The Promise (2011) s01e04 Episode Script

Part 4

Cover your self.
(SPEAKS HEBREW) What you got show me? (THEY ARGUE) (HE SHOUTS) Passport.
I was only trying to talk to them, I don't understand what I'm supposed to have done wrong.
You can't be here.
That's what you've done wrong.
(MAN SHOUTS) (SPEAKS HEBREW) You wouldn't believe it.
I trained these hopeless pieces of shit.
(HELICOPTER FLIES OVERHEAD) (SIREN WAILS) Home sweet home? This was my life for three years.
Doesn't mean I'm not critical of it.
Anyway, thanks for coming.
Sorry I ran.
It felt weird waking up You know It's fine forget it.
So what happens now? They have to finish their patrol, but they want me to stay here tonight, so we can catch up.
It would be a good idea to say yes.
Sure, why not? By the way, no offence, but your friends were totally crap.
They just rolled over and did everything those settlers told them.
And when some Palestinian kids I was with were being stoned by the settlers, your precious army just stood by and did nothing.
Well, the army aren't here to keep the peace, Erin.
They're here to protect the settlers.
End of story.
And the settlers know it, so they treat them like shit.
They know we have to protect them, however disgustingly they behave.
Does that mean standing by while they commit murder? It's a grey area.
Listen everyone's mind gets fucked up here.
You can do literally anything you want to the Palestinians.
You can steal from them, you can sleep in their houses, you can take their cars beat them to death with your bare hands in broad daylight, shoot their kids for throwing a stone.
Anything Is that why you turned against it? Who says I've turned against it? I went along with most of it, most of the time.
Eliza says when you came out of the army, you'd changed.
Something must've caused it? Tell me, why are you here? The real reason.
When I thought I was leaving, I read the end of my grandad's diary.
It was really weird, he sounded so different desperate.
He said he was going to prison for something he'd done to Mohammed, his servant.
What did he do? I don't know yet.
And you're, what, looking for the servant's family? I suppose.
To do what? I don't know.
I just want to find out what happened.
Why didn't you tell me? It's private.
I thought it was because you wanted to go with Omar.
I pointed my rifle at this little Palestinian girl for a joke.
Just to show how tough I was.
And she started crying.
She didn't make a sound.
She just stared at me with tears running down her cheeks.
It was nothing.
I don't know why it affected me, I still don't.
I mean, people cry.
They beg you for mercy every day in this job.
But something switched off in me, in my brain.
I just couldn't do it any more.
- What happened? - They threw me in jail like your grandfather.
I bet Eliza never told you that about me.
Why, is she embarrassed about it? Who knows? No-one ever mentions it.
(GUNSHOT, SHOUTING) Get down, for fuck's sake! (SHOUTS ORDERS, MORE GUNFIRE) (THEY SPEAK ARABIC) (HE SPEAKS ARABIC) Hello? (SPEAKS ARABIC) That meeting Combatants for Peace? You said, once you'd shaken hands with your enemy, you could never take up a gun again.
But last night you joined in, you fired back.
It's called loyalty, Erin.
(THEY SPEAK ARABIC) Is it them? Yes and no.
She's the grand-daughter of the man Mohammed and his family came to stay with in 1948.
- The cousin? - That's right.
Yes! But none of the family are still in Hebron.
Mohammed took them away after the Six Day War in 1967, after Israel annexed this whole area - (GLASS SHATTERS) - (WOMAN SPEAKS ARABIC) She's told you to be careful of the glass.
She's saying that when her grandfather owned that house, he took in 400 Jews to protect them from the massacres.
(WOMAN CONTINUES) And now, the children of those they saved live in her grandfather's house and throw down broken glass and other not very nice things on their heads.
She's warning you to be careful.
(HE CLEARS THROAT) We should go, Erin.
(AN MATED DISCUSSION) What's she saying? Whore.
She's calling her a whore.
Right! Fuck off out of it, OK? Erin, come on.
Come on, Erin.
It doesn't help.
They'll just take it out on the family once we've gone.
Come on.
(ARGUING CONTINUES) We need to go back.
You didn't ask them where Mohammed took his family.
I did.
He took them to Gaza.
- Where in Gaza? - It doesn't matter where, Erin.
I'm serious.
Don't even think about it, OK? Gaza is a closed area.
No-one goes in and no-one comes out.
It's a war zone.
RADIO: The partition plan was adopted by 33 votes to 30 with 10 abstentions.
With this one triumphant act, the United Nations has finally signalled the death knell for the illegal occupation of our country by the British Empire.
The hated forces must leave by 1st August 1948.
People of Palestine, at last You OK? Someone's going to get killed if they keep running under our fucking wheels.
But slowly.
It isn't far.
To us by warmongers and fascists (MAN SHOUTS) so, Tommy, it's time for you to slink off back home with your tails between your legs Suddenly they love us, now they know we're going home.
Kol Zion will continue to broad.
Cast every detail of your humiliation till the last one of you is driven from oursoil.
(GUNSHOT) Fucking piece of shit! Wait here.
Sorry, my fault.
They must've done a bunk.
Stay where you are! - On me! - With you, sarge.
- Stop! - Don't move! On me.
Fuck! (HANDLE RATTLES) Go on, get in! Doesn't look like they'll be broadcasting our final humiliation after all, does it, sarge? - What happened to the woman? - Got away.
- Why'd you let her go? - I didn't.
Don't fuck with me! I'm one second from ripping your fucking throat out! You know why.
How much have you told her? How much? Whatever she wanted to know.
How could you do it? After all we've been through together? Same reason you told Clara about Robbins and Nash.
What makes you so sure? The fact that he let the woman slip away in me sight, sir.
And the fact that he's gone missing.
If you thought he was responsible for the leaks, why didn't you arrest him? I didn't put it together till after I realised he'd gone AWOL, sir.
You've cut your knuckles, Len.
Yes, sir.
I imagine you did that when you stumbled on the roof, right? Most likely.
Yes, sir.
Is it true that the British are leaving? Yeah.
Yeah, but not for a while yet.
But you're going back to your family? I'll be going home, but not to me family.
Why? Are you angry with them? Hassan, go inside, leave the sergeant in peace.
You might want to think about moving somewhere safer, at least till after partition.
You shouldn't rely on the British to protect you.
Haifa's a strategically important port and the Jews will try and take it.
You wouldn't want your family to be here when that happens.
This is my home.
I was born in this house.
That's what the Jews want, to scare us into leaving so they can have the whole of Palestine, not just the part that you're allowing them to steal.
(DANCE MUSIC PLAYS) (BUZZ OF CHATTER) - Daddy! Daddy! - What? What do you need? - Red.
- I've got red, I've got red.
Girls I'm down to the dregs on the white.
I'll be right back with some white.
- Thank you.
Stop smoking! - It's a party! Telling me not to smoke! Ah no, no, no, no.
Hiding in the kitchen is not allowed.
Come and meet some people.
One white good.
Come on, come on! OK! Ah! Someone's obviously pissed.
Can't I hug my best friend on the day she graduates? Hey, what is it? It's nothing.
It's nothing.
Paul and I were in Hebron and I saw some soldiers caught up in some really bad stuff and I got worried about you, that's all.
Look, dude, no offence but you really don't want to listen to all the negative crap Paul comes out with all the time.
Things have really changed since he was in the army.
Anyway, I told you he's completely insane.
- Come on, let's party! - I'll catch up.
I've got to have a wee.
(DOOR OPENS) Another one.
Tel Aviv.
When are you leaving? I don't know.
Thought I might stay on for a day or two, bum around a bit.
Erin If you won't take me, I'll ask Omar.
He'll say no.
It's illegal for him too, just like it would be for me.
I don't get it.
What difference does it make if you find this family or you don't? Unless there's something you're not telling me.
It's about loyalty.
That's what you said, isn't it? Everyone who's dear to him has either died or betrayed him.
His girlfriend, his best friend Something awful's about to happen to him, I know it.
I can't just abandon him.
Abandon him? Erin, this is insane! How does going into a war zone help him? He's a paralysed old man.
The person you're talking about no longer exists.
He does to me! OK? He does to me.
(DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) (BOOMING EXPLOSION) You can't have done that badly.
You never stopped writing.
What's the point? You're leaving.
Soon we'll be at war.
I should be training to fight, not taking exams in mathematics.
This war won't last forever, and when it's over, your country'll need people with qualifications.
You don't want to end up like me, do you? Good for nothing but fighting.
You'd better come with me.
(GUNFIRE IN DISTANCE) (GUNSHOTS) (SPORADIC GUNFIRE) Shouldn't you go and get your friends? There isn't time.
I need to try and stop this now.
(VOICE BLARES THROUGH LOUDSPEAKER) Stand next to me, OK? You mustn't leave me for a second, do you understand? You do realise this attack is in breach of every single article of the Geneva Convention? (SPEAKS HEBREW) Hello, Clara.
You'd better get that boy out of here if you want him to live.
I know that every single word you ever said to me was a lie, but I wouldn't think even you capable of butchering unarmed civilians in their homes.
These civilians, as you call them, are sheltering Iraqi mercenaries.
They're a legitimate military target.
I don't see any Arab soldiers here, Clara.
Just women and children lying dead in the street from where you shot them.
Take a closer look.
Their fighters have been trying to get out of the village disguised as women.
They've brought this on themselves.
Why are you doing this? Jews, more than anyone, know that killing civilians because of who they are is wrong.
your commander wanted you to kill this little boy, did he? What's he ever done to you? Why does killing him make you any safer? Not everything I said to you was a lie, Len.
I did what had to do to keep you alive, like I told you would.
Why don't you join us? You could help train our new army.
You'd be welcome here and we'd be together.
Goodbye, Clara.
Stay! What do you have to go back to? (GUNFIRE CONTINUES) They trusted.
Us and now you're abandoning them.
Look, if we set off there now, we can still save some lives.
I thought that's why we were here, to protect 'em.
No British lives are to be put at risk defending the Arabs.
It's a direct order from the GOC.
Our job is to defend our line of retreat.
You seem to forget, sergeant, that we will be out of here in 30 days.
30 days? We've spent 30 years holding the line here, sir, and some of us have lost good friends doing it.
How can we just walk away and leave one side heavily armed and the other defenceless? They are not defenceless.
The Arab states are already preparing their armies.
They'll cross the borders the day we leave.
You're wrong when you think that the Jews are going to have it all their own way The Jews aren't waiting for us to leave, sir.
They're attacking now! And if we don't stand up to 'em, they'll be nothing left to defend by the time the Arab armies get here.
I'll go alone.
Why's it so important, anyway? This was taped to the back of the diary.
My grandad said he wanted to find Mohammed so he could return it to him, but I don't think he ever managed to.
I haven't shown it to anyone.
You don't know what this is, do you? It's a key.
Isn't it? Come.
We call it the Nakba, the Catastrophe.
When the British withdrew in 1948, hundreds of thousands left their homes and went into exile for fear of the Jewish army.
Many people kept their front door keys because they knew that one day, they would return.
Of course, they never did.
That's the key to my uncle's house in Jaffa.
It passed to me when he died.
It was his most precious possession.
How did your grandfather come to have this? I don't know.
I know he wanted to give it back but something really bad happened.
He ended up in prison.
And now you want to return it for him? Yes.
- OK.
- OK? OK, 'll take you into Gaza.
Thank you.
Thank you.
(BOTH MOAN IN PLEASURE) Erin What is it? Nothing.
Just a bad dream.
Here, have a look.
What's it say, sarge? It says we're to pull back to the docks.
But I thought we were supposed to sit tight here till the handover.
They've got heavy mortars up there, sarge.
If we move out now, what's to stop the Jews shelling the shit out the Suk.
It's gonna be a fucking massacre.
We're not going anywhere, Alec.
Hold your position here, I'm off back to talk to Rowntree.
MAN: Attlee! Move it! - Is he here? - No.
Not them.
Come in, come in.
- What you doing? Have you packed? - No, we are Mohammed, you must go right now, immediately.
We're being pulled back to the docks, they're not waiting for the handover.
There's nothing standing between you and the Jewish military.
The Arab armies will defend us.
The Arab armies aren't coming, or if they are, they'll arrive too late.
The Jews will be here by nightfall.
You must leave now.
I can take you as far as the port.
The navy are ferrying people across to Acre, you'll be safe there.
(HASSAN SPEAKS ARABIC) (MOHAMMED SPEAKS ARABIC) your bullet will be kinder than my knife, I think.
(INAUDIBLE) What did you say to him? I told him that it is his responsibility to keep it safe because one day we will return.
(HUBBUB) (CAR HORN) - OK, wait here.
- Yes, yes.
You take them through to the docks, yeah? OK, sarge.
He'll let you through.
Go straight to the dockside, ask for the z-boats, they'll take you across the bay.
Take this.
Take it.
Thank you, my friend.
May God bless you.
WOMAN: Hassan! - Hassan! - Where's Hassan? - Hassan! Hassan! - I'll go, I'll go.
No, I must find him! Take your wife and daughter inside while there's still time.
I'll go back and find Hassan and bring him through to you.
- (SPEAKS ARABIC) - Hassan.
You promise you'll find him? - I promise.
- You won't leave without him? I'll find him.
Go, go.
- (SPEAKS ARABIC) - Go on! Go! We'd just about given you up.
What did Rowntree say? He didn't say anything.
He wasn't there.
So we're heading for the docks? Get the lads mounted up.
OK, lads, mount up.
Come on, boys.
(ENGINES START) Right, lads, mount up.
Come on This is a joke.
It'll be over in a couple of hours.
You are coming, aren't you, sarge? Sarge.
You're staying to fight, aren't you? - Then we're staying too.
- No, you're not.
You're getting in that wagon and getting the lads to the docks.
We can't just bugger off and leave you, sarge.
I'm not asking you, I'm telling you.
Get in the fuckin' APC and get the lads to the docks! We're all going home, sarge.
We'll save your berth for you, yeah? Thanks.
- Omar? - Just keep going.
We're nearly there.
This stuff weighs a ton.
Is it guns? The borders are sealed.
Everyone who uses these tunnels brings something in, so the journey isn't wasted.
Let's go.
(SHE SPEAKS IN ARABIC) (THEY SPEAK IN ARABIC) Is she your girlfriend? No.
She didn't like me very much.
She and I are Fatah.
N this part of Gaza, Hamas is strong.
It's dangerous for me here.
She was worried, that's all.
OK? Come on.
What's going on? Wait here.
(THEY TALK IN ARABIC) (OMAR TALKS IN ARABIC) Is this the family? No, it's another cousin.
But he offers us his hospitality.
He says he will take us to his brother's house tomorrow.
(THEY TALK IN ARABIC) It might not be such a good idea to stay here tonight.
Why? What's wrong? The Israeli army usually destroys the homes of martyrs within 48 hours of an attack.
Sorry, what do you mean? His eldest daughter martyred herself in Tel Aviv on Tuesday.
This is her funeral.
You mean the suicide bombing? This is the family of the bomber? Yes, didn't you see the poster? Erin, wait.
We can't leave yet.
It's disrespectful.
Disrespectful?! I don't want to respect his daughter - she murdered three people.
I've been blown up by a suicide bomber, OK? I know what I'm talking about.
- (SHE SPEAKS IN ARABIC) - What? (SHE SPEAKS IN ARABIC) This is your room? Wow.
(SHE SPEAKS IN ARABIC) Sorry, I don't understand what you're saying.
(SHE SPEAKS IN ARABIC) Brush your hair? OK? Yeah? You OK? You did this for your sister? (GUNFIRE) (GLASS SMASHES) (GUNFIRE CONTINUES) Come here, come here.
Shh Shh.
It's OK.
Come on.
- No way.
Why? Because the son is Hamas and he won't have me here.
He says it's his job to protect the family, not mine.
But they're taking me to see his brother in the morning.
Erin, we can't argue about this.
It's not safe.
And I can't get caught here by the Israelis.
They'll send me back to prison.
OK, fine.
Totally, you should go, but I'm not leaving, OK? (ARABIC SPOKEN ON LOUDSPEAKER) Hey, what are you doing? Stay here.
Don't move.
Are you ISM? Sorry? Write down there your name and address in Israel.
Erin? That's right.
And what are you doing here, Erin? Staying with friends.
Can I have my passport back, please? And this is where you live? Yeah.
(TRUCK STOPS OUTSIDE) (TRUCK DOORS SLAM) What the fuck are you doing here? I have to get you out of here now or my parents are going to kill me.
I'm not going anywhere.
You're living in the house of a suicide bomber, Erin.
This isn't one of your moronic fucking adventures.
- You're going to get your self killed.
- No, I'm not.
Anyway, what are you doing here? They dragged me out here to bring you back, as a favour to my dad.
It's only because the commander knows him that you haven't been arrested already.
This whole place is going to be flattened in the morning.
Why? What's the point in that? There are little children in here.
Whatever the daughter did, that's wrong, you know it is.
Please! Spare me your crocodile tears for the family of a fucking terrorist! These are exactly the same as the people that tried to kill you and Paul, Erin! Got a ciggy? I thought you'd given up.
What the fuck are you doing in Gaza anyway? Gaza, for fuck's sake! I'm looking for my grandad's Palestinian family.
I told you.
(GUNFIRE) Thanks.
Where did you get the gun? I'm not going back.
I'm staying here to fight.
I gave your father my word I'd bring you to the docks.
I promised him I'd protect you.
Then join us.
I can't.
(GUNFIRE CONTINUES) Not like this.
There's a better way.
This way, this way.
Come on! Come on.
What if I stay to fight in your place? Would you go then? Come on.
(GUNFIRE) Don't make a liar out of me, Hassan.
(AIRCRAFT ROARS OVERHEAD) I was aiming to miss when I saw it was you.
The MPs have orders to shoot you on sight.
You'd better get going.
What about you? You're a deserter too, aren't you? Leave it! And if I see you again, I won't be stopping for a chat.
(SHOUTING IN ARABIC) Pull him back, pull him back! Follow me.
Let's go.
Come on.
(CONTINUOUS GUNFIRE) Go on, go on! Rifle.
Give me the rifle, rifle.
Take this.
Wait here.
Come with me.
(AIRCRAFT ROARS OVERHEAD) Why are you taking us this way? The Jews are moving away from the sea, not towards it.
You know why.
Because the docks are this way.
You'll stay and fight? Sure.
- Thank you.
- Never mind thank you.
Keep your head down and don't look back, all right? Go on.
You were a good teacher.
Go on.
Go! Go! No! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, 'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Give this back to my father.
Promise me.
No, no, no, no! No, no, no! No! Fuck! I'm sorry.
Come on, let's move it.
Let's go.
Mind your step.
Mohammed! Sergeant Leonard Matthews, you're under arrest for desertion Oi, come here! Handcuff him, hold him.
Hold it, get back.
Let's go, come on.
Let's go, come on.
Can't you just give me a couple of minutes? There's something I've gotta give someone, then you can do what you like with me.
Yeah, why not(?) We'll just nip off for a quick cuppa and you can give us a shout when you're ready, yeah? Alec, Alec.
For God's sake, just get 'em to give me five minutes.
Can't do it, sarge.
I told you I'd get you on that boat.
Thanks, lads.
Alec! Alec! Alec! (RADIO CHATTER) (SCREAMS) Samira! Why are they taking the girl? Samira.
They're taking her.
They're gonna occupy the brother's house.
They need a human shield.
(SAMIRA SOBS) (THEY SPEAK ARABIC) (SHE SHOUTS) (BOTH SHOUT) (WOMAN SCREAMS) Samira! - Samira! - (SAMIRA SCREAMS) (HE YELLS) Why don't you take me as well? She'll be calmer if I go.
This is brave.
(DOG BARKS IN DISTANCE) - You stay here.
- Why? What are you going to do? (CLINKING, GLASS SMASHES) Ah, poor bird Take thy flight High above the sorrows of this sad night.
WOMAN: You sing beautifully.
She's terrified.
She should be.
Her life is being destroyed.
What's your name? Erin.
And this is Samira.
Why are you here? I don't know.
I'm from England.
I suppose I'm trying to help.
I don't think you're succeeding.
(CHUCKLES) (LABOURED BREATHING) (BABY CRIES) You speak really good English.
How did you learn? My father taught me.
How did he learn? From you.
He used to work for the British Army when you ruled our country.
That's my grandfather.
That's my father.
And that is me.
It's not very clean, I'm afraid.
Thank you.
This is just a few weeks ago.
I think it's where you used to live.
Then I followed you to Hebron.
These are your cousins.
I know this isn't where you used to live but it's where they live now.
your old house is just over here.
They told me that your father had moved to Gaza, so I came here, but I never thought I'd find you.
I don't understand.
Why did you follow us? I don't know.
My grandad's ill in England and I was reading his diary.
He talks a lot about Mohammed, that's what he called your father and I thought he might like to know what happened to him.
He died.
Do you remember my grandfather? He was called Len.
Of course.
What was he like, as a young man? Did you know that my father offered him ã3,000 to marry me? Which was a lot of money in those days.
No, I didn't.
I don't think the sergeant thought he was serious, but he was.
It was for the British passport, you see.
He never mentioned it in the diary.
May I see? I have very happy memories of your grandfather but my father was very angry with him.
Angry for many years.
Why? Because of my brother, Hassan.
He ran away when we went for the boats.
The sergeant promised he would bring him to us safely.
But he never did.
My father waited and waited.
But we never saw either of them again.
He tried.
He really did, it's all in here.
He he deserted from the Army and went to look for him.
They they fought together on the Arab side in Haifa.
He was just bringing him back to you when Hassan was shot by the Jews.
My grandad tried to save him, but he couldn't.
He died.
I'm sorry.
JAWDA: So But I have something for you.
My grandad was trying to return this to you when he was arrested.
But he really did try and find your dad and give it back to him.
Hassan made him promise, so 'm sure he would have done it if he possibly could.
I know my grandad would want you to have it.
I'm sorry it's taken so long.
(SAMIRA SCREAMS) ERIN: What are you doing? Right.
OK, hold.
OK? (HELICOPTER WHIRS OVERHEAD) Eliza? - Eliza! - (FOOTSTEPS) If you want to blow up the house, you'll have to blow us up with it.
It's wrong.
This is the house that I've been searching for.
That old lady's the daughter of my grandad's friend.
He died in this house.
They've been driven out of Haifa and out of Hebron.
Don't drive them out again.
I've got no choice.
I'm sorry.
- What are you doing? - Searching for weapons.
No! Leave it! Leave it! Give it to me! Hi.
Hey, dude.
Sure we can't give you a lift? No, really, I'm fine.
I've got a taxi.
Thanks for everything.
I learned a lot.
Let me.
Will you be back? Why? What's the point? Because there's a lot to be done.
It was a very brave thing, Erin, what you did.
- Is there anything else can get you? - No.
LEN: I don't know what I feel now.
It's tough to see the British Army crawling away on its belly after winning the World War so bravely.
(KEY TURNS IN LOCK) I suppose I feel embarrassed, and ashamed, like the whole thing was a failure.
We've left the Arabs In the shit.
I know that if I know anythlng.
But what about the Jews and their bloody state for which they've fought so hard? Three years ago I'd have said give 'em whatever they want.
They deserve it after all they've been through.
Now, I'm not so sure.
This precious state of theirs has been born in violence and in cruelty to its neighbours.
I'm not sure how it can hope to thrlve.
And for myself? For myself, life as I've known it is over.
I feel I've let down everyone who ever trusted me.
I've got nothing to look forward to except a long stay in prison and a dishonourable discharge.
I'd like to think that one day I'll be able to find a way to return the key to Mohammed.
I owe him that, at least.
Though I'm not sure how I'd ever have the guts to face him, after what I've done.
CHRIS: Erin.
I'm back.
(SOBS) It's me, Erin.
I've been in Palestine.
I read your diary and I went to look for Mohammed's family.
I found Jawda, his daughter.
She still remembers you.
I gave her the key, Grandad.
I thought you'd want them to have it back.
I hope that's OK.