The Protector (2011) s01e03 Episode Script


The Protector 1x03 Class The victim -- Colleen Emily Watkins.
How many times was she stabbed? Four or five.
There's some defensive cuts on her hands and arms.
Neighbor saw the door ajar this morning, called 911.
Her skin color, dried blood -- I'm figuring she died sometime last night, and I didn't see any pry marks on the door, so no forced entry.
Yeah, we add that to the little robe, she probably knew the killer, huh? Crime of passion.
Do we know where she worked? She was a college advisor at a place called Benford Academy.
Heard of it? Yeah, you know, it's that big place up on Mulholland.
The tuition's like half our salary.
Fools and their money.
Oh, it's home.
Uh Go, go, go.
Hello? Hello.
Hello, hello? Hey, mom.
What you doing? Hi, sweetie.
I'm working.
What are you doing? Okay, well, I think I finally got it.
I've been practicing with Uncle Davey.
Let me hear it.
It's better, right? Yeah, that's -- that's really good, sweetie.
You know what? You just got to -- you just got to really lean into that yodel, you know? It's more like You know, like that.
You know? Tell you what -- why don't you practice it some more, and I will listen to you when I get home tonight, okay? I got to get back to work.
I love you, Nick.
All right, bye.
You know, you would think that someone who worked at a school like Benford would live in a swankier place.
Yeah, well, you know what? Her bedroom closet is packed with designer clothes and shoes.
I don't know.
Maybe she was living beneath her means so she could dress to impress at the school.
That makes sense.
Uh, bed looks like she had company.
They're gonna do a rape kit, see if she had sex, and swab for DNA.
We'll know more soon.
We find the phone yet? Not yet, but I'll get a data dump from the phone company.
Might take a few days.
Here -- her online calendar shows the victim booked from 10:00 to 4:00 yesterday, all first names.
Yeah, it's probably students.
We can check them against the school roster.
Did you find anything on her e-mails? Eh, it's password-protected.
Hey, can you see what you can get off this? Thanks.
Oh! Is it Halloween? 'Cause there's some dude in here dressed like a TV detective.
- Did you lose a bet, officer? - Yeah, in a way.
I got a call from Lieutenant Valdez last night to report to R.
this morning.
I'm on loan as a detective.
Detective Rush.
That sounds pretty good.
So, why are you acting like you just got kicked down to traffic? I like to make my own decisions.
I busted my butt for 10 years to break into R.
They're power-shooting you in, and you're complaining? Look, it might be all right.
I'll give it some time.
Got to see how much I like all this standing around and chatting.
Well, you better hope that's all you have to do 'cause you're not chasing anyone down in those Jimmy Choo's.
As I told this handsome man, um, Colleen's door was ajar when I got my paper.
That's not like her.
So I knocked and looked in and, uh, saw her on the floor, called 911.
Were you close to Miss Watkins? Neighborly.
She was a sweet girl.
Looked after my cats when I went away.
Her boyfriend's nice, too.
Do you know the boyfriend's name? No, but he's around all the time.
He works for that delivery company -- you know, the one with the shorts.
I know it well.
Well, thanks very much for your help.
Detective, what do you say you track down the boyfriend, see if you can bring him in? You got it.
You and I will head over to the school.
You know, we pride ourselves on preparing the kids to go out into the real world, as if it's something beyond this campus.
Alas, today's a harsh reminder that it's everywhere.
Headmaster O'Dell, it's our understanding that Colleen Watkins was the college adviser here? Uh, yeah, that's right.
Applying to colleges is different than it was when we were kids.
It's a full-time job.
And it's Alex.
Everyone here just calls me Alex.
And Colleen directed students to the right schools? Oh, yes, and she was excellent at it.
Benford parents expect their children to attend very selective colleges.
Well, since Colleen's been with us, acceptance rates at the Ivys have skyrocketed.
Her death is a terrible loss for the school.
Alas Did you know if she was seeing anyone? Oh, I try to keep things professional with my staff.
It just simplifies things.
Some of her colleagues may know.
I can arrange for you to meet with them, if you like.
Thank you.
We also have a list of students she met with yesterday.
We're trying to understand her state of mind before she died.
Have you ever met any of her family or friends who didn't work here? I know she had a boyfriend, but I never met him.
I think he travels a lot.
I don't know if it's what you're looking for, but Colleen usually had a salad for lunch.
She found me this great internship reading to blind people.
Colleges love that kind of stuff.
Makes you seem really charitable.
Colleen played tennis as an undergrad, and so do I.
Texas State something.
She also helped me get my S.
s into shape.
She was I think she came from money.
She spent a fortune on clothes.
Everybody knew bits and pieces, but it doesn't seem like she had any close friends.
No one had ever been to her apartment, and none of them had ever met her truck-driving boyfriend.
Well, it makes sense if she was trying to move up in the world.
Neither her boyfriend nor her apartment come off as Benford material.
Oh, excuse me.
Okay, great.
Romeo picked up the boyfriend.
Guy named Timothy Kane.
He's taking him downtown.
They wouldn't tell me how she was killed.
I just want to know what happened.
Well, that's what we're trying to figure out.
How long had you and Colleen been dating? We weren't.
We broke up about three weeks ago.
But before that, we'd been together for about six months.
Why'd you break up? Different priorities.
I make pretty good money, but I wear shorts to work, you know? That was never gonna be enough for Colleen.
When's the last time you saw her? About three weeks ago, the night we broke up.
Detective Rush told me that you Transferred to a different delivery route.
Yeah, I got to know Colleen because she orders so much stuff online.
Umlast thing I wanted after we broke up was to see her name on my delivery list every day.
So you still had feelings for her.
I didn't kill her, if -- if that's what you're asking.
No, that's not what I'm asking.
But I'm glad to hear you say that, so I can assume that you won't mind if we swab for DNA? Where were you last night? My shift ended around 10:00, and I went out for a beer with some of the guys.
Nice job tracking down the boyfriend.
Now, if you wouldn't mind checking out his alibi Hey, Romeo, this is the job.
It's connect the dots.
It's chasing down a thousand little details that might bust open a case.
I know.
I get it.
Colleen Watkins has a sister way out in Apple Valley.
Local P.
is driving out to give her the bad news.
Is this the new guy? Ah.
Ramon, this is Ted Buerge.
I'm sure you guys have lots to talk about.
's been chatting you up.
But -- hoo! Didn't mention the dancing shoes.
They call you Romeo, right? Uh, Ramon Rush, patrol.
I'm on loan to you guys as a detective.
I love new guys.
I got to be in court today with Van Stone.
Pick up my shirts for me, okay, handsome? It's just a game.
Do we like the ex-boyfriend as the doer? He has motive, but we're checking out his alibi.
got into Colleen Watkins' e-mail account.
She's been receiving steamy messages for the last month or so.
Well, that would fit the timeline.
She broke up with her boyfriend about -- what? -- Three weeks ago.
You got a name? Yeah, I do.
And if either of you recognize it, let me know.
His name is smoothloverx.
Now, it's a hotmail account, so we don't have a name, but I can read you one of his e-mails.
Oh, whoa.
That's not necessary.
"Dearest Colleen, your touch has unleashed the lion in me.
" Okay, I think we -- "My days are spent in reverie, imagining the next time your mouth, your tongue --" okay, you know, I get it.
Uh, wait a minute.
"Your breath is on my skin.
"That we must be discreet, "that I can't shout your name from the rooftop, "tears my soul asunder.
Alas --" Okay, who says "asunder"? The same guy who says "alas.
" O'Dell, the headmaster.
So Colleen Watkins was sleeping with her boss.
And her boss calls himself smoothloverx.
Ew! Ew! So, you lied to us.
You were having an affair with Colleen Watkins.
Those are personal.
Yes, and they were florid and fraught with cliché.
Do you write notes like that to the missus? Look, I-I liked Colleen, I had fun with her, but I never had any intention of leaving my wife.
Did she know that? Yes, Colleen was aware of my situation.
Well let's see if I can understand your situation.
You knew how important it was for Colleen to be at Benford, so you used your power and your position to seduce her.
And then when you got tired of the arrangement, you -- I didn't kill her.
Where were you last night? I was in my office, at school, writing a speech for alumni weekend.
I was there till 11:00.
And did anyone see you there? No.
Where was your wife? Um, she -- she was at a board meeting.
She got home after I did.
And when we talk to her, she'll be able to tell us the same thing.
I didn't kill Colleen.
We'll need to take some prints and collect some DNA.
Is there, uh, any way of keeping this quiet? Benford can't really afford any more bad publicity.
What do you mean "any more"? A family sued the school after their son was rejected from Dartmouth.
Th-the lawsuit named Colleen as a defendant.
The case was dismissed, but the school's still recovering.
Alas Alas, a lawsuit and an affair.
Any other grenades you'd like to throw into the fire? - Does the school get sued a lot? - No.
No, b-but families like the Delgados expect us to work miracles.
If you're looking for someone with an ax to grind against Colleen, I'd look at them.
Hang on.
Yes, this is she.
Oh, well, what did he do? Yeah, I can do that.
Nick's principal wants to see me.
She say why? No, she just said she wants to see me.
Patrick's an amazing kid, and we spent every dime that we have to send him to Benford.
Yeah, then he was rejected from Dartmouth -- early decision.
Another boy from his class got in, a boy with lower grades.
But his parents gave money to Benford for a new gym.
So you think that Colleen was giving this rich kid preferential treatment.
They talk a good game about scholarship and diversity.
But at the end of the day, we were never accepted.
So, where were you two last night? Here, with Patrick.
We had a late shipment.
And we didn't get home until midnight.
Check the security tapes, if you want.
It's all there.
- Tell me you're not saying anything crazy.
- Patrick! No, for the zillionth time, I told you it wasn't Colleen's fault that Dartmouth didn't want me.
She did everything she could to help.
I just didn't have what it takes.
I don't see them doing this.
Hey, 'Chelle, did their son, Patrick -- did he seem kind of anxious to you? He seemed embarrassed by the whole thing.
No, it was more than that.
It was like he was agitated.
I'll have a uniform come back for all the security tapes.
Hopefully, Patrick is in them with his parents.
You know, they -- they spent everything to send their kid to this school, and they just looked miserable.
Yeah, well, you know, it's tough.
You always want the best for your kids.
Yeah, well, we didn't go to Ivy League schools.
State colleges worked pretty good for you and me.
Good job, good money, solid benefits.
Oh, yeah.
I'd die without the dental.
I got this genetic plaque thing, and it's like it takes, like, an ice pick to get that stuff out of there.
Yeah, not that I don't love your dental horror stories Excuse me.
Okay, thanks.
Coroner's report just came in.
They confirmed Colleen Watkins died around 9:00 last night from her knife wounds.
They also said that she had intercourse, but her partner used a condom, so DNA is a long shot.
Hey, Nick, how was school today? You know, school.
Anything special happen? Nope.
All right, Nick, why is the principal calling me, huh? I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know? Look, let me talk to Uncle Davey.
Uncle Davey's in the shower.
Mom, I really can't talk right now.
Leo and I are doing a science project.
For school? For fun.
He must have done something really bad.
Are you ready? 3, 2, 1.
Start the timer.
What about the family with the nursery? Well, they were upset but not insanely so.
Their son seemed jumpy, so we're checking out his alibi, as well as theirs.
This was a crime of passion, and there's plenty of passion to go around.
The ex, Tim Kane, was kicked to the curb because Colleen was embarrassed of him, and Alex O'Dell was cheating on his wife.
And how are the alibis on those two? Well, Rush is tracking the ex's delivery schedule, and O'Dell didn't have one.
We're bringing his wife in to see if she knew about the affair.
Curious to see just how passionate she was about her marriage.
Any physical evidence? The knife was wiped clean, and whoever she had sex with used a condom, so Did you get anything else off the victim's computer? Just that the girl loved to shop.
I mean, there are a few third-party web addresses that S.
is still trying to crack.
Uh, Mrs.
O'Dell is here.
Nice shoes, detective.
It's good to see someone take a little pride in their appearance around here.
Thank you, sir.
You're welcome.
I'm gonna head out.
O'Dell, how long had you known that your husband was having an affair with Colleen Watkins? Almost from the get-go.
Alexander's not really capable of keeping a secret from me.
And you never felt that the affair would threaten your marriage? My husband and I connect on many levels, but romance isn't one of them.
We each have our own special friends for that, and we're fine with it.
You know, I noticed at the school that a number of the girls were quite taken with him.
Do you think that your husband would ever become involved with one of his students? He's always getting poems and flowers and cards, but he'd never risk crossing that line.
He enjoys his job too much.
Why have the devotion of just one when he can be adored by them all? Hmm.
I just spoke with the victim's sister.
She said Tim Kane went all stalker on Colleen after she broke up with him -- waiting for her at apartment, following her to school, begging for a second chance.
This all fits with what Romeo found out.
Yeah, something wasn't making sense when I tracked the ex-boyfriend's delivery schedule, so I talked to the guy who took over his old route.
The guy was supposed to deliver a package to Colleen.
The ex took it and told him he was going over to her house anyway.
The victim signed for the package at 8:14.
The ex returned the truck at 10:06.
But Colleen's apartment is only a 20-minute drive.
So that puts an angry ex-boyfriend in her apartment delivering a package less than an hour before the murder.
Colleen signed for a package that you delivered at 8:14, an hour before she was dead.
Okay, you've been stalking her all hours of the night, and you expect us to believe that you were not involved? I never touched her.
So you didn't have sex with her.
I didn't kill her.
She was upset.
I-I-I could tell as soon as she opened the door that she'd been crying.
- Did she explain why? - No, no.
She justhugged me.
And then you had sex with her.
I mean no.
No, not right away, no.
It wasn't -- it wasn't like that.
Colleen initiated, not me.
Well, that must have been very confusing for you, what with all the feelings you still had for her.
Is that the first time that you'd been intimate with Colleen since the breakup? So you must have thought that you had a chance at getting back together with her, huh? Yeah.
I thought I had a shot.
But she told you you didn't.
No, I'm just another embarrassing thing in her rearview mirror, like her family's farm or the little state college she went to in Texas.
God forbid anybody at Benford ever hear anything about me.
I couldn't get her where she wanted to go.
Maybe that's why she had an affair with somebody at Benford.
You didn't know about that.
No, but it explains a lot.
So, then, that's -- that's why she was crying when I dropped off the package, right? Some other dude.
Hey, this package -- do you happen to know where it was in the apartment? The kitchen counter, maybe.
Any idea what was in it? Shoes, clothes, shampoo -- Colleen ordered her whole life online.
All right.
Sit tight.
You're not going anywhere.
Well, he's big enough and hurt enough.
Plus, he got double-dumped.
For 17 minutes, he thought that they were back together.
17? With an ex, you're lucky to get 12.
Well, somebody has a digital clock in their bedroom.
Hey, I get sex with an ex.
There's no instruction manuals, there's no surprises, and it definitely does not raise the number.
Yeah, but it's still tricky, you know? One person's always more invested than the other, you know? Hey, I don't remember seeing a package at Colleen's apartment.
You? No, and I stood right next to the counter.
I wonder what happened to it.
Hey, you know what? I got to go.
I got to get to Nick's school for that meeting with the principal.
Okay, and I'll put the ex on ice for the night.
There's enough to hold him.
On the way home, I'll stop by Colleen's apartment, see if I can find that package.
All right.
Wish me luck.
What you doing? Going over these delivery records for Dulcett on the Colleen Watkins' case.
Ain't cop work a hoot? Uh, lieutenant has a task for you.
Yeah, as soon as I'm finished with this -- L.
needs it asap.
He takes priority.
Need you to dig up a file -- last name Maines, first name Myra.
It's personal.
On the D.
Don't just leave it on his desk.
Make sure you put it in his hand.
Mack, Madden, Mahoney Maines.
Hey, I've got a file for the lieutenant.
Oh, I'll take it.
Oh, I'm supposed to put it directly in his hands.
Uh, any idea where he went? He headed toward reception.
Hey, have you seen the L.
? No.
Hey, lieutenant heard you were looking for Myra Maines.
"My remains"? Buerge, right? Yeah.
That file's been suckering rookies for a hundred years.
You know how I'd get even? Pizzas.
Like 20 of them in his name.
Why don't you put that back for the next guy? Welcome aboard, detective.
Hey, Buerge.
Hey, I gave the lieutenant the file.
He thought it was a riot.
Don't even think about getting me back.
I've heard it all.
Yeah? Uh-huh.
Just so you know, women throw themselves at me everywhere I go.
At the car wash, the supermarket, even the dry-cleaners.
It's insane how much tail I get.
Damn it.
You win.
How's it going? Damn it! Nick's always had a ton of energy.
You know, he probably gets that from me.
I'm always saying, you know, "Nick, use your powers for good, not evil," you know? Not -- not that he's evil, you know what I mean? Not, like, stuff that I've seen, of course.
Sheppard, Nick's not in trouble.
He -- what? That's not why you're here.
Oh, good.
UmReally? Just the opposite, in fact.
Um, your son received the highest scores in this school's history on the G.
My Nick? You should be very proud.
But he's always saying that school is so boring.
No offense.
None taken.
That's not uncommon with really bright children.
The work doesn't challenge them, so they tune out.
It's just, um It's amazing.
Well, is there some extra stuff that he should be doing, like Spelling words or -- That's why I wanted you to come in.
As much as we would love to keep Nick here at our school, I'm not sure we have the resources he needs.
You just lost me.
What? Nick needs to be surrounded by peers of his intelligence level.
If I were you, I would check into some of the more academic private schools.
I mean, how is this even possible, you know? I mean, I'm his mom and a detective.
How could I have missed this? Genius.
Really? It's just He's pretty diabolical in D&D.
Yeah, but, you know, I expect Nick to be that kind of genius, okay? That kind of genius I can handle.
But what am I supposed to do with this one, you know? The real kind -- you know, the kind that has to go to private schools and have tutors and cellos and -- Cellos? Well, for instance, you know? Look, I mean, part of the reason you guys came out here was because the schools were better.
Maybe you sensed his need.
I don't know, though, Davey.
You know what? I was at a private school today, and, I mean, the grounds were just gorgeous, right? The campus was beautiful.
They had all the resources money could buy.
But the kids there, they just -- they didn't seem like kids, you know? And I don't know.
I mean, is that what we want for Nick? Do we want to put him into that kind of an environment and I don't know.
Nick tends to roll with the program.
You sure you're not worried about how you'd fit in? Well, I wouldn't.
I mean, I already know that.
But, then again, it's not like I'm a perfect fit in the school he's at now, you know? I mean, there aren't too many other parents carrying firearms or showing up at parent-teacher conferences with a tranny hooker cuffed in the backseat.
Sad but true.
You know what? The bottom line is that I am just gonna have to do the very best that I can for Nick The genius.
You know, you and your ex are both very smart people.
It's entirely possible that your kids are even smarter.
Well, maybe.
I don't know.
Let me clean this up.
Got a towel? Hang on.
I'll get the phone.
Hey, 'Chelle.
So, I went back to Colleen's apartment and I double-checked with S.
There was no package at the apartment or in the trash.
You know what? Maybe we're asking the wrong question.
Maybe we should be trying to figure out what was in the package, and then we can figure out who took it.
Okay, I'll have S.
track the sender's I.
Through the delivery company in the morning.
You know what? I'm gonna head by Benford in the morning.
There was this girl that I talked to this morning, and -- and she knew about Colleen's days as an undergrad in Texas.
Now, if Colleen was embarrassed of her past, why is she telling this kid anything? Hey, hey, give me a kiss.
That's a good question.
Yeah, no, I know.
All right, see you then.
Nick! - Hey, how was your first day of school? - Hey.
Well, I, uh Picked up Buerge's dry-cleaning.
I tracked down a delivery truck, and chased about a dozen stupid little details that are probably gonna go nowhere.
That sounds about right.
Not for me.
Why? 'Cause every day on the streets is a shoot-'em-up rodeo? No, of course not, but -- You know what? I don't know what this is really all about, but you are messing it up.
I don't remember asking your opinion.
You are looking at a chance to work in one of the best detective divisions in the world.
I waited 10 years for my shot, and for whatever reason, Valdez is reaching out and offering you a shortcut -- You're not hearing what I'm saying.
No, no, no.
I caught every word.
If you can't recognize an opportunity then maybe you should go back to patrol.
Nick? I told you to go to bed.
No, you did not.
Good night, Nick! He's going up right now.
Yeah, show me the computer.
It's nothing.
It's just a little thing that we were It's like math.
What do you mean it's like math? You'll overreact.
No, I won't.
Give me the computer.
Mom, I won 50 bucks, right? 50 bucks.
That's great.
What? Give me the computer.
Give it to me.
What do you mean you won fif-- Blackjack? Davey? Really? Uh, am I in trouble? No.
Can I keep the money? No way.
Go to bed.
Go to bed.
What? Are you kidding me, man? Online gambling? What are you doing? He's 11.
I'm sorry.
- How good is he? - Really good.
Really? Yeah.
He split a pair of aces, and he caught two Queens.
What is that? 50 bucks.
I was looking at private schools today.
We're gonna need a whole lot more than 50 bucks.
Nick! Stop it.
That's not funny.
You're such a -- Excuse me.
It's Madison, isn't it? Yeah.
You have a good memory.
Well, thank you.
I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about Colleen.
Yeah, sure.
Uh, walk me to class? Sure.
Madison, how did you know that Colleen did her undergrad in Texas? Oh, she told me.
We talked about all kinds of things when we worked together.
That happens a lot.
People confide in me.
Well, that's wonderful.
I also noticed that you were very close to headmaster O'Dell the other day.
It's great that you have such a strong support network.
Still, it's got to be a lot for you, you know, losing your college adviser in the middle of the year.
It's not easy, but I try not to let it slow me down.
Yeah, well, still, you wouldn't be normal if it didn't set you back a bit.
Not my favorite word.
"Normal" might be okay for your job, but it's not going to get me into Yale.
That's what Colleen was helping me with -- focus.
When I mentioned headmaster O'Dell, you seemed uncomfortable.
Not really.
When I saw the two of you talking back there, he seemed upset with you.
Madison, if this has anything to do with Colleen, you should really tell me.
I couldn't tell you anything yesterday, not with Alex there.
After my appointment with Colleen the other day, I went to the gym to get my tennis bag.
I don't know if this is hearsay or admissible, and I don't want to be a tattling bitch.
No one thinks that.
I saw Colleen arguing with Alex.
She was begging him to leave his wife.
He said that there was no way, but she was hysterical, and he was really, really angry.
Well, thank you for telling me.
Let's, uh, get you to class.
What do you have on the Colleen Watkins case? We got a lot.
There's this girl, a student at Benford -- she's got a serious crush on the headmaster.
Anyway, she said that she saw him and Colleen arguing the day of the murder.
How is his alibi? Nonexistent.
His wife's alibi does check out, though.
They both lawyered up.
We're still holding the ex because we've established that he was with Colleen around the time of the murder.
That is a lot.
Any word on the missing package? 'Chelle's having S.
track the online shipping company.
We're trying to figure out what was inside.
You think the contents will clarify things? Maybe, yeah.
Hey, can I ask you something? Sure.
Your kids, they go to private schools, right? Yeah.
It was my ex's idea.
Which one? First and second.
Why? Well, Nick, my eldest, he aced this test, and his principal thinks that we should send him to a better school.
Um So, anyway, I started looking online, and -- They all cost a fortune.
Yeah, I just don't see how I can afford it, unless I start knocking over liquor stores on the side.
I try not to think about the boat I could have bought with all that money -- Catalina 47.
You could sail it around the world if you want.
But most days, my kids love their school, and they're doing real well, so it's worth it.
Yeah, well Found what was in the package.
Lots of Adderall.
Colleen had prescriptions from three different online pharmacies.
She was getting almost 100 pills a month.
There's no way in hell this is for A.
Hey, what if she was pushing it on the kids? I mean, at the Delgados' yesterday, their son said that Colleen did everything that she could to help him.
What if that included selling him Adderall? Yeah, well, it would explain why he was so agitated.
You know, a lot of these kids abuse this drug because they think it's gonna raise their I.
Yeah, they're morons for thinking that.
Only thing it will raise is their blood pressure, cause a stroke.
Let's go talk to Patrick Delgado.
You were on Colleen's calendar twice in the last month.
Now, don't you think that's a little odd given that your parents sued her? I guess.
We checked with your teachers.
The dates you saw her were right before you had big exams.
Was Colleen selling Adderall to you to help you study? No.
Patrick, look -- you're 18 years old.
We don't need your parents' permission to take you downtown.
She wasn't selling it.
What, she gave it to you out of the kindness of her heart? Colleen was more like a trainer for a sports team -- always careful about how she dosed us.
Only gave us the pills before a big exam to help us focus.
But that wasn't enough for you, was it? You wanted to take it more often.
Thought it would make you smarter.
I told Colleen I'd even buy them from her.
She wouldn't do it.
So what'd you do? Found another source.
Total bitch but fewer rules.
Are you talking about Madison? Maybe.
I know my rights.
They need a warrant to search my locker.
Alex, please tell them they can't do this.
Look, I'm sorry, detectives, but Madison's right.
There is no way I can allow you to do this on school property without a search warrant.
We really need a warrant? Well, I have to protect my students.
Well, we can get a warrant, can't we, 'Chelle? Yeah, a couple hours, yeah.
Just know that, when we do come back, we'll bring about a dozen black-and-whites, sirens blaring, and we may even call in a helicopter so none of the neighbors miss out on any of the action.
Unless, of course, you think that might bring more bad publicity to the school.
That's what I thought.
Hey, my father's gonna sue you both.
How could you? I'm so sorry.
Hey, none of you can look in there without my permission! Back up.
I have rights! Yeah, you do have rights Like remaining silent.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say or do will be held against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney, an attorney will be appointed for you.
Do you understand the rights as I have said them to you? I'm going to take Madison down to R.
Your parents know that we're going there and that we're charging you with possessing and selling narcotics.
My dad's a lawyer.
Yeah, you've said that already.
I'm sure he's gonna be really happy with your new career move.
Didn't know they could arrest somebody for being a bitch.
That kid was out of line.
He didn't think I was a bitch when he needed something.
You mean drugs? You can't trick me into talking.
And even if you could, it wouldn't matter.
You're not allowed to interrogate me without my parents or a lawyer present.
I see.
Well, get in the car.
I know my rights.
I can say anything to you, and it's inadmissible in court.
Sounds like you know the rules.
It's, like, the only advantage to being a minor.
I understand.
Doubt it.
You have no idea what it's like to be me.
Perfect S.
s, captain of the tennis team, and yet there's still no guarantee I'll get into Yale.
I couldn't have handled that when I was your age.
Most people can't.
But you're so smart.
Why deal drugs? You don't need the money.
You're not listening.
My dad's a really good lawyer.
God, you sound just like Colleen.
Colleen knew you were dealing? Most of her advisees started buying from me because I didn't have any stupid rules.
She just couldn't handle that I was more popular, so she tried to stop me.
She even threatened to tell Alex, as if she could ever turn him against me.
Really? Did she try to talk to you about that? Of course.
But the problem with Colleen was she never really understood her place.
Is that why you went to her apartment? To remind her? Because from what I've heard, you were not the only person who felt that Colleen didn't understand her place at Benford.
She's not one of us.
She works for us.
It's crazy.
It's almost as if she was trying to destroy everything that you've worked for.
Oh, I warned her that.
I mean, I tried to reason with her.
I'm usually really good at that, okay? But she just wouldn't back down.
She slapped me, so I hit her back.
I've never hit anyone before.
I've never used a knife like that.
I just kept thinking, "she's gonna ruin everything!" And there was no way I could let that happen -- not from someone like her.
I couldn't stop.
Then she was quiet.
Too bad you can't use any of that.
Well, actually, I can use all of it.
What don't you understand? I'm a minor.
No, it's what you don't understand.
Now, I didn't go to Yale, but I'm pretty sure you just confessed to murder, and I'm a little disappointed that you didn't know this.
But, by law, there is no assumption of privacy in a police car, not even for a minor.
So I just, uh -- I tape-recorded everything you said.
Let's see your daddy get you out of that.
Peace offering.
Didn't know we were at war.
A couple of weeks ago, Lieutenant Valdez asked me if there was some patrol cops that I thought were real up-and-comers.
Oh, so it's your fault I got promoted.
Yeah, you have a very funny way of phrasing that, but, yeah.
Yeah, I thought I was doing you a solid.
Um, you can always go back to patrol, you know.
Not without chatting the L.
Well, maybe someday you will explain to me what's so terrible about getting a bump.
But just so you know, I really like seeing you around the office.
And Uh, I think you have the goods to be a really great detective.
Happy first solved murder, rookie! Hear, hear.
Oh, I don't know what you guys are toasting me for.
I did nothing to solve this case.
That's not true.
You picked up my laundry, got my car washed.
Hey, in honor of your first case You want to grow up and be a real detective like me, you got to learn to dress the part.
Hey, hon, another round for the team.
And, uh, give this slick-lookin' dude the bill.
Hey, newbies buy.
It's tradition.
That's right! That's right! All right.
Hey, uh, next weekend, we're gonna take a test for a different school.
It's no big deal, you know.
You don't need to worry about it or anything.
We're just gonna We're just gonna explore our options, okay? Do what's best for you.
Honey, you're a smart boy, you know? You need to be challenged at school.
You shouldn't be bored.
So this may mean that you stay at your school or, you know, you may go to a different school, so Okay.
The most important thing to me is that you're happy.
I am.
The standardized tests? They're totally easy.
Well, for you, maybe.
For anyone.
You just need a strategy.
A strategy.
Mom, you know the bubbles you fill in? Mm-hmm.
As you go down the page, you just have to make them go back and forth.
Sort of like a Christmas tree.
A Christmas tree.
Of course.
Nick, you're a genius.