The Promise (2011) s01e03 Episode Script

Part 3

During that operatlon.
While he fights for his life in the hospital, the British forces of occupation have sentenced our heroic soldier to death by hanglng.
Listen carefully, British soldiers.
Whatever you do to one of ours, we will do the same to two of your s.
I'll tell you what I'd like to do to that fucking bitch.
Yeah, we all know what you'd like to do to her, you randy bastard.
What's he doing here? How are you feeling? Fucking stupid.
- You? - I'm in heaven, mate.
This place is full of nurses.
What? You're lucky you can still show an interest.
Another few inches and they'd have shot your nuts off.
Talking of luck little Clara's been in to see you.
We took a bite or two while you were out.
Hope you don't mind.
What about Derek? Did they catch them? You're joking, aren't you? Caught someone else, though.
Avram Klein.
He was shot during the raid at Tiberias.
His Irgun mates buggered off and left him.
- He doesn't look well.
- He's just been back in theatre.
Don't know why they're bothering, though.
He shot three policemen.
Soon as he's recovered, they're only going to stretch his neck.
All right? You're wasting your time.
He can't talk.
They've wired up his jaw.
Someone almost shot it off, apparently.
"Someone" could give him his drink, if you want to help.
Hope I'm not interrupting.
- Did you report me? - For what? For the attack on the King David.
You said I knew about it.
Shouldn't you have? It's ironic.
You still don't trust me, but everyone else sees a Jewish girl fraternising with the enemy.
It's all right for some! Thanks.
Take it easy.
You've got him now.
It's all right.
I couldn't resist, it's so beautiful.
I didn't think I'd ever find someone listening to Donizetti in a British Army camp.
It's Gigli.
I saw him singing when I was a boy.
How did the orphan boy afford tickets to see Gigli? We got all the famous tenors in Leeds, at the Grand Theatre.
I used to I used to sneak up into the gods at the interval.
What are you doing here? You know what I'm doing.
I'm visiting Jackie.
You need to be careful, bringing her on the base.
It's a Sunday - no-one's bothered.
Rowntree's obsessed with stopping the leaks.
If he finds she's been let in without a pass, he'll have her arrested.
You too, probably.
I've been thinking about asking her back to London when we pull out.
I thought it were Clara who wanted a passport? Wasn't it just supposed to be a bit of fun? Things change, don't they? Think she'd say yes? Don't know.
She definitely made a pass at me on the way out.
You wouldn't know a pass if it jumped up and hit you on the head! OK.
They're the same distance from the centre of the circle.
What do you notice? They're the same length.
That's right.
If they're the same distance from the centre, they'll always be the same length.
Go on, your turn.
- Make it a different diameter.
- OK.
Thank you.
Did you make these your self? Hassan! Thank you.
No, thanks.
I understand you got to know Avram Klein pretty well while you were in hospital.
As well as you can get to know a man with his mouth wired shut, sir.
Well, he's back in Acre now, where he will be hanged in two weeks.
Unless he lodges an appeal with the Privy Council.
To be honest, we would all be quite relieved if he did lodge an appeal.
The Irgun are threatening to take hostages to bargain for his life, which means everything here has to be bolted down pretty tight.
God knows what they'll do if we actually execute him.
If we could postpone while he appeals, it might take the pressure off.
So you want me to persuade him to save his own life, sir? Shouldn't be too difficult.
Not so sure about that.
Stubborn as hell, from what I hear.
I'll leave you to it.
Don't try too hard, eh? What do you mean? Let the fucker hang and be done with it.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Where is he? In there.
Look, I can't talk to him like that.
Can't I sit in a room with him? - It's important.
- Sorry, sarge can't be done.
I'm glad to get the chance to thank you for the kindness you showed me at the hospital.
Sorry I couldn't thank you at the time.
It was nothing.
I'd have done the same for anyone.
Don't suppose you've got a fag? They won't give me the time of day in here.
Aren't you going to have one? I don't smoke.
I just keep them to offer the girls.
It's a filthy habit.
Almost worth dying for.
I doubt it.
- Where did you fight? - Arnhem, Ardennes, all over.
- You? - Alamein.
Nothing very exciting.
Under different circumstances, we might've been friends.
I don't know.
You're cavalry, 'm a Para.
If we'd ever met, I'd have had to shoot you.
I'm here to help you lodge this appeal.
I'll be on your side, I'll make sure you get a fair deal.
I don't think so.
Why not? They'll string you up for sure if you don't.
Why give the bastards the satisfaction? If you kill me, you'll regret it.
Every movement needs its martyrs.
Keep 'em.
I'll come back in a day or two, see if you've changed your mind.
Save your self the trouble - I won't have.
But will tell you something, to return the favour.
Come closer.
You want to be careful.
One of your lot is feeding us all your operations.
It's a double bluff, innit? Why would you tell me that otherwise? Maybe I don't like traitors? Who is it? You'll have to figure that bit out for your selves.
Klein reckons there's a spy at Stella Maris.
Only one? Who'd he finger? He didn't.
Did you believe him? I dunno.
I'm still thinking about it.
You'd better be careful how you tell Rowntree.
He might think you're trying to muddy the waters.
Everyone knows you're pro-Jewish.
If you're saying I'm leaking to the Jews, you'd better fucking say it straight out! - Are you? - No, I'm fucking not! OK.
Who is? I don't know, do I? Hello? Sorry.
Does Omar live here? - Omar.
- Omar? Yeah, Omar, is he here? He said he'd give me a driving lesson.
Omar said he said he'd give me a driving lesson.
A driving lesson? Hi.
Come with me, I take you.
You said you'd give me a driving lesson.
We didn't say today? No.
I just thought So, let's go.
Shouldn't you be praying? We pray on Sunday.
My family's Christian, like your s.
I'm not anything.
I hate religion.
Does it go right through the middle of town? Of course.
Over there, the West Bank.
Over here, Israel.
What? You see God in this? OK, into "drive" and we go.
I can't do this.
Go slowly.
It's easy.
It's an automatic.
No, I mean I can't do it.
I'm not allowed.
I'm epileptic.
You know I'm not allowed to drive.
I don't know what was thinking.
It was silly.
I'm really sorry for wasting your time.
I'll drive you home.
Why don't you come in? There's no-one here.
I don't think that's a very good idea.
They wouldn't mind.
What is it? Just orange juice.
With a large helping of vodka.
What's the matter? I thought you weren't a Muslim.
Mr and Mrs Meyer, this is Omar.
He's a friend of Paul's.
Sorry, don't know your surname.
It's Habash.
Max Meyer.
Let me get you a towel.
So, where are you from, Omar, your family? Abu Dis.
Yeah, well, what's happened there is a disgrace.
How do you know Paul? We have some friends in common.
They're both members of Combatants For Peace.
Omar made this incredibly moving speech at this meeting in Nablus.
He was in the al-Aqsa Martyrs.
Paul took you to Nablus? Where are you from, Mr Meyer? I was born in Manchester, in England.
I came here after we got married.
And what about you, Mrs Meyer? From here.
I mean, originally.
My father was born in Hungary, if that's what you mean.
How did it go? As you see.
Hey, man.
Sorry to hear what happened.
Are you OK? Yeah, on the mend.
So, what's all this? Your parents very kindly invited me to dinner.
Hope you left some for me.
Of course, dear.
It's Eliza.
- Thanks, dude.
You saved my life.
- Why, what's going on? Nothing.
I just needed to get out of a really weird situation.
I invited Omar round for a swim and your parents came back early.
So we're having this, like, beyond-surreal meal when Paul comes in and he's like, "What the fuck is he doing here?" It's totally awkward! I had to get out of there.
Lize? You Invited him to the house? Sure, why not? Er is he still there? Yeah.
Anyway, what's happening with you? Nothing.
Everything's cool.
Don't need me to rush to the rescue? No, it's fine.
Where's Omar? Er, Paul's escorting him back to the highway.
The police get a bit jumpy about unfamiliar cars after dark.
You should have asked us before you brought him here, Erin.
It isn't fair to him and it certainly isn't fair to us.
I'm really sorry.
I didn't think.
But you did tell me to treat this like my home.
Of course, and we want you to.
But you have to understand, you're not in London now.
This is a difficult situation, Erin, we know that.
You came here to support Eliza, which was really great of you, and she's only home at weekends, which means you've got time on your hands.
But you need to understand that when you're in Israel, you're in our care.
I do understand Of course you're going to want to go out and meet new people.
But we need to know where you are and who you're with.
And To be very honest with you, Erin we need to know you're not lying to us.
- I wasn't lying - Are you OK? I think she's going to faint.
Are you OK? What's that? I bit my tongue.
It's fine.
It happens all the time.
Don't you take medication? It doesn't always work.
I'm sorry.
I should've stayed with you.
Don't worry.
I probably deserved it.
Your parents have been so lovely to me and now they're really pissed off.
I just didn't realise it was such a big deal, having him here.
It'll do them good.
You realise that's probably the first time they've sat down to dinner with a real Palestinian in their lives.
And you do it all the time, of course.
Not as often as I should, no.
So why are you angry with me? I'm not.
Yes, you are.
Clara? This was round your neck? What does it say? "This woman is a whore and a collaborator.
"Let her fate be a lesson to her and to any others like her out there.
"Signed, the Sons of Pinchas.
" Who are the Sons of Pinchas? Pinchas killed those involved in public promiscuity on behalf of the Lord.
The Bible says God rewarded him for eternity as a result.
Did they, um Did they do anything to you? You mean after they rip all my hair out and cover me with tar and feathers? They warned me but I couldn't not see you.
I love you.
Much good it's done me.
What do you mean, they warned you? Underneath.
It says I should stop seeing you if I want to live in so many words.
But thought the city paid you to see us? These aren't the city! They're animals.
They're the same animals who killed your friends and nearly killed you! Can you stay? There's someone I have to meet.
It won't take longer than an hour.
I'll come straight back.
Please don't go.
I have to.
Why? What's so important? I don't believe it.
You still don't trust me.
Do they actually have to kill me before you know that I would never betray you? Robbins and Nash have got a spy in the Jewish Agency.
They're meeting him in half an hour, Café Gan Vered.
I'm their backup.
His name's Menachem Wurtz.
He's a clerk.
What else do you want to know? Of course I trust you.
I love you.
I'll tell you anything you want to know.
Shh! Nothing.
- Who's this? - Relax, he's a friend.
Who's always late for meetings.
Girlfriend trouble.
Look, everyone does it.
And it's good money.
We're all friends here now.
Thank you.
Untie him.
I'm really sorry about this elaborate charade, sergeant.
Do sit down.
Captain Rowntree sends his compliments, by the way.
What's going on, sir? Rowntree thinks that Sergeant Robbins is working for the Irgun.
He organised this little incident to try and draw him out.
What do you think of that? I don't think anything of it, sir.
Well, have you seen any indication? What's he been up to lately? I don't follow sir.
Well, who's he been meeting? I'm afraid 'm not able to say anything more, sir, until I'm convinced of your bona fides.
- Hugh? - Yeah.
We're both here.
Where are we? My eyes haven't adjusted.
They won't.
It's black as the ace of spades in here.
Use when no more air.
- And what if we need to take a piss? - Use bucket.
Some prick dressed up in a major's uniform tried to tell me Hugh was a spy.
When? Just now.
Fucking convincing too.
What did you tell him? Do I look stupid? Well, someone's fucking blabbed.
No-one knew about that meeting.
Must've been the clerk.
I can't breathe.
Hang on.
Take it easy with that.
It may need to last us a while.
It needs to last until Klein gets reprieved and taken off Death Row.
That's the only way we're ever getting out of here.
Is there anything sharp in here? There's a crack in the mortar.
We might be able to work it loose.
Use the edge of the oxygen.
Too risky.
If we fuck up the valve, we're dead.
We're dead anyway.
Oi! Where are you taking him? I'm glad you've stopped pretending to be a British officer.
- Sit down, sergeant.
- No, I'll stand, if you don't mind.
As you wish.
I am a British officer, by the way, or I was.
I served in the Jewish Brigade You know what, I don't give a toss.
If you were a British officer, you'd know that holding us like this is against the Geneva Convention, so either let us go or put me back with my mates, because I don't give a fuck about your little chats.
It causes you problems with your friends when we single you out for special treatment, does it? On VE Day, we were camped in northern Italy.
We borrowed British Army trucks and drove them north into Germany.
We used the trucks to ferry Jews from the camps to ports on the Adriatic coast where they boarded ships for Palestine.
We did it for months, right under the noses of our British officers.
Can you imagine what it was like to liberate Jews from a concentration camp with the words "we are Jews from Palestine"? What it was like for them to hear those words? What it was like for us to utter them? I'm not interested in your friends, sergeant.
I'm interested in you.
The reason for these little chats, as you call them, is because we want to offer you the chance to join us.
Tell Clara the answer's no.
What's going on, Len? Why do they keep pulling you out? They asked me to join them.
What did you say? I'm back here, aren't I? Pass me the oxygen.
- What is it? - Pass me it.
They're searching the factory.
They're looking for us.
What's the problem? Fucking hit it! I am.
They've strapped sandbags to the bottom.
- Help! - Help! - Help us! - Help! - Down here! - Help! We're down here! Help! You got anyone waiting? Wife.
What's her name? Alice.
You? No No-one.
You should do it.
Do what? Tell them Tell them you'll join them.
We're all going to die in here.
Bastards! Close your eyes.
Are they closed? Are they? Yeah, they're fucking closed.
Just get on with it.
Keep them closed.
Is this it? Hugh, Frank, it's me! They must've moved them.
How long was I in there? I lost track.
15 days.
Can you think of any reason why you might have been released and not them, sergeant? No, sir.
Would you like me to have another go at Klein, sir? See if I can persuade him to make that appeal? No point.
He was executed at five o'clock this morning.
- Where? - About two miles from here, sir.
Get in.
I'd let the sappers finish first, sir.
It says, "Sergeant Hugh Robbins, found guilty of murder "and condemned to death by the National Military Organisation.
"Sentence carried out in reprisal for the illegal killing of Avram Klein "by the Nazi British Forces of Occupation, who" OK, we get the message.
Cut him down.
We don't know what other crap these bastards have left for us.
Where is she?! She's not here.
She is not here! Where the fuck is she?! She's gone, look! Look.
She left last night.
I don't know where she's gone or when she's coming back.
It was all a put-up job, wasn't it? The head-shaving, the tarring.
The whole thing was faked to make me trust her, wasn't it? So I'd let something slip? - I don't know what you're talking about.
- Why am I still alive?! Even after they were dead, you weren't satisfied.
You blew Robbins to pieces.
There's not enough left of him to send back to his mum in a box, you bastard! Why am I still alive?! I don't know.
She has much more extreme views than I do.
I have no idea what she's up to most of the time.
If I ask, she doesn't tell me.
I'm terribly sorry about your friends.
I don't know what's happening to you people.
How can you be sure it was her? Hm? It could've been the clerk.
Because I'm still alive.
If it'd been the clerk, I'd be hanging from a tree along with Robbins and Nash.
So you think she made a deal to protect you? I don't know.
You should've told me what was going on with that woman sooner, sergeant.
Yeah? Look what happened last time I confided in you.
I got set up and half my platoon got killed.
And if you're trying to say it's my fault Robbins and Nash are dead, you can save your breath, cos I already know that.
I'm sorry to hear about Robbins and Nash.
What is it? Dunno.
World just spun.
My God.
- How long was I out? - About ten minutes.
What happened? You tell me.
One minute we're talking, next thing you're rolling around on the floor.
- How did I get in here? - I dragged you.
I didn't think being caught frothing at the mouth's gonna do much for your career prospects.
What is it? What's the matter? I've fucking wet myself, all right? Fuck's sake.
With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children, England mourns for her dead across the sea.
Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of her spirit, fallen in the cause of the free.
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.
We will remember them.
Honour guard, present arms.
Don't stop.
I didn't know you played the piano.
I don't.
At least, not very often.
What do you want, Erin? It's nothing.
I just found out how my grandad's friends died the two that we saw at the cemetery.
I thought you might be interested.
Tell me.
Yeah, I remember this.
This is what broke the British will to fight.
It's what made them decide to leave.
Omar told me you've been to Hebron.
Yeah, you could say that.
I served there for three years.
Would they let me in? Why? Are you asking me to take you? I don't know.
What's it like, anyway? It's It's a fucking madhouse.
What? What is it? My grandad's just had an epileptic fit.
That must be where you get it from.
It's weird I don't think he knows what it is.
I wish I could just tell him.
Oh, God.
Hi, it's me.
Look, I'm really sorry about the other day.
I screwed up, I'm really, really sorry.
I hope you got home OK.
Anyway, I'm on my way to Hebron, decided to go alone in the end.
Maybe you could meet me there? Ring me ring me back.
You'll notice most of the streets around here are deserted.
It's known as a sterile zone.
Why? To make room for 500 Jewish settlers who have no right to be here under international law, almost the entire Palestinian population of old Hebron has been moved out moved out of the Arab heart of one of the largest Arab cities If he has his way, do you think you'll be able to pray at the tomb of the Patriarchs? Only because Jews are settling here we can do this! OK, sure, but why do we have to steal a Palestinian house, turn it into a fortress and then bring in 5,000 soldiers to protect us? Hey, Natan, what happened to your ponytail? Don't tell me your boyfriend wouldn't go to bed with you unless you cut it off? Natan Filer helps the Arabs! Natan Filer helps the Arabs! Excuse me? Excuse me, can I just? What's your name? What's your name? Erin.
Ana Hanout.
- Ana Holoud.
- Hanout.
Erin Go through.
Get off! Go on! Stop it, leave her alone! Stop them! Stop them! Someone's gonna get killed! Stop them! OK, come on.
Right OK.
Hold, hold.
OK? OK Duke of Edinburgh would be proud of me.
Right OK All right? All right.
Oi! Why are you just standing there doing nothing?! What's the point of you even being here if you don't try and stop them?! Hanout, Hanout I need to find I need to find this place.
Yeah? What's the matter? - This is it? - Yahud! This is it? OK.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Excuse me? Hello, I'm really sorry to bother you.
I'm looking for the family of Abu-Hassan Mohammed.
I think he may have lived in this house about 60 years ago.
And you don't understand a word I'm saying.
No, actually I do.
Please, come in.
Thank you.
I'm Erin Matthews, by the way.
From London.
Cover your self.
- Who is this person? - My grandfather's servant.
My grandad was a British soldier here in the 1940s.
He's really ill, and I thought he'd like me to try and find his friend, or his friend's children.
What's his name, the servant? Abu-Hassan Mohammed.
I think I've got something that belongs to him.
I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to disturb your meal.
You're not disturbing me.
What you got? Show me.
I was only trying to talk to them.
I don't understand what I'm supposed to have done wrong.
You can't be here.
That's what you've done wrong.