The Protector (2011) s01e04 Episode Script


We have a reservation for one of the suites.
- Last name's Griffith.
- Welcome to the Bardot.
I see you're here for our honeymoon package.
That's us -- the newlyweds.
[ Chuckles ] Hey, guys, I'm home! Hello? Hello, hello.
Oh, hey, sweetie.
Oh, no, don't get up.
I'm fine.
I just went shopping after work.
Hey, um -- oh, my gosh, Davey.
It looks great.
Oh, my goodness.
Hey, buddy, I went and got you some shirts.
Look at this.
You like stripes, right? Yeah.
They don't have buttons, do they? [ Cellphone chiming ] Well, I thought buttons were okay again.
Leo: Mom! What? What?! Davey? Mom! What? Mrs.
Orange ate Mr.
[ Laughs ] Uncle Davey warned you those fish were cannibals.
Let's go check out the crime scene.
Nick! Nick, that's his dead fish! [ Music playing, laughter ] Hi.
[ Laughs ] Hey.
[ Glasses clink ] [ Insects chirping ] Leo: Mom? I still can't sleep.
[ Sighs ] Leo, this is the fifth time tonight, buddy.
[ Cellphone ringing ] [ Ringing continues ] Sheppard.
Yeah, okay.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
[ Exhales sharply ] [ Smooches ] The Protector 1x0 Spoon [ Sighs ] Wow, they're just babies.
- I know -- such a waste, right? - They're so young.
Housekeeping smelled gas around no answer, opened the door, and discovered the bodies spooned on the bed like that.
Ah, the gas fireplace was tampered with.
No suicide note, no sign of forced entry.
So, you think this is what it looks like? You don't buy it? It's more that I don't buy the whole over-the-top, romantic, "I'd rather die together than be apart" part of the suicide.
I mean, come on -- the rose petals, the candles, enh.
[ Cellphone beeping ] Well, I don't know if they killed themselves or not, but the romantic details feel pretty authentic to me.
Buerge's here.
He wants us to meet him down by the pool.
He say why? No, but I'm sure it's not gonna be hard to find him.
[ Laughs ] Enjoying the view, detective? Ah, just easing the pain of the 9 bucks I parted with for this O.
So, how can we help you? The lieutenant asked me to come over here to help you.
I got a history with your D.
s in there.
Rory Griffith and Jessica Bennett -- called themselves "The Newlywed Bandits.
" Dulcett: Oh, yeah, I've heard of them, but I've never seen them.
They hit the high-end jewelry stores, right? Yeah, pretended to be shopping for wedding rings.
She'd distract the clerk, he'd snatch the loot, and they'd both hightail it for the hills.
Well, that sounds sophisticated.
Okay, it was no "Ocean's Eleven," but it was audacious.
Had a pretty good spree there for about three years -- made over 400 grand.
Case got kicked up to Van Stone and me.
[ Scoffs ] Hey, so, if you caught them, what are they doing here? Oh.
[ Chuckles ] They've been out on bail for months.
But here's the really interesting part.
They were supposed to report to the courthouse for sentencing this morning.
I was reading ahead.
Bad -- bad habit.
And, yeah, today was the day they were gonna get locked up.
Well, maybe they couldn't bear the idea of being separated.
Well, the coroner's on the way.
He'll clear all this up.
Listen, you got any time to stick around and knock on a few doors? All the time in the world, detective.
Let's go.
He is so nasty.
Dulcett: We tracked almost everyone from the party last night.
Most of them were just hotel guests, but there was this one woman who had a video camera we think might have been a friend, so Buerge's downstairs talking to the valet guys to see if they can get a plate number.
Yeah, that's fine.
That's fine.
I, uh, I talked to the lady at the front desk.
She said that the last time a key card was used to open a door in here was 3:07 this morning.
Okay, so, the killer could have snuck in here after they went to sleep, turned on the gas, then posed the bodies.
I mean, but Look at it, 'Chelle.
I mean, look at the way her hair is tucked behind her ear and their fingers are entwined.
I mean, that's what I'm talking about.
[ Siren wails ] I'm just saying -- it looked posed to me.
[ Scoffs ] Come on.
Who spoons like that all night long? People in love -- you know, people who like the touch of another person, their scent.
People like you? Well, yeah, when I was married.
The last thing I want is somebody breathing on my neck all night long.
You want to make me feel special, give me some Laker tickets with some sweet seats and then back home to my own big bed.
Hey, you think the L.
spoons with his new Thai wife? I don't know.
Sir, do you and your wife spoon? Ohh.
So, if I understand the question, Detective Dulcett, you're wondering about the intimate sleeping habits No, no, no, sir.
of me and my wife.
Because if you're curious No.
Oh, no, no, no.
I am.
[ Chuckles ] [ Clears throat ] You know, but if there's, uh, something else that you'd rather talk about Well, actually, there is, and I do.
We got a call from the lawyer who was defending Rory Griffith and Jessica Bennett.
Sir, did he have a take on what went down at the hotel? Well, not exactly, but he did say that Rory was terrified of going to prison.
Jessica was looking at 3 to 5 years.
Rory was looking at 7.
Well, maybe Rory was afraid that their big-time love wouldn't survive being apart that long.
You think he was worried that his wife wouldn't wait for him to get out? Yeah, I mean, it's sort of a twisted take on romance, but you know what? It might fit.
Kill the one you love so no one else can have her.
Murder/suicide? Wouldn't be the first time a guy took matters into his own hands.
I've asked Buerge and Van Stone to stay with you on the case since they have a history with the D.
We're pulling the names of all the jewelry-store owners, as well as the individuals who filed claims against the couple.
We're also looking into fences who might have been involved.
Any family that we can talk to? We never found any.
The couple were married four years ago -- downtown courthouse.
The county clerk signed as a witness.
If there's family, they're not very close.
Just say it, Sheppard.
Well, why take the honeymoon suite and then invite a bunch of people? I mean, isn't the whole point of a honeymoon romance and privacy? I mean, this -- this felt more like a send-off.
You know what else was weird? Most of the people at the party were hotel guests.
There were a couple of friends there, but we're still trying to track them down.
Any names yet? No.
They weren't staying at the hotel, but we're hoping one of the valet guys might recognize one of them and give us a plate number.
All right, we got the coroner's report.
Both victims died at approximately 4:30 this morning of asphyxia.
High levels of alcohol and marijuana in their systems, as well as enough GHB that they would have been unconscious by about 1:00.
Really doesn't determine whether they were responsible for gassing themselves or if it was somebody else.
Yeah, it does.
The front desk told me that their suite door was opened with a key card at 3:07.
So if they were unconscious at 1:30 and dead by 4:30 Valdez: You asked about the coroner's report.
confirms the bodies had been moved.
Somebody rolled them into that position.
Oh, hey, 'Chelle.
Yeah? They found that woman with the video camera.
Her name is, uh, Penelope McDaniel.
She's on her way in here right now.
I'm gonna talk to a guy named Bernard Bartok.
He's a jewelry-store owner that Van Stone flagged from his newlywed bandits files.
The guy's insurance lapsed after the bandits hit his store.
He lost everything -- went crazy.
I guess this guy really hates the couple.
[ Cellphone rings ] Hey, Davey.
Hey, I just wanted to give you a heads-up.
Nick's teacher called right after lunch.
He didn't do that thing with the eggs and the hair gel again, did he? [ Chuckles ] No, and this isn't that big a deal, either, but I knew you'd want to hear before you got home.
She took Nick's phone away because he wouldn't stop texting in class.
I guess she gave him a couple warnings, but instead of working on his math sheet, he kept doing it.
Then she did the right thing.
Oh, look, I got to go, okay? I'll talk to you later.
All right.
Detective Dulcett.
[ Sighs ] I really appreciate you coming downtown today.
We're trying to tie up some loose ends with the newlywed bandits.
Is it true that they're dead? Yes, it is.
Was it a slow, painful death? Excuse me? Can I have all the details? - Penelope? - Yeah.
I'm Detective Sheppard.
Thanks very much for coming in.
I'm -- I'm very sorry about your friends.
Thank you.
Um, I brought the flash card.
Oh, great.
Tell me -- how well did you know Rory and Jessica? Uh, we met them about a year ago.
- When you say, "We," do you mean - Oh, me and my husband.
I see.
Rory and Jess moved into our building.
We'd see them around, and they were nice.
I mean, everybody liked them.
They were animals.
I lost everything -- my store, my home.
Did you know what they did for a living? You mean the whole "Newlywed Bandits" thing? Mm-hmm.
None of us in the building knew until they were arrested.
They just took stuff.
I mean, they didn't really hurt anybody.
Well, some people might disagree with that.
Did I want them to die? Yes.
Did I dream about how I would do it? Every night.
But did I kill them? No.
This death was too good for them.
Thank you very much.
- How'd it go with the jeweler? - He's wacked.
He has an alibi, but we're gonna have to triple-check it before we turn somebody that pissed off loose.
Ohh, another one.
Whoo! Yeah! Penelope: I don't know most of these people.
It's a party! Yay! Whoo! I can't believe they're gone.
[ Rory wolf-whistles ] [ Jessica laughs ] I didn't shoot this part.
Hey, Jessica Rabbit, how's your honeymoon so far? Perfect, like you.
Want to have another one next week? I want one every week.
You got it, bunny.
[ Laughs ] I already figured out where we should go next but it's a surprise.
[ Laughs ] A surprise? He was making other plans.
That's how I heard it.
I don't understand.
What did he say? Rory wasn't gonna turn himself in this morning.
They were gonna run.
Do we know who posted their bail? Valdez: J.
Daldrop? He posted bail for Rory and Jessica -- put his home up for collateral -- almost 300 grand.
So, what is he -- family? We don't know that yet.
We ran him through the system, but the only hit we got was a D.
in '97.
But if he stood to lose 300 grand and he suspected that Rory and Jessica were gonna run He'd have motive to protect his investment, right? Mm-hmm.
Well, he lives out in Whittier.
You and Sheppard should pay him a visit this afternoon.
[ Car door closes ] J.
Daldrop? Ladies.
Detectives Dulcett and Sheppard.
We're here about Rory Griffith and Jessica Bennett.
Tell me they didn't run.
Why would you assume that? The cops don't make house calls to pass out candy bars.
Sir, we're here to inform you that both Rory and Jessica were found dead this morning.
Damn it.
Can you tell us what your relationship was to the couple, why you put up their bail? On account of Arlene, Rory's mom.
You're gonna have to tell her the bad news, 'cause I refuse to cause that woman any heartache.
, you want to introduce me to your company? [ Voice breaking ] He was my only child my baby boy.
When I found out he was in trouble, I did what any mother would do -- I tried to help him.
So you asked Mr.
Daldrop to put up the bail for your son? That's the thing -- I didn't have to.
He volunteered.
Anybody ever tell you that love isn't like one of those songs on the radio, don't you believe 'em.
Me and that man over there are living proof.
Well, I'm very sorry for your loss.
And, um, thank you for your time.
Man, I wish we would have known we were coming here to notify next of kin.
It breaks my heart.
It's a whole different game face.
Yeah, telling a mom is always the worst.
[ Cellphone rings ] Sheppard.
Van Stone dug up some new info on a guy named Zachary Chung.
He was a porter at the Bardot, and he was at the party.
Guy was busted three years ago for dealing -- pot, coke, all kinds of drugs, including GHB.
So, what -- you think that he sold Rory and Jessica the GHB, they overdosed, and he turned on the gas to make it look like a suicide? But then why would he stage the bodies that way? You and Dulcett go pick him up, all right? Yep.
You got it.
We got to make a stop.
Chung: Look, they were having a party, all right? I gave them a little bit of weed, but that's it -- I don't deal anymore.
Rory Griffith and Jessica Bennett are dead.
Their bodies are full of drugs.
Now, you are a convicted drug dealer.
I just don't see this ending well for you.
Now, nobody is saying that you intended for any of this to happen.
Look, Zachary, my partner hates drug dealers, okay? She hates them.
She goes out of her way to put them away for as long as possible.
I mean, she's probably in there screaming at the D.
right now.
And the fact that these two kids ended up dead -- I mean, this is really bad.
I was just trying to help a guy out, you know? It's not like I'm trying to protect him or anything.
Well, just tell me about this guy.
He called me up, knew I worked at the hotel, asked me to set Rory and Jessica up with a nice room, get them a deal, and show them a good time.
Well, that seems reasonable.
You were just trying to help him out, trying to help out a friend, right? [ Scoffs ] Yeah, some friend -- sold me a piece-of-crap motorcycle that wouldn't start.
[ Sighs ] Wait.
This guy who asked you to help him out -- his name J.
Daldrop? Yeah.
Rory and Jessica were at his pad when I picked the bike up.
You know, they seemed -- they seemed fun, crazy in love, so I figured, "What the hell?" No good deed goes unpunished.
Sit tight, Zachary.
If Zachary Chung overheard Rory bragging about running and not going to jail, he could have called Daldrop and given him the heads-up.
What -- you're not buying it? Hazelnut.
I buy that Chung could have sold Rory and Jessica the GHB and maybe that Daldrop showed up in the middle of the night, but I cannot see these guys working together, and I don't buy that either one of them would have staged the bodies that way.
Hey, Zamora, do you spoon with your wife? Hell, no.
Well, how about your girlfriend? Yeah, she gets cold.
You see? All the cool kids are doing it.
Oh, hey, heads-up.
I think Major Crimes is, uh, looking for you.
Uh, yeah, Frankie probably just wants to go over the Suarez case.
So it's becoming a bit of an ongoing investigation? Uh, let's not get ahead of ourselves.
[ Clears throat ] Everything good? Good? Great.
Look, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to do something later.
Frankie, we talked about this.
I know.
I know.
And I know you said you wanted to keep this casual, but -- but the -- um, but the Suarez case Yes? Is supposed to go to court next week, so let's, um -- we need to, um, make sure that everything is Gone.
Is up -- right.
Look, I'm just saying -- I have a lot of fun with you.
[ Sighs ] Right back at you.
[ Chuckles ] Yeah, you are definitely fun.
We'll go out soon.
Want to help with dinner? "Yeah, Uncle Davey, I'd love to.
Where can I start?" You ratted me out.
- I did not! - Did so.
Buddy, I just told your mom what she was gonna find out, anyway.
Shells, rings, or tubes? - I don't care.
- Shells it is.
You know, when I was your age, we didn't have three types of pasta -- we had spaghetti.
Yeah, and electricity was a brand-new invention.
Not quite, but we sure didn't have cellphones.
Now, if I wanted to communicate with my friends on the down-low, we'd pass notes.
Notes? Yeah, I know -- it sounds totally dinosaur, but, see, notes are like a stealth attack -- no beeps or vibrations to give you away.
So you just wrote stuff down? Yup, and the cool part was, you'd just crumple it up and throw it across the room, or we made little footballs you could flick, or, if the teacher caught you, just stick it in your mouth and eat it.
[ Knife slicing ] Yeah, you know none of us really eat salad, right? I know, but it makes your mom feel good to have it on the table.
The note thing -- did you ever get busted for it? Of course.
Then how is it any different from texting? Maybe it isn't.
So you were just doing the same thing, but on paper? Yeah.
Is there a lesson or something to this story? Valdez: Are you saying that all this took a woman's touch? No, not necessarily.
I just think that it took someone who believes in this type of romantic love -- you know, I mean, the lit candles, the rose petals sprinkled across the room.
You know, I-I knew a couple like that in high school.
They were always hanging all over each other, always kissing like they were the only two people in the world.
I hated them.
Well, maybe whoever did this to Rory and Jessica was jealous of them for what they had together.
- Hey, you ever felt like that? - Like what? You know, like you were one of only two people in the world? Have you? Yeah.
When James and I first got engaged, I-I felt that way, sure.
Have you? No.
No, I'm more of a pragmatist.
So I guess that's why you've been married three times, huh, Mr.
Pragmatist? You and Dulcett should go back out to Whittier.
Bring J.
Daldrop in for some questions.
I'll have Buerge get a search warrant for Zachary Chung's place.
You got it Mr.
It's locked up tight.
[ Sighs ] Yep.
So, what do you think -- running an errand or on the run? Guess we could stick around for a while.
Hey, 'Chelle.
Yeah? Hey, check out these catalogs.
"Lusty Ladies Lingerie.
" "Undies, The Holiday Collection"? Okay, listen, I know you think I could get freaky, but -- No, not that -- look at the address labels.
"Janice Daltry.
" "Joan Duncan.
" "Arlene Duncan.
" Okay, so either there's a sorority of slutty women living up in that house, or Arlene Duncan has a whole mess of aliases.
Then again, if I was ordering from "The Horny Housewife Boutique," I wouldn't use my real name, either.
[ Cellphone rings ] Valdez.
Gloria: Mom's got a record.
We got a hit on one of her aliases.
She served three years in Chowchilla -- trafficking in stolen goods.
Well, the way you've described her, she could be this overly romantic lunatic, and she has motive and a record.
Oh, I don't know.
Killing your own child -- I mean, that goes against a mother's most basic instinct.
But I guess if she believed that Daldrop was the big door prize she'd always dreamed of, then, as twisted as it seems, I guess it is possible that she sacrificed her son to keep him.
Bring both her and Daldrop in.
We will, as soon as we find them.
Michelle's putting out a BOLO right now.
You want us to sit on the house? No.
Go home.
I'll send some uniforms.
All right, great.
You keeping these? Yeah.
This is evidence.
Nicholas: But, mom, I didn't do anything! Gloria: Well, that's my point -- instead of doing your math sheet in class, you were texting.
That -- that phone is only for emergencies, not for chatting with your friends.
Now, fork it over.
Fork it over.
All right, I'm only doing this because I care.
And before you say anything, I know how lame that sounds, but it's true.
Mom, those are private.
Who is this boy Sam? Mom! Who is this boy Sam, and why does he text you so much? There must be like a hundred texts here.
Sam's not a boy.
Stillno phone.
[ Clears throat ] Mom.
Knock it off, Nick.
[ Laughs ] Whoo! Got a toast for us, Penny? Penelope: Toromance.
Rory: To romance.
To tonight never ending.
Yeah! [ All cheer ] Hey.
Home movies? Oh, I wish -- crime scene.
I keep watching it.
I feel like I'm missing something.
You want an espresso? No, you freak, it's midnight.
I'm heading off to bed.
I just wanted to check in and see how you were with Nick.
I'm fine.
I was just -- you know, I was just a little surprised that it was a girl, you know? It just sort of snuck up on me, right? Hey, were you into girls in fifth grade? Fourth.
But, you know, that's just me.
Oh, my God, that's right.
Mom caught you hiding in the clothes hamper the time I had Margie Simmons over for a sleepover.
Oh, God, the first naked girl I ever saw.
[ Chuckles ] Is that where we're headed -- you know, texting and sexting and hiding in baskets? I'm just -- you know what? It's -- it's -- it's just -- it's much simpler than this, okay? It's just that this girl likes Nick, okay, and so she texts him a lot, you know? And, you know, Nick's a sweet boy, you know, and he just -- he's just -- he's just texting her back because he doesn't want to be rude.
He doesn't want to hurt her feelings.
And, you know, I bet he doesn't even know how to stop.
I can help him with that.
This girl's just being really aggressive.
Okay, no more for you -- no more.
[ Cellphone rings ] What? Oh.
Hey, 'Chelle.
Are you gonna -- Dulcett: So, our BOLO paid off.
Local P.
in Arizona picked up Arlene -- or Alice or whatever the hell her name is -- and J.
about a half-hour ago.
You want to guess where they were? Well, if it has anything to do with those catalogs we saw today, I'm gonna hang up on you.
Actually, it's weirder than that.
They were staying at Lake Havasu Hotel and Casino.
- That's not so weird.
- No? Well, they were staying in the honeymoon suite.
I mean, come on -- what kind of woman elopes on the same day her child is killed? Okay, that is weird.
Come on, let's go.
[ Cellphone chimes ] What are you doing? Texting.
What part of last night's conversation did you not understand? Mom, you said no texting last night.
It's a new day.
[ Cellphone closes ] - Mom! - No.
No phone for the whole day, and tonight, we are gonna have a conversation about ways to control it.
- Where's Leo? - Oh, I'll get him.
Leo! Seriously? What? Leo, honey.
Dulcett: You ready to talk to these two? Gloria: Can't wait.
Buerge gave me a full inventory of all the items that Rory and Jessica stole.
I thought I might share it with J.
He may not know the kind of woman he's set up housekeeping with.
[ Cellphone chimes ] I think that's a good idea.
Is that you? Yeah.
Well, no.
It's Nick's phone, but I had to take it away from him.
There's this girl at school who won't stop texting him, and, you know, Nick doesn't know how to disengage, so [ Cellphone chimes ] Well, you just can't leave her hanging.
I guess you're right.
"Hi, Sam.
"It is Nick's mom.
He's lost his textprivileges.
" Okay, so, you know, the lieutenant thinks there's a world where these two are in on it together, right? The mom has this obsession with romance, and Daldrop stood to lose all of his money.
[ Cellphone chimes ] "What did he do?" You do not have to respond to that.
[ Cellphone chimes ] Help.
Okay, I'm gonna admit that I'm confused about a few things -- first being what to call you.
Let's see.
Is it Arlene, Alma, Alice? A-Arlene -- Arlene Duncan.
Well, turns out you have a very interesting family dynamic.
You've turned out to be your son's fence, but even more interesting to me is that you fled the state on the very day that you found out that your son was killed.
Daldrop: We weren't fleeing.
We had plans -- non-refundable plans.
To get married? No.
Who said anything about getting married? You were staying in the honeymoon suite.
Yeah, Arlene finds them romantic.
Arlene: I couldn't stay at home.
I was distraught about Rory, and J.
offered me comfort.
He knows me so well.
He knows I'm a sucker for a honeymoon package.
When I found out that her son needed bail, I was happy to help.
Maybe this whole thing is my own damn fault.
Maybe I just gave Rory my overdeveloped romantic view of love.
I can't help myself.
I-I love love.
Yeah, but do you love love more than you love your own son? Do you think I would harm my own son? Well, let's say that Rory were to run.
But if Rory was gonna gonna run, you would lose the house and the shop.
Gloria: J.
would lose everything, and you would lose J.
, the love of your life.
My Rory wouldn't run.
He said as much on a videotape.
I don't believe you.
Show me.
Show me! [ Rory wolf-whistles ] [ Laughs ] Hey, Jessica Rabbit, how's your honeymoon so far? Perfect, like you.
These were all stolen by Rory and Jessica -- hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth.
And Rory's mom, your girlfriend, was his fence.
- Want to have another one next week? - I want one every week.
You got it, bunny.
[ Laughs ] She had all that money, but she got you to put your mortgage up for her son's bail? Come on.
She's using you.
Just like she used her son.
And now she's gonna hang you out to dry for murder.
I already figured out where we should go next But it's a surprise.
[ Jessica laughs ] I love Arlene, Arlene loves me, and nothing's gonna get in the way of that.
Besides, this jewelry -- it's just things.
You really didn't know.
[ Crying ] [ Sniffling ] He seemed so happy.
At least his last night was beautiful.
Every bit of it was perfect.
[ Sobbing ] Yeah, it did seem pretty perfect, didn't it? Okay, great.
Thank you very much.
You know what? Something has been bugging me about Penelope's video ever since we first watched it, and now I understand why.
Okay, look, you know how, when you record something, you always end up on somebody's back or -- or you swish over to catch something funny and -- and you miss it? Yeah, you mean like every home movie my daddy ever shot? Exactly.
Well, Penelope's has none of that, okay? It's perfect.
There's no blurry shots, and -- and nobody talks about anything but romance and love.
You think it was edited? Yeah.
I just got off the phone with S.
, and they confirmed it.
Yeah, but Arlene and J.
Still could have done it.
They have a motive.
I know, but [sighs] I'm telling you, I watched Arlene, and -- and that woman did not kill her child.
I think we better find Penelope and get ahold of her original footage.
I have a feeling she did a whole lot more than just edit out the boring parts.
Nothing in over an hour.
You don't think Sam's mad at me, do you? Never mind.
Okay, so, if Penelope did this, why the video? Why go through the trouble of staging an elaborate suicide? Why not just -- I don't know -- just kill 'em straight out? [ Cellphone chimes ] I don't know.
That's what we're here to find out.
Hey, Sam's not mad at me -- she just had to take a math test.
Oh, thank goodness.
I hope she did okay.
May I help you? - Oh, hey, hi.
Are you the manager? - I am.
Uh, are you the one who called us? - Called? - Yeah, 911.
We got a call about a gas smell coming out of apartment 107.
A woman named Penelope McDan-- [ sniffs ] Oh, yeah, I can smell it.
[ Sniffs ] Oh, yeah.
Oh, absolutely.
Oh, that's gas.
Uh, should I open it? Well, is Penelope or her husband around? Uh, I never met her husband.
I-I think he travels or something.
I see.
Oh, lord, I hope Penelope's not in there.
[ Lock disengages ] Great.
We'll take it from here.
Thanks very much.
All right.
Thank you.
You can just step back.
Here we go.
Shut? Yeah.
Clear? Clear.
A man lives here? You think? Hey, 'Chelle.
This still has the price tag on it.
She never wore this.
What about the husband? Okay.
Um, I don't think there was a wedding.
What's this? It's a jewelry receipt, dated June 2008 -- Powell's Fine Jewelry.
She was getting her wedding ring resized.
Rory and Jessica hit this store.
Oh, 'Chelle, you got to see this.
Look, they're spooning just like Rory and Jessica.
Sorry to keep you waiting Penelope.
We're, uh, trying to locate your apartment manager and see who phoned in about the gas leak.
Judge just issued a search warrant on her place.
I got a couple of uniforms on the door until we get there.
I don't know why I'm here.
Penelope, is this your ring? Uh, that used to be mine but it was stolen.
Well, what if I told you that we recovered it, that it's safe downstairs in an evidence locker? [ Inhales sharply ] But, uh, but they said that it was -- who -- Rory and Jess? Well, they probably fenced it, and at some point, we busted the fence -- happens all the time.
We don't have the ring, do we? [ Scoffs ] Write down the details of how you lost it for me, okay? It's a beautiful ring.
Is it an heirloom? No, uh, but it's special.
It was my wedding ring.
Maybe you could write down the details of that, as well.
We don't seem to be able to find any record of you ever having been married.
What is it, honey, hmm? Is it about the ring? Is it about your marriage? It didn't happen, did it? After my ring was stolen, everything went wrong -- everything.
I lost my job.
My fiancé broke off the engagement.
They stole every good thing that was supposed to be mine.
When they stole my ring They stole your life.
Are we thinking this girl killed this couple over a ring? I get the ring thing.
What I don't get is all the kabuki.
Why not kill them straight out? Why stage it? I'd just get another ring.
That's 'cause you're not a romantic.
And you are? Gloria: I really have to give you credit.
I mean, if they had done to me what they did to you, I would have been out for blood.
That was my plan.
But something surprising happened.
You realized that Rory and Jessica were your kindred spirits.
They loved love just the way that you did.
So you gave them the honeymoon that you'd always dreamed of.
I gave them a fairy-tale ending.
They got to die in each other's arms, and I was freed from their spell.
Now I get my life back.
So you brought them the champagne and the flowers, and you knocked them out.
You even tucked her hair behind her ear, didn't you? [ Chuckles ] But their fingers You didn't entwine their fingers, did you? Oh, my God.
They were already like that.
[ Sniffles ] I had to be so careful when I moved them.
It's like they were telling me that I'd done the right thing.
I got to give it up to you -- you called it from the beginning.
- I did? - Yeah.
You said it was done by a crazy romantic.
No, I didn't say "crazy.
" I just said "romantic.
" Same thing.
'Chelle, that's -- [ Cellphone chimes ] [ Sighs ] Oh, hang on.
Bet it's Sam.
[ Chuckles ] [ Chuckles ] You need help.
What? She's really sweet.
You really do.
Yeah, but, she I can't, with you.
[ Laughs ] "O.
" [ Cellphone chimes ] "L.
" You know, Nick, you're growing up in a world that's very different than the one I grew up in.
Uh, we didn't have all of this technology, and, you know, sometimes that scares me, but I know that everything is gonna be just fine.
What? Okay.
Well, finish your homework.
[ Cellphone chiming ] Jim Brickman's "Beautiful World (We're All Here)" plays Strawberry lips shining in the summer sun [ Chiming continues ] Hey, Nick? Canary tips glowing there for everyone Oh, what are you doing? Shut up.
You fell asleep Mom, what did you do to Sam? What do you mean, honey? Her texts are all different now.
She keeps talking about feelings and stuff.
I don't get it.
It's weird.
You talk to her.
And we're all here la la la la la la it's a beautiful world and we're all here la la la la la la it's a beautiful world [ Cellphone chimes ]