The Powerpuff Girls (2016) s01e27 Episode Script

Road Trippin

1 Ohh, yeah! Powerpuff girls fighting crime To save the world before bedtime Here's the time to shine when you're fighting crime Power it up Who's got the power? We got the power! Breaking through the wall, gonna do it all We don't quit Who's got the power? We got the power! Oh! Yeah! Dear diary My week's been going all right.
I went to a petting zoo.
I passed my spelling test.
Oh! And the Professor hates me.
Okay, well, not like he hates me, hates me.
It's just, sometimes, I think we don't have much in common.
Not like my sisters.
[Laughter] Whoa, whoa, whoa! The Professor and Buttercup have their monster movie night.
[Roars] - That's my little monster masher.
- Goo.
Blossom helps the Professor in the lab.
We've successfully updated Schedule Bot's hyper task software routine.
I'm Schedule Bot 2.
I am here to provide you with friendly reminders of your daily scheduled needs.
- That's my little lab partner.
- Goo.
But with me Professor, I finally figured out chiaroscuro shading.
Nice hatching, huh? [Buzzer] Very uh um nice.
That's my Bubbles.
He called me Bubbles.
Uh, dude, We all call you Bubbles that's your name.
But he gives you guys nicknames! I can give you a nickname.
How about Stumpo? Rolls off the tongue.
You two are his little "this" or little "that," and I'm just his Bubbles! Sometimes it's like the Professor doesn't even want me around! Uh, what are you painting? The anguishing beast inside of me.
Hey, that looks really good.
Oh, thank you.
I picked up the technique from Zeitgeist.
She's been my most favoritest artist forever and ever and ever.
Not that the Professor would know anything about that.
Hey, Bubbles, you know, Zeitgeist is having a gallery opening this weekend.
You should take the Professor.
[Up-tempo music playing] I am everyzing.
[Blows] Her gallery is too far away.
We would have to drive all weekend just the two of us.
Bubbles: Suddenly, I was struck by a plan so brilliant, I knew I couldn't fail.
Bubbles: # Bubbles and Professor on the road # Having good times Go, go, go Are you ready for some empirical fun, Bubbles? This is going to be the greatest trip ever! Turns out, with no Blossom and Buttercup, the Professor and I didn't have a lot to talk about.
So uh what's your favorite Zeitgeist painting? Um, um The blue one? [Sighs] It's pretty sweet, having the house to ourselves.
The whole weekend to work on our popcorn skills.
Babysitter mode, activated.
Ugh, Schedule Bot.
Time to do your chores.
Wash dishes, turn off the TV, and put on your jam jams, brush your teeth.
It's been hours since we last spoke.
Just silence, stretching on forever, like the horizon.
Will we ever arrive at our destination? Or am I merely a rest stop in his heart? If Blossom and Buttercup are the halogen headlights of this family car, does that make me the broken tail light? Is there anything that can break this emotional road block? [Tires screech] Red light.
That's 450 terahertz.
[Sighs] Bottomless pit and gift shop? Can we go? Please, please, please?! Come on, hurry up it's over here.
Let's go! [Echoing] Whoa! How cool! [Gasps] And now Opening for the Sensitive Thugs Bubbles and her Puppy Opera.
[Giggles] Professor! Hey, Professor! Did you hear that? Cool, right? Uh-huh, that's nice.
Professor, you're not even listening.
Yes, my shoes are comfortable.
[Sighs] I'm going to the gift shop.
Sometimes the Professor treats me like I'm invisible.
Am I invisible? Is this my new sad super power? [Gasps] A goldfish novelty flashlight.
I have to have it.
I need to have it.
[Squeals] [Up-tempo music plays] [Tires screech, horn honks] [Music stops] Bubbles, time to get in the car before I forget you! [Chuckles] Forget me? Of course.
It all makes sense now.
Take sweet little Bubbles out on a road trip, all alone cut off from the civilized world.
And when she leasts expects it, you ditch her at the big dinosaur.
I've seen it a thousand times.
There's too many witnesses.
So where will it be? He could leave me anywhere, like the world's largest ball of yarn.
Or the world's smallest ball of yarn.
Or Phone Henge.
Mount Plushmore.
The Burrito River.
You need somewhere dark and evil someplace like the Waffle Barn! [Thunder crashes] Left alone.
Forced to build my own thatched-roof cottage out of old waffles to survive.
It's both shelter and food.
Well, Professor, the joke's on you.
I'm not getting out of this car.
No matter what.
Bubbles, get out of the car.
What?! We're here Zeitgeist's gallery.
Blossom: Lights.
[Clank] Wire cutters? [Electricity crackles] Licorice.
Om, yum, yum, yum, yum.
- Clear! - Wait, no! [Car alarm wailing] Ooh.
Look at all this fancy art.
[Groans] [Tink] Ah! I am ze art! [Cheers and applause] Oh, how exciting.
I'm on to you.
I am Zeitgeist.
Behold my newest sculpture! [Grunts] Fazzer und daughter day! [Whistling] Ze marble used is harvested from ze radioactive core of ze Earth.
Each vone glows vith ze everlasting love between fazzer und daughter and actual radiation.
I'm so glad I have a good relationship with my father.
Aah! - That is it! - What? You've been ignoring me this whole trip! - And I know why.
- What? You're trying to get rid of me.
You and your whole scientist ruse.
What?! But I'm on to you, Professor.
Nothing surprises ol' Bubbles.
[Sculpture whirs] [Spectators murmur] [All gasp] Oh, no! Zey warned me about ze dangers of using ze radioactive marble.
Because of the radiation? No.
Because it might be full of mole men.
[Roars] [All gasp] [All roaring] [Screaming] Ze folly of my dreams! Mole men?! This trip has been the worst.
[Screaming] [Roars] [Screams, grunts] Professor: Bubbles, are you okay? Professor, where are you? I'm hiding behind zeitgeist's 2007 sculpture "Hat On Can.
" Ha.
I knew you'd ditch me.
Wait, how did you know the name of this sculpture? Oh, sweetie, I've been researching Zeitgeist this entire trip.
I know she's your most favoritest artist ever, so I wanted to study up.
You did? [Roars] Aah! Aah! [Distorted] I'm going to tuck you in.
Aah! Aah! I thought you didn't care about me anymore.
Of course I do, sweetie.
I even got you this.
I know how much you like goldfish.
[Gasps] I bought us a matching set.
[Snarls, roars] Huh.
That rarely happens.
Bubbles, that's it.
Due to their subterranean lifestyles, the mole people's biological structure must render them hypersensitive to light.
The mole people never see light, so it makes them go boom.
Okay, Professor.
Let's make some mole men go boom.
[Mole men grunting] Ooh.
Ze glory of se fazzer und ze daughter.
[Growls] [Grunts] [Both grunt] [Angelic music playing] [Music stops] Professor, we did it! I couldn't have done it without you! And I couldn't have done it without you, my little lightbeam.
[Gasps] My own nickname.
[Indistinct singing on TV] Hey, what'd you do with Schedule Bot? [Creepy music] Don't worry about it.
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