping the right people.
- ha, nato failed.
the e.
The u.
What, teddy rist defies history? - hey, i don't want to bring peace To all of kosovo, Just these few blocks.
- so how do you plan to convince these-- - the vocal locals? - vocal locals, yes.
- yeah, i'm gonna appeal to a higher power.
- what, the cia? - no.
No, phil, everyone's best friend.
Imam hassan, Do you support my company's efforts To mine halloysite? - yes.
- absolutely.
- so you will help us, then? - yes.
- absolutely.
- how do i persuade genta cobaj? - during the war of liberation, Her father, mother, and sisters Were massacred by the invaders.
And then in the uprising of march 2004, Her husband disappeared.
- during the civil war, perovic's wife and sons Were all brutally executed By the terrorists.
- have you heard of kanuni i leke dukagjinit? - no.
- a set of unofficial laws created in the 15th century And passed through generations.
- one of the rules deals with gjakmarrja-- The blood feuds.
A man who does not protect the life of a loved one Is himself guilty of the loved one's death Unless he kills the murderer.
- like a sicilian vendetta with bitters and a twist, huh? - in 2004, the albanians attacked my church With rocket-propelled grenades.
The murderers were never caught.
- if they were caught, Would you forgive them? - wouldn't it be smart for the government To issue some kind of Some kind of general amnesty, All the crimes Committed during the war? - you can't legislate forgiveness, mr.
It must come from the heart of the victims' families.
- not a lot of laughs in kosovo.
- not a plentiful commodity anywhere.
- i figured this guy rayburn would know the lay of the land.
He'd been there for five years.
He told me that he'd left the u.
army After the '04 uprising And joined a securmpan called global reach When the u.
started subcontracting The policing job.
- things gotten better or worse? - well, the wholesale violence has stopped, But i wouldn't call what goes on here "peace.
" - so if you were me, what would you do? - if i was you, i'd be on my own island.
- oh, he is.
it just goes where he goes.
- just trying to get a ball in the end zone here.
What would you do? - these are good people.
- but? - things, they just don't work here.
Back home, we got ups and downs, This side, that side, but the foundation is solid.
Things work.
here, the foundation is based on kanuni.
- kanuni brings justice.
- give me an example of when kanuni Led to anything other than further bloodshed.
What you have to have here is true justice, is codified law, not kanuni.
- yes, but first one must trust the lawmakers, And we serbians do not believe we'd get a fair deal From an albanian-run government.
Oh, hey, milos.
He is my son.
- hey.
your son, huh? - yeah, my adopted.
His parents were killed in our church.
I took him in when my boys died.
Well, mr.
rist, What can i do to help? - just what we're talking about.
Just get your people to come to work.
- i will try.
In the meantime, anything you need For your stay, just tell me.
- javor, he's a billionaire.
He's not going to buy your lousy black market vodka.
- hey, oh.
Oh, mrs.
hey, kids.
You on your way back from market? - on our way to the market.
We bake these every day to sell.
- oh, can i? [sniffs] Hey, is that almonds and And candy, nice.
How much for both baskets? - how much? - yeah.
- 30 euros.
- i only have a 50, so just keep the change.
Can i? thank you.
Watch this.
[chuckles] Come on, come on, tuck in, tuck in.
Hey, dax.
Whoa, easy, easy.
Dax, take these quick.
You know, albanian kids, serbian kids, To me, they just look like happy kids.
- don't get me wrong, mr.
rist, I would like to work.
I don't trust so easily.
Perovic is good with words.
None of them are true.
- genta, i could paint your whole town square pink And put party hats on every cow for 25 miles, But if you can't work With the likes of perovic, Then no matter what i say or do, You're always going to be stuck, You and your children.
And your children's children.
- mr.
rist, i can work with anyone.
But i trust who i trust.
- boy, tough crowd.
- [laughter] [bobby laughs] [phone rings] - teddy, hey, how's-- - yeah, peachy.
Hey, have we got much money left In the foundation's discretionary fund? - yeah, plenty.
- good.
I need you to use a little discretion.
- what did you want olivia to do? - i wanted her to build those kids A kind of orphanage youth center thing, you know? What? - oh, your compulsion to fix everything.
A youth center, a halloysite factory, Clean water, dependable electricity, Flushable toilets.
- yeah, i always try to do too much, Or way too little.
By the time we got everyone to agree To open the halloysite factory, I really thought i'd found a balance.
Got it.
that's it.
[indistinct chatter] Both: one, two, three.
[cheering] [screaming] [genta yelling] - no, philphil.
No, phil Get a medic! get a medic, please! Quick! quickly! Go, go, go.
Whoa, whoa Phil, phil, please.
- now, i was two feet from phil When that bomb went off, And yet he got hurt and i didn't.
Why? - god's will.
- god's great big practical joke.
[helicopter blades whirring] He's going to be all right, But they say they may have found a little bit of shrapnel Near his heart.
- over here.
- they're taking him to the u.
army hospital In landstuhl, germany.
Dax and aj will meet you there.
- we'll be in germany in four hours.
- i'm staying here.
- i'm staying with you.
- no, you're taking this to the airport And then taking the jet to germany.
Now! [haunting vocal music] I still don't understand why i didn't go with phil In that chopper.
- teddy, we were married.
I know exactly why.
You couldn't face the reality of what might happen, That philip might die.
- olivia, glad i ran into you.
About the reading program-- - not now.
- so olivia set off for germany.
- what did you do? - i stayed in kosovo.
Wandered around looking for something.
And i wasn't even sure what it was.
- how many are dead? - the driver.
Three u.
That's--that's four, So far.
- and perovic? - i don't know.
- i saw him running Away.
Right after.
He left that priest and his own son Lying in the dirt.
Perovic did this.
- you don't know that, genta.
- i know.
During the war, this was perovic, This was his art-- Exploding things, destroying lives.
This was perovic.
- we have no proof.
- who was there today? Huh? Those who perovic wanted to kill.
He lost a wife, his sons, Much family.
You look hard.
You know he did.
And why? for his own kanuni.
- you know a lot about it, don't you, kanuni? - i learned.
I didn't want to, But i know all about it.
- what do they say? - got knocked down by the blast, Looked over, perovic's gone.
- and what do you think? - i just pray for 'em.
- you pray? - sometimes out here, that's all you got.
Look, nato swept the site For buried mines and uxos-- Standard security in rural areas.
But i was there.
i walked the site.
It was clean.
- so someone planted the bomb.
Inside the earthmover, But that's not the best part.
An old cluster from an american fighter jet.
- the bomb's from ten years ago.
How did it show up now? - f-16s dropped a couple of thousand tons of this stuff On serbian targets back in the '90s, And some of it didn't detonate.
It's all over the place, just lying around.
- wait a minute.
let me get this straight.
Some ordinary joe goes out for a stroll And--and he finds a bomb? And decides to take it home, put it up on the shelf Behind the cookie jar.
And he waits a decade for precisely the right moment To detonate it? - and you provided that moment.
- but it would have to be somebody Who knew how to care for and feed a bomb.
- javor perovic, serbian army, Third battalion, demolition brigade.
- oh.
I want to talk to them.
can i? - sure, go ahead.
[cell phone rings] - teddy.
- aj, how is he? - he's in and out.
he was awake for a second.
He asked about you.
- i want constant updates.
now, i need two things.
I need a wire transfer to the bank Here in mitrovica, And i need you to do some fact-checking for me.
- on what? - no, not what.
You are in the offices of global reach, A private civilian police corporation.
In other words, An environment that has its own way Of burrowing down to the truth.
- torture? - no.
Cash flow.
Now, where is perovic? - we don't know.
- that is what "don't know" gets you.
Keep it.
it's yours.
- mr.
rist-- - now, if you give me a different answer, These are yours.
- milos.
Perovic didn't do it.
He's a hero, not a killer, Not a terrorist.
He has changed.
- why'd he run? - there was seven of us.
Seven serbs.
how many albanians? He may be many things, but he's not stupid.
He would be blamed, he knew.
That's why he ran, To escape the anger of a muslim mob.
- he knows explosives.
- everybody here knows explosives.
That woman, genta, you think she doesn't? The acts she committed against my people During the war, She's a monster.
- yeah, genta might be Exactly the woman you say she is, But perovic is the one in hiding.
Perovic looks guilty, So perovic has to come in.
I will guarantee his safety.
There will be a fair, impartial investigation.
But the longer he stays out hiding, The harder that is going to get.
You're free to go.
This is my number.
It goes straight through to my sat phone.
If perovic doesn't come in by noon tomorrow, You tell him i'll find him.
- olivia.
- where is he? - they just got him stabilized.
he's in surgery.
- which way? - they're not gonna let you back there, olivia.
- like hell they won't.
- i need to see my husband.
- miss, you're not allowed in here.
- lovely day for a drive, huh? - teddy, you really shouldn't be going with us.
- i should warn you, though.
i do get carsickness.
- yeah, you could get hurt.
- hey, my research tells me That perovic comes from a town called leposavic, So i think we should head up there first.
- you're a stubborn man.
- well, my best friend in the whole world Is in surgery because of that bomb.
And if perovic is responsible, I want his ass in jail.
- what if you get killed in the process? - i can't get killed.
I got truth, justice, and you on my side.
Even so, may be time for a little prayer, huh? - you even believe in god? - on a bad day.
Let's hope this is a good one.
- i'm stunned.
- why? - you discussing theology Instead of the point spread on the giants game.
You haven't been to church since bobby's baptism.
- bobby's funeral.
Wait, did i mention that olivia arrived in germany While philip was still in surgery? - yes, you did.
- mrs.
maidstone, you have to leave This section of the hospital.
- okay, i'm gonna call general diebold At the pentagon, And you can tell him that, okay? - doctor, this is the patient's wife.
- don't worry.
he's gonna be fine.
- heading north, We stopped at every town, village, and farmhouse On the way.
By nightfall, we had reached perovic's hometown, leposavic.
- okay, listen up.
I'll stay on point with teddy.
Larry, i want you to stay with the jeep.
Make sure no one steals any spark plugs.
Matt, bob, deke, I want family names, addresses, Known associates.
Get a bite, give a holler, we'll come running.
Where do you want to start? [cell phone rings] Hello.
- mr.
Say it's anyone but me.
- hey, espinosa, my good man.
- i'm across the street, watching you.
Don't look for me.
- right.
right, got ya.
- i need to see you alone.
Do not alert rayburn we are speaking.
- yeah, um-- I got the, uh-- Yeah, i got the mets over the cubs, And the others were, um-- They're in the car.
i'll just-- I'll just go and get them.
Um, i've just gotta-- my bookie.
- what do you need? I can get one of my guys to get it.
- no, no, no, it's all right.
I know exactly where it is, it's fine.
I'm alone.
Where are you? - right behind you.
Todor reached me.
He says you want to bring me in.
- uh-huh.
- he knows everything.
But he didn't want to say anything in that space, Not in that room, not with rayburn watching.
- why not? - i will surrender to you, not him.
- i'm sorry, why? - rayburn planted the bomb.
- [chuckles] do you know what i'm thinking? I'm thinking that bomb was planted by everybody.
So what's his excuse, huh? more kanuni, Or--or is he just your average monster? - no.
he's a businessman, like you.
Only his business is hate.
His business is good unless you succeed.
rist If serbs and albanians work together And there is peace, And, god forbid, prosperity, Then business is bad for him.
- so he's black market, huh? - yes.
Booze, drugs, guns.
- can you prove this? - all of it.
I work for him.
I know where things are.
It's all here.
He fears you, mr.
What you bring, the future.
I told him, "let's move from the past.
" "no," he said.
Now he uses my past against me.
rist, i did many things in the war, Terrible things, Things i wish i could change, But this i did not do.
This he did.
Okay, you tell me there will be justice, True justice? - yes.
- okay, i'll come with you.
- okay, if this is the truth-- - you okay, teddy? - yeah.
- good job.
- that's a merit badge for teddy rist.
- start walking.
- ooh, whoa there, whoa there.
- please, don't interfere.
- i told him that he could-- he could surrender to me.
- which he did.
But you have no legal authority to arrest him, All right? Let's go.
- aj.
aj, how is he? - he's out of surgery.
he's fine.
- oh, thank god.
Aj, listen, i need you to get ahold Of the best constitutional lawyer, The best criminal lawyer in kosovo.
Have them meet me at g.
headquarters asap.
Yeah, i'll give you the details later.
- hey.
I get to take you home on thursday.
- mm.
- you know, i'm beginning to understand.
- understand what? - teddy.
When i thought i might lose you, i started thinking About teddy and julia losing bobby.
- this was in me.
- so close to your heart.
- here to see javor perovic.
[door buzzes] - teddy, julia.
Buckle up.
we're about to land.
- did perovic really kill himself? - he left a suicide note admitting his guilt.
- it's a forgery.
Did you test the handwriting? - yes, and it's a match.
- then he was coerced.
Look, i promised javor perovic justice, huh? Don't you see? If you can't give these people justice, A sense of safety within the law, Then no amount of jobs, or guns for that matter, will stop kanuni.
- and we would start this process by? - by arresting rayburn.
- who do you suggest would do this arresting? - i'm sitting in a room with the united nations, Nato, the e.
, and the kosovo government.
Which one of you gentlemen would like to draw the straw? - this is a delicate situation.
The appearance that a trusted, long-term, High-level paramilitary officer might be engaged-- - might be engaged, huh? What about the notebook, huh? perovic's notebook? - very little in that notebook Proved to be substantial evidence.
It would not get an indictment, Let alone a conviction.
- the good news is, work can proceed If that's still what you want, But we do understand.
Kosovo is not an easy place for anyone.
- i'm not just anyone, pal.
It was rayburn That detonated the bomb, Not perovic.
- you are sure? - mm-hmm.
- it is always the outsiders.
First the communists.
Then invaders.
Now men like rayburn.
We kosovars should control our destinies.
- what about your destiny, genta, hmm? What's it gonna take to move you forward? It was then that she told me a secret That she'd been carrying for all those years.
- i-- I was the one Who bombed your church.
Milos I was the one Who killed your parents.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
- i should have been happy, right? But one thing kept nagging at me.
- [chuckling] teddy, that's sweet, But i'll be good as new in a few.
[groans] yeah.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, i'll make the call.
Don't worry.
Teddy says don't forget about the youth center.
- i haven't.
time for these.
- [groans] - teddy, thought you were leaving.
- nah, not quite.
Javor perovic told me that your motive in all this Was greed, But my gut said different.
Said you were playing a whole other angle.
A little fact-checking confirmed my suspicions.
- yeah? - yeah.
Yeah, you didn't leave the u.
army To join g.
by choice.
You were dishonorably discharged For inciting the muslim population In a town called obilic By preaching from the holy gospel.
- most of the world's problems Are created by islam.
- most of the world's problems are created by fanatics, Both muslim and christian.
- i'll pray for you, teddy.
- [chuckles] Hey.
- yeah? - you hear about g.
? You know, it seems they've been having a little credit trouble.
As i'm sure you're aware, that's not uncommon these days.
Anyway, the ceo is an old buddy of philip maidstone's, And phil gave him a call, Offered him $100 million equity line at 2% interest.
The ceo was very happy with that, And said if he could ever return the favor, Then we should just say the word.
So we did.
And the word is "fired.
" That goes for you and your merry men.
You're now officially part of kosovo's 59.
7% unemployed.
- see ya in gaza.
- gaza? You're not going to gaza, are you? - i've already been, twice.
Doubt i'll ever get back again.
I'm not a big fan of the food.
The people here have taught me something.
That no matter how painful it is to let go of the past, You have to make a start sometime.
I've been clinging on to that past Just like on the safety bar of the roller coaster, Just refusing to let go.
Julia, Neither of us were to blame for bobby's death.
And yet, i blamed you And myself Every single day since-- Since he died.
And i brought you here to-- To tell you that-- that i do forgive you.
And that i am so sorry.
And i hope that one day that you will forgive me too.
- i forgive you, teddy.
I do.
I-- - oh.
- i do.
- come here.
Come on.
- when are you going to tell me What this is all about? [israel kamakawiwo'ole's over the rainbow] - somewhere over the rainbow way up high and the dreams that you dream of once in a lullaby aye-oh somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly and the dreams that you dream of dreams really do come true ooh, ooh ooh-ooh-ooh