The Powerpuff Girls (2016) s01e24 Episode Script

Cheep Thrills

1 Ohh, yeah! [Title music] Powerpuff girls fighting crime To save the world before bedtime Here's the time to shine when you're fighting crime Power it up Who's got the power? We got the power Breaking through the wall, gonna do it all We don't quit Who's got the power? We got the power Oh! Yeah! Buttercup: Meet the Zoomsbie 927! The ultimate in flying-disc technology.
Air Teflon coating.
Air speed boosters.
And an air pump! [Squeaking] Yes, we know.
Can we start playing now? Not until you know the rules.
I thought the rules were "Throw the thingy, catch the thingy.
" Sure.
If you're a baby.
Are you a baby? I-I-I I don't think so.
'Sides, we're playing Buttercup rules.
No blocking.
No swatting.
No duckbilling, unless you do floozy doozy first.
Now, if it's a leap year, Greenwich Mean Time, then you I'm the moderator of multiple online message boards about outdoor games and activities, and none of what you just said are real things.
Then go long! [Whoosh!] [Duck quacks] I got it! Be careful! That Zoomsbie cost me my life savings! I will! O-M Guys! Guys! Guys! Look what I found in the bushes! That's not my Zoomsbie.
Yeah, but what is it? You mean besides the cutest little buddy ever? You know I just bought that, right? [Cheeps] His name is Cheepy! He's my new pet.
No way.
Put him back.
But Blossom! He's just a defenseless little bay-bay.
I need to take care of him! [Camera shutter clicks] Hey! He may be small, but he's still a wild animal of some kind.
You can't just take him out of his habitat.
And you still need to find my Zoomsbie.
But our destinies are intertwined.
No arguing.
Put him back, Bubbles.
Ugh! Uh, so [Dial-up tones sound] Geez, the interface for this image search is terrible.
Uh, good game.
Glad we did this.
Bubbles! If you thought those bushes were nice, you're gonna love this! [Cheeps] [Giggles] Oh, Cheepy, you are the living end! Bubbles? You in here? [Door slams] I'm doing innocent things! Uh, it's time to eat.
Oh! Heh.
Haha, yeah! I was just on my way downstairs.
[Cheepy cheeps] Did you just cheep at me? Uh yes? [Cheepy cheeps] Cheep! Cheep, cheep! This.
This is what I'm talking about.
It freaks me out when you do stuff like this.
Uh [chuckles] I'll be down in a minute.
[Sighs] Okay, Cheepy.
Just keep quiet, and I'll be right back, 'kay? [Cheeps] Oh.
That smell? It's Buttercup's shoes.
[Whispering] She doesn't wash her feet! [Giggles] [Cheeps] So I made waffles instead.
- Totally.
- Sorry I'm late.
[Giggles] [Cellphone buzzes] Wow! Looks like the animal you found at the park is a Chinchillasaurus.
- I left Cheepy in the park! - Uh yeah.
I know.
It's a good thing, too, 'cause it says even though they are born small, they can have growth spurts when they eat yams.
[Chuckles] No kidding? It says that they can grow bigger than a person! [Gulps] How do you even know this? I posted the picture I took to an online forum I run about local floral and fauna.
I thought your forum was about typography in the Industrial Revolution? Yeah, I have that one too.
Someone should put your picture on a forum.
Am I right, Bubbs? Heh yeah.
- Whoa! - Are you okay? - No! - Dude! What are you doing? Uh What are you hiding behind your back? Uh, you mean this spoon? - Your other hand? - Uh this ham hock? No.
This organic kale? No.
- Clam juice? - No.
- Mayonnaise? - No.
- This Zoomsbie? - Yes! No, no, no! - Ehh.
- Noooo! Stop pulling stuff out of the fridge.
I know you have the Chinchillasaurus.
Uh what are you even talking about girlfriend? I'm talking about the Chinchillasaurus you obviously have behind your back.
"Chinchillasaurus?" Oh, Blossom.
You and your crazy stories.
[Laughs] [Cheeps] [Munching] [Cheeps] Hehe.
[Wolf howls] This is where we found him, Bubbles.
2 So we're just supposed to leave him here? In this dark, scary, terrible, horrible place? Without me, he'll be left alone on the mean streets of Townsville! [Pop!] He'll be found by a roving gang of dance fighters.
They'll give Cheepy an offer he can't refuse.
"Join us on a rough, tough robbery, or else we'll pet your belly for too long!" Which is Cheepy's worst nightmare.
Cheepy agrees to steal the "Duck A'Lorange," the most famous painting in all of Townsville.
But it was a setup [Alarm wails] and Cheepy gets sent to jail! But he's too big for jail, so he escapes.
But one mean, mean, meanerson cop tracks him down! Detective Private P.
He's also a crow! [Caws] Cheepy will go, [High-pitched voice] "I didn't do it!" [Normal voice] And the cop says, [Deep voice] "I don't care.
" And Cheepy goes, [High-pitched voice] "Then let me go!" And the cop goes, [Deep voice] "No way!" And Cheepy's all like, [High-pitched voice] "Uh-huh!" And he goes, [Deep voice] "Nuh-unh!" [High-pitched voice] "Uh-huh!" [Deep voice] "Nuh-unh!" So Cheepy jumps off the waterfall.
Waaaaaaaah! Aaaaaahhhh! Oh! [Moaning] [Light thud] Great story, Bubbs.
[Cheeps] [Growling] [Music] [Roaring] [Streak!] Huh.
Guess this park really is dangerous.
[Snarls] What is that thing?! I'm trying to find it online! Hedgehopopatamus? No.
Porcudactyl? No.
Squirrelzilla? No.
I don't care about what it is, but it's angry! [Snarling] We have to find a place to hide! [Roars] Aah! [Music] [Roars] Aaah! [Roars] [Roars] Aaah! There! Head for the cave! [Roars] [All gasp] [Snarling] [Grunting] Hurry! Now's our chance! [Roars] Great.
Now we're stuck in this lousy cave.
[Gasps] My Zoomsbie! Oh, this isn't so bad.
We can just live here.
That will be the dining room, and this will be the den for when we have company.
That's crazy talk! This wouldn't be the den.
That would be the den! Wait, what am I saying?! Get rid of that thing! That's what the monster wants! [Snarling] Whoa! That's not just any monster, guys.
That's an adult Chinchillasaurus! That's Cheepy's mom! How are you so sure? [Whimpering] Listen to that whimper.
The professor does the same thing when he misses us.
[Whimpering] Good point.
Bubbles, Cheepy belongs to her.
No, he doesn't! He wants to be with me.
Cheepy's only bonded with you because you took him out of his nest.
That was his home, Bubbles! Brainiac's right, you know.
- Hey! - Good idea, Cheepy.
Chew those bad feelings away.
[Swipe!] Ew, Cheepy slobber.
You know, if I lived with any other family in the world, this story would have ended with me getting my Zoomsbie out of the bushes this morning.
Okay, okay.
Bubbles, I'll leave it up to you.
What!? No! Don't do that! [Music] You're the best friend ever I love when we're together We're the perfect team With you it's like a dream 'Cause all the things I can do are so much better with you It takes two, you're my boo You're the best friend ever I love when we're together Yeah, it's plain to see I'm so happy you're with me You're so furry and fun, and you weigh a metric ton You're the best friend ever Dude.
Most of that stuff didn't even happen.
[Sighs] Cheepy, I can't deny your real mom the chance to raise a Chinchillasaurus as terrific as you.
Just go, Cheepy! Go! Don't look back! It's better for the both of us.
[Cheeps] Stop arguing! My mind is made up.
[Growls] Dude, that's not working! You have to get it out of here before this whole cave comes down! I'm trying! Well, you have to try something else.
Oh! Good idea! [Swipe!] Huh? No, no, no! What are you doing?! Hey, Cheepy! Look what I got! [Cheeps] Cheepy I love you forever.
[Smooches] [Swoosh!] [Panting] Nooo! [Growls happily] [Cheeps] I'm so sorry, Bubbles.
[Cheeps] [Thudding] I'll never forget you, Cheepy.
And I'll never forget you, Zoomsbie.
You're the best friend ever I love when we're together We're the perfect team With you, it's like a dream [Music] Huh.
According to this, Cheepies eat their moms? Nooooo!