The Protector (2011) s01e07 Episode Script


Time to make a start Ha.
Won by a toe.
I call a rematch.
That was a rematch.
Come on.
Let's go to bed.
I can't, I need to drain the dragon.
Oh, Leo.
You can come in sweetie, I'm almost done.
Leo? Come on.
Time to show your face time to take your place Did you teach Leo how to say "Drain the dragon"? No.
Uncle Davey did.
You can also say "Shake the snake.
" Well, that's good to know.
My friend, you are a floss master.
Five me on that.
Thank you.
- Let's go to bed.
- Okay.
Hey, buddy? It doesn't flush itself.
Thank you.
Night, babe.
and you will see my shadow on every wall and you'll see my footprint on every door ooh Ooh, ooh The Protector 1x07 Wings Boys! Boys! Come on! Come on! Get up! Get up! Come with mom! Come with mom! Is there a fire? Come on, come on, come on.
Leo, come on.
Davey! Davey! I don't know what's going on! We got to get the boys outside! Cover your mouth.
Cover your mouth.
Hang on.
Stay low.
Stay low.
Okay, Davey, bring them down, all right? There's no flames.
Come on, you guys.
Go outside.
Go outside.
Mom's gonna go find out what's going on.
Mom! Oh, my mom! Ohh.
These damn things are such a nuisance! Ruined my whole surprise! Okay, Mom Aah! It's just a couple of toaster waffles.
Look at you two.
My kids just woke up to a smoke alarm! We're a little scared, Mom.
We've been through this before, remember? Hey, mama.
Good to see you.
Hey, where are the boys? Boys! Grandma! Grandma! Oh, my babies! Mwah! When did you get here, Mom? I drove all night from Santa Maria.
I wanted to make a fancy-pants breakfast for my Princes.
- You want to ride to school with me? - Okay.
You love the old Mustang.
You gave mom a key? Yeah, well, I gave it to her when I first got the place.
What's the big deal? What's the big deal? Davey, she's been here for five minutes, and she almost burned the house down doesn't that ring a bell? Come on.
She's just trying to do something sweet.
Davey, mom is not a safe person.
You know that.
Five minutes ago, you were as terrified as the boys.
- Not one of your boys.
- I know.
Look I just need to know that when you're here with the kids, you are making the calls not mom.
Okay, so she won't drive them to school.
She won't drive anywhere.
I got it.
Let's lighten up, okay? You lighten up.
No, you lighten up.
Hey, 'Chelle.
Is that smoke? Oh, yeah.
My mom's in town.
I can't get it out of my hair.
The smoke? No, my mom.
The victim's a 20-something-year-old female.
A street vendor found her floating in the lake.
So she didn't drown.
Looks like she was strangled, then dumped.
Bruising around the ears, the neck, the bloodshot eyes coroner puts time of death about six, seven hours ago.
Why the tinkerbell? Halloween isn't for a couple months.
We have any idea where she was coming from? We're looking to see if there were any events in the park last night.
Romeo and Buerge are checking on some of the late-night venues in the area.
Hey, 'Chelle, look at this mark.
You ever ever seen a symbol like this? No, I've never seen anything like that before.
Romeo was the first detective on the scene.
Oh, I'd be first on the scene, too, if I wore my jammies to work.
I live nearby here run through here most mornings.
I saw when the black-and-whites pulled her from the lake.
There have been a bunch of purse-snatching attacks on young women in the park over the last few months.
I'm thinking our victim fought the guy.
He got pissed, graduated to murder.
find any belongings? Nah.
Nothing no purse, cellphone, no I.
Guy probably took it all.
Hey, you know what? I was Snow White a couple years ago, and I didn't have any pockets, so I put my money and my key in my bra.
Maybe here.
Hey, you know what? Bingo! Well, no key, but maybe she lost it, or maybe she has a roommate, you know? Candace Bishop.
Midwestern girl.
Henderson, Nebraska.
I'll call the locals and have them notify next of kin.
Candace from Nebraska, why were you wearing your wings in MacArthur Park last night? The mayor's office has been on me all morning.
You know how fond I am of our mayor.
Look, okay, I know you want to kill two birds with one stone with this purse-snatching thing, but I really don't think that's it.
Look, the city spent a boat-load to clean up MacArthur Park.
They don't want to hear we're fishing bodies out of the lake.
I know, but, look she didn't put up any kind of a struggle.
There's no scratching, no scrapes, no no nothing.
There are a dozen ways it could've gone down where she didn't have a chance to put up a fight.
But think about it.
I mean, why would a purse snatcher target someone who doesn't even have a purse? I'll be right back.
I got to make a call.
You're setting up interviews with the other purse-snatching victims? As we speak.
Canvass turn up anything? It's not a neighborhood that likes cops, but there's a couple of folks I want to go back to.
Hey, when you're down there, pick me up a pastrami at Langer's grilled, with nippy cheese.
How 'bout some "Hell no" with that? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Really, Buerge? You're using the rookie to procure your lunch? Yes, sir, I am.
In that case, pick me up a brisket on rye.
And get me some extra spicy pickles.
I like those.
Yes, sir.
You ever see this before? It was on the victim's cheek.
Drawn, carved, or tattooed? It was drawn, I think.
You know, if you carried a notebook, you wouldn't have to write on your hand.
Well, I like to travel light.
I'd check with gangs.
Maybe they can I.
That symbol.
I did.
Police in Nebraska contacted the victim's family.
Candace Bishop moved out here about a year and a half ago.
I have all her L.
info job, apartment, cell number.
I'm gonna go get a warrant for her phone records.
All right, well, while Buerge and Rush are trying to find the purse-snatcher, I am gonna go see what I can dig up on Candace Bishop, try to figure out this whole fairy thing.
Oh! Oh! Sorry.
Sir, your favorite person is on the line.
You're my favorite person, Marlene.
Well, be that as it may, what do I tell the mayor? I got it.
What'd you find out about the victim's housing situation? Her family says she lived with a roommate, a guy she worked with at the L.
Preservation Society.
So I guess we should start with him.
Check it out.
" Is this from you? Yeah, 'cause I know you like to party.
Why would anyone think that I have time to party? Maybe they think you need to lighten up.
Why is everyone saying that to me? Candace didn't just work for me.
We were pretty good friends.
Yeah, she she loved working here.
She loved living in L.
She just she just wanted to make the best of it.
This is her desk here.
Did Candace share with you any plans she might have had last night? No.
You know, Josh might know.
T-they lived together.
It was supposed to be an all-night kind of thing.
It was a costume party.
That's why the glitter and the wings.
She called me from the party really late like 2:00 a.
and she said that she had had a fight with her date and she wanted me to come pick her up.
At MacArthur Park? Yeah, at the bus stop on Wilshire.
Do you know her date's name? I don't know.
He never came to the apartment.
She didn't really talk about her boyfriend much.
I-I don't even know his name.
UmI know they'd been together for a few months, and I-I think that he's an architect.
So Candace and Josh are just roommates.
Yeah, when this when this really great apartment opened up in the Seville building, they couldn't afford it alone, so they roomed up.
Anyway, so, when I got to the bus stop, Candace wasn't there.
So I drove around the park looking for her, but the lake was so misty, I couldn't even see the water.
And I-I called her and texted her a bunch of times.
And thenyou left? Were you worried? Sure, but I-I wasn't panicked.
I never imagined something like She'd done this kind of thing before.
She'd call, and then she'd change her mind.
Vegan retreat, skydiving, bikram yoga that's that sweaty one, right? Yeah.
Seems like she was searching for something.
She was.
Underneath it all, Candace knew who she was.
Excuse me.
Hey, are you okay, Josh? Do you want to sit down or His blood sugar's low.
Drink that.
Excuse me.
Do you have your glucose meter? Yeah.
No, no.
Excuse me.
No, no.
Of course not.
Are you okay? When I get stressed, my blood sugar crashes.
I've been diabetic since I was little.
Listen, were you and Candace ever romantically involved? No.
S-she was like my little sister.
Should have done more for her.
All right, well, I won't keep you any l actually, I will keep you for one more question.
Do you do you know who threw the party? No, but it had a name.
Uh Something like "Plush"? Pulse? Was it Pulse Party? Yeah.
That's it.
Well, thank you, Josh.
So, this wasn't an invitation.
It was a tip.
U didn't see who put this on my desk? No, but I'd like to know why all the sneaking around.
Well, if someone at the office didn't want me to connect them to this party and the victim didn't tell her friends about it, I'm beginning to wonder what kind of a party this was.
Well, cancel that.
I'm not wondering anymore.
What kind of a guy brings his girlfriend to a sex party? And who at the office likes to get their freak on? Pulse parties are invitation only.
Adult parties for couples.
However you like it, whatever your pleasure, this is your place.
Last night was our summer solstice event.
Guests came dressed as characters from Greek mythology Gods, goddesses, nymphs, satyrs.
Uh, do you recognize this woman? We're trying to find out who her date was and why she left the party without him.
That didn't happen here.
Our security's tight.
What about this mark on her face did she get that here? Yeah.
Um, that's a stamp we have symbol for a Unicorn.
Mysterious, sought-after.
What else? It means she was a first-timer at a Pulse Party.
Was it her choice to get the stamp? Everything here is a choice.
Seems kind of bold to walk around with a mark on your face that says you're a sex-party virgin.
I mean, that would attract the wrong attention, wouldn't it? Sometimes it does.
I don't know if it connects back to that young woman, but we did have a gate-crasher last night.
Guy came with a date as his cover, then took off on his own.
We don't allow single men.
Brings the wrong kind of energy.
Did this guy target sex-party virgins? Yeah.
That's his thing.
And he doesn't understand that if someone doesn't want to engage, no means no.
I had my bouncers kick him out.
Guy's a real sexual predator.
I had to kick him out of the winter solstice last year.
I gave that photo to my security, but he still got in.
Valet took his license plate, though, if he ever showed up again.
Can we have a copy of this and the license-plate number, please? Sure.
I got it here somewhere.
Um, yes.
Hey, I don't want that guy to give you the wrong impression.
Most people that come to pulse parties are just progressive.
They're not hung up on bodily fluids or social conditions.
They just want to have a good time.
Of course.
We're not here to judge.
You know the worst word combo in the English language? "Bodily fluids.
" "Bodily fluids"! Ugh.
All right, we know that the rape-kit test was negative, so she didn't have any sex, which means that her date took her to a $1,000 sex party and didn't get any.
I'm guessing he wasn't too happy about that.
Could be why she left the party.
Hey, you know what? Maybe when that predator guy got kicked out, he followed her.
Found the opportunity he was looking for.
A Unicorn all alone in the park.
Let's call his plates in and track him down.
Ready, set, go.
Ha! Grandma wins! Yes! My lip gloss edged you out! Unh-unh.
I call foul.
You can't add weight to the Torino of terror.
Oh, please! Hey.
Hey, Davey.
If you're calling to check in, everything's great.
Except that mom cheats at hot racers.
I heard that! You gonna be home for dinner? I got to go to the store, and mom wants steak.
You're leaving? You're going to the store? Hey, don't worry about us.
We're good, okay? Go solve crimes.
All right, set that up.
I wonder who left me that note.
Rough night? Since when do you care? Maybe.
Detective Dulcett, the cellphone records for Candace Bishop.
Thank you.
We got a name off your predator's license plate.
Bob Calder he works in the area.
He's coming in.
Didn't tell him what it's about.
Oh, my God.
I hope it's not Buerge.
If Buerge had a grand to spare, he'd be sitting in the dugout club at the Dodgers game, not dragging his girlfriend to some toga party.
What party? Oh, a sex party.
Like those key parties from the '70s, where people switch partners? No, more like a couples-in-costumes party.
Ah, sexual role-playing.
Doctor/nurse, warden/prisoner, meter maid/ parking offender.
Good for you, Detective.
Huh? What? No, no, no.
This This isn't about me.
We're tracking the victim from MacArthur Park, Candace Bishop.
She went to a sex party? Someone here at the office left me an anonymous tip about this party.
And you're trying to figure out who it was.
You got any ideas? Well, you know, it's tough.
There's so many free-spirited individuals in here.
Don't you think? N-no! T-this isn't about me! I'm gonna go comb through Candace Bishop's phone records and see if I can piece together what happened last night.
Hey, Sheppard.
Your sexual-predator dude just showed up.
I put him in interview one.
You mind telling me why I'm here? Mr.
Calder, you were at a Pulse Party last night near MacArthur Park.
Is this you? Yes.
Would you tell me exactly what kind of costume that is? Actually, no.
You know what? Let me guess.
Is that is that Pan, God of satyrs and nymphs in Greek mythology? Yes.
Where is this leading? This woman was at the party, too, last night.
She ended up dead in MacArthur Park this morning.
Would you mind identifying that symbol on her face for me? Mr.
Calder, weren't you aggressively pursuing women with this mark on their face? Isn't that why you got kicked out of the party? I didn't touch that girl.
Her date bothered her a lot more than I did.
Tell me about him, her date.
He was trying to get something going with her, but she was oh, she was not into it.
Real hot-head.
She threw her drink in his face.
That's when I went back over there.
That's what got me the boot.
Where did you go after you got kicked out? Home.
I was home by 2:15.
All right, I'm gonna send our sketch artist in here, and I want you to describe her date to him.
All right? Oh, uh, what kind of costume was her date wearing? Zeus, of course.
Lord of the Universe.
Of course.
This is based on a description given by Bob Calder, the predator who was booted out of the party.
You think it's reliable? Unfortunately, I do.
I mean, creepy as the guy is, his alibi checks out.
He was spotted by the security camera at his home in Calabasas at 2:15 in the morning, so He also said that Candace, the victim, had a fight with her date at the party, and I'm starting to wonder if the date didn't finish the fight in the park.
I've been through the victim's phone records.
They support the roommate's timeline.
He was the victim's last call at 2:05 a.
, and he texted and called her after that for over an hour.
Hey, what's this number right here? She called it at least a dozen times in the last couple days.
Yeah, I'm tracking that.
It's a company phone, so it doesn't show a name.
Calder said that her date was Zeus at the party.
Aphrodite or Hera? Athena.
Yeah, hi.
Is this Zeus? Yeah, I met you at the party last night.
You gave me your number, and, um, I wasn't sure if I had the right one, so I just I was, uh, I was the woman dressed as Athena, goddess of wisdom and victory and handicrafts.
Victory, and handicrafts.
Yeah, handicrafts.
Anyway, so, it was a pretty wild night well, let's see.
I'm tall.
Um, I'm blond.
I have blue eyes.
Yeah, well, I was sort of wondering if we could finish up where we left off.
An hour? That'd be great.
I can do that.
All right.
See ya.
What do you know? I have a date with Zeus.
Hey, I'm home! Mom? Nick! Leo! Hey.
Hey, uh, wow.
Sounds quieter now.
It is.
I just jumped outside for, uh, for groceries.
You okay, Davey? You sound weird.
You sound weird.
I don't sound weird.
I sound oh, you know what? I got to call you back, okay? Mom? Zeus? It's Austin Graham.
And you are? Oh, uhLAPD.
I'm gonna call him in.
Keep an eye on my girl.
I can't believe it.
Why would anyone that's why I'm here, isn't it? Because she was she was killed.
Well, we're just trying to understand what happened last night.
Why don't you tell me about the party? It was my idea, but Candace was willing to go.
I-I loved that about her.
She was always willing to try new things.
We had been sleeping together for a few months.
So you figured you'd just take it to the next level and go to a sex party.
When you put it like that, it sounds It was just meant to be fun.
It was meant to be a different sexual experience.
Someone at the party said that Candace threw a drink in your face.
Well, once we got there, Candace changed her mind.
We argued, and she left.
What did you do when she left? I cooled off! And then I went out looking for her.
I wanted to let her know that it was okay.
She was at a bus stop waiting for a friend.
We ended up arguing some more Candace in her nymph get-up.
A bus came by.
It wa it was humiliating.
All right, so you argued, and she didn't go back to the party with you.
That must have been kind of difficult.
I mean, what did you pay for those tickets, like $2,000? Yeah, and don't forget the cost of the town car while you're toting things up.
So, what did you do after you and Candace fought at the bus stop? I went back to the party.
What time was that? About 2:30.
You sure? Yeah.
I'm sure.
Well, you see, let me tell you why I'm confused.
You can't go back to that party and get in alone.
They don't allow single men Hey! It's okay.
It's okay.
We're done here.
You have more questions, you bring me in.
Zeus was firing some thunderbolts.
Yeah, just when I thought we were hitting it off.
I hate to let him walk, but we don't have enough to hold him.
I called his name in.
We should hear back real soon.
It's Buerge.
Hey, mom, you promised me you wouldn't leave the house.
Uh, I'm not sure why you won't pick up.
I just need to know where you and the boys are.
Hey, Glo.
Hey, Davey.
You know what? You seemed really stressed when I talked to you before is everything okay? Is mom giving you a hard time? No, and I told you not to worry.
It's all good.
I just, uh, forgot milk.
I had to run back out.
All right, well, um, give the boys a kiss for me when you get back, okay? I will.
They're outside having a water fight in the backyard with mom.
Well, that sounds like fun.
Knowing mom, I'm just glad it's not taking place inside.
Yeah, she's a real party.
You know, I don't know if it's me or what, but I feel like everyone's lying to me today.
'Chelle, the boyfriend's timeline and the roommate's timeline they don't match.
Okay, I'll check the bus schedules with the MTA.
Coroner says that the preliminary tox report shows that the victim had ecstasy in her system.
Maybe there's a little bit more to this Candace from Nebraska than we thought.
Did you know if Candace ever used drugs, Josh? Not around me.
Why? Well, we found ecstasy in her system last night.
She, um She did sound odd when she called.
"Two magic pills before I pick you up.
Love, 'A.
'" This is ecstasy, but she never took it.
That envelope came with the costume.
Her date picked out her costume? He had it messengered over.
Candace was very flattered.
She she loved being the star in Austin's fantasy.
I thought you didn't know his name.
Oh I must have remembered it from the initial on the note.
I-I'm sorry.
I didn't think of it before.
Look, I want to be candid with you.
I really don't like this Austin guy, but I need a reason to hold him.
Now, he says that he was arguing at the bus stop with Candace at the same time that you say you were driving around looking for her.
So, I need to nail down your story so that I can take his apart.
Is there anyone who can corroborate that you were in the park that night? Did anybody see you? Did they see your car? What kind of car do you drive? It's a '98 Buick.
It was my dad's.
I got it When he died last year.
Austin said that he left Candace in the park.
Do you want to tell me something? I never went.
I, uhI was never there.
I I'm so sorry.
I-I thought that I'd teach her a lesson, you know? I didn't I didn't know she'd die.
Why didn't you just tell her you weren't coming? I-I called her back.
She didn't answer.
So all the other phone calls and texts? I-I was calling from here.
When I when I didn't hear back from her, when she didn't come home I should have known.
It's my fault she's dead.
It's okay.
Okay, great.
Hang on one sec.
Thanks for your help, all right? I'll be in touch.
Yeah? I got something on your victim's boyfriend, Austin Graham.
It turns out his ex-girlfriend had a restraining order on him.
She brought him in for battery and then dropped the charges.
All right, great.
Bring him and the ex-girlfriend in.
Put them in separate rooms, and don't tell him that she's there, all right, and listen.
Do me a favor.
See if we can get a warrant to search that town car he took Candace Bishop to the party in, okay? You got it.
Candace didn't take those little ecstasy pills that you sent her, did she? So, wait, is that why you spiked her drink? I'd like to see you try and prove that, Detective.
That's why she threw it in your face, isn't it? She figured it out.
What, you just wanted complete control of that girl, didn't you? I wanted her to have a good time.
Candace had a mind of her own.
That really must have pissed you off.
Austin is handsome, funny, charming.
He had this artistic edge that I loved.
I fell for that.
Sounds really good on paper.
Now, what's he really like? Well, underneath the charm, he's a really scary guy.
What happened when you guys broke up? Calls, texts, threats he even broke into my apartment.
Is that when you had the restraining order? Yeah.
He's got a big career to protect, so he backed off.
I hadn't heard from him for months until last night.
What happened last night? He called.
Doesn't that violate the restraining order? Yeah.
Said he wanted to see me and said he had a town car.
I just hung up on him.
What time was that? Must have been after 3:00.
Excuse me one sec.
So, tell me, Mr.
Graham, did you call Anna Pastore last night so you could get yourself a date and get back into that party? You know, get your money's worth.
You're talking to Anna? Actually, you know what? You know what I think? I think you called her so that you could manufacture yourself a little alibi for last night.
That bitch.
I want my attorney.
I think you're gonna need one.
You're under arrest for violating the conditions of your restraining order.
Ah! Mom, where you been? Oh, I took the boys to the movies.
You don't leave a note, you don't answer your cell? Honey, we were in a theater.
I-I turned it off.
All right.
What'd you guys see? Uh, it was an action movie.
It was "Too Fast, Too Fabulous.
" Something like that.
It was R-rated! Nick, you let her take you to an R-rated movie?! What are you thinking?! Me? Well, I don't know.
I mean, it's not my job.
I figured it was okay.
Hey, you know better than that! I'm sorry.
Come on, don't look at me that way.
I can't always be "Fun guy.
" I don't feel so good.
Come on.
Let's go.
I think I'm gonna puke.
So it's my fault his eyes are bigger than his stomach? You've lived with your sister only a few months, and she's ruined you.
You've lost your joie de vivre.
You know what, mom? Nick's right.
It isn't his job.
It's yours.
You want to be the boys' grandma, you better start acting like it.
I'm your mother, boy.
You don't talk to me like that.
You don't talk to me like that.
This is my house.
You follow my rules.
Hey, there.
Did you have a good day? Yeah.
A good day.
I'm, uh, I'm just starting dinner.
There's been another purse-snatching in the park.
- Did you get him? - Yeah.
Looks like I was right.
Guess what he had on him a fairy wand.
All right, hang on to him.
I'll be right there.
Doran, where did you get this? I found it.
Did you take this from a woman in the park last night, a woman who was wearing a costume? I didn't take it from her.
But you did see her in the costume.
She didn't have nothing I could use.
I was just trying to talk to her.
She looked pretty in those wings.
Did you hurt her? I told you I didn't take that wand.
She ran off.
I saw her later on.
That's when she dropped it.
Can you show us where? She dropped it right over there, before they went in the water.
"They"? - She was with someone? - Some man.
He carried her from a car.
They were in there a while.
What kind of car was it? Four-door, full-sized.
It looked like a dream him carrying her into the water.
The lake was all misty last night.
Hey, come on.
Doran just said that the lake was misty last night.
That's exactly the way that Candace's roommate, Josh, described it to me.
Yeah, but then Josh said he was lying.
He said he never came to the park.
You know what I think? I think that Josh was lying about lying.
I think he was here last night.
If that's true, I wonder what else he was lying about.
Josh Taylor told us that he went down to look for Candace.
Then he said that he didn't.
He told us that he got his car from his dad after his father died, but His dad's not dead.
They're divorced.
Well, why would he lie about something like that? It's got nothing to do with the murder.
It's just who he is.
He's done nothing but lie to us.
He's a pathological liar.
Yes, Marlene? Josh Taylor's run-up.
Thank you.
Okay, even if he did kill our victim, what was the motive? Maybe he lied about just being friends.
Well, he's got a juvie record.
Right now, we have no evidence to tie the roommate to the murder.
Process his car wouldn't do us any good.
He lived with the victim.
Her DNA is all over it.
Even blood evidence wouldn't clinch it.
So you got to get your liar to tell the truth.
You got to get a confession.
Is that all? All right, so you know that juvie number? It's for a sealed juvenile record, of course.
Well, that could be anything shoplifting, vandalism, small stuff.
What if it's not? You think he might have done this kind of thing before? I don't know.
We know the date, right? May '98.
We know he grew up in Montrose.
I mean, if it was something big, it would be in one of the local papers, right? So maybe I'll start checking out the stories.
He was 12.
Yeah, Nick's age.
12 that's middle school, right? Yeah.
I'll call the school in Montrose, see if he has anything in his record.
All righty.
How is everybody? Dressed.
You must be wiped.
Yeah, well, it's been a long night, but we're making some progress.
I know this is your choice, but you're missing all the fun.
Morning, Mom.
And I have a lot of fun with my boys.
Well, we wish you were here.
Can I talk to the boys? Bye, boys.
Hey, it's me.
Uh, carpool's here.
Listen, good news mom leaves tomorrow.
Bad news mom leaves tomorrow.
You know what, Davey? Let's just focus on the good this morning, okay? I like your style.
I'll see you tonight.
- You all right? - Mm.
Hey, I'm fun, aren't I? I don't know if "fun" is the word I'd use to describe you.
What More like"Fun-tastic.
" Thank you.
So, when does she leave? Tomorrow.
Huh? This came back from the lab.
So, you're using the valuable resources of our crime lab to figure out which of your colleagues goes to these sex parties? Well, when you put it like that, it sounds kind of wrong.
But Did you get anything? Inconclusive.
Damn it.
It looks like you just saw a ghost.
Hey, did that roommate d-did Josh go to Van Buren Middle School? Yeah.
Why? Because I think he's killed before.
But the first time, there was a witness.
Hey, Josh.
Thanks for coming in.
No problem.
We've got a suspect in custody.
I just need to see if you can identify a part of Candace's costume.
Are you okay? Would you like anything to drink? Uh, no.
I'm fine.
I hope you don't mind if I tape-record this.
It just makes it easier for me.
I don't have to take notes.
And that way, we can speak more freely.
This is Detective Gloria Sheppard, RHD conference room.
It is 2:45.
I'm here with Joshua Taylor.
Just relax.
So, I want to know if you, uh, if you recognized this.
We picked it up off of a grifter who was attacking young women in the park.
Yeah, it was Candace's.
Thank you, Mr.
Your statement has been very, very helpful.
I'm so glad you found me.
I mean, uh, I knew the record was sealed and our names weren't in the article.
You finally gonna put Josh away for what he did? That's the plan.
Listen, there's just one more thing that I need you to do for me on the way out, okay? Is this the guy? It is.
I'm just glad you found him.
What We have to check everyone out.
It's standard procedure.
I'm sorry.
I-I know that's pretty hard for you, you know, considering what happened before.
What happened before? I saw that you had a juvenile record.
I know about the accident and Lisa Brinkley's death.
Um, you can't get that file unsealed.
No, I didn't, uh, I didn't need to.
What does this have to do with anything? I'm sorry.
I know this is very difficult for you.
Yeah? Great.
Thank you.
What, you recognize Kevin? - No.
Who was that? - Kevin Dickey.
That was your friend from Montrose.
He was with you the day that Lisa died.
Well, we were at Josh's house, all three of us.
And they were always best buds.
But Lisa and I liked each other.
What what is this?! He was acting really weird all day, like he knew, so Lisa told him about us.
And Josh just lost it.
Kevin said all that back then, and nobody was buying it.
And I remember hearing them arguing in the backyard, and when I went out there, I saw I saw Lisa in the pool.
Her head was bleeding.
It was an accident! Josh said it was an accident.
You said that she hit her head on the coping, but they never found any blood there, did they? Her family filed charges against Josh, but Everybody believed his lies.
I don't I don't need to go through this again.
Y-you have your suspect in custody.
You and I both know that he didn't do it.
And I don't believe that Lisa Brinkley's death was an accident.
I think that you lied, and I think you got away with it.
Well, I want a lawyer.
You have every right to a lawyer.
But then I can't really help you.
Do you know what I think you should do? I think you should start telling the truth.
You have been lying your entire life.
You're not a diabetic.
You never have been.
Your dad is not dead.
He's alive and kicking in Tucson.
I mean, you have got to stop lying.
You went downtown, and you picked up Candace after she called you, didn't you? Yeah.
She was upset.
She wanted to talk.
So she got in the car, and we parked by the lake.
It was misty.
It was really pretty.
She cried on my shoulder.
She literally cried on my shoulder.
I-I tried to comfort her.
What did she expect me to do? So you kissed her.
She pulled back like like I insulted her or something.
Said she didn't Think of me that way.
Just like Lisa.
I can't kiss her, but she'll she'll go to some sex party with that asshole?! I mean, she she kept apologizing.
She wouldn't shut up! "Oh, my God, shut up, Lisa!" Look, I know that you didn't mean to hurt Candace.
I just wanted her to Stop talking.
So I put my hands Around her Throat.
And then she was dead.
You coming for drinks with us? No, it's my dad's birthday tonight.
Well, that explains why you look really good.
Well, I thought maybe you had a date.
Don't let Buerge make you pay.
You heading out? Uh, no.
I got I got work to do.
You guys have a good night.
Good night.
Marlene? My six-shooter will get your two guns! Oh, I thought you were on my side! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! You've ruined your brother.
Now he's a stick in the mud, just like you.
Good shot, mom.
Don't mess with a professional, mom.
Grandma, get back here.
Oh! You are such a cheater! Come on, grandma! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! I lied to you yesterday.
What? Mom took the kids to an R-rated movie and didn't tell me.
They ate all kinds of junk.
Leo puked.
And they were all mad at me.
Why were they mad at you? Because I put my foot down.
Really? What'd that look like? It wasn't pretty.
Mom, was grandma always this fun when you guys were kids? Nobody loves fun quite like your grandma.
Go play with her.
Snooze, you lose.
I've been waitin' on ya! On the last train home