The Protector (2011) s01e08 Episode Script


Don't cast, your dreams away Look at these.
Don't cast, your You're just gonna be gorgeous.
You're gonna be a princess.
I don't think I have to do anything.
You're just so gorgeous.
You're gonna look gorgeous.
Look at that smile.
Alright, let's take a look at how beautiful you are.
I think I like it.
What do you think? Mm.
Well, beautiful? Love it.
Peanuts? The Dodgers and Mets are on the tube Sunday.
You cannot watch baseball without peanuts.
- Why peanut? - I don't know.
I think there's a law.
No, I mean, why do they call it "peanut"? - It's not even a nut.
- It's not? No.
It's a legume, okay? It's a bean masquerading as a nut.
The world's a dark and mysterious place.
You can say that again.
All right.
I'm gonna see a movie.
Uh, you know what? I-I could go with you.
What are you seeing? I mean, I'll call Nora and ask her to sit for the boys and Um, don't take this the wrong way, Sis, but you're not invited.
One of us has a date, do we? Who's the lucky girl? Uh, you got enough on your mind as it is, what with the whole peanut thing.
It's not a thing.
It's a lie.
Bald-faced lie.
♪ ♪ There's wine in the fridge.
The Protector 1x08 Bangs Davey? It's just me.
I tripped on Leo's fire truck.
Go back to bed.
I'll do it.
No, I'm up.
I'm up.
It's 4:00 a.
It was a really good movie? - Have you been smoking? - No.
So you must have been with someone who was smoking, huh? What are you, some kind of superhero? Olfactory girl? - I'm beat.
- All right.
- Good night.
- All right, good night.
I'll see you in the morning.
Which is now.
Hold on while I write myself a ticket.
Is it so terrible your brother stayed out late last night? Well, it's not just that he stays out late.
It's just, like, when I've asked him where he's been, he's really cryptic about it.
- It's weird.
- You're thinking the worst.
That he's relapsed? No.
If Davey had relapsed, I'd be able to spot it, believe me.
But you're still worried.
I'm curious.
Well, maybe he doesn't want you nosing about in his private business.
Well, I've been doing that for years.
Why would it bother him now? His name's Matthew Wyatt.
Let me guess Hollywood mogul.
Oh, how many blow dries do you think it takes to buy a place like this? Have we photo'd the room? Copies are in my scrapbook.
Who's that? His assistant at the salon.
She's the one that called it in.
She needed some O2.
Tattooing means it was close range.
Nitrates on the hand.
- Suicide.
- Looks like.
A neighbor said he heard something around 10:00 p.
Thought it was a truck backfiring, so he didn't call it in.
What could be so terrible? If I had a place like this, I'd get over whatever it was.
I once worked a case where a dude whacked himself 'cause the deli took prosciutto off the menu.
It is delicious.
You know, I pay 70 bucks for a haircut and a blow dry at my place.
You go to a hairdresser, not a hair stylist.
This guy probably made three times that.
Still, come on, look at this place.
I mean, he was living way above his means, wasn't he? Maybe he dug himself a financial hole he couldn't get out of.
By the position of the body, he must have made himself a drink before he pulled the trigger.
Hey, 'Chelle, you want to go talk to her for a minute so I can look around? Yeah, you got it.
I'm gonna check with some more neighbors.
He was late for his 9:00.
When he didn't answer his phone, Katrina sent me to pick him up.
Katrina? The owner of the salon.
Did Mr.
Wyatt miss his appointments often? Never.
Why do you have a house key? It's not what you think.
I run errands and stuff for him.
He was a friend, a mentor.
I got it.
Was he upset about anything lately? No.
Matthew was always smiling.
That's why everyone loved him.
This can't be happening.
Hey, why is this window open? Maybe he needed some air.
No, I mean, look, I-it's behind the bar.
You have to reach through all these glasses to get it open, and there's a bunch of windows over there he could have opened.
I mean, don't you think that's weird? Oh.
Not too shabby.
Looks like he had company last night.
Oh, yeah.
Here, smell.
I'm not smelling that man's pillow! Last head on this pillow was not a man.
Smells like lilacs or lilies.
I always confuse those two, you know? Okay, Sherlock nose, tell me this.
How do you know it wasn't the dead man's head? Well, for one thing, the phone's on this side of the bed, and oh, yeah.
Smell this.
- It smells like sweat.
- Oh! No! Ah.
Oh, here we go.
We got rock for men and femme for women.
Cap's off the one that says "Femme," so that means that whoever was his guest took a shower before she left, soI am thinking that she's either a clean freak or she wanted to spruce up before she got home.
I'm thinking she might have been married.
I'm thinking we might be dealing with murder.
He had a bullet in his head, a gun next to him on the floor, and nitrates on his hand.
How is that not a suicide trifecta? Well, I don't know.
Something is off, okay? I mean, first of all, all the windows are closed except for the one weird little window You'd make us all very happy if you would just hit the fast-forward button on this.
Okay, look.
I understand how my theory complicates things, and I am very well aware of how you hate unnecessary complications Let me explain to you how this works, Sheperd.
The Chief gets a call from his wife, and I get a call from the Chief Okay, look, there was a woman in bed with the victim last night, okay? Just let me find her and talk to her before you - you pronounce this a-a suicide, okay? - Do you have a name? No, but there was restricted parking in the area, and Van Stone is checking out the ticket situation.
The man's been cutting the Chief's wife's hair for years.
If she's not happy, the Chief's not happy.
You don't know if she wears a perfume that smells like lilies, do you? I don't want to know.
Yeah, no, it was just a I-I doubt it, anyway.
There you go.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
He was like a celebrity, you know? "I make the rich and famous look rich and famous," he'd say.
Sounds like you were very proud of your brother, Mr.
Loved him.
Can you think of any reason why he would want to kill himself? Absolutely not.
What is it? You're gonna think I'm selfish.
No, I'm here just to try to understand what happened.
Matty and me were gonna go into business together, open a new salon.
- So you cut hair, too, or? - I studied business.
I was just gonna do all the stuff that Matty hated.
So, you were close? Best friends Ever since we were little kids.
I mean, we just always dreamed of working together, you know? Do you know if your brother was having financial problems? No.
No, he did really well.
Well, was there anybody who held a grudge against him? Listen, nobody murdered Matty.
It was just a stupid accident.
When he got drunk, he he He showed off by playing Russian roulette, but he never put bullets in the gun.
He never did that.
It was just a-a bad mistake.
We think that there was a woman with him last night.
Do you have any idea who that might be? No.
He was a really popular guy.
He he dated a lot.
Can I go see him? Yes, of course.
I'll, uh I'll get someone to take you to the coroner's.
Excuse me.
If he needed money, he would have come to me.
And you would have helped? Matthew was my biggest biller.
He had a way about him.
He could make people feel good about themselves.
Were there any clients he made feel better about themselves than others? If you're asking me if he slept with any of them, I wouldn't know.
What my people do when they're not here is their business.
So, you never heard rumors or? I never heard any complaints.
Matthew loved women.
But he respected them.
Did you know about this thing that he used to do uh, this Russian roulette thing? That was just a party trick.
He never loaded that damn gun before.
- What was his salary? - $90,000.
But he probably made another $60,000 in tips.
Well, if you don't mind, uh, we'd like to take a look at his station.
- Sure.
- Thanks.
I'll be right there.
Great color.
Great color.
That's that's nice.
Katrina told me to go home, butI don't know.
UhGwen This is Detective Sheppard.
Gwen was Matthew's assistant.
Yeah, I saw you at the house this morning.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
You smell nice.
What is that? - Baby shampoo.
- Mm.
Gwen said she would get us a list of all of Matthew's regulars.
- It's so terrible.
- What is? Mrs.
Darby is Matthew's 11:00 blow dry.
She's a regular.
I'm so sorry.
Am I late? Where's Matthew? Do you mind if we go get some coffee? No.
Go ahead.
We'll look around.
Uh, Glo, you can't run around smelling people.
Why not? Short course? It's weird.
Hey, look at this, okay? His drier's plugged in to the left side of his station, a-and He's got left-handed scissors.
Now, why would he cut hair with his left hand and shoot himself in the head with his right? - I mean, he wouldn't.
- Okay, let's say it was murder.
How'd he get the gunshot residue on his hand? All right, pretend you're Matthew Wyatt.
Come over here.
Stand there.
That's the bar, okay? You're going to fix yourself a drink, okay? I'm the shooter.
I come up behind you with a gun in my right hand.
- Boom! You go down, right? - Mm-hmm.
But I need it to look like a suicide, 'cause I have the gun residue on my hand.
Well, I need to get the gun residue on your hand, so I put the gun in your right hand, squeeze the trigger, bang! Fire off a bullet.
Nice theory, only we're missing one bullet.
Yeah, but you know what? He shot it out the small window behind the bar.
It was close to the body, a-and that's why it was the only one open.
Somehow, I don't think this clientele thinks that much about gunshot residue.
Well This is everyone Matthew saw over the past two months.
- Thanks.
- Look, it's probably nothing, but yesterday Matthew was on the phone.
When he saw me coming, he changed his tone you know, like he didn't want me to know what he was talking about.
Do you know who he was talking to? Mary Jo Holder.
As in Mrs.
Kenny Holder? Thank you.
Wait a minute.
I-I know Kenny Holder.
He won the batting title last year.
Yeah, that's not all he's known for.
A couple of weeks ago, he got stopped by TSA for having a .
45 in his carry-on.
I'll bet he knows about gunshot residue.
I can't believe it.
I've been with Matthew for five years.
Look, I apologize, but I have to ask, Mrs.
Was your relationship with Mr.
Wyatt strictly professional? I love my husband, Detective.
When was the last time you spoke to Mr.
Wyatt? Yesterday.
I, um, called to see if he could squeeze me in for a color.
Five years, huh? You must have known him pretty well.
We talked mostly baseball.
Matthew loved it.
He wanted to know all the gossip about Kenny's team.
So, he was a big fan of your husband's? A huge fan.
He loved Kenny.
How is that thing with TSA going? That was a stupid mistake.
You know, I told Kenny one of these days something like that would happen.
But, um, he loves his guns.
I make him keep them locked in his den, and I never go in there.
What a crazy coincidence.
My, uh my partner collects guns.
I mean, she's too shy to tell you that herself, but she loves guns.
I love guns.
Do you think that we could take a look? I mean, I know it'd mean a lot to her.
I guess.
Well, that is so impressive.
A Luger.
A Luger.
- I always wanted one of those babies.
- They're just amazing.
And, oh, look at this.
There's a Colt 1873.
- Man.
- Unbelievable.
Are are you kidding me? Wow.
- And l-look.
Oh, whoa, whoa.
- Can I help you? They're detectives, Kenny.
We need to talk to you, Mr.
- Go ahead, talk.
- I think we should take it downtown.
Call the lawyer.
Shall we? Second amendment, okay? I have a right to protect myself.
High-profile athletes like Kenny are sitting ducks.
You got your groupies, your crazies - Your hair stylists.
- I only met the guy once, okay? A couple of years ago when I had to pick up Mary Jo at the salon.
Suppose I said that I saw Mr.
Wyatt's business card on the desk in your den, the den that your wife says she never enters.
- We're leaving.
- Hang on, Bernie.
I only had the card because Mary Jo asked me to send him some tickets.
You see? No motive.
Where were you last night? At the ballpark until midnight rehabbing my knee.
Call the manager.
He'll tell you.
Make yourselves comfortable.
- Hey, Davey.
- Chicken or pasta? Oh, you know, we had pasta last night, butYou know what? I might have to work late, so go ahead and make whatever you want.
- Chicken it is.
- All right.
I'll see you later? You know me.
What does that mean? Listen, I should get to it.
How weird.
He just said, "you know me," and hung up.
I know him, and he's up to something.
- I hate secrets.
- Maybe it's a surprise.
Oh, "surprise" is just a fancy way of saying "secret.
" Oh, you know what? I'm just gonna I'm gonna talk to him later when I get home.
I mean, that's the adult way to handle it, right? - Absolutely.
- That doesn't work, I'll just have a couple of Unis tail him.
Problem solved.
The manager, trainer, three coaches all confirm Kenny's rehab alibi.
Maybe they'll actually beat Colorado on Sunday.
Any word yet with the parking tickets on Matthew Wyatt's block? We're talking about the DMV.
Yeah, enough said.
Just keep me posted.
I'm gonna go tell Kenny he can go.
Let me tell Mary Jo the good news first.
Uh, records of your dead guy's cellphone calls.
Any chance of me getting Kenny's autograph for my, uh, kid? He's a huge fan.
If you want to ask, be my guest.
Yeah, that's just what I thought.
Everything's fine, Mrs.
A little paperwork, and your husband will be home.
Uh, listen, I-I'm gonna say something to you, and I don't mean to offend you, butthe next time anyone asks you about a relationship that you're having with someone, try not to cross your legs when you answer.
I mean, it's a dead giveaway.
I only slept with Matthew once, and it was before I married Kenny.
All right, well, your secret's safe with me.
But if there is anything you need to tell me, I think you should speak up now.
Yesterday, when I spoke with Matthew, I-it wasn't about an appointment.
It was about business.
I was backing his new salon.
Nobody was supposed to know.
Including your husband? Look, I had this this image of Kenny driving down Rodeo Drive with his buddies, pointing to the salon and saying, "Look what my wife did all on her own.
" How much money did you give Mr.
Wyatt for the salon? $25,000.
I knew Kenny wouldn't miss it.
Where were you last night, Mrs.
Holder? UmI was at the gym till about 10:30 or so.
Do me a favor.
Write down the name of the gym and the address, and I'll go get your husband for you.
Mary Jo Holder wanted her husband to be proud of her, and Wyatt was her ticket to do just that.
Well, the team could be covering for her husband.
No, have you seen this guy, Kenny Holder? He doesn't strike me as the type of guy who'd worry about losing a gun in a struggle with Matthew Wyatt.
He also doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would sneak up behind him and shoot him in the head.
Whoever did this either couldn't or wouldn't look Wyatt in the face.
What do we know about him? He's a ladies' man who spends big bucks.
Yeah, a lot more than he made, that's for sure.
He he's a risk-taker.
He likes to play with guns, women.
Please don't say snakes.
What? N-no.
I was gonna I was gonna say money.
Uh What if he's a gambler? Right? I mean, Mary Jo said he was always fishing for team gossip, but A bookie wouldn't exactly appreciate a client using inside information to beat the house, now, would they? Okay, I'm going over his files, and Wyatt called a cell number every single day, and it was owned by an Andy Helfton.
Andy Helfton that's that big-time bookie, right? Yeah.
I'll talk to him.
Matt Wyatt? Love the guy.
Best haircut I ever got.
Well, somebody wasn't as fond of him as you are.
He's dead murdered, actually.
You think I had something to do with it? We're talking to all of his acquaintances, starting with the criminals.
And what does that make you? You know how much I miss this? There's no law saying you can't call me, Felix.
You still aren't married, are you? Horses I can pick.
Women I'm not so good at.
6 horse is a lock.
Why would I want to hurt Matt? Well, the word is he was using inside info to place his bets.
That guy couldn't pick a winner in a one-horse race.
10, 15 g's a month.
He single-handedly bought me a condo in Scottsdale.
All my customers should be so well-informed.
- Really? - 6 horse.
What'd I tell you? Look at that.
So, just for the record, Andy, where were you last night? Vegas with pals a poker tourney.
- I can call you next time.
- No.
Cards were never really my thing.
I prefer the thrill of the track, as well.
4 horse in the 7th at Gulf stream.
Filly's going off at 12-to-1.
Sure thing.
But you didn't hear it from me.
He was losing 10 grand a month.
How is that possible? He was only making $150,000 a year.
He was living pretty large on the beach.
You were never curious? You really never know about the people who work for you.
The girl who sweeps here wears a diamond-studded Rolex.
Turns out she's a Congressman's daughter.
Yeah, well, I bet the Congressman's daughter doesn't hit your clients up for money.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Matthew was planning on opening a salon.
You're kidding, right? Unh-unh.
Matthew's contract has a non-compete clause.
If he cut a single strand of hair within 25 miles of this salon, he would have spent the next five years in a courtroom.
Espresso? No.
I'm fine.
Oh, you know what? I-I'll take it.
- Excuse me for one moment.
- Of course.
Hey, how far would you say Beverly Hills is from here, give or take? 10, 15 miles.
Why? Mary Jo Holder said that Matthew was gonna open up his salon on Rodeo Drive.
So you think Wyatt was scamming her? I think he's been scamming a lot of clients.
You know what? His brother was his business partner.
He would have a list of investors.
Man, it's hot in here, isn't it? It's hot.
I'm hot.
Let's go.
I told you, Matty's death was an accident.
We just have to touch all bases, sir.
And we'd like to ask you about your new business.
- It was a joke.
- Not now, Patty.
Matthew pissed away every nickel he ever made.
She can't stand that my brother was a success.
Look where it got him.
Anyway, about this, uh, business that you were starting with your brother Oh, you mean his hero, don't you? This was real, Patty.
You are a limo driver.
Deal with it.
You know what? Excuse me.
I just can't hear this anymore.
Sorry about that.
No, that that's fine.
Don't worry about it.
Listen, your brother's boss told us that he had a non-compete clause in his contract.
- Now - Oh, yeah, no.
There's ways around that.
I see.
Do you have a list of the investors? Yeah.
Patty always hated my family.
Well, it's pretty standard, right? People tell us that all the time.
Here we go.
Thank you.
There's got to be a quarter of a million dollars here.
Matthew's clients loved him.
We're gonna have to give it all back now, huh? Do you have the bank statements? We'r're gonna need them.
Oh, no.
We sent those to Matthew's house.
I didn't want Patty to know until we got this thing off the ground.
I understand.
Nick, get up! You're gonna miss the bus! Good morning.
So, uh, another movie last night? No.
You know, there was nothing worth seeing.
Look, I'm gonna ask you something, okay? And I-I-I-I don't want to, you know, get off on the wrong thing here, but Everything's okay, I promise.
Why are you being so secretive, then, okay? I'm not trying to get in your face.
Look, you're just gonna have to trust me on this, okay? When the time is right, you'll know everything.
What does that mean? Till then, all you need to know is that I got plans tonight.
Nora said she could watch the boys if you need her to.
I'm gonna check on Nick.
What Sheppard.
Do you remember what I said about hitting the fast-forward button? I do, but as it turns out, it's not gonna be that easy.
Why do you do this to me? The Chief wants to know why the case is still open.
Look, just tell him that Matthew Wyatt convinced his clients to invest in a nonexistent salon, okay? The guy is a con man with an endless supply of suckers.
Rich women the best kind.
No, even better rich married women.
I'm talking to quite a few of them today.
How much money did you give him for the new salon? 15 grand.
Worth every nickel.
Do I need a lawyer? No one's accusing you of anything.
$17,000, and, yes, I did sleep with him.
I don't care about the money.
That wasn't my question, Mrs.
I invested $30,000.
You were about to tell me? $15,000.
But it wasn't because I was sleeping with him.
Why was it, then? Sex.
That's it? What else is there? Did your husband suspect anything? No.
I was very careful.
Matthew was the first and only affair I ever had.
Did you tell your husband? No, I didn't tell my husband about the investment.
- Would he mind? - He has plenty of dough.
Look, I wasted two years of my life hanging on my husband's arm at one corporate event after another, and I am too young for that.
I assume that your husband didn't know about your Extracurriculars.
Oh, my husband didn't know his ass from his other extremities.
That's one of the reasons I divorced him.
Well, how long ago did you two split? Almost a year.
Have you ever been married? No.
Henry and I are about to celebrate our 11th anniversary.
He stopped listening to me six years ago.
One day, I looked into the mirror, and I saw a middle-aged woman looking back at me.
I'm 28 years old, and my only real responsibility is showing up to the country club on time for my tennis lessons.
Is it a crime to want to feel useful? Matthew listened.
Matthew cared.
The salon was my way of telling the world that I wasn't just wasting oxygen.
When Matthew held me close, I felt like a teenager on a picnic blanket holding hands under the stars.
Yeah, I know.
That might sound ridiculous to you, but I needed to feel that way again.
Well, uh, so, Mrs.
Arnold "Liz.
" Okay.
Did you know that Matthew Wyatt was sleeping with other women? Good for him.
That didn't bother you? - No, it's not like he was my only lover.
- Oh.
Although, when push comes to shove, so to speak He was pretty damn good at it.
I wasn't sleeping with Matthew.
Guy was everything to everyone.
- It's a living.
- Oh, it's a scam.
What amazes me is that none of the husbands knew a thing.
Men have an incredible capacity for self-delusion.
- You think? - We got a hit from the DMV.
Black Porsche 911 registered to a Rick Darby, ticketed on the victim's street night of the murder.
I interviewed Melissa Darby.
She's the only investor who claimed she never slept with Matthew.
I wonder if Rick's the jealous type.
So, thank you for coming in, Mr.
We figured you didn't want a couple of cops showing up to your office.
I appreciate that.
So Hi.
What can I do for you? Well, your car was ticketed near a crime scene Tuesday night in Malibu, and we are looking for witnesses.
Tuesday night no.
You must be mistaken.
I had a closing.
- I was in my office till 8:00.
- After that? I met my wife for dinner at the Palm in Hollywood.
So, your Porsche wasn't parked in Malibu that night? "Porsch-a"? No.
I drive the Beemer.
Oh, I see where this is going.
My daughter drives the Porsche.
So, you and Melissa have a daughter.
- Melissa is my second wife.
- Ah.
My first wife left when my daughter, Beth, was 12.
So Beth is your daughter.
I understand.
Um, do you think that we could get Beth's address? Certainly.
He has over 20 years on Melissa.
- Oh, come on.
It's perfectly normal.
- In L.
, maybe.
Did it ever cross your mind that Darby might actually love the girl In a paternal kind of way? Dulcett.
Thanks, Buerge.
No Beth Darby ever went to Katrina's salon.
Well, the good news we only spent a day chasing our tails.
Cancel that.
I didn't lie.
My name is Elizabeth Arnold.
My dad's the only one that calls me "Beth.
" And Arnold is my ex's last name.
You got a parking ticket right across the street from Matthew Wyatt's house on the night of the murder.
I wanted to party, okay? I went to Matthew's, but there was another car in the driveway.
I never actually went in.
Cops don't usually write you a parking ticket when you're actually in the car.
I knew there was another woman inside.
And I also knew from personal experience that Matthew's guests don't usually spend the night.
SoI walked down the block to get some smokes at the liquor store.
That's when I got the ticket.
And when you got back? Her car was still in the driveway, so I said, "What the hell," and I just went home.
What kind of car was it? Uh, I don't know.
It was small.
Toyota, Honda.
I can never really tell the difference.
Umit was black.
And what time did you leave? 9:0oish.
You were just a little bit bothered by the fact that Matthew was in there partying with another woman.
I told you before I'mJust not the jealous type.
Are you sure? I mean, it didn't bother you just a little bit? I liked Matthew.
He was a good guy and a good lover, but anything more than that, I just not interested.
I didn't kill him.
All right, then explain why, when you and I first spoke, you neglected to mention this little detail about you being at his house just before he was murdered.
Hmm? That's what I thought.
Come on, 'Chelle.
Well, not quite a confession, but at least now we know she's a liar.
We need to talk to somebody who knows her, somebody who will talk to us.
You thinking about going back to the salon? No, I'm thinking about talking to her stepmom.
I mean, don't you think that it's interesting that they both got their hair cut by the victim, and yet neither one mentioned the other? I thought I already answered your questions.
Um, I'm meeting my husband at the Viceroy for dinner.
Well, this won't take long we just have a few questions about your stepdaughter, and then we'll be out of here.
Lizzie? Well, she's a doll.
I always wanted a sister.
Those are just beautiful earrings.
- Uh, thanks.
Rick gave them to me.
- They're gorgeous.
- Do you mind if I just - No.
Go right ahead.
Um, I have to admit, I thought it would be awkward at first, you know, Lizzie and I being so close in age, but Lizzie treated me like I'd always been part of the family.
If I was happy, then Rick was happy, and that's all Lizzie ever wanted.
Do you and your stepdaughter spend a lot of time together? Yeah.
It turns out we're into a lot of the same things chick flicks, music from the '90s Sleeping with Matthew Wyatt.
Excuse me? Look, please don't lie to me, Mrs.
A witness saw your car in his driveway the night that he was murdered.
I really thought that Rick was the one.
He was smart, handsome, sweet.
He loved me so much.
But you didn't love him.
I didn't know what love was not until I met Matthew.
I would have left Rick for Matthew, but He wasn't ready for a real relationship, so What time did you leave his house? 8:30.
To meet Rick for dinner.
Listen I swear, I wouldn't do anything to hurt Matthew.
Well, thank you.
You've been very helpful.
By the way, what is that lovely fragrance you're wearing? - It's Janisse.
- Oh.
You can get it at Barneys.
Good to know.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Lilies? You should've smelled the pillow when you had the chance.
I don't smell other people's pillows.
All right, so we know that both Liz and her stepmother lied to us.
They both slept with the victim, and they were both there the night of the murder.
We should bring them both in.
"Rick's gal.
" Liz Arnold said that she saw a small, black Toyota in the victim's driveway the night of the murder.
Now, does that look like a small, black Toyota to you? So, you think she discovered that her stepmom was sleeping with Matthew Wyatt? I don't know, but I think that Liz is the bigger liar in the Darby family.
We've been over this.
I went to Matthew's, someone was there, I went home.
How many times do I have to tell you the same thing? You got any plans tonight, 'Chelle? Me neither.
So, until we hear something that resembles the truth - coming out of your mouth - It is the truth! There was a car in the driveway when I got there.
But it wasn't a Toyota.
And it wasn't there when you got back.
You recognized your stepmom's car.
Yeah, I knew the car, and I was pissed.
So after Melissa left, I went inside, and I read Matthew the riot act.
That's it.
You know, finding out that your lover has been cheating on you is humiliating, but finding out that he's been cheating on you with your stepmom that could be considered devastating.
It wasn't about me.
I told Matthew that that was my father's wife and to leave her the hell alone.
So, you weren't jealous of her? You were protecting your father? He was hurt enough the first time when my mom left him.
And now he loves Melissa, so you couldn't kill her, but if you just get that Matthew Wyatt out of the picture, then daddy would never be the wiser, right? I didn't kill him.
- But you did threaten him.
- Yeah.
I told him to stop seeing her, or he'd never get any more money from me.
Money for the salon? Please.
Matthew's so full of it.
I knew there wasn't gonna be a salon.
Well, that's not what Chuck told us.
- Who's Chuck? - Matthew's brother.
I didn't even know he had a brother.
Well, that explains it.
It does? Yep.
So, I hear you're close on the Matthew Wyatt murder.
Hmm? Did I hear you're close on the Matthew Wyatt murder? Mm.
I'll know more in an hour.
You want some pizza? No.
Pretty good.
Do you have a suspect? Well, we're close I just need to get a little bit more information about your investors.
- I'll do what I can.
- Okay.
What can you tell me about Elaine Fryman? I never met her.
Um Melissa Darby? Sorry.
How about Liz Arnold? Yes.
I met her once.
She was a nice lady.
I drove her and Matthew to a concert at the Bowl about six weeks ago.
- I hope he tipped well.
- Not now, Patty.
Uh, did you talk about the new salon on the way? Oh, actually, wait, wait.
Liz said that she did not know you were going to be a partner in the new business.
Um She knew me as Charles.
Actually, she said that she didn't know Matthew had a brother.
Actually, truth be told, none of the investors knew that you existed.
Tell you what why don't we move on to the money? - Um - What money? So you haven't told your wife about this yet? Matthew and your husband collected about $250,000 in seed money for a new salon.
A quarter of a mil I am driving a 10-year-old Buick, and you had a quarter of a million dollars?! It wasn't my money.
It was for the business.
The business?! Give me a he's gonna return that.
Well, actually, that's impossible.
You see, the money has already been spent.
But you already knew that, didn't you, Mr.
Wyatt? What did you do? Actually, Mrs.
Wyatt, I think that your husband was duped just like everybody else.
That doesn't surprise me.
Did he tell you how he and his brother used to be like this? How they always had each ether's back? Finish each ether's sentences? - I don't even know why I married you! - Shut up! How many whores did he buy for a quarter of a million dollars? Matthew lost the money gambling.
Don't laugh at me.
Oh, perfect.
Don't laugh at me.
Why? I mean, everybody laughs at you.
Especially your brother.
You went over there that night, didn't you? Yeah.
I went over there to tell him that I, um, I found a way around the no-compete clause.
I did it.
I wanted to tell him in person, you know? And when I got there, he was drunk.
And he said there was no business.
That there never was going to bea business.
I mean, what kind of person pisses away a quarter of a million dollars while his brother drives a limo 12 hours a day? Who does that?! There was a gun on the bureau.
"Why would I go into business with a schmuck like you?" He said.
And I got two bullets out of the drawer and I put the bullets in the gun, snuck up behind him.
He wouldn't stop laughing at me.
You know? I killed him.
He wouldn't stop laughing at me.
Hey, Davey.
It's me.
Um, listen, I know that I've been acting kind of, you know, concerned about where you've been going at night the last couple of weeks, but, you know, after our our talk this morning, I just I wanted you to know that Whenever you want to tell me is fine and, uh, and that I do trust you, and I just hope that whatever you're you're doing, you're having a great time.
All right.
And I love you.
I'll talk to you later.
Everything okay? Oh, hey.
Um, yeah, yeah.
I mean, yeah, my brother's just been super secretive about something the last couple weeks, and, you know, I'm trying not to be nosy and controlling, but given his history, it's Not that it's any of my business, but did you ask him straight out what he's up to? Yeah.
Yeah, I did.
Uh, he said that he would tell me when he was ready, so It sounds like you did the right thing.
It's all good.
You think I should follow him? - Absolutely.
- Yeah.
I was thinking that, too.
Stars in his eyes he's a juke box hero come alive tonight he'll come alive tonight Hey! Excuse me! I'm I'm looking for someone.
Maybe you can help me.
Uh This guy.
- Have you seen him? - Yeah.
He's over there.
Yeah, he's got to keep rockin' just can't stop he's got to keep rockin' that boy has got to stay on top and be a juke box hero he's got stars in his eyes he's a juke box hero come alive he's a juke box hero he's got stars in his eyes