The Philanthropist s01e06 Episode Script

San Diego

(ENGINE STARTS) TEDDY: You know Dostoyevsky? Old Russian writer.
Crazy as all hell.
He wrote this book called The Double.
I first read a very bad translation of it back in college.
It's the story of this guy who meets his doppelganger, which is a double, a look-alike.
A long-lost twin who exists to destroy you.
Pleasant thought, huh? Hey, everybody! Drinks are on me! (ALL CHEERING) TEDDY: In the story, the double slowly takes over every aspect of the main character's life.
Both public and private.
(DOOR OPENS) MAN: Carole? Honey? I'm home.
You got to get out of here.
Hurry up.
TEDDY: The story, of course, ends in madness.
Our hero is carted off to a lunatic asylum and the double emerges as the victor.
Since college, I had always considered The Double to be one of my favorite reads.
Until I came to San Diego.
I'd Iike to make a donation.
My name is Teddy Rist.
Teddy Rist.
Teddy Rist? You talk too much.
That is your name, right? Walter? Do you consider yourself to be a responsible human being, Walter? Yes, I do.
Most of my Iife, I've always been thoroughly irresponsible.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) Self-absorbed.
Gerard, where am I? GERARD: Malibu.
And what did I say about Malibu? No interruptions.
So why are you interrupting me? Because your Fredrick Oma has arrived.
Oh! Okay.
Right across from my desk.
Above the fireplace.
Oh, and, Gerard? Do be careful with it.
You really don't want to know how much that Iittle masterpiece cost me.
Duly noted.
What's it called? It's called "Shadows.
" Huh.
Teddy, while I've got you, quick question.
If you insist.
Did you pass through San Diego over the Iast few weeks? Um, sorry, not following.
Buzin in Accounting noticed you have credit card charges in San Diego on days my calendar has got you either here or New York or negotiating there in LA.
Well, obviously, they are Iate in being processed.
Just hold on.
Dax, when were we Iast in San Diego? Not since the Michaelson sisters in March.
The Michaelson sisters.
(CHUCKLES) Gerard, what are the charges? Uh, a car rental, a suit, some restaurants, a 10 grand donation to a Iocal hospital.
Come again? Yeah, 10 grand to the San Diego VA Hospital New Transportation Fund.
Someone's using my credit card to make charitable donations? (LAUGHS) That's an odd way to misbehave.
Though I guess everyone behaves badly from time to time.
Third call since we got here.
His soup will get cold.
Oh, Philip's no better.
I mean, I am surprised he's not standing there with the phone sewn to his ear as well.
I had it surgically removed just for today.
Oh, thank you.
Your wife was about to organize a rescue mission, man.
Everything okay, honey? It's fine.
So, what was I saying? Oh, yeah.
So, we Ieft Saint Maarten on Sunday (CELL PHONE RINGS) RENEE: That's right.
Ken, please.
Will you Iet that go? We've been waiting weeks to see OIivia and Philip.
I need to take this.
LOGAN: Kenneth Adams? Yeah? Special Agent Aaron Logan, FBI.
You're under arrest.
There's got to be a mistake, man.
PIease, sir.
Do not interfere.
Come with me, sir.
CONTROLLER: (ON RADIO) Flight T143, this is San Diego International.
You are clear to land.
Dax, how Iong? About 10 minutes.
You know, if someone's using your credit card, you could just cancel it.
Yeah, but he or she has been using my card to make charitable donations.
That's exactly the kind of nefarious bastard I want to meet.
And, besides, it should have been me making donations to the VA hospital.
Can you pass me that phone? Gerard has been emailing me some of the charges already.
The Hilton Hotel or the Mirror Night CIub? Hilton Hotel, Mirror Night CIub.
(PEOPLE WHOOPING) TEDDY: The ancient Greeks believed that all men are influenced by two very different gods, Apollo and Dionysus.
Apollo is the god of wisdom and Dionysus was, well (CHUCKLES) Dionysus just liked to have a cracking good time.
Okay, can I get a BIanton's on the rocks, please? BIanton's.
Hello, Ben Franklin.
And I'II tell you what.
You can keep the change if you can answer me a question.
Do you know about a fellow named Teddy Rist who's been coming in here recently? Sure.
Wasn't working, but I heard the stories.
Yeah? Bought rounds for the entire bar twice over.
Everyone's been talking about him since.
They've never seen a guy party so hard.
Well, if that's not a challenge.
You see those bottles? Pour them until they're empty.
For the whole place.
You're back.
Hey! Everybody! Teddy Rist is back! (ALL CHEERING) You came back to my club.
Back to the scene of the crime.
No, Walter.
I didn't come back.
I wasn't there the first time.
You know, you rich guys, you pay for bottle service and you expect everyone to hang on your every syllable.
Well, I'm not one of your Iackeys.
I don't believe a word that's coming out of those Iips.
No, ask your staff.
I was beloved by one and all.
(HUMS) Whoa.
TEDDY: Well, maybe not by all.
"Assbag"? Yeah, it's a bit below the belt, isn't it? I think your impostor knows we're in town.
No more diversions.
I want to find this guy.
Arsebag, indeed.
TEDDY: Our next stop was the San Diego Hilton.
RECEPTIONIST: Good evening.
My name is Teddy Rist.
I checked in here on the Let me see.
Ah, Mr.
I've got you right here.
What can I do for you? Thank you.
So sorry.
Just Iocked my key in my room.
Not a problem.
One moment.
Thank you.
There you are.
Thank you very Oh! What room was it again? So many hotels.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You want to blame this whole brouhaha on some other Teddy Rist.
But what I want is for you to confess.
(SCOFFS) Oh, Walter.
Taking responsibility for my own behavior is one thing.
But taking it for somebody else's, well Well, that just sucks.
TEDDY: What I'm saying is, for a long time I just looked out for me and me alone.
Wait a minute.
I was going to knock.
He didn't use a pillow to bash out those car windows.
(SIGHS) Yeah.
TEDDY: But I've come to realize that there are other people I need to think about.
Other people to take care of.
Turn around.
Sometimes, Walt, that includes people who screw me over.
What are you doing? Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
You, over there.
WOMAN: What is this? TEDDY: May I ask where are we going? Someplace nice and quiet.
Where you can whisper the truth.
Yeah, correct me if I'm wrong, Walter, but I'm getting the distinct impression that you don't believe a word I say.
What, that you're not Teddy Rist? No.
That there is somebody who is impersonating me.
And you found this mystery man in his boxers at the Hilton Hotel.
Well, not exactly.
Who are you? Look, my wallet's in my pants.
AIong with my credit card, yeah? Here, Iet me introduce myself.
I'm Teddy Rist.
You can put your hands down now.
And put on your pants.
WHITMERE: You're Teddy Rist? Mmm-hmm.
TEDDY: And you are? Michael Whitmere.
Corporal, U.
Marine Corps veteran.
But I don't understand.
If you're you, then who was that other guy? So, I'm at the Veterans Outreach Center, just waiting for my name to get called and this guy comes up and says that he wants to help me.
So I tell him what's what.
You know, that our apartment caught fire.
Everything was destroyed.
WHITMERE: And, you know, he's He says that he'd Iike to put us up in a hotel until we can get back on our feet.
Introduces himself as Teddy Rist.
What did the other Teddy Rist Iook Iike, then? Nice suit.
Like you, just younger.
Other Teddy Rist didn't kick our door in.
Mmm, sorry about that.
We'II move out, Mr.
Rist, we just We didn't realize that we were doing anything wrong.
We thought An angel, you know? Do you have a job, Corporal? Sure.
Just not enough money in the bank to put a deposit down on another apartment.
Thank you, Mr.
Thank you.
Teddy, please.
Just Name your firstborn after me or something.
(LAUGHS) Gerard.
A Corporal Michael Whitmere is going to call you.
I'm cosigning his Iease and fronting him his first six months' rent.
Why would you pay for the apartment of a total stranger? TEDDY: Look, do you remember Tom and Jerry? And how Tom would sometimes have a Iittle angel on one shoulder and a tiny Iittle devil on the other and they'd whisper in his ear, as if they were two halves of the same person? Or cat, in Tom's case.
Are you going to ask me to Iisten to my Iittle angel? Yeah, sure.
If you can see him, you should.
Oops, he fell.
You know where that story comes from? It comes from the Qur'an.
In the Qur'an, there are these two angels who write down every deed you've ever done.
You know, the good stuff in one book and the bad stuff in the other.
And then, whichever book is bigger when you shuffle off this mortal coil, well, that's what determines where you spend all of eternity.
And eternity, Walt, oh, that's a really long time.
For 16 hours, the FBI have been sitting in our den.
They've gone through everything.
Our investments, our bank accounts, even our closets.
What exactly are they accusing Kenneth of? Some kind of fraud or something.
OIivia, I came here because I need a friend.
Of course.
We've done so much for this city.
Donations, grants, galas.
And now, Kenneth's going to be drawn and quartered.
But if he's innocent, then TEDDY: As I think we're both finding, Walt, guilt is easy to presume.
Innocence a little harder.
(SIGHS) I'm sorry, I swear, it'II never happen again.
Thank you.
TEDDY: Gerard emailed me a list of the rest of the charges.
A restaurant, car rental, construction company.
About two weeks ago.
About three weeks ago.
Five days ago, someone using the name Teddy Rist came in here and paid for a home renovation.
CAR SALESMAN: Teddy who? You never heard of Teddy Rist? Are you sure you haven't seen me on TV? Mmm.
Pretty sure.
People magazine? What are you, a cop? I'm Teddy Rist.
Come back when you're a cop.
Do you not recognize my face? Yeah, you're Teddy Rist.
We've got a team on your job now.
The wheelchair ramp on Hardy Drive, right? Well, I'd heard your name, of course, but I'm not a big fan of gossip columns.
And I didn't think there was any reason why that guy would Iie about who he was.
(STAMMERING) And now, he, or in fact me, is building you a wheelchair ramp.
Well, yeah.
Do you mind me asking what happened? Well, I Ieft San Diego for Sadr City with two feet and Well, anyways, as you can see, the house is built for a guy with two good Iegs.
Hey, Iook.
I'm sorry.
Where does this exactly Ieave us? I'II stop construction today, of course.
It's just that I can't pay you back.
I'm assuming that the ramp isn't the only thing that could be done to this house to make it more wheelchair-friendly, right? Well, taking a shower is a bitch and a half.
Yeah, I bet.
Hey, I'm sorry I'm not more of a help to you in finding your guy.
I'm beginning to feel a Iittle Iike, I'm I'm chasing Robin Hood, you know? Here's my number.
If you could give my assistant, Gerard, a call and just tell him what else needs to be done.
On the real Teddy Rist this time.
You're serious? Yeah.
Just do me a favor and if the faux Teddy gets in contact with you, just give me a call, yeah? Yeah, uh You know, your being willing to pay for everything.
That's huge.
It's nothing.
Well, not to me, it's not.
(STAMMERING) No, really, it's nothing.
No, me using my money for Takes no effort, no sacrifice at all.
Rist, thank you very much.
It was my honor to meet you.
Thank you.
Teddy, one phone call cancels the card.
You're getting new charges by the second.
Where? Leroy's Rib Barn.
Posted online 30 minutes ago.
TEDDY: I love ribs.
All kinds.
I'II give him this.
Whoever he is, the man has taste.
Hey, handsome.
You need to relax? Not just yet, baby.
But do you know if Teddy Rist is here? We've only got girl strippers.
Strip club, where all men are created equal.
(CHUCKLES) Let's split up, huh? Hey, handsome.
Why don't you come with me? (CROWD EXCLAIMING) Come on.
Come on.
Looks Iike we're here.
TEDDY: Your club.
You think I could get a drink or would that violate vendetta protocol? If you're going to die, it's going to be by my hand, not the grace of dehydration.
Get the one and only Teddy Rist some water.
Bourbon, please.
Let's not drag this out any Ionger than we have to here.
I just want to hear you admit the truth.
You slept with my girlfriend.
Say it.
I'm telling you what happened.
That ain't it.
She already admitted it.
You took her while she was dead drunk.
So why are you questioning me? Don't you believe her? I just want to hear it from the horse's mouth.
Oh, Walter.
Walter, Walter, Walter.
If only the truth were that simple.
STRIPPER: I'm glad Fitz Two got away.
Huh? I'm glad Fitz Two got away.
Now I got you all to myself.
Fitz Two? The guy that you were chasing.
He has a tattoo on his arm.
Fitz Two.
It says STRIPPER: Yeah.
TEDDY: And you know him? I'd much rather have your arms around me, sluggo.
You want to be careful.
The Iast woman who called me sluggo, I married.
(LAUGHS) (WHOOPS) (CHUCKLES) I see you're not too hurt.
Well, a Iittle Iove cures all, you know? I think my double may have a nickname.
Fitz Two.
I don't know about that, but he's definitely a Marine.
How so? MCMAP.
In English, please.
Marine Corps Martial Arts Program is the only way to Iearn those moves.
(CHUCKLES) They got a base nearby.
We'II check it out first thing tomorrow.
Theodore Rist, Ieatherneck.
I Iove a man in uniform.
TEDDY: As children, we imagine ourselves to be soldiers or superheroes, or in my case, Clint Eastwood.
Inside all of us, there is a possibility of being whoever we choose to be.
And for most of us, unfortunately, we end up becoming something quite different.
You're sure? MAN: I'm positive.
What about the initial investment? He used it for payouts.
I'm sorry, used it Payouts.
Payouts? Yes.
I'm going to call you back.
I understand.
That was James at JPMorgan Chase.
He says that Wall Street is buzzing that Kenneth's entire business was a giant Ponzi scheme.
Our Foundation is AII of it? (HUFFS) (SIGHS) You know, the Iast time I came to your fine establishment, I dropped nearly $3,000.
This time, I get a drink thrown in my face.
Oh, clubs, really.
They just don't appreciate repeat customers the way they used to.
MAN OVER PHONE: Aw, come on.
DAX: Yeah.
Admit it, man.
You miss it.
Hell, no, I'm not missing active duty.
Too busy in First Civ Div.
Yeah, right.
(DAX LAUGHS) Hey, for a case of pogey bait, can you hook me up with a face-to-face with Pendleton's actual? Okay, you got it.
Alpha Foxtrot.
AIpha Mike Foxtrot.
Semper Fi.
Semper Fi.
The only part of that I understood were the words "Semper Fi.
" I got us a meeting.
A buddy of mine is real tight with the C.
at Camp Pendleton.
Fitz Two, you say.
TEDDY: Yeah, that's right.
And how much has this jamoke taken thus far? About 30,000, sir.
Rist, we'II help you find the culprit.
And when we catch him, he'II be punished severely.
Colonel, I'm I'm not really military material, as you probably ascertained.
But just Iike the Corps, I Iike to dole out punishment in my own way.
Right now, I'm not really sure what punishment Fitz Two deserves, if any.
And I won't until I see him face-to-face.
(SIGHS) Don't make me regret this.
DAX: Camp Pendleton is not small.
It might take our Colonel some time to Iocate our man.
So, now, we just Wait.
It's not my forte, you know? Come on, Iet's go.
Oh, dear.
Hertz is not going to be happy about this.
HALDEN: Sergeant.
Colonel Halden.
We tracked down your Marine.
Ready, sir.
Private Dean Fitzsimmons.
He rents an apartment at 20 Magnolia Court in Oceanside.
PIay this one right.
Will do, Colonel.
You'd think I'd smashed the windows myself.
And they're out of Iuxury vehicles.
(SIGHS) Unbelievable.
I got a name and address.
Yeah? Yeah.
Dean Fitzsimmons, huh? (CAR HORN HONKING) Really? (SIGHS) DAX: Will you quit crowding me? One day, you're going to show me how to do that.
Wait here.
AII clear.
TEDDY: Well, you see, the truth is, Walter, it's easy to believe the worst in ourselves and each other.
What's altogether tougher is accepting the good in ourselves.
And each other.
Looks Iike you bought a camcorder.
It's the 17th, which means I'm shipping out in three days.
And if you're watching this I thought about how much you guys miss Nate.
How much I do.
I don't know.
I just I thought you could play this, you know? If you were really missing me one day.
I love you.
And I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry your boys are gone.
Dad, I still keep your dog tags next to me every night.
Along with Nate's and mine.
Semper Fi.
When they bring me back, just have them bury me next to Nate.
And that's it.
I love you guys.
All right.
He hasn't been out celebrating at all.
Dean Fitzsimmons has been preparing himself to die.
You know, he's going to war.
He's a Marine, Teddy.
That's his job.
And fighting in battle doesn't mean you're going to die.
Look, he's just a scared kid.
Busting car windows and spending your money? Just 'cause this guy is a Marine does not excuse his behavior.
You stay here just in case he shows, huh? And where are you going? (SIGHS) I figure to where he's going to send that tape.
His parents'.
If he does rock up here, don't you hurt him.
You know, sometimes, Walt, you know, in the morning, if I can be arsed to shave, I Iook at myself in the mirror.
I wonder who the hell it is I'm Iooking at.
(STUTTERING) You know, and Iike AIice, I want to step through the Iooking glass and find the real me somewhere in Wonderland.
But, of course, the problem is that you can't find the real you by staring in the mirror.
You have to step outside yourself and watch from afar.
First the band room, then my office.
Actually, Louise, I really need to talk to you about next year's budget.
Oh, come on.
You have to see the new instruments, all thanks to your Foundation.
(KNOCKING) Bettina, I'm going to have to call you back.
You're a Iittle old to be selling Girl Scout cookies.
(CHUCKLES) Are you Brenda Fitzsimmons, Dean's sister? (LAUGHS) Cute.
I guess I won't tell Dean's father, the Captain and a black belt, about the stranger who tried to hit on his wife.
Best not.
And you are? Yeah, I'm Teddy Rist.
The rich guy.
I mean, I Iike to think of myself as more than just the rich guy, but Yeah.
You know my Dean.
How? I met Dean because he was He was admiring my '67 Camaro.
He does Iove his cars.
Yeah, anyway, I Iost his number and I had my office try and track him down and we found yours.
Let's give him a call.
Come in.
Thank you so much.
(PHONE RINGING) Your husband, was he a Marine, too? He was.
AIso my father, my brother, my husband's father.
And now my sons.
Let's try his cell.
Hey, there, stranger.
I have Teddy Rist here.
Hey, Dean.
My parents don't need to get mixed up in this.
I'II do whatever you want.
I'm back in town.
I was just wondering, do you want to have that chat? Yes.
I'II meet you at BIack's Beach in an hour.
If, when you were in the Marines, you know, a genie had a Iamp.
It doesn't work that way.
Huh? The genie doesn't give you the Iamp.
The Iamp gives you the genie.
Okay, so, anyway, there's this genie, and he says he can get you out of your tour of duty.
Would you Would you take him up on the offer? Nah.
No? My time in the Corps is something that I'm most proud of, Ted.
Yeah, but, you know, knowing all you know now and the horrors of battle, the rest of it.
I mean, isn't that something you would rather have not experienced? You know, for example, I've been thinking.
I want to call Colonel Halden and try to keep Dean away from Afghanistan.
Negative? Look.
I've gone along with every crazy idea you've ever had.
Hell, I've even walked in front of you for half of them.
But right now you're crossing the Iine.
Dax, Dax.
Brenda Fitzsimmons has already buried one child.
Dammit, Teddy.
You cannot take honor from a Marine.
You can't do that.
If I have the opportunity for her not to experience that again, then shouldn't I be taking it? Well, I don't think Dean is going to show.
OIivia, thank you so much for coming.
You're a true friend.
(INAUDIBLE) OIivia, I've been meaning to call you obviously.
There's a Iot I wanted to (TEDDY GRUNTING) I've given you enough time to confess.
Now, I'm Iosing my patience and my temper.
Now, what are you going to accomplish by Iosing your temper, huh? Now, if we could just get back to Dostoyevsky.
Enough! What I want, simple! Tell me what happened! Admit it, Walt.
Part of you believes your girlfriend, and part of you just doesn't.
Hmm? Larry, Drew? Cooler, now.
This is what happens when you pick up my girlfriend in my club.
(GROANS) What the hell's going on here? This is that assbag that took advantage of you.
That's not Teddy Rist.
(STAMMERING) What are we talking about? His ID says it's him.
That's not the creep.
Okay, Walter.
Would you kindly Iet me go? Yeah.
There seems to have been some confusion.
Just untie him.
(GROANING) Awkward.
Okay, Walter.
Just give me the bat, huh? Or would you rather I call the police? Now, I'm going to go upstairs and I am going to break every bit of glass that I can find.
Because you owe me.
For this Iong night's journey into dawn.
For the bruises on my kisser.
But most importantly, for Mr.
Hertz and all his bloody cars.
Teddy? I walked you to your room.
Hey, don't worry.
It's not your fault.
They were inside the room.
Who are these clowns? Our car window smashers.
Dean slept with the guy's girl pretending to be me.
Ironically, probably would have slept with her myself.
(CLEARS THROAT) Thank you so much.
I spread myself too thin.
I should have paid more attention to the finances.
I'm as responsible as Kenneth Adams is.
We all could have been more thorough.
I canceled six meetings today because people were going to ask me for help and I can I can no Ionger say yes.
We're going to rebuild the Foundation, I swear.
It's just going to take a Iittle time.
I mean, if Teddy and I could give you a truckload of cash, we would.
It's just all tied up in assets.
We're just going to have to be creative with our fundraising.
TEDDY: Go ahead, Gerard.
GERARD: (ON PHONE) I reached the San Diego police.
Dean was arrested.
That's why he wasn't at Black's Beach.
He was pulled over for speeding.
The cops found your credit card, asked him some questions, he couldn't answer.
Fitz Two.
Real name Dean Fitzsimmons.
One charge reckless driving.
Nine charges credit card fraud.
Nine charges identity theft.
Account takeover.
(SIGHS) I got my card back.
What are you going to do? I have three options.
One, I drag you out of here and I Iet my private security detail rip your toenails out.
Two, I press charges and see you off to the brig.
And three, I ask some questions, you give some answers.
We see how it goes from there.
You know, I never meant for How and why did you steal my credit card? A few weeks ago, I flew to New York with a few buddies.
Uh-huh? We'd never been there and we wanted to paint the town before we ship out.
To Afghanistan.
We managed to get into Bungalow 8.
And you came in and sat down in the booth next to us.
And I knew all about you, 'cause I'd read the Times.
You bought drinks for the entire place.
Us included.
And then I watched you pay, stumble out, forgetting your card.
So, I picked it up.
And I tried to follow you, but I Iost you in the crowd.
So I put the card in my pocket.
And then? And then, when I got back to California, I thought about that night, and about going to war.
(SIGHS) What I did was wrong.
But I might never have had the chance to do the things that I did these past few weeks, the things that you do every day.
My brother never had the chance.
So, I bought some drinks and I met some girls.
And I helped some people.
I felt good, Mr.
I did.
And I'm sorry.
But, you know what? If I Dean.
Dean, are you gonna Are you gonna Iisten to me? I'm dropping the charges.
(SIGHS) Let him out.
He's your brother, Nate, huh? Yeah.
Rist, I I just want to say Look, Dean.
Now, I've been young, God knows.
I've been stupid.
I'm a tad older now.
I know the Iimits of what I can and I cannot do.
Now, I I can't end the war, for example.
But I can help your folks avoid having to bury another child.
You know, to do that once is It's hard.
To do it twice would be (EXCLAIMS) So, I'm not going to Iet that happen.
In fact, you're being transferred.
Transferred? Uh-huh.
Embassy security, Cape Town, South Africa.
Consulate General's office.
You can't do that.
I spoke to Colonel Halden this morning and he's going to give you your new orders tomorrow.
But my squad, we've been together since boot camp, sir.
They're gonna be fighting in Afghanistan while I'm watching a door? That's not fair.
Dean, this is your punishment.
Instead of going to prison, instead of going to war, you get to Iive, buddy.
But those are my friends.
Hey, go home.
Spend some time with your mom and dad, huh? (CAR DOOR CLOSES) Hey.
San Diego VA Hospital.
I'd Iike to donate $100,000.
You're back.
I certainly am.
It's for wheelchair-accessible vans for disabled veterans.
Teddy, I can't.
Why not? What's up? There's no money.
What? I can't give you $10, Iet alone 100,000.
(SIGHS) Kenneth Adams.
Kenneth Adams.
A few weeks, a month or two at most, and I will have the Foundation back on track, I promise.
GERARD: Priority shipping to the Saatchi Gallery, London.
Buzin in Accounting said the money transfer went through.
Cash should be in the Foundation's account already.
You are too good to me, Gerard.
Thank you.
Morning, OIivia.
I would Iike to request the San Diego VA Hospital donation one more time.
OLIVIA: But, Teddy, I told you Have you checked the account this morning? What did you do? (KEYS CLACKING) But I don't want the donation in my name.
Whose name do you want it under? (PHONE RINGING) Hello? WOMAN: Dean Fitzsimmons? Yes.
This is Karen Manning, Director of the San Diego VA Hospital.
I wanted to call and thank you personally.
For what? For your donation, of course, in your brother Nate's name.
Those vans will really make a difference for all of the veterans and for all of us.
Fitzsimmons, your brother won't be forgotten.
Thank you.
You're welcome.