The Protector (2011) s01e11 Episode Script


Grandma, do you really have to leave after school tomorrow? I do sweetie.
I wouldn't miss your special presentation for the world.
But, then I've gotta get right back up to Santa Maria.
I have rehearsals.
Rehearsals? The club is doing "Gypsy.
" They chose me for the title role.
But Gypsy Rose Lee was a -- - Stripper! - [ Gags ] A burlesque dancer.
- Right, mom? - Yeah.
Um, what's a stripper? Uh, well, you know, it's sort of a A stripper's a person who kind of just does some dancing, some -- hey, you know what? I got some ice cream.
Do you -- I'll get it.
Four shots -- guy takes him down.
Birthday party or something -- it was great.
[ Speaks Spanish ] Eat.
You're wasting away before my eyes.
[ Laughs ] Have a fajita.
This is the special tonight, eh? - Ma.
- Hmm? Look at this.
We can't use them.
The whole order's like this.
And you didn't check before you signed for them? That's $400 worth of avocados, m'hijo.
Hey, it's Margarita night.
Right? That always puts us in the black.
Soright? All right.
We owe the vendor money.
He's making a point.
I'll go call him.
No, m'hijita.
I'll call him.
I'm leaving in the morning, but I want him to know that I'm onto him.
You did a fantastic job, Leo.
I mean, this is really good.
I wish we had a picture of Grandpa Jack.
Yeah, me too.
Unfortunately, they all burned up in the fire.
But I guess you can't really take it back to school with this empty spot here.
You know what you can do? You could draw him in.
You want to do that before you take it back to school? Okay.
All right, well, I remember exactly what he looked like.
Um He had brown hair, kind of like yours.
And he had brown eyes kind of like yours.
And he had sort of this big, goofy grin, like your brother Nick's.
And he was tall, like -- like mama.
And he was he was a good guy.
How old were you when he died? I was 12.
But we were okay, right? Like the Three Musketeers -- your mom, Uncle Davey, and me.
Have you read that book? Or have you seen the old movie? The Musketeers [ Smooches ] put their swords together and said, "All for one and one for all!" [ Laughs ] The Protector 1x11 Blood Gloria: Hey.
- Hey.
Cute name tag.
You planning on wearing those all day? Oh -- Leo made them.
They're for his "All about Leo" presentation at school today.
- We're all gonna wear them.
- Oh, will he make me one? If he won't, I will.
What do we got? White male, approximately 30 years old, shot three times in the chest.
Coroner puts the time of death around 3:00 in the morning.
A patrol car found the body.
Let me guess -- nobody called in the shots.
It's a tough neighborhood.
People are used to it.
This bank's on RHD's radar.
There have been four street robberies at the ATM past couple of months.
Guy's wallet's missing, too.
Well, I'll bet they dragged him out of view of the security camera before they took the wallet.
I'm getting the surveillance tapes.
Hey, you know what? Check out the liquor store.
They may have a different camera with a different angle.
This could be a robbery gone bad.
Only a crackhead would wait around for somebody to use the ATM in the middle of the night.
- S.
didn't process it yet.
- Yep.
[ Sighs ] - Man, this thing is a petri dish.
- You mean like your car? Hey, hey.
Ryan Laughlin.
Looks like he worked at Don Casas.
They're not too far from here.
They've been around forever, right? Yeah.
All right, so Ryan probably came to deposit his paycheck and tips, and that's why he felt safe doing it so late.
He did it all the time.
Shall we go to the restaurant? No.
I think I want to talk to Valdez first.
I practically grew up at Don Casas.
I knew the whole family -- Mama Reina, the kids.
Mama used to take me back to the kitchen and let me taste everything.
She actually gave me my first job.
Did you know their bartender, Ryan Laughlin? No, I haven't gotten over there in the last few years.
And I got busy, the neighborhood changed, you know.
Okay, well, I'm gonna go track down those surveillance tapes.
So, you're too busy to go to one of your favorite restaurants.
All right, the truth is I got engaged to my second ex-wife at Don Casas, andyou know -- going back there just brings up that whole thing, so Lisa? You never really talk about her.
What happened with you guys? You know what? Scratch that.
I'm gonna go to the restaurant now.
Do you want to come with me? - Why not? - Okay.
Come here a minute.
You look good, 'Berto.
[ Laughs ] Que Honda? Hace mucho tiempo.
I know.
I'm sorry.
This is Detective Sheppard.
Nice to meet you.
So where's Mama Reina? She left this morning.
She still drives down to Jalisco every year to see the family.
Let me get you a table.
We're not here for lunch.
I'm afraid we have some bad news.
Can we talk in private? Uh, yeah.
How long did Ryan work here? It's been almost two years.
So you both knew him pretty well.
Y-yeah, yeah.
The, uh, the customers really liked him.
He's definitely gonna be missed.
Was there any trouble in the bar last night? Any problems with a customer? No.
Are you opening a new Don Casas? Y-yeah.
Well, my little brother Danny is.
It'll be an exact copy of this one over on the West Side.
So business is pretty good, huh? Um, uh Do you think mama would want us to close the restaurant tonight? Out of respect for Ryan? We can talk about that later, 'Berto.
Uh, what time did Ryan leave last night? Um, after cleaning and closing, maybe 2:30? He always deposited his cash after Margarita night.
He didn't trust himself with that much cash.
Why is that? He had an old girlfriend that was an addict.
- She needed money to feed her meth habit.
- And he gave it to her.
Was he using, as well? No.
No, that's why they broke up.
But he had a hard time saying no if she needed money.
And he finally cut her off like two months ago.
Her name is Dana Jackson.
Dana Jackson, felony drug use, possession of meth, intent to sell, was busted with these two dealers.
Both these dudes have done time for assault and robbery.
Well, maybe Dana tipped them off to Ryan's late-night bank jobs.
We have addresses on these guys yet? Not yet.
I have a friend in narcotics.
He knows the neighborhood.
He's asking around.
All right.
Well, you know -- oh, great.
Thank you.
It's the bank surveillance footage.
He said that Laughlin was shot at 3:15.
Marisol Casas said that he left the restaurant at 2:30 a.
Takes like -- what? -- Five minutes to get from the restaurant to the bank.
I wonder what took him so long.
[ Cellphone rings ] Dulcett.
I got it.
Why did they shoot him? He didn't even have a chance to resist? There is a crackhouse less than a mile away from the bank that Jackson and her dealers sometimes crash.
You know what? I got to go to Leo's school.
Oh, that's okay.
I'll have Rush roll with me.
Okay, great.
I'll let Valdez know, okay? [ Dog barking in distance ] Nothing says "Welcome to the crackhouse" like a nasty-ass mattress.
Dana Jackson? Dana Jackson, LAPD! Rush.
Dana Jackson? I'm Detective Dulcett.
I was having such a good day.
We want to talk to you about Ryan Laughlin.
I haven't seen him.
Why? Look -- he was shot yesterday.
He's dead.
You know anything about that? And that's my problem why? No, this pipe is your problem.
Hey! You okay? Yeah.
Problem with meth is it makes you think you're bigger than you are.
I got her.
She's no good to us like this.
We'll let her burn it off in lock-up.
Yeah, we can talk to her in the morning.
Here we go.
Had you ever seen grandma sing that way before? Never that loud and in such a small space -- no.
You know, mom, I think they were wanting the kids to sing with Leo.
Hey, mom, do you want me to make a snack for you before you hit the road? Maybe I should give you an espresso.
It's a long drive.
I am a bit peckish.
Is there any brie and tart apples? Crackers and peanut butter coming up.
Peanut butter.
All right, boys.
Now, don't take anything that's too heavy for you.
That's okay.
What do you know? A perfectly good two days with mom.
[ Chuckles ] I know.
Right? Yeah.
Beverly: Ow! Mom? - Oh, my God, Mom, what happened? - Grandma! Are you okay? What did you do? Ohh, it's my ankle.
I don't even know what I tripped over! Try to get up.
We'll get you to the couch.
Aah! Okay, okay.
You know what? We have to take you to urgent care, Mom.
You need to see a doctor.
I don't need a doctor.
Yeah, you do.
There's no way you're gonna be able to drive home tonight.
Yes! Grandma can't leave.
She broke her ankle.
[ Chuckles, groans ] [ Laughs ] [ Bell ringing ] Leo gave mom a bell in case she needed anything.
Why not just give her a loaded gun? [ Ringing continues ] Here, give me that.
I'll take it up.
I want to see how such a tiny woman can make so much racket! When's the last time you saw Ryan Laughlin? Haven't talked to him.
So how'd you get the cash for the crystal you were on yesterday? - Hmm? You come into some sudden inheritance or something? Screw you.
I know Ryan turned off the tap.
No more handouts.
[ Pen slams ] How much do you owe Shiftlett and Pierce, huh? Couple a hundred, couple a thousand? And don't try to tell me you don't owe these dirtbags money.
Of course I owe them money.
Look at me.
The habit costs like $200 a week.
Is that why you tipped your dealers to Ryan's weekly cash drop? Sell out an ex? Live to tweek another day? This is bullshit.
Okay? And you know that Ryan was no saint either, okay? Who do you think introduced me to Pierce and Shiftlett in the first place? You tell me.
[ Breathing heavily ] Ryan used to work for them back in the day.
So, who put you onto me anyway? Was it little Miss Marisol? Huh? She was the one that made Ryan cut me off in the first place.
She wanted him all to herself.
Marisol Casas and Ryan Laughlin were lovers? Valdez: How's the situation with your mother? Well, never boring.
Listen, if you need to stay home -- No, I think Davey can handle it from here on out.
There's just a few things that a son can't do for a mother, if you know what I mean.
No, and I don't want to know.
I'm heading in right now, okay? Why don't you meet me at Don Casas instead? I'll fill you in when we get there.
Any headlines? Yeah, according to Dana Jackson, our victim was dating Marisol Casas.
I wonder why she didn't tell us that.
I'm not taking the word of some junkie over Marisol's.
I understand.
All right.
I'll see you soon.
Valdez: Marisol, Dana Jackson told us some things about Ryan and about you.
Is it true that you were dating? If my mother ever finds out, Felix -- She doesn't need to know.
Your mother wouldn't have approved? [ Exhales sharply ] He's not Latino, he doesn't have a college degree.
And you always respect your mother's wishes.
We all do.
Mama Reina is the head of the family.
She's the queen.
You know her, Felix.
Did Ryan ever tell you that he used to work for drug dealers? Yes.
But that was a long time ago.
And he was through with all that stuff.
Did anybody else in the restaurant know about his past? No, they would have told mom, and she would have kicked him out.
She was hard enough on him as it was.
Did he give you that? Uh, hey, Felix.
There's somebody out here I want you to say hi to.
- Come on.
- Okay.
Excuse us.
- You remember my baby brother, Danny? - Oh, boy.
[ Chuckles ] And this is Detective Sheppard.
How do you do? Hi.
How are you doing? Good to see you.
You know, Danny just got back from Boston a few months ago.
[ Chuckles ] Got his MBA.
Last time I saw you, I think you were in high school.
- You mother must be over the moon.
- Yeah.
I'm the first in the family to go to college and get a master's.
Just, um, never expected to use it for the family business.
- Have a seat.
Gloria: Thank you.
Well, what did you expect to use it for? Your master's degree.
I don't know.
Something new.
So I guess you heard about Ryan Laughlin.
Yeah, yeah.
It's terrible.
- Ryan was a good guy.
- Did you know him well? I haven't been back that long, but I can tell you he was smart.
I even asked him to manage the bar at my new place.
He wanted to -- he wanted to stay here.
He -- he felt loyal.
Look where loyalty got him.
Well, you're fairly loyal, aren't you? I mean, isn't the new restaurant owned by the family? The new Don Casas West Side is mine.
Mama and I made a deal.
She owns a 30% stake in it.
Here you go.
Here you go.
- Thanks, 'Berto.
- Thank you.
[ Exhales sharply ] [ Clears throat ] So, what about Alberto and Marisol? Well, they have this place.
Thank you very much for your time.
Thanks, Danny.
See you again.
Uh, Felix.
I just spoke to my cousin in Jalisco.
No one has heard from mom.
I think she should be there by now.
It's been way too long.
If you can give us the driver's license number and the car info, we can track her down.
I'll go check with border patrol in Tijuana and see when she crossed.
We'll figure this out.
Thank you.
All right.
Any other cops in your family? No.
No other family.
Just me and my mom.
How about you? My mom is a dispatcher.
- Oh.
- So I grew up hearing about cops, and I always liked the ones that came around the house.
I like most of the ones I work with.
[ Chuckles ] Is this from yesterday? Yeah.
It's no big deal.
[ Sighs ] Yo.
I always hate that drug dealers drive better cars than me.
I'll get it.
[ Knock on door ] LAPD! On the ground now! [ Engine turns over ] [ Tires screeching ] Let me see your hands! Get out the car! Don't move! Get down on the ground.
Facedown! [ Breathing heavily ] Hey, how's the patient? I replaced the bell with walkie-talkies, but mom still felt like the bedroom was Siberia, and she was missing all the fun.
So now she's taken over the living room.
- Well, how is she otherwise? - Well, she's fine.
It's the rest of us who are exhausted.
Which is weird because she said she didn't sleep last night.
You know what, Davey? I'm starting to think she's not taking her meds.
I mean, it's like her volume is up.
Beverly: On your mark! Yeah, her volume is definitely up.
All right, look, do me a favor, okay? Check her bags.
I mean, I don't want to upset her, but I want to make sure she brought her lithium with her, and I'll just check back in with you later.
Um, oh, you know what, Davey? Justkeep an eye on her, okay? Yeah, yeah, I will.
All right, bye.
Patrol unit found an abandoned car matching the description of Mama Reina's.
Where? Less than three miles from the restaurant.
I'm sorry.
No VIN number, no plates.
Yeah, this was chopped by pros.
Just strange that they did it here.
They took the hood but not the trunk.
Sir you don't need to do this.
I can -- That's all right.
Open it up.
Romeo: You got it.
Looks like blood.
[ Knock on door ] Sir S.
found a hidden VIN number in the floor pan.
It's a match for Reina Casas' car.
What about the blood? That belongs to Reina Casas, as well.
You know, sometimes you really hate this job.
Marlene! Sir.
I need to reach the Casas family.
Just get me the office number.
I'll make the call myself.
Yes, sir.
- Sir, can I make a suggestion? - No.
Don't tell the family about the car just yet.
You know how worried they all are? I just need a little bit more time.
To do what, Sheppard? Alberto never responded when you told him that the business seemed good.
- Yeah, I know.
- Well, that's because it's not.
I started digging around the restaurant's financials, and they're hemorrhaging money.
They're defaulting on their loans.
You were looking for a link between Ryan Laughlin and Reina Casas.
So you think she went to Ryan and those dealers for money? Anyone in the family could have.
I know that you revere Reina Casas, but -- Everyone did.
Yeah, but after speaking with her children, honestly, I think that they were afraid of her.
I just need more time to find out what I can about this family.
All right, you have two hours.
- Okay, great.
- And start with Danny.
- I don't like him.
- Okay.
There we go.
Hey, Glo, one of the dealers just gave up some of the chop shops in the area.
Romeo's tracking them down now.
Yeah, look at this, okay? This confirms that Ryan Laughlin knew his killer, all right? It's from the liquor store.
Now watch.
See that? See how he steps forward towards the shooter? I mean, it's right before the shot is fired.
His body's really relaxed.
His hands are at his side.
He's not defensive at all.
So, it was someone that he was comfortable with.
Valdez: Like who? I don't know.
Like one of those drug dealers or that guy that you don't like.
- Danny Casas? - Yeah.
Danny lost his line of credit on the new restaurant.
Financials fell through because he was on the hook for the losses on the old restaurant and the new construction.
That would leave him in a really bad place.
'Chelle and I will go talk to him about his financial problems, okay? Well, it's good to know a little thing like money hasn't slowed him down.
This has got to cost, what, 3, 4 mil when it's done? Something like that, yeah.
[ Cellphone rings ] Hang on.
Go ahead, okay? All right.
Hey, Davey.
It's me, mom.
Oh, hey, Leo! How are you, sweetie? - You sound tired.
- Yeah.
We were playing Simon Says, and grandma can talk even faster than you can.
Yeah, you were born into a family of very fast-talking women.
I just wanted to make sure you were coming home tonight.
Yes, sweetie.
I'll be home for dinner, okay? I love you, Leo.
Listen can I talk to Uncle Davey? Okay.
Here he is.
Is it your mom? Yeah.
Hey, did you find mom's meds? Nope.
She didn't bring them.
Yeah, I checked everywhere.
I mean, who knows how long she's been off them.
All right, I'll talk to her.
Listen, Davey, why don't you do me a favor? Call her doctor in Santa Maria and see if you can transfer the lithium prescription down here, okay? I think I have his number in the top drawer of my desk.
And, Davey don't leave her alone with the kids, okay? When your mother gave you permission to open up this new restaurant, did you know about the money problems from the old one? I didn't know how bad it had gotten.
And when you found out, what did you do? Mr.
Hey, w-what is she doing? Um It's confidential.
Look, all I wanted to do was honor the old place, re-create every inch from floor to ceiling.
See? Down to every small detail.
And did you know if Ryan Laughlin knew about the money problems? Not that I knew of.
Where were you Tuesday night, sir? Um, home by myself.
I'm usually out by 6:00 most mornings, so Hmm.
When was this concrete floor poured? Yesterday morning.
Is there any word on my mother? Thank you.
We'll be in touch.
Michelle? Fascinating, huh? You barely spoke to the man.
Did he have anything interesting to say? Yeah, he doesn't have an alibi on the night of Ryan's murder.
Well, that is interesting.
Guess what else is interesting.
Dust -- everywhere.
Most of it's from the drywall, and I bet it matches the dust that was on Mama Reina's car.
- You think her car was here? - Mm-hmm.
That's why you kept asking all those questions about when the concrete was poured? Yeah, I can't prove anything yet, but it's starting to make sense.
Okay, I'm gonna get this over to S.
right away.
Hey, Lieutenant, can you meet me at the old Don Casas? Yeah.
Her car was just on the street like that? All torn up? I'm afraid so.
Who would want to hurt her? Valdez: We were hoping you could tell us.
I'm sorry, Marisol, I wish we had better news.
I-I have a quick question about your finances.
I know that you've been having problems.
What did Danny do when he found out that the restaurant was losing money? He asked mama to shut us down so he could finance the new restaurant.
But she said no.
No, mom would never do that.
This place is our family's heritage.
Danny could get financing some other place.
He's good at that stuff.
All right.
Uh, one more quick question.
What happened to the rug that was here, right? I mean, there it is in the picture.
It was here? Where did it go? UmI-I don't know.
I just figured Danny was having it copied for the new place.
I'm sure -- I'm sure that's it.
[ Cellphone rings ] All right.
Excuse me.
Hey, 'Chelle.
says your dust from the construction site is a mix of drywall, sandy ground soil, primer paint flakes, among other things.
Does it match the dust they found on Reina Casas' car? - To the grain.
- All right, great.
I'll call you later, okay? Daniel Casas, you're under arrest for the murder of Reina Casas.
Cuff him.
Get him out of here.
Let's go.
What? He couldn't have done it alone.
I mean, she was too heavy, and that rug -- it took two men to lift her out of there.
So if he didn't do it alone, the question is, who helped him? - Do me a favor, mom? - Yeah.
Don't put any more sticky notes in my lunch.
That pink "I love you, baby" post-it you put in yesterday ended up on Kathy Bishop's back.
Well, I'm sure it made Kathy Bishop feel great, huh? Next time you want to put something special in my lunch, I have two words for you -- "Cup cake.
" Yeah, uh, that's one word, babe.
- Carpool's here.
- Okay, sweetie.
You guys have a great day.
Here's your lunch.
All right? Be good.
I'll see ya.
Mwah! Have a great day.
- Love you, mom.
- Love you, too.
You guys be good.
Have a great day at school.
See you, Grandma! Beverly: Bye, boys! Love ya! Bye! Oh, good, hurry up.
You want backup? No.
I'm okay.
I got it.
Wish me luck.
Thank you.
Uh, did you want some jam with the toast? No.
You want to check that? Make sure it's right? Yep.
That's my prescription.
Don't you have someplace to be? Mnh-mnh.
[ Sighs ] When I don't take them, I get to be me again.
Smart and funny and never bored.
I know.
But we've been through this before, and it's not safe.
Mom, your energy is scaring the kids.
Oh, that's nonsense.
Mom it scares the kids.
And I really want them to be able to spend time with you.
[ Sighs ] Remember, it doesn't work right away.
It's not like flipping a light switch.
I remember.
[ Gulps ] [ Sighs ] And two sugars.
Real cream.
[ Footsteps depart ] You're good.
[ Sighs ] Ballistics came in on Reina Casas.
Both she and Ryan Laughlin were shot with the same gun.
Yeah, well, I think I may have just found where it was hidden.
There's a nifty little shelf back there for hiding things.
Danny Casas could have had access to it, but any employee could have used it.
Yeah, but who has it now? You guys ready? - Wow.
- Okay.
All right.
So, it looks like she was shot right here where the rug was, and she was probably rolled up in the rug and then put in the trunk of the car.
So, this is the bartender's domain, so maybe Ryan saw that the rug was missing or that the gun was gone, or maybe he noticed the blood on the bar.
I mean, then he could have asked the wrong person, and that could have gotten him killed.
Or maybe he could have shot her himself, and that would explain the missing 40 minutes.
Two dead bodies, all this blood, and no real physical evidence to prove that Danny Casas or anybody else did this murder.
Do you really think I would do that to my own mother? I don't really know you, Danny.
I don't know what you're capable of.
- Someone's setting me up.
- Enough.
Lieutenant? There's something you should hear.
Tell him what you just told me.
Got a tip this mint Cutlass was gonna be left up there on Carson, ripe for the picking.
- And when was this? - Two days ago.
Tell him what else the tip said.
Wanted me to take the Cutlass to the shop, you know, make it disappear.
It was worth a couple of grand to me, so I said, "Yeah.
Why not?" But you just stripped it on the street and left it there.
- I had a bad feeling.
- Is that why you didn't open the trunk? I seen "Pulp Fiction.
" Who gave you the tip? [ Sighs ] It's okay.
Y'all can't tell nobody I told you this, man.
It's this guy I know from the neighborhood, Alberto Casas.
Let me ask you a question, Danny.
Did you use Alberto to kill Ryan Laughlin and your mother? Don't answer the question.
[ Scoffs ] No.
I told you.
Did you offer him a piece of the new restaurant? He needs the money.
Kids are headed for college soon, right? What are you talking about? Alberto tipped a chop shop about your mother's car the day she was supposed to leave for Mexico.
- We're done here.
- You're wrong about Alberto.
He would never hurt our mom.
None of us would -- we loved her.
Danny, stop -- now.
Well, there's one way to find out.
We'll bring in Alberto.
Casas? I'll call Valdez.
Felix, you want me to do this? Yeah.
Was there a note? No.
I'm sorry.
Um I brought you this.
I know how important that was to you.
[ Door opens ] - What's he doing here? - Please have a seat.
I wanted you both to hear this.
Our tests have concluded that the gun Alberto used to kill himself was the same gun that killed Ryan Laughlin and your mother.
Do either of you have any idea why your brother would do all of this? No.
Do you think that he could pull it off on his own? Because he either did, or he wanted it to look that way.
I love 'Berto, but he couldn't get a drink order straight, let alone do something like this.
Don't talk about him like that.
You're just like mom treating Alberto like a child.
He devoted his life to the restaurant, to mom.
But she always passed him over for you.
Yes, but you devoted your life to the restaurant and to your mom, so you must have felt passed over, too.
My mom believed in me.
Oh, yes, I'm sure she did.
But she gave the restaurant to Danny.
Our mom liked to play us against each other.
If we don't live up to her ideals, she would cut us down to nothing.
Says the golden boy.
I saw her do it to you, Marisol.
To 'Berto.
That's why I stayed away for so long.
Yeah, but you were happy to come back and get permission to open the new restaurant.
- He certainly was.
- You know what's funny? I wanted to start the new restaurant so you and Alberto would have something to fall back on if the old place fell.
I wanted to keep us together.
Look how well that turned out.
Don't put this on me.
Put it where it belongs.
So this is my fault?! She wasn't a mother.
She was a monster.
Oh, God, Danny, don't speak ill of the dead.
All right, so, let me see if I have this correctly.
Danny went off by himself, and Alberto had his wife and kids But you -- you weren't even allowed to love the person that you wanted to love.
All your mother gave you was the desk beside her, so all of your hard work, all of your sacrifice and at the end of the day, your mother chose Danny over you.
Alberto killed himself to protect someone.
Now, was that someone you? Hmm? Did Alberto help you bury your mother under the new restaurant? I loved my mother.
Danny was supposed to take the fall, wasn't he? - I mean, that was the plan.
- No.
But Alberto didn't want to hurt his little brother, and he wanted to protect you.
So, what did he do? He killed himself.
Your mom was gonna close the old restaurant, wasn't she? We didn't have enough money for both.
I told her I could save it I could make the old one work, but she just looked at me.
And she said, I could never be who she was.
That it took something that I'd never have.
Well, what was that? She never got the chance to tell you.
I don't even remember grabbing the gun from behind the bar.
Alberto came running in when he heard it.
And he helped me clean things up.
Get mama into the trunk of the car.
[ Crying ] But then Ryan came back.
He forgot his bag, and he saw that the gun was missing, the rug was missing.
There was blood on the bar.
And he started asking questions.
Alberto said he'd take care of it because I couldn't do it.
So, Alberto killed Ryan and tried to make it look like a robbery.
He was supposed to get rid of mama's car, too, butpoor 'Berto screwed that up.
Come on.
[ Sobs ] Thanks.
Are you sure you're ready to go, Mom? I mean, you're more than welcome to stay here with us.
You guys need your house back.
Besides, I don't want that understudy to take my part in "Gypsy.
" You're still gonna do it with that boot thing on? I hope they won't be looking at the boot.
[ Chuckles ] I'll wait outside with the boys.
Oh, you know what? I made you and Davey some snacks for the tr-- I wish I could have taken care of you and Davey the way you take care of me.
I know.
Will you ever forgive me? I forgive you every day, Mom.
I didn't know what I was doing, you know? The house was on fire.
All -- all I could hear was the screaming in my head, "Get out! Get out! Get out!" It was the voices in my head.
And then when you came out and didn't see Davey, the look you gave me before you ran back in to get him Well you're better now, Mom.
I'm not perfect.
Nobody is.
[ Chuckles ] [ Horn honks ] Well [ Clears throat ] Isn't it amazing A nice pedicure can smarten up an old foot like that? [ Chuckles ] You should take better care of your feet.
You've got your father's toes -- not his best feature.
Oh, now, you see that, Mom? We almost had a moment there.