The Powerpuff Girls (2016) s01e29 Episode Script

The Secret Life of Blossom Powerpuff

1 Ohh, yeah! [title music] Powerpuff Girls fighting crime To save the world before bedtime Here's the time to shine when you're fighting crime Power it up Who's got the power? We got the power! Breaking through the wall, gonna do it all We don't quit Who's got the power? We got the power! Oh! Yeah! [Bell rings] Club day sign-ups have now begun in the cafetorium.
Step right up and join the auctioneers club! We got room for 10 more.
Do I got 10? Do I got 10? Thank you, sir! Come join the cheese club.
We got cheese logs, cheese balls, cheese pants - Money! - Welcome to the money club.
Too poor, too poor, too poor.
I'm here to sign up for the Model U.
Dibs on Norway! Sorry.
It's full.
No! My life is ruined! Ruined! Blossom, we heard your over-dramatic cries! What's wrong, dude? The Model U.
My entire career trajectory hinged on being Norway in the Model U.
[Sighs] Now I'm doomed to a life in local government.
It's no so bad, dude.
Just sign up for another club.
Another club? This is a perfect day to try something new, Blossom.
Who knows? You just might like it.
You could take Art Club with me, and be an artist.
Me? An artist? [Echoing] Artist, artist [String quartet playing] Might I move now, Madame Blossom? Me bum's getting sore! I told you, squire Bubbles, you can move all you want.
I'm not painting you.
I'm painting the chair! [Sighs] And done! Amazing! [Oohing and aahing] Well, I say! That is the most beautiful painting of a chair I have ever seen! If I were to grade this painting, I would certainly give it a grade of the highest caliber! An "A," perhaps! [Gushes] I want to put it in my fancy mansion! I want to put it in my super-fancy castle! I say, what do we get for the chair painting? Let's start the bidding at two pence! [Clamoring] I should have become a painter! Instead, I followed the family business of pitchforks, torches, and bubblegum spittoons.
[Hawks throat] [Ting] 'Tis a hit, your painting is! Thank you, Bubbles! Being an artist truly is a wonderful thing.
Well, I don't like that chair! It's far too provocative! I agree! Somebody should paint a sweater on that chair! A sweater?! It's just a chair! Well, a chair like that has no place in civilized society! I plan on never sitting on another chair again! Let's form an angry mob and destroy that chair! [Clamoring] Whoo-hoo! People, please! It's just a painting! It's not the end of the world! You heard her it's the end of the world! Release the Renaissance robot! [Screaming] [Screams] I should have gone into selling robots.
Aagh! No! I don't think Art Club is right for me.
What you need is a club with more excitement, more adventure.
Behold the Future Astronauts Club! An astronaut? [Echo] Astronaut, astronaut Houston, Astro Blossom has landed.
Yay! Congratulations, Astro Blossom! You're the first human to land on an alien planet! Under! Uh, I think you're supposed to say, "over.
" - Over.
- Over, under.
No, not "under," "over.
" Over.
I get it.
Over, under.
[Sighs] Okay! Let's explore the planet! Ready, R2B2? Boop beep.
Beep boop beep boop.
S'up? Ooh! Oh, wow! The rock samples on this planet's surface are fascinating! I'll say.
They're not flying into space when I throw 'em at ya.
Better keep testing, though.
R2B2, you're supposed Who dares set foot on our planet?! Greetings! It is I Astro Blossom representative of Earth.
Silence! We have tracked you earthlings for many light years.
I demand to know one thing.
How do you get your hair so shiny? [Giggles] Why, if I were to grade your hair, I would give it the letter "A.
" And, now, in the spirit of intergalactic friendship and maybe more in the future let us drink the soda of peace! # Soda of peace # Sweet! [Buzzing] [Screaming] Beep boop bop bop beep.
# Drinking soda of peace # Oh, I'd hate to set this down with out a coaster.
[Gasps] On our planet, using a coaster is an act of war! I'm sorry! [Gasps] Apologizing is an even bigger act of war! Release the Earth-destroying robot! Aagh! What do we do?! I got this! No! That was a terrible idea, too! You haven't tried it yet.
What could go wrong? Literally everything! [Sighs] Maybe I'm over-thinking this.
BOTH: You think? I just need to pick a club that's simple and fun.
One that can't possibly go wrong! Like [Gasps] Breakdancing Club! [Echoing] Breakdancing club! Go, Blossom, go! Go, Blossom, go, Blossom, go! Go, Blossom, go, Blossom, go! [Cheering] Aw, yeah! Straight illin'! [Cheering] Blossom, you're one fly honey! If I had to give your dancin' a grade, I'd give it an "A"! Good thing we've got the Townsville rec center so all us kids can dance out our feelings! - Aw, yeah! - Nothing can stop us now! Stop! My daddy just bought this rec center purely for the purpose of kicking you out! Read the contract and weep! [All groan] Wait! There must be something we can do! [Music] Yo, yo! I perused this contract for reals real, and it says that the only way we can save the rec center is a dance-off! Aw, yeah! Blossom versus Morbucks dance-off! It's on! It's on! [Dance music plays] Boo-yah! You've been served! [Cheering] Ooh, step off, girl! Don't stop your body Don't stop Love, love me Love, love me [Rap music plays] Move to the left Move to the right It's Soul Sonic on the floor tonight It's the perfect beat I got magic feet So it's time for you to hit the street You call that dancin'? Check this! [Music in the style of "Y.
" plays] You know I'm all about the C-A-S-H My money's also known as C-A-S-H I gotta make it and spend it Ha! Try beating that, M.
Puffpants! Time to get serious! [Music in the style of "Maniac" plays] ["Stayin' Alive" style disco plays] ["Thriller" style pop plays] [Operatic, rock music] Dancin' ["Super Freak" style] Back up, oh, my, lift my knees watch me fly Turn this battle out [Grunts] Yeah oh, bummer.
You did it, Blossom! You showed that jive turkey! Yeah! Hey! You may have won this round, Blossom! But I'm still the coolest girl in town! Hey! Anybody want victory punch? Whoa! Huh? [Sobbing] [Pop music plays] Now, it's on to nationals! [Gasps] [Screaming] Don't stop your body Don't stop [Screaming] Aw No! Ugh! I can't do it! All my future plans end in Earth-destroying robot attacks.
Robot attacks? Robot attack?! That sounds perfect for my club the Dystopian Sci-Fi Writers Club! The Dystopian Sci-Fi Writers Club? Yeah! We write crazy stories that happen in the past, or in space or even in the '80s.
Feel free to sign up! Blossom, Blossom?! Bobby just quit Model U.
to join Breakdancing Club! Really? But you're perfect for Dystopian Writers Club! Really? Well, I, uh As the representative of Norway, I urge peace and hot cocoa for all! [Cheering] [Gasping] "Smash! Bash!" The robot spoke in an ominous voice "I come from outer space with a warning don't paint any portraits of chairs breakdancing!" [Cheering] This is the greatest club ever! This is the lamest club ever.
Aw, yeah! [Music]