The Powerpuff Girls (2016) s01e28 Episode Script

The Big Sleep

1 Ohh, yeah! Powerpuff girls fighting crime To save the world before bedtime Here's the time to shine when you're fighting crime Power it up Who's got the power? We got the power! Breaking through the wall, gonna do it all We don't quit Who's got the power? We got the power! Oh! Yeah! Announcer: Space Towtruck, hurry! You're never gonna make it! [Chuckles] You're too late, Space Towtruck.
You only have time to tow one of these galactic minivans before that star goes supernova! But which one contains your beloved space cat? Meow.
And which one contains his evil clone? [Deep voice] Meow.
[Gasps] Meter Man is so scary.
Buttercup, can I come into the pillow fort? You know the rules of Fort Buttercup "No dorks allowed.
" Oh, yeah.
Play the next one, Bloss.
If we don't find out what happens to Space Towtruck before school tomorrow, you just know Spoiler Cheryl will spoil the ending for us.
Ooh, Spoiler Cheryl.
All right, girls, time for bed.
You can all watch your space-tractor show tomorrow.
Together: Aw.
Blossom Powerpuff, bedtime negotiator.
Please review this notarized request to extend our bedtime so that we may watch the next episode of "Space Towtruck.
" Hmm, party of the first part, and then I have to have it Well, very interesting data.
Oh, all right.
But just one more episode.
Together: Yay! [Laughter] Do you, Space Towtruck, take the Robo-Berta to be your lawfully wedded space wife? Beedy beedy beedy.
[Door thuds] Meow.
Next one, Bloss.
Next one.
Girls, time for bed.
Together: One more.
Come on.
You said that four episodes ago.
Blossom Powerpuff, bedtime columnist.
I have on record you stating you love us and would do anything in the world for us.
Well, of course, but Together: Yay! [Laughter] [Sighs] Space Towtruck, heed my words the words of Signalclese.
It's time to reveal your deepest, darkest secret.
And that secret is [TV powers down] What? [Electricity shuts off] [Clanking] Bubbles, what did you do? Nothing I know of.
Professor: Girls, get down! Together: Professor? [Grunting] [Grunts, panting] What's going on? Girls, to the lab now! [Breathing heavily] [Keypad beeping, buzzes] Oh.
[Keypad beeping, buzzes] [Groans] [Keypad beeping, buzzes] [Panting] Oh! [Keypad beeping] Got it.
[Screaming] [Sighs] Professor, why did you beat up those pillows? Girls, let me explain.
I have been working diligently on code name Project Slumber, the creation of the world's most comfortable pillow.
Who says science doesn't put you to sleep? Am I right, Bubbs? [Giggling] I don't get it.
The goal was to build not just a comfy cushion, but a pillow capable of independent thought one so smart that it would predict what you need and fluff itself accordingly.
Ahh, science.
Is there anything it can't do? But something went terribly wrong.
The pillow I made was too comfortable.
One snuggle, and you're instantly asleep.
Well, I hate to burst your bubble, Professor, but we got a bigger problem, and her name is Spoiler Cheryl.
Don't you understand?! Yes! Maybe.
The pillow's escaped.
It's loose in the house.
The house?! But that's where I live! The pillow won't rest until we're all resting.
Oh, no! Quick! To the panic room! We don't have a panic room, Bubbles.
Any room is a panic room if you panic hard enough.
[Screaming] Girls, it's up to us to stop the pillow before it breaks free and puts all of Townsville to sleep.
Um, you can put me down now.
[Keypad beeps] Coast is clear.
Hey, Bloss, what do you think Space Towtruck's secret is? Now is not the time.
I think he's still in love with Neutrona.
I think Space Towtruck's been a ghost the entire time.
Hmm, yeah.
That makes sense.
Totally! [Glass shatters] [Gasps] I think it's in the kitchen.
On it.
The pillow's right there.
Let's do this, girls.
On three.
One, two, three.
Aah! Aah! Aah! All: Aah! Ahoh.
Where is it, Professor? Hmm.
It appears I was wrong.
The pillow's not here.
Oh, well.
Who wants some cheese and [Grunts] [Screaming] Together: Professor! [Snoring] Oh, no! What was he gonna serve cheese with? There it goes! Aw, man.
That pillow is casing us.
Pillow casing us.
Am I right, Bubbs? I'm scared.
Focus, girls.
We're running out of time to watch Space Towtruck.
Spoiler Cheryl could text us the twist ending any minute.
Both: Spoiler Cheryl.
First things first.
Let's get the Professor to bed.
The Professor! He's gone! That pillow monster must have taken him.
Game over, man.
Game over.
Bubbles, look! [Sniffs] Goose down.
I must've clipped it.
[Doorknob rattling] Get in position.
All right, ready? Ready.
Not ready.
[Breathing shakily, teeth chattering] Now! [Yowls] [Grunting] [Screaming] [Meowing] Bubbles, you have got to stop keeping cats in the closet.
But you said I had to stop keeping them in the attic.
[Static] Hmm.
Still warm.
It's here.
But where? Hmm.
If I was a pillow, where would I hide? [Pillow hisses] It's in there.
Nobody move.
Eep! [Sighs] I'll get her.
All right, pillow, get ready to tango.
Hoo-ah! [Grunting] I got it, dude! [Sighs] What a relief.
Now we can watch - Buttercup, behind you! [Grunts] Hey! Get back here! [Grunting] Hey! [Grunting stops] Buttercup? B-B-B-Buttercup? [Snores] [Hisses] [Both scream] [Snoring] Why don't we just go to bed? I don't need to see the end of Space Towtruck.
Do you want Spoiler Cheryl to win? If we're going to bed, we're doing it on our terms.
This pillow's been a step ahead of up this whole time.
You see, to beat the pillow, we must think like the pillow.
I get it.
I don't get it.
Don't worry, Bubbles.
You lure the pillow in, and I'll drop the cage.
Now, act tired.
I'm already pretty sleepy, but, okay.
Good acting, and another perfect plan, Blossom.
[Hisses] [Roars] Clever pillow.
[Roars] Aah! No! [Grunting] Blossom, what's going on? [Snoring] Blossom! [Snoring continues] First the Professor, then Buttercup, and now Blossom.
That's it! It's on.
Pillow, it's just you and me, and it's bedtime! [Hisses] [Screaming] [Screaming stops] [Yawns] [Snoring] [All snoring] And that's why we need to follow bedtimes.
Isn't that right, Mr.
Fluff-n-Stuff? [Chuckles] [Growls] Powerpuff girls fighting crime Saving the world before bedtime Battling evil toe-to-toe Saving the day, a Powerpuff goal