The Protector (2011) s01e02 Episode Script


You know what is this, pack it up and ship it get to business it's just the music and it's burnin' my mind Give me -- give me one of these.
And it's so damn hot Almost perfect.
May I? You've got yourself a job, Marci.
Do you feel, do you feel, do you feel me Screw you.
Ooh, sha sha ooh, sha sha [ Gun cocks, gunshot ] Ple-- please.
[ Gunshot ] Gloria: We got to protect the tower, Nick.
I'm gonna deny ever saying this, but I will let you eat popsicles for breakfast for a week if we take them down.
I'm pretty sure that Uncle Davey built their tower up in Leo's bedroom.
Do you want me to take down Leo? I heard that! It's just a game, honey.
Nobody's gonna get hurt.
Okay -- aah! Yeah, go get him.
Go get him.
I'll cover.
Leo: Mom! Mom! Help! H-hang on.
Hang on.
I think Leo's hurt.
Come on.
Hang on.
Leo, what's up? You okay? Gotcha! Oh, that's not -- ohh! That's not fair! That's not fair! Davey: Sucker.
Leo: Oh-ho! Shame on you for using your nephew like that.
I mean, that's not fair.
[ Doorbell rings ] You started it, we finished it.
We did not start it.
So, did we win? Nick, I told you to go capture their tower Davey: Hi.
Come on in.
Good morning.
Hey, guys! Nora! Oh, hey, Nora, honey, I'll get your check.
Oh, you guys have big plans for the day? Yeah.
We're going over to Theo's house.
His mom lets us play "Halo.
" Oh.
Sorry for the delay.
Not a problem.
Go wash your hands.
So, will you need me this week? Uh, Davey, you're busy Uh, Tuesday.
I'll pick them up from school.
Okay, great.
Thanks a lot.
[ Cellphone rings ] Oh, uh Sheppard.
Uh, well, actually, today's my day off, so Well, how big a deal? Hey! Hey! You know what? [ Laughter ] [ Sirens wailing ] Gloria: The guy with the trashy billboards? Michelle: Yep.
I'm wearing one of his thongs as we speak.
Oh, well, thanks for the update.
5 to 2 you're one of those boy-shorts kind of girls.
You'd lose.
Don't tell me "grannies.
" Why do they call them that? What, just 'cause they're comfy? [ Sighs ] One shot to the chest, one in the mouth, up close and personal.
Coroner says he's fresh -- killed within the past two hours.
Valdez: The press get wind of this? Uh, no, not yet.
I hate celebrity cases.
No, you don't -- you hate the celebrities, you hate the press, but the cases, you love.
Look, it's Sunday, and my in-laws are over, so if I need somebody to tell me what I'm thinking, I'll go back home.
Tell me about Ari Rose.
Well, it looks like Ari Rose here went out for a Sunday stroll, and somebody popped him in the chest, right? And then the bad guy didn't steal anything like your garden-variety bad guy would.
No, our bad guy came back and put the barrel of his Glock in Ari's mouth.
You seem pretty sure.
Well, if the shot to the mouth was first, there'd be no point to a second shot, right? How do you know the shooter used a Glock? That part I just made up.
Michelle: Here's a shock.
Nobody saw nothing.
This part of town, you couldn't get a witness to an earthquake.
Valdez: That's the first good news of the day.
He's worried about the press blowing this up.
Rose's design studio is around the corner.
You two start there.
I'll sit on this till the coroner bags him up, all right? Yep.
Is it just me, or is the L.
only happy when he's not? Well, it is Sunday.
He probably had better plans, you know.
I did.
How 'bout you? You have anything good going? Last night And it was still going good to this morning.
You and I lead very different lives.
[ Chuckles ] Ari was already in here when I arrived this morning.
I thought we were the only ones working on a Sunday.
"Rose Clothes -- we never close.
" Ari went from working a sewing machine for Calvin Klein to owning a lingerie business with revenues of over half a billion dollars in, what, three years? You don't do that without working a couple of weekends.
What time did you get in this morning? Maybe 8:00.
I went for lunch at 12:30.
Got back an hour later, and Ari was gone.
Was Ari in a good mood? Ari was always in a good mood.
Gloria: Well, it's good to be king.
He was proud of his success.
And what was Ari doing this morning? He had an interview -- Marci Heller.
She was meeting with him about being the face of next season's ad campaign.
May I? Sure, sure.
Well, did she get it? Marci Heller -- is she the new face? No.
What is it, Karl? Hmm? Come on.
You can tell me.
Come on.
Just spit it out.
Okay, look, Ari was a pig, okay? He was a huge believer in the casting couch.
Well, Marci didn't want the job that bad, so she left.
He's got something on the books at 1:00 p.
With someone named Jia.
Never heard of her.
We're gonna need Marci Heller's address, okay? What about a wife? Did Ari have a wife? No, no, he wasn't married.
Girlfriend? Not now.
He was dating Laurel Martin.
Just fishing here, Karl, but can I assume that it was a bad breakup? She's suing him for sexual harassment -- or was.
The case was dismissed on Friday.
The Protector 1x02 Spoon Are you insane? I mean, she's cute, but is she even in the same species? Lose the pout and the makeup -- trust me, that's her.
I watch all those modeling and runway shows.
Well, like I said, we lead very different lives.
I heard all the stories.
"Ari is a pig, sexist, a player.
" But I didn't see that side of him, at least at first.
He was sweet, sensitive, spiritual.
He even dragged me to his acupuncturist to get my chi fixed.
Well, who wants to date somebody with a broken chi, huh? Been there.
Oh, just to be clear, I broke up with him.
Right before you sued him.
Ari was pissed when I ended it, so he did what Ari does best -- he humiliated me publicly.
He groped me during a photo shoot in front of 20 strangers.
That was when I quit, and I found a lawyer.
So, you lost, he won, and that's why you're here folding sweaters.
He blackballed me at every modeling agency in town.
Sounds like a real prince.
And when my case was dismissed, he actually had the balls to call me up and ask me out for drinks -- just for old times' sake.
That guy a friend of yours? That's Max.
We're going out now.
He got me this gig when I left Rose Clothes.
And, yes, w-we've both been here all day.
You can check with our manager.
So, the Ari Rose murder's gone wide.
Some numbnuts at his factory tweeted that he was killed.
Do you have any idea how pissed off I am that I even need to know what a Tweet is? [ Chuckles ] How much does the press know? Well, he was a bad-boy millionaire, destroyed his competitors, slept with anything that had a pulse, and pushed the boundaries of obscenity in advertising.
So, they love him.
It's a feeding frenzy.
Tell me something that's gonna make me happy.
No, I said "happy.
" What about the woman who sued him? Michelle: Laurel Martin? Alibi checked out.
Same with Marci, the model he had an argument with this morning.
But Ari had an appointment on his calendar today with someone named Jia at 1:00.
Doesn't that coincide with his time of death? Yeah.
Buerge's looking into it, checking out modeling agencies.
How do we know she's a model? We're thinking Jia with a J"? Oh.
That explains why Buerge ran out of here smiling.
Okay, Sheppard, what? Well, Ari Rose was shot in the mouth.
I mean, why the mouth, right? Is that a message, a warning? Did he say something? I don't know.
It just feels very personal, right? - Hey, Sheppard! - What? For you.
Don't disappoint me, detectives.
Lucky you.
Hey, I'm Detective Jasper Cummings.
Homicide, North Hollywood division.
Detective Gloria Sheppard.
I saw the dailies on your Ari Rose thing.
Oh, nothing better to do on a Sunday than read murder reports? Well, what can I say? The crossword puzzle was easy today.
"New York Times" or "TV Guide"? Hey, you know, um, Buerge told me about you.
I've got some info that may help your investigation.
- What did he say? - Who? Buerge.
You got to keep up, detective.
- I want to work the case with you.
- I already have a partner.
She doesn't have this.
She doesn't like to be talked about like she's not here.
All right, look, you seem like a really nice guy, and you may even be a good cop.
- I'm here to help you.
- Well, then, help us.
You want to stay and play, you have to give us something good.
All right.
Two weeks ago, I caught this case -- Archie Bream, 30, African-American male, an attendant in a downtown parking lot.
I thought you worked North Hollywood.
Bream lived in Burbank.
Went out for a morning jog, never made it home.
Was shot once in the back.
Then the doer flipped him over -- Shot him again in the mouth.
Okay, you can stay.
Two entirely different dudes, different areas of town.
It's a coincidence.
Two is a coincidence, but three is a pattern.
Look at this.
Paula Perry, 23, golf pro.
Drink with a girlfriend in Mar Vista.
Two shots -- one in the gut and one in the mouth.
We may have ourselves a serial killer.
[ Siren wailing ] Michelle: Okay, guys, this is what we have.
We're looking for connections.
The victims are all different ages.
They lived, worked, and died in different parts of town.
They're different races, different religions, two guys, one girl, a millionaire designer, a parkrking attendant, a golf pro.
And we're sure they're connected? I am.
Sheppard and Detective Cummings connected the victims based upon a common M.
Cummings is gonna help us out on this one.
And Valdez wants us to proceed as if they're all one case.
And just to make sure this isn't too easy for you guys, ballistics says they were all killed with different guns.
I checked in with Russo in gangs and narcotics.
He says he's never heard of anything like this before.
So, assuming this isn't "Shoot somebody in the mouth" month, we need to find a connection.
Gloria: Hey, Davey, it's me.
Listen, when the boys get back from their playdate, would you make them clean up their rooms? It looks like a science experiment up there.
I don't know when I'm gonna be done, so I'll just call you later.
All right, bye-bye.
[ Giggles ] Tickles.
It's supposed to, Nora.
[ Mid-tempo music plays ] So, what do you think about Cummings? He seems smart and really cute and, you know, work-obsessed in a sexy kind of way.
So ask him out.
He is not interested in me.
And you know that because - Milk, no sugar, for Detective Sheppard.
- Oh, thank you.
I forgot if you said soy or sugar, so here.
Yeah, uh-huh.
That's how I know.
So, anybody else wondering what kind of name Jia is with a "J"? Yes.
Fake, ridiculous.
Chinese -- I looked it up while you two were in there doing the big powwow.
I think I found him, actually, and it's a him, not a her.
There's an acupuncturist about three blocks from Ari Rose's design studio.
Yes, here we go -- Dr.
Jia Tao.
We should go check him out.
All right, it's your call.
You can come.
Just don't knock over any furniture or anything.
[ Laughs ] And how often did you treat Mr.
Rose? Every Sunday -- some weeks more often than that.
The last time you saw Ari Rose was Today, 1:00.
It was prophylactic, really.
Ari had terrible migraines.
Excuse me.
Did you also treat a man named Archie Bream or a woman named Paula Perry? Uhsorry.
Thanks, doctor, and if you can think of anything, just give us a call.
Thank you.
Can you explain that? We're talking to the last person to see the victim alive, and your partner's -- Listen, I don't have to explain my partner's behavior to you or anyone else.
She knows what she's doing.
Hey, 'Chelle, when's the last time you had a bearclaw? What are you doing? I was feeling a bit peckish.
Okay, what about this? Let's say that the shooter knew that Ari had a regular appointment here with Dr.
Tao, right? So he shows up early, but he has to wait around 'cause Ari has to finish.
Well, he doesn't want to stand around, waiting to pop somebody, so - The restaurant across the street.
- Yeah.
Maybe he sits at one of the outdoor tables, and while he's there, he orders a bowl of tomato soup or a tuna sandwich and I got the receipts.
Hopefully he didn't go to the ATM in the morning.
Hopefully he has a record.
And hopefully he went to that restaurant.
! Madre de dios! 9-mill on the bed! You should have used cash, Jaime.
What'd I do? You murdered Ari Rose, asshole.
I want my lawyer! You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can be used against you Hmm.
[ Elevator bell dings ] So, Jaime Sosa's a real sweetheart.
Two arrests for narcotics possession, one with intent to sell, both dismissed.
He did three years for assault with a deadly weapon and two for armed robbery.
Now, there's our leverage.
This is strike three.
The high, hard one.
Fastball right up around here.
I know what the high, hard one is.
Ballistics says the gun you found in Sosa's apartment is the gun that killed Ari.
We're talking slam-dunk.
Different sport, but I get your metaphor.
I'm gonna issue a news release that we have a suspect in the Ari Rose case.
Hopefully, the press will back off while we try to connect Sosa to the other killings.
Why are you making that face, Sheppard? What? It's just my face.
No, it's your "even though "we caught the shooter with the murder weapon, something's still bugging you" face.
Oh, that face.
Yeah, I guess.
I -- it's this whole "Bullet in the mouth" thing that's keeping me up, right? I mean, why were they shot like that? You know, it feels like a message to me.
Come on -- don't you think that it's weird that Sosa ran around killing them that way? And if he killed all of these people, then why was he using different guns? I don't know.
If you ask him nicely, maybe he'll explain it.
[ Groans ] Gloria: What? Is Allen Brodsky representing Sosa? Welcome to the bigs.
Lieutenant Valdez.
Been a while.
Help me out here.
Last time was Malcolm Jackson.
That was fun, no? It was fun for me.
What, no celebrity killed his wife this week? [ Laughs ] You know, there's more to me than what they write about in "People" magazine.
Like the mobsters who keep you on retainer? And now Jaime Sosa.
I didn't figure a drug dealer with a gun was your style, but I guess the recession has hit everyone.
Can we really put a price on an innocent man's freedom? It's good to see you're still full of it, Brodsky.
I know the way.
Bye, Felix! Thank you.
You see? My lawyer's gonna kick your pretty little ass.
[ Chuckles ] If we could have some alone time, detective? Of course.
No tapes, no cameras, please.
So, we're even now.
What? Come on, man.
Just get me the hell out of here.
I'm an attorney, son,,,, not a magician.
[ Chuckles ] What the hell? I did just like you wanted.
What are you talking about, Jaime? I killed the son of a bitch, just like you told me to.
[ Siren wailing in distance ] Gloria: Well, I got to give it to Cummings.
I mean, he's committed.
I talked to a friend of mine in the North Hollywood division.
She says that he's tenacious, always finding connections where nobody else is even looking.
- But? - No.
No buts.
He came out of U.
, made detective by 26, plays nicely with his peers.
He does have some authority issues, though.
Apparently, he got in a fight with a captain in '07.
Spent a year behind a desk.
Michelle: Uh-huh.
Is he single? I don't know.
Are you serious? How can you get that much info about a man and not find out if he's single? [ Cellphone rings ] No, hang on.
Hey, Leo, honey.
How was your playdate this afternoon? Oh, it was really fun.
We played "Halo.
" I leveled up.
Oh, that's my good, little alien-killing boy.
Nora said she's never had a score as high as mine.
Nora? When did you see Nora? Oh, she was here when we got back.
Well, where's Uncle Davey? Oh, he's here, too.
They're making hot-fudge sundaes with us.
Well, that sounds nice.
Hey, uh Leo, honey, let me talk to him.
Got to go.
No, le-- there is no way that I am paying her.
Nice try, detective, but tell your boss I'm not buying anything he's selling.
Oh, and, F.
, I no longer represent Mr.
What was that all about? No idea.
I knew Brodsky was a son of a bitch.
Yeah, well, his mom could have told you that.
All right, look -- let's review where we stand, shall we? One, we can put you at the homicide, two, your gun matches the murder weapon, and three is strike three, and in case you can't count, Jaime, this is strike three.
Any idea why Brodsky stormed out? No, but he was pissed at the L.
like he'd been punked.
Yeah, but he showed up when Sosa called.
We're missing something.
Look, you really need to change your attitude, or you are headed to Pelican Bay, and then I can't do anything to help you.
Now, sit down and tell me what happened.
I didn't know the dude.
Ari Rose? - Got nothing against him.
- I see.
So, you just woke up, brushed your teeth, and decided to shoot a guy in the mouth.
I mean, you're really not helping yourself out here, Jaime, okay? When Allen Brodsky tells you to do something, you do it.
You don't ask questions.
Allen Brodsky told you to kill Ari Rose? What about Archie Bream or Paula Perry? What?Did he tell you to kill them, too? I don't know who they are.
I swear.
Okay, look, Jaime I'm gonna make some calls.
If we've got multiple shooters, maybe we can match the weapons to some other crime.
Come on.
Sit back down.
Why did you shoot him in the mouth? Hey.
I really need you to explain that part to me, okay? I don't know.
Maybe Brodsky's freaky or something.
Are you telling me that you were just following orders? Okay.
Did anyone overhear Brodsky tell you to shoot Ari Rose? No.
He e-mailed me.
You'll see -- an e-mail from his account.
He said he wanted to meet me the next day near the courthouse for lunch, only he didn't show.
I owed Brodsky.
He got me off a couple bad narc charges.
I didn't want to keep him waiting.
The waiter tells me that he couldn't make it, but he sent a messenger with an envelope, and in it was a typed note.
It said, "Some people shoot their mouths off.
Shoot them in theirs.
" [ Gasps ] No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
[ Gunshot ] [ Sirens wailing in distance, police radio chatter ] What the hell is going on? Sosa didn't do this.
How many bad guys are out here shooting people in the mouth? Well, Brodsky's the only explanation.
You said he's got markers on people? I say this is him calling in favors.
I mean, who else has this kind of reach? We should bring him in.
Slow down, okay? Just -- [ vehicle approaches ] [ Police radio chatter ] Sorry, sir.
I'm gonna ask you to wait out here.
It's my house.
Hey, w-where's my wife? Where's Lourdes? Hey, baby! Look, my wife -- Sir Dr.
Morales What -- what's going on? I'm sorry.
We need to speak with you for a few minutes.
No, no, no.
Lourdes! Lourdes! No! No! No! No! Lourdes! [ Sobbing ] Gloria: Your neighbors heard the shots, and they called 911.
Look, if you're up to it, we would like to ask you some questions.
E-everyone loved her.
She was How long were you together? Uh Well, five years ago, out of the blue, she came into my office.
She was a pharmaceutical rep.
And a year later, we were married.
She worked out of the house? No, she hadn't -- she hadn't worked in years.
Um Three years ago, after dinner with a client, she, uh She saw a woman getting mugged.
And, uh, after that, she -- she couldn't sleep.
She, uh -- she was too scared to go out at night.
Her sales figures dropped, and the company let her go.
Had she spoken with Archie Bream, Paula Perry, or Ari Rose? No.
I don't know these people.
Well, is there anyone that you can think of that -- No.
I told you, everyone loved her.
She didn't -- she didn't have enemies.
Well, if you do think of anything, uh, please give us a call.
All right? It's all luck, isn't it? If she hadn't been in that parking lot, if she hadn't become scared, then she wouldn't have been home today, and And none of this would have happened.
[ Sobbing ] I'm so sorry.
Hey You know the parking lot where she was mugged? Where was that? I don't know.
What difference does it make? [ Sniffles ] This is the connection that we've been looking for.
This new victim, Lourdes Morales -- she witnessed a mugging in a downtown parking lot three years ago.
Guess who worked there as an attendant.
Archie Bream, victim number 2.
The mugging was crazy brutal.
The victim was this 26-year-old woman named Beth Fowler.
She survived, but barely.
The D.
confirmed that all of the shooting victims -- Lourdes Morales, Archie Bream, Paula Perry, even Ari Rose -- testified against the mugger.
So, they convicted him? Yeah, this junkie named Jack Markham.
It may even explain the M.
, because, to Markham, all the people who testified against him -- well, they all shot their mouths off.
So he shot back.
That's very poetic.
Please tell me Brodsky was his lawyer.
Well, I wish it was that easy.
Are you saying that Sosa lied to us about Brodsky? No, Sosa really did get the e-mail from Brodsky, but he never saw or talked to him directly.
Brodsky's too smart for that.
So, this is Markham? Yep.
He's doing seven at CSP for assault and robbery.
Gloria: There's only one witness from the Markham trial left.
It's Thomas Fowler.
He was the husband of the woman who was mugged.
He wasn't there when she was assaulted, but he did testify against Markham.
Chances are he's the last one on Markham's bucket list.
Take Buerge and bring Fowler in.
The least we can do is protect the poor bastard.
Yeah, I'll go and talk to Markham-- see if we can connect him to Brodsky.
Oh, take Van Stone with you.
Hey, you know, that guy Cummings is still around.
Is it okay if I take him instead? This case seems, uh, you know, pretty important to him.
Whatever floats your boat.
I appreciate you bringing me out here for this.
Oh, well, you brought us Archie Bream, so you deserve to be here.
Hey, I heard about your run-in with the captain in North Hollywood -- put you behind a desk for a year.
That's pretty rough.
That was a long time ago.
Dulcett told me that you've been divorced for a couple years.
Oh, she -- she -- oh, uh, yeah.
Um, I have two boys.
Uh, you know what? When Markham comes in -- You'll do the talking.
All right.
All right.
- But how can he do that? - Jack Markham's in prison.
We have detectives working on that, Mr.
In the meantime, we need to move you someplace where you'll be safe.
We'll contact your employer if that's what you're worried about.
I consult.
I do I.
It's not that.
[ Sighs ] I can't leave my wife.
I have to take care of her.
Do you know what Markham did to her? [ Clears throat ] Yes, sir.
We read the court transcripts.
Beth gave him her purse.
He still knocked her to the ground, and kicked her in the head, over and over.
And she's been unconscious ever since.
There's nothing anyone can do to me now.
I'm I'm not leaving my wife.
[ Sighs ] [ Door buzzes ] Gloria: Mr.
We're not exactly formal around here.
I'm Detective Sheppard.
This is Detective Cummings.
We want to talk to you about Beth Fowler.
[ Sighs ] I feel terrible about her.
[ Scoffs ] Look, I was a drug addict back then.
All I cared about was how to get my next fix.
That's an explanation.
It's not an excuse.
If there's any way I can make amends for what I did to Beth Fowler Tell me how.
Well, maybe you can.
We're a little confused about something.
All the people who testified against you at your trial -- Lourdes Morales, Ari Rose, Archie Bream, Paula Perry -- they've all turned up dead.
Well, I've got a pretty good alibi, if you haven't noticed.
You're the only one who connects all four murders.
Well, the truth is I mean, I'm actually grateful for those people.
I mean, if they didn't testify against me, I never would have got clean and sober.
I may have never found the Lord.
You don't happen to be up for parole anytime soon, are you? Next year.
[ Chuckles ] It amazes me how the good Lord pops in on every caged con five or six months before his parole hearing.
Hey, detective You're not a believer.
Oh, it's not about me believing.
This is about you pretending to find God.
Sit down and cut the crap, okay? What's your connection to Allen Brodsky? I'll pray for your soul, detective.
I'm also gonna pray for the souls of those four dead people.
[ Door buzzes ] Ahh.
[ Door closes ] That's great.
That's great.
The only reason that we came all the way out here was to connect Markham to Brodsky, and you just pissed it all away.
Look, I couldn't just sit there and listen to his crap while the people who put him away are getting knocked off.
You don't go at people like that, all right? You ask questions and you listen, and if you listen carefully enough, you might just hear the truth.
People like Markham are animals, okay? They lie and they cheat, but they don't change.
You know what? We'll never know if Mr.
Markham changed because of the little stunt you just pulled in there.
[ Cellphone rings ] Hang on.
Okay, f-find out who his lawyer is.
Thanks, brother.
You're not gonna believe this.
When Sosa told you he only popped Ari Rose, okay, I started wondering about the weapons used in the other murders.
I made some calls.
That was a buddy from Rampart.
They picked up a guy in robbery -- Jacob Fishman, okay? Turns out Fishman's .
38 matches the one used to kill Archie Bream.
Tell me he confessed.
He lawred up.
Guess who.
Allen Brodsky.
I don't know Leo.
Sometime between late and very late.
No, no.
You -- you have your own bed, okay? Yeah.
All right.
I love you, honey.
One of your boys? Yeah.
So, he's here.
Brodsky's here.
Oh, okay, great.
You know what? Why don't you take the lead? I mean, it is your collar.
No, you do it, and this time I'll keep my mouth shut.
I was sort of starting to wonder if that's even possible.
Look, just take the compliment.
You're a good cop.
Well [Clears throat] Thanks.
Gloria: Uh Hey, is it okay if we use the conference room instead of the interrogation room? - For what? - Thanks.
Brodsky, you're here for Jacob Fishman? It appears my clients are popular up here today.
Tell you what -- why don't I find you someplace more comfortable to wait? This is fine.
No, no.
Come on.
I'll, uh -- I'll find you a desk.
I appreciate it.
The lieutenant should work on his game face.
Well, that is his game face.
Illustrating my point.
Please, make yourself at home.
Can you get the Can I get you a cup of coffee or a glass of water? Oh, I'm fine.
You're not fooling anyone, detective.
I didn't know that I was trying to.
You think I have something to do with the Ari Rose murder.
- Oh, cards on the table? - Only way we can play the game.
[ Sighs ] We have four related murders, and you're connected to two of them.
Jaime Sosa is no longer a client.
Yes, but he was, and Mr.
Sosa recently confessed to killing Ari Rose.
Sosa is a moron.
Well, what do you think? You think Jacob Fishman will tell a similar story? Eh, I couldn't say.
He's a bigger moron.
Do I need my lawyer? Well, that depends.
You see, my colleagues look at this murder board, and they see your fingerprints all over it.
I mean, if we took a vote out there right now, I think it would be unanimous.
You are knee-deep in a conspiracy to commit four murders.
And in here? Well, it's more like 50/50.
See, I don't see any motive, and I like motive.
You, I like.
Well, then, tell me something, okay? Why does a smart man like you represent drug dealers and mobsters and murderers? I mean, at a certain point, there's more to life than power and money, isn't there? Both are nice, and the reason I like defending murderers is because there's always one less witness.
Oh, come on.
Really?! I spend my days keeping mobsters and murderers out of prison.
You spend your days trying to put them in jail.
Bad guys, good guys, black hats, white hats -- it's how you tell the story.
You watch "The Godfather," you root for the Corleones.
You watch "The Untouchables," you root for the Feds.
It's all about perspective.
I see a witness.
The victim sees [ Elevator bell dings ] Sheppard.
Markham didn't kill the witnesses for what they did.
Fowler is killing them for what they didn't do.
Welcome to my world.
[ Ventilator hissing ] Mr.
Fowler? I'm Detective Sheppard.
[ Sighs ] It was better when I could take care of her at home.
When did you move her here? A couple of months ago.
I just couldn't anymore.
Well It's a lot for anyone.
One of the things I loved about Beth was that she was strong.
She loved the outdoors.
We both did.
Camping and hiking.
And then to see a woman who was so strong not even be able to breathe without a machine [ Sighs ] It's not fair.
Life's not fair.
People let you down.
When I was a kid, we had a fire at our house.
It was just me and my brother there alone.
Uh, I remember We were, you know, running around, trying to get out, and at one point, I went by the window, and I looked out, and I could see our neighbors, and they weren't doing anything.
They were just standing there, watching.
Look, I am not trying to compare my situation to your -- No, it's okay.
They just Stood there and watched? Yeah.
It took me a long time to understand that they were, you know -- they were scared, too, and they didn't know what to do.
You know, don't you? Yeah.
I knew it was just a matter of time.
How did you get to Allen Brodsky? I did I.
work for his firm.
I had access to computers and files and saw what he was, who he represented.
Why not make it someone who deserved it? He confessed.
He gave up all the shooters.
Hang on, 'Chelle.
Detective Cummings first I.
'd the pattern to the murders, so this should be your collar.
That's a generous offer, but this belongs to RHD.
I'm good with that.
All right.
Um, hey, listen, I, uh -- I think that you're a really good cop, too, you know, and -- and if you ever need anything - Well, there is something.
- Shoot.
If you're ever thirsty, I'd love to, you know, get you a drink Or two.
Oh, uh You know, in all honesty, I don't think I'm really ready to Be thirsty yet, but All right.
I'd like to keep this, if that's okay with you.
[ Chuckles ] Yeah.
Hey all right, mmm no, no no, no, no, no, no, no wouldn't it be nice if we could just take some time whoa, whoa, and drift away, yeah ooh, wouldn't it be good to slow down this race May I? Do I have a choice? You disappoint, Felix.
I expected something more piquant from a paragon of prolixity like you.
Looks like somebody got up to the p's in the "Word of the month" club.
Now, that's more like it.
Do you ever smile? I'm smiling right now.
Vodka Martini, straight up, glass extremely cold.
Yes -- three olives.
And another one of those for my convivial colleague.
You know, there are a lot of cops in this bar, Brodsky, and there's nothing I'd enjoy more than having you arrested for attempted bribery.
Bribery? Please.
Since the beginning of time, the winners buy the losers post-game drinks.
That's why God created the 19th hole.
Check your scorecard, pal.
I didn't lose.
A man behind four murders is in a cage for good.
But, alas, I'm not in the cage beside him.
Not yet, my friend.
Make it a double, yeah? Attaboy.
Let me ask you something.
That detective -- the pretty one with the hair? Sheppard.
I think we got off on the wrong foot.
Did she hurt your feelings? Prick me, do I not bleed? Well, you know It could be she doesn't like the way you choose to make a buck.
Maybe she doesn't like the way you look or the way you talk.
But push comes to shove, I got to go with she flat-out doesn't like you.
So, I've got a shot? When the sky is falling from above you Hey! You're still up? Yeah, I didn't get as much done today as I'd hoped.
But it was a fun day? Yeah.
Really good.
With Nora? [ Chuckles ] What, is that a problem? Well, that depends on what you're doing with her.
I'm not sure that's any of your business.
Well, it kind of is.
[ Chuckles ] Look, just because you've bottled up that part of your life doesn't mean I can't date and have a good time.
This is not about me bottling up my life.
This is about Nora being our babysitter.
Yeah, well, she's also a smart, beautiful, and terrific person.
[ Both laugh ] All right.
You know what, Davey? You can do whatever you want, all right? Y-y-you could sleep with Leo's math teacher.
You could sleep with the boys' pediatrician.
You could sleep with the entire PTA.
I mean, these people can be replaced.
But, please, I'm begging you, do not sleep with my smart, reliable babysitter.
[ Smooches ] Okay.
I will be the one who loves you the most [ Cellphone rings ] [ Clears throat ] Hey, you will be the one who loves you Sheppard.
The most No, I'm still not thirsty.
[ Laughs ] Uh, no, not yet.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure.
All right, I'll let you know.
All right, good night.