The Powerpuff Girls (2016) s01e23 Episode Script

Presidential Punchout

1 Ohh, yeah! Powerpuff Girls fighting crime To save the world before bedtime Here's the time to shine when you're fighting crime Power it up Who's got the power? We got the power Breaking through the wall, gonna do it all We don't quit Who's got the power? We got the power Oh! Yeah! [ Presidential fanfare plays ] Ah! Perfect! [ Singsongy ] Vote for Blossom for Student Body President! [ Singsongy ] Vote for Blossom! Take a button! [ Clears throat ] I said take a button! [ Thud ] Arjun: Ouch! Buttercup! Huh? Vote for Blossom or I'll rip out your sinuses! Buttercup, stop! I told you not to intimidate the voters! Huh?! Oh! [ Thud ] Uh, you did? Yeah! Haven't you listened to a word I said? I was listening, Blossom! Oh, yeah? What did I say? Um I love you.
Blossom! Barry Mackerbocker, Townsville School Press.
What makes you the best choice for Student Body President? I'm glad you asked! [ "Hail to the Chief" playing ] The great institution of student government is all about being the voice of the people, understanding what this school needs, and making the tough decisions that will guide us into a brighter future! And that's why I'm pushing my protractor initiative for the math team.
[ Crickets chirping ] [ Boy screams ] Agh! The bats are back! And getting rid of the bats that have overrun the cafetorium.
[ Murmuring excitedly ] But whatever happens, the most important thing is that we all have a fair and civil election.
I couldn't agree more.
Ah! My distinguished opponent, Matt Manser.
I look forward to running a good, clean campaign against you.
Thanks, Matt.
May the best candidate win.
Politics [ Bell rings ] Blossom! I polled all the kids during dodgeball.
You're in the lead! [ Gasps ] And Terry has lice! Two good things to know.
All right, class, we have a campaign video from a surprise new candidate for Student Body President.
New candidate? Man: Blossom, a "model citizen" Or at least, that's what she wants you to believe.
[ Maniacal laugher ] What? She says that she cares about the students.
But what does she really think? This school students Are duty! All: [ Gasp ] I never said that! Is this who you want as your Student Body President? [ Farting ] The girl who nicknamed herself the [ Fart ] Queen? [ Laughs ] Dude, this is amazing! Who hath spun this web of lies?! I'm Princess Morbucks, and I approve this message.
[ Cash register bell dings ] This is slander! Relax, man.
No one with half a brain believes anything Morbucks says.
Down with Blossom! Bubbles! Sorry! Greetings, commoners! I look forward to you all voting for me.
Morbucks, that ad was total Have a cupcake.
Enjoy, everyone! [ Singsongy ] They're filled with precious rubies! [ Cheering ] That's bribery! Goodbye, poor people! [ Singsongy ] Enjoy voting for me! [ Growls ] Politics Why can't Morbucks just run a good, clean campaign? It's politics, Bloss.
You can't win unless you're ready to sling a little mud.
[ Grunts ] Wait, is this actual mud? Why do you have this? Gotta be prepared for anything, man.
No! My campaign has integrity.
I'd never sink as low as Morbucks.
I'm the voice of the protractors! But, Blossom, you know what the Golden Rule says If someone is mean to you, you're allowed to be doubly mean back! Bubbles, that's not what the Golden Rule says at all.
Look, I know Morbucks can be a little rude, but I'm sure if I talk to her, she'll realize how fun elections are when you just play fair.
[ Laughing ] Play fair ha! That's hilarious! Have you ever met me? I'm gonna drag your name through the dirt.
Fine! Do your worst, Morbucks.
I don't care! I'm gonna run a fair campaign, and I'm gonna win! I don't care Man: entire school.
I'm gonna Man: beat up all of your grandparents after.
And win! No! Not my Nana! [ Farts ] [ Laughter ] That's it! Buttercup, time to sling some mud.
Aw, yeah! [ Chuckles evilly ] Vote for me! [ Muffled grunts ] Politics [ Static ] Hi, I'm Princess Morbucks, and I wanna say [ Static ] Meet your newest school residents.
[ Dull voice ] Hey.
I am a bat.
Can my thousands of friends live here rent-free? Why, yes! Yes, they can.
Come here, you! Bubbles, stop! Ew! How dare they! I would never let anyone live rent-free! I know who I'm voting for! [ Screams ] Oh! Ow! [ Static ] I'm Blossom! [ Birds chirping ] And I approve this message.
Students: Blossom! Blossom! Blossom! [ Growls ] Blossom, Blossom Hey, everybody! Matt Manser here.
Just a reminder I'm still running for president, too! Out of the way! Didn't think you had it in you, Blossom.
Let's settle this! Fine! A debate tonight! You and me! And me! It was on the schedule! Debate [ Cheering ] Welcome to Townsville's school Student Body President debate, being held in the local wrestling arena, as the bats have now taken over the cafetorium indefinitely.
[ Screaming, bats chirping ] Why, that is outrageous! Can't wait to see the fight! Uh, I-I mean debate! I meant debate! [ Laughs ] Yeah.
[ Audience cheering ] Oh, here comes our first contender! [ Explosion ] [ Rock music playing ] [ Cheering ] [ Cheering and music continue ] [ Singsongy ] And here comes Morbucks! [ Explosion, cheering ] Let's get political! Morbucks! [ Explosion, cheering continues ] Let's see what Matt Manser's got up his sleeve! [ Crowd silences ] Oh, hey, everyone! I didn't know we were supposed to plan anything! [ Music and cheering resume ] [ Growling ] [ Growling ] Hey, guys, they forgot to get me a podium, but that's okay.
I brought my own.
Let's get right into the debate.
Oh, yeah! Whoo! First off, I'd like to say how grateful I am to be here.
Yeah? Well, I'm even more grateful.
Well, I'm the most grateful! Well, I'm most grateful times infinity! I'm most grateful times infinity plus one! [ All gasp ] Well, in the spirit of friendship, I [ Grunts ] Listen up, Blossom.
This election is mine! We'll see about that! Blossryuken! [ Grunts ] [ Crowd yells ] Girl: Whoa! Looks like Morbucks is down for the count! [ Gasps ] Girl: Wait.
What's this? [ Groaning ] Girl: Whoo-hoo! [ Crowd cheering ] Looks like Morbucks is back in business! [ Cheering ] [ Whistles ] [ Roars ] Tex: Now this is a debate! As Blossom's campaign managers, should we get in there? Yes.
Yes, we should.
Do you smell what the Powerpuff Girls are cooking? Yeah, I do.
And it's coming from your butt! [ All growling ] Who's got the power? We got the power I'd like to open up the floor to questions now.
Oof! Aah! Ooh, yeah I love politics! Whoo-hoo! Boom shacka-lacka! I'd never vote for Morbucks! [ Singsongy ] Oh, Bubbles! I'll let you pet my tiger if you vote for me.
You can't buy me, Morbucks! I'll let you pet him twice.
Done! Bubbles, if you vote for me [ Singsongy ] we can have cookies for breakfast! [ Gasps ] Cookies! [ Singsongy ] I'll mail you boxes of puppies! [ Gasps ] Puppies! [ Singsongy ] I'll clean your room! [ Gasps ] Morbuck: I'll buy you a theme park.
Blossom: I'll do all your chores! Morbuck: I'll print money with your face on it.
Blossom: I'll do your homework forever! Morbuck: I'll buy you better sisters! Ugh! I don't know who to vote for! I hate politics! Looks like she's turned into some kind of political dinosaur! Yeah.
Vote for this! [ Screams ] Oh, looks like I lost her vote.
You're not gonna get any votes! [ Grunts ] Well, at least I'm not the [ Imitates fart noise ] Queen! [ Grunts ] [ Screaming ] You all have very good points, but I have a slightly different angle on this.
Politics isn't about how other people are doing the wrong things, but how we can work together to make things right.
With all of us on the same team, there's no problem we can't handle! Now, let's make this school a better place! [ Applause ] [ Cheering ] He's right.
Politics isn't about fighting or money.
It's about working together.
The way I've been acting, I don't deserve to be president.
I hereby pull out of the presidential race, and I back Matt Manser! [ Cheering ] [ Morbuck grunts ] [ Booing ] Wait.
We're not fighting anymore? Well, there's always next year.
Don't worry, you'll always be the [ Imitates fart noise ] Queen to me.
Very funny.
Hiya, Blossom.
Hi, Matt.
Congratulations on winning the election.
And thanks for supporting the protractor initiative in my stead.
Of course! I mean, without angles, life is pretty pointless, am I right? [ Laughs evilly ] Yikes.
Aah! The bats have multiplied! [ Squeaking ]