The Powerpuff Girls (2016) s01e26 Episode Script

In the Garden of Good and Eddie

1 Ohh, yeah! [title music] Powerpuff Girls fighting crime To save the world before bedtime Here's the time to shine when you're fighting crime Power it up Who's got the power? We got the power! Breaking through the wall, gonna do it all We don't quit Who's got the power? We got the power! Oh! Yeah! Okay! That's the last of the plants.
With this tomato garden, we'll be sure to win the Veggie Fest! Yeah, and I heard that the winner gets to smash all the other vegetables! [Laughing maniacally] Buttercup! What? It's just tomato juice.
[Sighs] Now, all we have to do is take care of our garden and we'll be a shoo-in to win! Bubbs, I keep telling you, the prize isn't in the box.
You got to send for it.
I'll be the judge of that! So, girls, how is your vegetable garden growing? Together: Gulp! [Music] [Cawing] Oh, no, our garden! We forgot all about it! And the Veggie Fest is in two days! We got to do something like blame Bubbles! - What?! - I agree.
- Bubbles is at fault.
- What'd I do?! Wait! I've got an idea.
I got every kind of fertilizer in the store.
Plus, these five beans which I got by trading five other beans.
It says here we're not supposed to mix these.
Well, if you want to win, you got to take some chances! [Grunts] Come on! Let's garden.
Don't forget the beans! [Music] The very, very, very next day Bubbs, there's definitely not a surprise in that box of waffles.
I'll be the judge of that! [Grunts] [Laughs] So, girls, how is your vegetable garden growing? Together: It's vegetable time! [All gasp] [Angelic choir sings] Oh, man, it totally worked! I never thought I would say this, but taking the easy way out with this garden really paid off! [Snarling] Girls, looks at the size of these [Loud chomp] tomatoes? Ugh, Bubbles, what did you do this time? It wasn't me! [Loud chomping] [Gasps] Something's eating all the tomatoes! Look, there's still one left.
[Gasps] Got it! [Roaring] Together: Bubbles! Oh, sorry! [Spits] Oof! You okay, Bubbs? I'd be lying if I said yes.
Oh, man, I'm such a jerk.
Sorry, I'm just super hungry! [Chomps] And sometimes I eat extra when I'm anxious.
Spoiler alert I'm anxious a lot! [Laughs] - Who are you? - And what are you? Oh, I'm a tomato worm.
Name's Tabitha, but you can call me Eddie.
- Why? - Good question.
Never mind that.
How'd you get in our garden?! Actually, I was always here, and you guys were really big! But then I woke up today, and you guys were really small.
Ugh! I knew we shouldn't have taken the easy way out! - Yeah, I can't believe you, Bubbles! - What?! Ooh, a tomato! No! This is out last tomato! Yeah, dude, you've eaten the whole garden! [Crow cawing] [Splat] Aw, I'm the worst! Yes.
Yes, you are.
Welp, got to get ready for Veggie Fest.
[Twinkling] Veggie Fest? Oh, that sounds great! What time are we going? Who's driving? Ooh, and could someone cover me? I'm a little light on cash.
- Well, I guess we could - No way! We are not hanging out with the thing! It's our fault she's this big! Besides, she's not that bad.
[Fast-forwarding] It turns out my cousin and I have the same socks.
Isn't that crazy?! Ugh, she is that bad! Hey, we're here! Whoo-hoo! Veggie Fest! Come on, guys.
Last one in is a rotten egg! [Farts loudly] Sorry.
Maybe first one in.
Whoo! Buttercup: Wow, gross.
Here you go the biggest zucchini we got! No! Little Nicky hates zucchini! [Munching] All right, time to let this baby win us the prestige of best tomato growers in town! [Chuckles] And best tomato throwersin town.
[Chuckles] And best tomatomowersin town! Uh, I just want to win.
Eddie: Yeah, me, too, Bubbs! Ooh, pumpkins! [Whap!] [Grunts] Yes! Okay, seriously, Eddie is the worst! Buttercup, she's just a little clumsy and hungry.
And accidentally violent.
[Loud crash] Oops! You squashed my squash! You mashed my potatoes! You asparagused my asp you ruined my vegetable! [Laughs nervously] Bubbles did it? [Growls] Sorry, I'll just Oh, man.
Oh, man! I am getting anxious here.
[Sighs] Let's just get the toma [Loud chomping] Together: No! Our tomato! Eddie, that is That is it! You are the rudest, moochiest, most selfish And another thing! You [Back-up signal beeping] [Panting] Whoa.
Even I wouldn't say that.
It's okay.
Uh, no need to be subtle.
I didn't know you felt that way.
Good to know.
Good to [Sobbing] know! Oh, man.
We really goofed.
- Especially you, Bubbles.
- Hey! We better go talk to her.
[Gasps] [Laughing maniacally] Prepare to meet your doom, Veggie Fest patrons! Last year, my giant steamy Beany Broccolini took second place at your pathetic Veggie Fest! And I may have cried myself to sleep that night, but this year, my Onion Monster and I are givingyou something to cry about for onions make you cry! [Laughs] But not Mojo, because I have these sweet goggles! Destroy it al [Sniffs] [Coughing] Curses! Go, Onion Monster destroy! Whoa, Yeah! Stick it to the man! All right, girls, let's get this stinker under control! Now, my onion, release your nefarious stinky breath! [Laughs] [All shout] [All gag] Together: Oof! Ahh, I can't see! [All coughing] Time for a little fresh air! [Whip!] Oh, no, it's oscillating! [Screaming] [Explosion] [Chuckles] Try ospillating this! Ah, foolish Powerpuff! My onion, like my personality, has many layers! For each layer you peel, another more evil layer takes its place! Ha, that's what you think, Mojo.
Don't worry, guys, I'm on it! Hyah! [Screaming] [Laughs] I am King of the Veggies! Uh, onions are an herb! [Gasps] They are?! Eh, no matter.
I will re-label them as vegetables when I enslave Townsville! Which, since you puny Powerpuffs are cornered and helpless, should be right about [Chomping] Together: Eddie! Hey, guys.
[Slurps] So, I was thinking about what you said, and I think you're right.
I can be a little unaware of my surroundings, and I'll work on that.
Oh, no! I wasn't supposed to eat that, was I? Ugh! Typical me.
No, Eddie, you saved us! I did? Yeah, your powers of eating everything came in handy for once! They did? [Gasps] Aw, yeah! I guess they did! Aw, and it's all thanks to you guys! See, you made me think think about the choices I've made in my life, and the tomato worm I [Grunting] [Screaming] What happened?! She turned into a scary statue! Oh, no! Eddie? Eddie?! Is she? [Twinkling] [All gasp] She turned into a butterfly! She's beautiful! [Burps loudly] Hey, guys! Yeah, and still Eddie.
Wow! This is pretty rad! Check me out, guys! Hey, guys up here! Hey, check me! C-Can you see me?! Yes, Eddie, we see you.
[Laughs] Oof! [Cracking] Oops, sorry! No, we're sorry for freaking out on you earlier.
Yeah, that was the wrong way to handle being upset.
And if we hadn't totally wiffed it on taking care of our garden, you wouldn't have gotten in trouble in the first place.
Aw, it's cool, dudes.
Thanks for making me a better Eddie! - Want to go get a snack? - Nah.
Now that I can fly, I'm gonna go see the world! Look out, everyone, Eddie's coming to Oof! [Chuckles] Whoopsie me.
My bad.
Gah! Wuh-oh! Whoops! - That's coming out of your allowance, Bubbles.
- What?!