The Protector (2011) s01e01 Episode Script


Boys, you're going to be late for the bus.
I'm chewing as fast as I can.
Hey, uh, Nicholas? Come on, sweetie.
You need to eat something before you go to school, okay? Nick? Oh, no, you don't.
You go upstairs and you get dressed.
Give me that.
But -- but Uncle Davey's still in the bathroom.
Uncle Davey is one pair of boxer briefs away from walking out the door.
DaveyI mean -- Go.
Davey Nick, you were supposed to empty the trash, honey.
I can't do everything.
Guys, you're gonna make us late.
Mom, there's lots of time.
Oh, you're so sweet.
There's never enough time.
Okay, come on.
Finish your breakfast, and then, uh, go brush your teeth.
Good morning.
I'm Katie.
Katie Silvers.
My house is right there.
Oh, hi.
Oh, well, welcome to the neighborhood.
Uh, well, actually, we've lived here for nine years.
My bad.
I-I'm kind of new at this whole talking-to-the-neighbor thing.
We've just been here for, uh -- Three months.
I remember when the trucks came.
Of course, I met your brother a while ago, when he lived here with his wife.
Yeah, if, uh -- you know what? If this is a scout/car pool/PTA thing, my brother Davey runs point on most of that stuff, so You're a police Detective, right? Is something wrong? Well, yes.
There have been several thefts in the neighborhood, and some of us on the block thought you might be able to help.
Well, what's been stolen? Gnomes.
At least mine was a gnome.
But we're missing all kinds of lawn ornaments -- flamingos, geese, St.
Francis of Assisi, Venus on a half shell.
I'm gonna be really honest with you.
Gnomes are a little outside my jurisdiction.
Now, if you find a severed head, you give me a call.
I've had a lot of success with severed heads.
Nice to meet you.
I'll drop off the kids and be right there.
No matter what they say I got to bend the rules Nick, come on! Hold on! I have to change my shirt! 'Cause I see the world as warm and green and blue I don't give up what I aim to do 'cause I, I keep right to the beat I keep right to the beat I dance to the beat of my own drum The Protector 1x01 Pilot - Hey, Michelle.
- Hey, Gloria.
So, do you want the bad news or the worse news? Oh, you know me.
All right, the worse news is Van Stone's been assigned lead detective on this case.
We must have done something in a past life to deserve him.
I know.
What's the bad news? You're looking at it.
Morgan Campbell.
He's kind of a big deal.
Hedge-fund guy.
Aren't all those guys big deals? Yeah, but Campbell is the mayor's big deal, so there's a lot of pressure from downtown to wrap this one up real quick.
All right, I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that he doesn't live or work around here.
Way out in the Palisades.
He was obviously carrying a briefcase or something that he didn't want to let go of.
Cracked his skull there.
Van Stone wants us to investigate it under the theory of -- Mugging gone bad.
Okay, you know what? Call me crazy, but When I mug a guy, I take his $30,000 watch.
Did he still have a wallet on him? Found this, Detective.
Worst mugger ever.
It happens.
Mugger didn't mean to kill the guy, got scared, took off.
Check that out.
Dudes see psychics? Creepy, right? Like a guy in a nail salon.
Yo, Glo, I feel very dirty saying this, all right, but I'm gonna have to go with Van Stone on this one.
Some meth head probably grabbed the briefcase, tried to bolt, Campbell fought back.
Or the thing in the case is what he was after.
You know, I really hate it when you say "maybe" like that.
I really do.
It bugs me.
It goes through my skin.
Why is that? 'Cause your "maybe" -- come on.
It doesn't mean "maybe.
" Your "maybe" means you have a different theory and everybody else is wrong.
Well, I am just wondering what Campbell was carrying in that briefcase that was worth dying for.
And why is he in this park? I don't care why.
I just care that we catch the dirtbag who killed this guy.
Nice of you to show up, Sheppard.
Did you stop for a muffin and a latte on the way in? No, I just figured I'd give you a head start.
I saw the watch.
I saw the wallet.
I still say it's a mugging gone south.
How hard could it be? Why don't you go to the church over there, see if anybody saw anything.
I'm gonna go see the wife and, uh, give her the good news.
Hey, Van Stone.
You know what? Uh, we'll go.
We'll tell her.
You're lead on the case.
You should stay here.
You're the lead.
You should stay here.
I know why you volunteered to do this.
I love making people cry? No.
'Cause we both know the only thing worse than hearing your loved one is dead is hearing it from an ass like Van Stone.
Yeah, and maybe I want to be the first one to talk to the wife.
Oh, hey, is my breath okay? Mnh.
I thought I tasted eggs.
So you're not buying the whole mugger theory at all, are you? Cinnamon.
I'm just saying that I think we should keep our options open.
You know what I mean? I hate this part.
Me too.
What the hell was he doing way over there? We were hoping that you might be able to tell us that.
Morgan never talked to me about hisbusiness, and I never bothered him with details of the house.
It's how we stayed married all these years.
So, uh, you weren't aware of any threats against your husband, anybody that might want to hurt him? Sammy.
W-what's going on, mom? Why don't you wait for me in your room.
I'll be right up.
Everyone loved Morgan.
Why shouldn't they? He made them lots of money.
Well, this certainly wasn't the morning I was expecting.
Anyone else need a drink? She took that awfully well.
Lifestyles of the rich and medicated.
You tell them their husband's dead, you tell them they're out of shampoo, it's pretty much the same reaction.
Did you notice that zodiac print back there? Yeah.
My cousin has one just like it, but each sign is represented by a different sexual position.
Now, she says she did every one except for Gemini.
I know, I know.
You're wondering about the psychic card in Campbell's wallet -- if he's the one who's into the whole astrology stuff or if it's the wife.
You know, she played it pretty cool back there, but I could hear those wheels turning, you know what I mean? She's hiding something.
I'm still tasting egg.
Anybody ever tell you you're a little peculiar? If by "peculiar," you mean "awesome," then the answer is yes -- yes, they have.
Hey, guess what.
While you were at the church, I got something juicy from Frankie in major crimes.
Okay, that creeps me out when you use the words "Frankie" and "juicy" in the same sentence.
First off, don't yuck my yum, okay? Second, major crimes has been looking into Campbell's firm for fraud.
Turns out the guy is worth like 60 mil, but they think it's all a house of cards.
Yeah, but -- Now, that doesn't get him mugged at the park, but that does tells us that not everybody loved Morgan Campbell.
I can explain the park.
Campbell took 300 grand from his personal account yesterday -- cash.
Teller told me that he put it into a leather briefcase.
Okay, which answers the broken fingers.
Campbell didn't want to give up the money.
Huh, I guess Campbell was the one into psychics.
There are three of them on his credit-card bill.
So you think he was supposed to meet somebody at the park? Not at the park.
Near the park.
I just talked to the priest at the church up there.
He told me that Campbell asked him to bless his briefcase full of cash.
And he said that he told the priest that he was cursed.
Cursed? Like how? I'm not sure.
But if all of his investments had turned to crap, he was desperate.
Okay, so you think someone overheard Campbell confiding to the priest and then they grabbed the cash? No.
No? I think he was set up by one of those psychics.
Of course you do.
Hello, sir.
Wasn't her.
Madame what's-her-name in there didn't know about the murder.
She remembered seeing Campbell but was surprised that he was dead.
Yeah, well, I have a possible explanation for that.
Lieutenant called while you were in there getting your palm read.
He said Van Stone found a witness.
He's on the way down to the station tonight to make an I.
Well, was the suspect a fortune-teller? Why do you always do this? Why is it so hard for you to believe that Campbell was just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Because people don't just get mugged when they're carrying 300 grand in cash -- it's too convenient.
It happens all the time -- God looks down, he says, "Hey, you, it's your turn to get mugged and killed.
Nothing personal.
Have a nice day.
" Campbell had big money problems, all right? He had three psychics on his last Amex bill.
He was panicked.
Or superstitious.
Come on, glo, you saw the zodiac print in the man's house.
I bet one of those other two psychics sensed his desperation, sent him to that church, took the money, and killed him.
Did you just not hear me say the thing about the thing? They have a witness.
Let's go talk to him.
You're gonna drive me crazy.
You know that, right? No, not that late, sweetie.
Just tell Uncle Davey not till after dinner.
Yeah, no, we'll have time to read.
I promise.
All right, Leo.
All right, honey.
I'll see you later.
All right.
Kids adjusting to the move? Yeah.
We all are.
It's gonna take some time for Leo.
Yo, Romeo.
Afternoon, detectives.
I hear you're wrapping up the Elysian Park homicide.
There seems to be some conflicting theories.
Ah, let me guess -- Sheppard against the world.
Well, that's why we love her.
That's why you love her.
So, we're gonna bring everybody into that room on the monitors here.
I want you to take your time, okay? All right.
You're a good citizen to come forward, Mr.
Having a party? Hey, I guess your fortune-tellers couldn't solve your case.
Maybe next time you should try the horoscopes.
And miss the chance to watch you phone it in in person? Do you recognize the man who attacked and killed Morgan Campbell? I want you to take a good look at the men.
Number two kind of looks like the guy.
Have number two step forward.
Look at me for a sec.
What are you doing? Hey, what is she doing?! You can't do that! What are you doing?! Hey! Get out of here now! Moyers.
That's it.
Your name is Curtis Moyers.
What the hell are you doing, Sheppard? His name is Williams.
I'm trying to stop you from looking like an ass.
And his name is not Williams.
It's Moyers.
What's it been, Curtis, huh? Like six years? You're nuts.
He had a mustache back then.
Curtis here was a witness in a big murder case.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Put the guy away, didn't you? Only the guy didn't do it, did he? - So he made a mistake.
- No, he's lying.
- What's your angle this time? - I don't have to take this.
I'm gonna figure out why you really came in.
You try to do the right thing, and this is what happens! That's a new tie.
I like it.
See, that's better.
When you don't throw it so hard, you have more control.
It's kind of like using a +3 Vorpal sword in D&D.
Try again.
What are you doing? Nothin'.
Okay, we've talked about this, haven't we? Hmm? You guys don't get to play unless mama gets to play.
Nice headdress.
Look out.
Step aside.
She's tough.
All right.
What you do -- what is that? What, that? - Yes, that.
- Isn't it beautiful? "Yes," she says, knowing it's way too expensive.
Come on, I figured as much espresso as you drink, it's gonna pay for itself in a couple of months.
Yeah, um, but shouldn't we be spending money on normal things, like, you know, fixing the roof or painting the kitchen? It's my house.
I'm okay with it.
No, actually, Davey, it's not your house, all right? It's our house now, and we agreed to talk about this.
It was an impulse buy.
Come on.
I don't see why it's such a big deal.
I mean, isn't part of the whole clean-and-sober thing using your brain? I -- that was way out of line.
You know what, guys? Why don't you go get ready for bed.
All right? I'll be up.
Get ready.
I'll be up in a minute, okay? I just Dulcett.
Hey, it's me.
You know what? I think I figured something out.
It is 3:00 in the morning, woman.
We have talked about this.
Did I wake you? I-I'm sorry.
I figured you had company or something.
I don't know.
Yeah, 'cause, you know, there's always some dude sleeping over.
All right.
Forget it.
You know what? I'll just talk to you tomorrow.
Oh, no.
You woke me.
You talk.
All right.
Do you remember when Mrs.
Campbell said that her husband was loved by all? Well, there was something about the way she said it, right, and it got me to thinking, so I started looking at all of his bills -- you know, hotels, jewelry, things like that.
And I'm pretty sure that Campbell was giving love back, if you know what I mean.
How much coffee have you had? I don't know.
Three or four espressos, something like that.
Okay, so you think he was cheating, the wife found out, and -- There's only one way to find out.
Let's bring Mrs.
Campbell in for a chat.
Who cheated on what? Go back to bed, Frankie.
Tomorrow's a big day.
Well since we're up Oh, hell, no.
How come Uncle Davey isn't making lunch? How come? Becausethis is fantastic.
That's how come.
I wouldn't.
The guy's head is split open.
Trust me, sweetie.
There are some things you can't unsee.
I, uh I made you something.
You made this? Yeah, yeah.
Well, I was up working late, and I -- you know, I decided to make an espresso, and, of course, one became three, and then three became five.
But anyway, I went online and found all this great stuff, like, about the -- the beans -- well, you know what we should do? We should go to Silver Lake, 'cause there's a store there that grinds their own beans, and they're organic.
I heard airplanes roaring all last night.
I'm sorry, sweetie.
That was Uncle Davey's espresso maker.
My fault.
Do you think you could take them to school? - Yeah.
- I got to go see a lady about a thing.
Sounds exciting.
You gonna make her cry? Well, I'm not sure yet, but either way, I'm thinking today is gonna be okay.
You guys, get smart at school and be good.
All right, who wants omelets? Yeah! Yeah! Scratch that.
No eggs.
Like I said, stick with cereal.
You have no right to interfere with other avenues of investigations.
Okay, wait a minute.
If this is about the mustache thing yesterday, you should actually be thanking me.
I'll thank you when the mayor stops crawling up my ass every 10 minutes.
How is it my fault that Curtis Moyers is a documented liar? You don't get to doodle on people, Detective.
- Anything else, Lieutenant? - No.
All right, let's just skip the mushy make-up, you know.
In my office.
All right.
So she won't talk to me.
Who? Oh.
We talking about what's-her-nameBing-bang? It's Bai-Ming.
She's threatening to go back to Thailand.
Says she's not happy.
What did you say? Nothing.
I-I teased her about her accent.
Most of the time, it sounds really sexy, but sometimes I want to scream.
The last time I checked, the word "broccoli" has an "l" in it.
She says, "Brock-ur-ee.
" W-w-what? Are you kidding? All right.
Well, this has an easy fix, okay? It's gonna be fine.
You always say that.
And? Okay.
What do I do? Talk to her in Thai.
Just say "broccoli" in her own language.
You do speak Thai, don't you? Why the hell are you still standing here? I'm not.
Oh, you know what? Uh, this may not be the best time to tell you this, but I'm gonna bring Campbell's wife back in for questioning.
And his mistress and his girlfriend.
You just love pissing people off, don't you, Sheppard? Yeah, that does seem to happen a lot, doesn't it? Okay.
A wife, a mistress, and a girlfriend? That's a bold play on your part.
I would say Campbell is the player.
- How long has he had the mistress? - About three years.
Isn't that like having a second wife? Really, what is the upside to that? Mnh.
Different skill set, maybe? I bet that young one seems like she has a very specialized skill set.
What are you thinking, bringing Campbell's wife down here? I'm thinking I'll talk to her.
She already got a lawyer.
She's not gonna give you anything.
I already got it.
She didn't do it.
She's sitting next to two other women that were banging her husband.
How much more motive do you need, Sheppard? Hey, look at their handbags.
Ten to one Campbell gave them all that same handbag at the same time.
And they're just sitting together, like it's no big deal.
They're not idiots.
They're playing it cool.
I'm telling you -- Barbara Campbell knew that her husband was cheating on her, and she was totally okay with it.
I'll go ask her.
Campbell, I am so sorry.
I was hoping to see you at your place.
I'm -- this is awful.
Someone's obviously made a mistake.
So let's just get you home and we'll set up another appointment.
Look, I'm here now.
Let's just get this over with.
All right.
Someone will be with you in a moment.
I am so sorry to make you sit over there with those two other women.
They don't bother me.
Funny, isn't it? You think you're gonna hate them, and you actually end up kind of grateful.
You've been through it? Uh, yeah.
Kicked mine to the curb last year, and I never looked back.
I remember the day Morgan brought home those little blue pills.
I thought we were done with all that nonsense, and he's jumping into bed like he's a teenager again.
Those pills sent more women into therapy I never slept so well as when he had those two going at once.
I just don't want my son to find out.
I understand.
I just have a few questions for you, and then we'll get you out of here, okay? All right.
Do I need a lawyer? I saw that Barbara Campbell had a lawyer.
I don't think I'm gonna ask you anything that you won't be able to answer.
Had you met Mrs.
Campbell before today? Well, we've never actually met, but we've been at a number of social functions at the same time.
So she was aware that you and her husband were How would you describe it? I was Morgan's mistress.
And yes, she was fine with it.
Relieved, actually.
Because she didn't have to have sex with him? And Morgan liked a lot of sex.
We had sex.
It was fun.
It was nothing serious.
I mean, it's only been a couple months.
Did you know that he had another girlfriend? I assumed.
Were you aware that Mr.
Campbell was having financial problems? Money problems? Yes.
I mean, that's not the kind of thing we talked about.
No, I wasn't looking for him to leave his wife.
I have a 10-year-old from my first marriage, so I get it.
I'm a single mom.
I don't need my kids worrying about my business.
Morgan provided for me.
He bought me my condominium, he sent my daughter to private school, and I provided In-kind services.
Why mess up a good thing? You loved him.
I'm just -- I can't believe that he's dead.
What can I say? He was a great guy.
I mean, his wife might have been a total bitch, but he was close to his son.
He talked about him a lot.
I hope it's not too late.
My daughter said you called and wanted me to stop by? Yes.
I, uh I cracked the case.
Now, now.
Don't get all emotional.
No, it's -- it's good.
It's, um mine had a red hat.
Mm! And now it has a green hat.
Yes, it does.
Green -- green isGood.
Thank you.
You know, my son Leo has a theory about the missing lawn stuff.
Uh, he doesn't think they've been stolen.
He thinks that they're hiding.
Of course, his brother, Nick, told him that they weren't living, so that kind of Mom! Mom! Uh, you know what? I-I thought that he was asleep, but I'd better go, but -- thank you.
Good night.
But the play's tomorrow.
I know the play is tomorrow, but Uncle Davey told me that the school provided you with a costume.
Yeah, but it's wrong.
And itchy.
So I designed my own.
All right, Leo, you realize it's way too late to make something like this, right? You don't like it.
No, I do like it.
I mean, who wouldn't be dazzled by such a fine uniform? What are these, ruffles? - Battle ribbons.
- Wow.
You must be the most powerful character in the play to have a costume like that.
I just guard the king.
Well But still.
Come on, guard.
Let's get you to bed, okay? Let's go.
Did it hurt a lot when you got burned? Oh, Leo, we've talked about this a million times, okay? That was a zillion years ago, when I was in high school.
I was too busy pulling Davey out to really notice.
Was that the first time you saved somebody? I guess.
I never really thought about it like that.
Nick says that's why we live with Uncle Davey -- so you can save him again if he gets in trouble.
We live with Uncle Davey because he's our family.
Give me those.
Here you go.
Lay down.
Dad's family, too.
Leo, I don't have the energy for this tonight, okay? Give me a kiss.
Good night.
What about my costume? Honey, it would take me hours to make something like that.
I'm sorry.
Maybe I just won't do the play.
Who wants to be a stupid guard anyway? Hey.
Where's my Leo the lion, hmm? Where's my brave boy? You're gonna be fine.
Good night.
- Sheppard.
- You want to hear something freaky? As long as it doesn't involve a uniform or a gnome.
You know I dated both, right? Got to give it up for the uniform.
I'm shocked.
Oh, wait.
I'm not.
Okay, so, don't ask me how, 'cause it's a secret.
But I just got a tip about a murder in Echo Park.
It was that dude you doodled on -- Curtis Moyers.
Oh, my God.
I knew he was involved.
I guess that's why we couldn't find him.
Somebody put a bullet in his head.
Well he really wanted it, you know What's going on? Is this what you had imagined? Do you ever sleep? Nick.
You like it? What is it? What? You can tell me.
I think I should wear the costume the school gave me.
- Okay.
- It's just that I'm the new kid.
And I'm only guard number three.
Even the king's costume isn't this fancy.
Is that okay? That's fine.
I-it's just no problem, okay? Um, you know what we'll do? We'll -- we'll save this for another occasion, all right? You know -- oh, you know what? Halloween.
Sit down.
Uncle Davey made breakfast.
And, uh, mom's gonna go finish getting ready for work.
You -- you eat your breakfast.
It's ready.
Glad I stayed up all night for that.
Thank you very much for your time.
I appreciate it, Ms.
So I'm not a suspect? Well, I have your info if anything changes.
And if you think of anything or need anything at all I hope you'll give me a call.
All right.
Did you close that deal? Come on.
You're the only one for me, Detective.
Then how come you keep sneaking peeks at my partner? Hey, Romeo.
Hey, Detective.
All right.
Show us what you got.
Moyers only lived here about three months.
Guy next door heard a fight last night between him and a woman.
Shots happened inside around 8:00 p.
Moyers fell from that window, landed right here.
Anybody hear what the argument was about? Money.
You know, like 300 grand.
So you think Curtis Moyers killed Morgan Campbell? Yeah, but I don't think that that was the plan.
I mean, look -- if Moyers knew that Campbell was in the church getting the money blessed, he was probably waiting at the park, figured he would grab and go.
Didn't expect Campbell to fight back.
Campbell fell, split his head open, Moyers took the cash.
Okay, say you're right.
How does a guy like Curtis Moyers get Campbell to show up with the cash? He doesn't.
Moyers was just supposed to steal it.
But he screwed that up.
So we got to find out who hired Curtis Moyers.
You said he was arguing with a woman? Yeah.
You got somebody in mind? Campbell's mistress, the wife No, I'm pretty sure that it's not the wife.
Look, I know that she seems cold, but she loves her son, and I-I just don't see her killing his dad.
I agree.
You know what? We never talked to the son, did we? Mnh-mnh.
I should go do that.
I'm gonna go see the last psychic on Campbell's Amex bill.
Finally tracked him down.
Let's see if he can I.
The mistress or little miss thing.
Hey, why haven't you made Detective? I like what I do.
We get paid better.
Oh, you mean you get more money.
There are many forms of compensation, Detective.
I guess the ladies do love a uniform, don't they? Look, I'm just saying, what I got now works for me.
It certainly does.
I'll be right there.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You just caught me finishing lunch.
I Um, can I have a minute? I don't really have time for that, okay? So why don't you use your powers and tell me why I'm here? My gifts don't work that way.
I'm thinking your gifts -- they don't work at all.
Well, then, uh, maybe you should just leave.
Let me tell you how my gifts work.
I walk you out that door.
I put you in the car.
I drive you downtown, where we have much more of an on-the-record conversation.
Or why don't you just look into that crystal ball and tell me what happens then? All right.
I gave you a chance.
Oh, please, please, oh, oh.
I may have convinced a woman to buy my cousin's horse.
If she wants her money back, I'll give her her money back.
Oh, oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
You know what? If I was you, I would think really hard into the future before you said anything else.
Is this about that rich guy I saw on the news? Uh-huh.
The one that, uh, they found dead in the park? I'm listening.
I may have seen him a couple days ago.
He had money problems, and I-I might have sensed that he was cursed.
So him ending up dead is because he was cursed? I don't know.
I mean, I tried to help him.
I-I even sent him to a church so he could have his money blessed.
Oh, you really tried to help this guy out, huh? Yeah.
Oh, okay, okay.
I get it.
Well, let me ask you one last question, okay? And I want you to think real hard before you answer it.
Who paid you to send him to that particular church? Oh, hi, Sam.
I'm sorry to bother you.
I just have a couple of quick questions for you.
You can get your mother if that would make you more comfortable.
Oh, yeah.
She's, uh, she's not here.
She and her lawyer left about an hour ago.
Oh, okay.
Well, I'll just -- I'll make it brief, then.
UmI've noticed that sometimes young people pick up on things that adults miss, or they'll hear something that adults don't hear, and -- You're here asking if I might have heard something that would explain why my dad waskilled? Yeah, or just anything that might have upset him.
Well, I know that his business was failing.
Did your mom know that? I don't know.
Did they fight about that? Well, they fought about everything.
I-I don't even -- I don't even know why they stayed together.
I think I can answer that.
I imagine they stayed together because they both loved you.
Excuse me.
Hey, don't go all "I told you so" on me, but I found your psychic.
Campbell was set up.
I'll see you back at the station.
Lieutenant, we found the psychic that told Campbell to get the money blessed.
He I.
'd Curtis Moyers as the guy who asked him to set Campbell up.
Now all we have to do is figure out who hired Moyers.
It was Campbell's wife.
But I have a pretty good -- I'm telling you it was the wife.
She confessed.
Barbara Campbell's in with Van Stone right now.
Son of a bitch.
Campbell, when did you first learn that your husband had been unfaithful? I'd known about it for quite some time, but I -- Uh, we're busy, Sheppard.
I'll talk to you later.
Yeah, well, actually, I wasn't looking to talk to you.
I was hoping that I could have a few words with Mrs.
We're right in the middle of this, and I'm asking you to leave right now.
Where were we? Look, I just want you to know that I don't believe you.
You're right.
You're right.
You know, we can help you if you have been threatened -- Out of hereNow.
I apologize for that.
Not my finest hour.
Van Stone's not gonna forget this one.
He'll have you written up.
I know.
Gloria, why is it that everybody can be wrong except for you? I can be wrong.
- But not about the wife? - No.
I buy the mistress, I buy the girlfriend, but not the wife, and certainly not with a confession.
Van Stone is just sitting there, taking whatever is handed to him.
Moyers is dead.
The one guy who could finger her is out of the way, so why does she confess, huh? Why say it's her if she's already gotten away with it? Makes no sense.
There are other theories, you know.
Say the wife's the one who's into the whole astrology, psychic stuff.
Maybe she felt guilty 'cause it got him killed.
" We gonna go through this again, or you gonna tell me what you really think? Of course I'm gonna tell you what I really think.
When have I not told you what I really think? - All the time! - That's not true.
- You -- I always tell you.
- No, you don't.
We're sorry to bother you, Ms.
Would you mind getting your driver's license for us? I'm sorry.
What? If you could just get your wallet, please.
Um Driver's license? I'll tell you in a sec.
I'm sorry I'm not dressed.
It's just these past couple of days, it's been really hard for me to get out of bed.
Um, that won't be necessary.
I don't understand.
Thanks very much for your time.
Let's go.
Now we know who killed Morgan Campbell.
Here you go.
Have a seat.
Thank you.
What's Sam Campbell doing here? Oh.
You know Sam? Yeah.
He's Morgan's son.
I mean, I've seen him before.
We've never really talked.
Really? Well, what about today, when Detective Sheppard was over at his house? I wasn't.
She saw your handbag.
Oh, that? No, Morgan gave us all the same bag.
He thought it was funny.
Yeah, I know.
But Barbara Campbell had hers with her today at the station, and Kathleen Monroe had hers at her house, which Leaves you.
I don't know what to tell you about that.
What's, uh, what's she doing here? Who she? T-that woman my dad was seeing.
Oh, Ashley? Oh, she came in 'cause she says she knows who's responsible for your dad's death, yeah.
Don't act like you don't know Ashley's name, okay? It's insulting to me.
I know that she was at your house today.
He says he knows who's responsible for killing his dad.
I thought his mom confessed.
Who told you that? I-I thought -- I thought my mom confessed.
Well, she did.
But she's just protecting the real killer.
You learned Campbell was gonna lose everything, probably even go to jail.
The wife will get whatever's left, Kathleen Monroe got the big condo that he bought her, and you end up with nothing.
Is that fair? I mean, you're doing all the heavy lifting, right? No.
I mean, the wife sure ain't putting out.
I mean, you finally get the big fish, and he goes bust.
So you thought "I should get some seed money.
"Say 300 grand.
" She is crazy hot, isn't she? I mean, a woman like that interested in a kid like you? And the fact that she was putting out for your dad made it all the better, didn't it? Gave you a little secret to have on him.
Finally you had some power, huh? I bet you could convince Morgan Campbell to do just about anything you wanted, huh? Even go see a psychic.
You told your mother.
You told her about Ashley and everything that had happened, and she said that she would take care of it.
But you never expected her to take the fall for it, did you? I mean, that was -- that was even worse than what happened to your dad, wasn't it? A-Ashley said that we could be together.
You know, t-that -- that she and I would Look, w-we love each other.
Okay, we -- I-I just -- I couldn't -- I couldn't take care of her the way that my dad could, with -- with these clothes and -- and stuff.
So you hatched a plan to get some money of your own.
Nobody was supposed to get hurt.
He wasn't supposed to die, was he? Just grab the cash Walk off into the sunset.
But your little friend Curtis Moyers -- he screwed up, didn't he? That's why you killed Moyers.
Look, I've got nothing to say, so either you let me go, or you let me call my lawyer.
Call the lawyer.
Sam just gave you up.
So why did Campbell take all that money to the priest? No, he'd lost millions, so Ashley convinced him to see a psychic.
And the psychic told him to take it to the priest.
- He was that stupid? - Desperate.
But I get the impression that Ashley Spicer can make most men do just about anything she wants.
- Ask Sam Campbell.
- Or Curtis Moyers.
She confess to killing Moyers? Making a deal.
Between all the physical evidence and Sam Campbell's testimony, we've got her cold.
Come in! Wanted to see me, sir? Yeah.
Sheppard has something she wants to say to you.
I do? Fine.
All right, look, just because I was right and you were wrong on the Campbell murder didn't give me the right to interrupt your own feeble investigative path.
Is that supposed to be some sort of lame-ass apology to dissuade me from writing you up? No, this is.
As lead Detective, the mayor has requested that you join him and his wife for lunch tomorrow so he can personally thank you for such a quick and satisfying resolution to this case.
Lame-ass apology Accepted.
I'll tell you later.
Come on.
You want anything else? Uh, yeah.
Could you bring in some, uh, uh, uh, water from the garage? Yeah.
Good job.
Hey, uh, Leo, we're gonna eat soon, baby.
Hey, Leo, can you come out here, please? Leo, do you know how these got here? What do you mean? Leo, did you put them here? Did they feel scared outside? Because this is a new neighborhood for them, right? I see.
Why do you think they decided to hide here? 'Cause it's safe.
Why did they pick our house to be safe? 'Cause you're here.
All the birds are singin' in the whisper winds everybody's listening and the sun is shining like today won't end nothing here is missing You're a good boy.
And we live our lives and we love and we love and we love and it comes back to us