The Protector (2011) s01e12 Episode Script


Okay boys, what do you want? I'll take two.
- I'm in for 6 large.
- Ooh.
Hey, 'Chelle.
Frankie called.
A bunch of us are going out to a a late dinner.
Well, you know what? I'd love to, but I can't.
I got to prep for court tomorrow.
"Solitaire" or "Bejeweled"? "Solitaire," but I really do have to prep for my testimony tomorrow.
I will see your measly $6,000.
I will raise you $2,000.
It's good to see the recession didn't hit the divorce business.
Come on.
The kids are away at camp.
Let's have a few laughs, maybe even meet a cute guy.
You know what? I'll take a rain check, all right? You guys have fun, okay? All right, bye.
All right, Ron.
I call.
Show 'em, boys.
Aces and 8s.
Feel sorry for you guys.
Yes! My lucky day.
Everyone on the ground, facedown! Don't you look at me, pussycat.
Empty out your pockets.
No bullshit.
You, in the suit, throw out your money -- all of it! Dumbass.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
The Protector 1x12 Ghosts Lieutenant? Where's Sheppard? Courthouse for a testimony.
What are you doing here? Well, , , the chief asked me to handle this personally.
Apparently, one of the D.
is a big-time divorce lawyer.
Yeah, Ronald Lennox.
He did a lot of celebrity breakups.
He was the attorney for the Governor's wife.
It's a weekly game.
Owner figures there was something north of 150 grand in the room.
That explains the muscle.
That's Carlton Williams.
He worked at the club.
Shooter was a pro.
Got off a double tap before this guy could even pull his gun.
You ink the robber knew there'd be security? That'd be my bet.
How come Lennox was the only player shot? Maybe he did something to provoke the robber.
Club owner called it in, but he's a shady dude -- owns clubs here and in Vegas.
Rap sheet's mostly nickel and dime, but he brags about having friends in high places.
Well, if that's true, he could reach out to a pro shooter, but why hit your own game? He could make more in the long run from his weekly cut.
Well, I'll round up the other players.
Hopefully they can clear this up.
Once S.
gets these bodies out, let's bring in the owner.
- Okay.
Boussard, is it "Gi" or "Guy"? It's "Guy.
" This your place? Yes, I'm the managing partner.
Because this looks like an inside job.
What makes you say that? Well, the shooter knew when and where to enter, knew there was armed security.
Who'd have information like that? Me, my employees, uh, the players, anyone the players told.
That's why we have armed security.
Why weren't you here last night? I was with my girlfriend.
Talk to her, butshe's married.
And her husband's kind ofdangerous.
I'd like to avoid any unnecessary trouble.
Yeah, we're gonna need her name, plus the name of all the players that played last night, plus anybody who knew about the game last night.
My customers are high-profile.
They, uh, rely on my discretion.
They also rely on not getting shot.
We can take you out of here in cuffs, if you like.
- Dealer's choice.
- Good one, sir.
Thank you.
Oh, morning, counselor.
We, uh, ready to do this? Uh, not quite yet.
We've asked for a brief recess.
Everything okay? Littlesnafu.
Um, just sit tight.
We've got Judge Feinberg.
Nobody works faster.
Want to bet? I talked with the poker players.
They're coming in before lunch.
Look at you, bringing your "A" game this morning.
- Only game I got.
- Oh, really? I'd like to hear a little bit more about this game.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Well - Morning.
- Morning.
Hey, there.
Uh, may I help you? Sure.
Coffee would be great, thanks.
Who is that? Oh, Lieutenant Valdez's office.
Hi, I want to get off on the right foot.
Make sure the coffee pot's fresh, okay? Thanks.
Um, sir, she just walked in.
I didn't know what todo.
There he is.
Captain Novak.
How are you, Felix? I'm peachy.
To what do we owe the pleasure? The Ronald Lennox shooting.
Chief sent me to supervise, manage media, deal with the mayor's office.
So, this is temporary, then? I'm happy to see you, too.
You don't mind my using your desk? You can set up out there, where I can see you.
You're the Captain.
The quicker we make the collar, the faster I'm out of here.
She's a piece of work, huh? Try being married to her.
Oh, wait, you were married to her? 2 years, 6 months, and 14 days.
Any other chestnuts from my personal life you care to crack open? - No, sir.
Hey, 'Chelle.
- You done testifying yet? - I wish.
The only thing I've done so far is school a couple of uniforms in how to play "War.
" That's right -- I'm talking about you.
Will you please get back here? Me and the L.
have been joined at the hip.
What do you know about his ex-wife? His first or second? Why? - She just set up shop in his office.
- What? Yes.
C-- Captain Lisa Novak.
She was brought in to oversee the Lennox case.
Uh, well, I mean, I've never met her.
I-I knew that she was a cop.
I didn't know she outranked him.
Yeah, well, I'll tell you what.
She -- uh, I got to go.
Give 'em hell.
All right, great.
Ah, win.
Oh, it's yours.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Was there anyone new in the game? No, it was just the regulars.
Guy's hooked up with some pretty shady characters.
He's a club owner.
I mean, that's part of his charm.
Tell me about the shooter.
We did what he said.
He'd already killed Carlton.
So, why do you think he shot Ron Lennox and none of you? I couldn't see anything, but it sounded like he wasn't cooperating.
I don't know.
I was so scared.
Maybe he was looking up.
I saw Lennox empty his pockets, toss out his money.
I don't think he did anything different than the rest of us.
I think the robbery may have been a cover to kill Lennox.
And Jason King said Lennox cooperated the same as everyone.
He emptied his pockets.
He laid down on the floor.
Maybe the shooter picked a fight as an excuse to kill Lennox.
So, who wanted Lennox dead? The guy was a divorce attorney.
I might have done it.
We just got a call.
Lennox's wife says she knows who killed him.
Officers! I am so glad you're here.
Are you here about the noise at the Lennox's? No, ma'am, but it is pretty loud.
Try living here for three years.
Come on, Mindy! We got to stop for "gaz.
" And I don't want to be late for lunch.
I'm talking to the cops.
Come be sociable.
Come on.
Say hello.
- John Parseghian.
- Sir.
You here about the noise? Not today, sir.
Evelyn, come tell these cops about life on the block.
It is a horror.
My husband is fed up.
Isn't there something you can do? We'll make a note of it.
Thanks for coming.
How long have you two been married, Mrs.
Lennox? Uh, 17 years.
It might surprise you, but we actually had a really great marriage.
My husband was a big believer in the institution.
A romantic.
It's not what you'd expect from a famous divorce lawyer.
Ron always advised his clients to try and work things out.
But if that wasn't possible, he did what he had to do.
Look, we were told that you have some idea who might have done this.
I do.
And Ron kept a file of everyone who had ever threatened him over the years.
It was about a dozen people or so.
I'll have his office send it to you.
But this is what I want you to hear.
Lennox, you heartless, lowlife, chunk of human excrement.
I hope for your wife's sake you got your life insurance paid, 'cause I'm gonna cut you into little pieces and feed you to the Koi fish.
Hope this ruins your day! Oh, and in case you didn't recognize my voice, it's Gerry Standing.
Please find him.
Hey, Pat.
It's Felix Valdez.
Listen, I don't mind the Chief sending in a Captain to help out on a big case -- I-I don't even mind giving up my office -- but come on, my ex-wife? At approximately 10:30 p.
last night, Attorney Ronald Lennox and security guard Carlton Williams were shot dead at the Mirror Club in Hollywood.
As this is an ongoing investigation, I won't be taking any questions at this time.
Let me tell you something.
She's only interested in a case if it means headlines.
I know this woman.
But off the record, I can assure you that we've already made considerable progress.
Well, I-I-I know you want to put a lid on this, but I think that having Novak in charge is risky.
She's not a team player.
The Chief has complete confidence in R.
I'm only here to add technical support and my years of experience.
No! This has nothing to do with her and me! Yeah, I-I-I know.
He's the chief.
Hey, 'Chelle, do me a favor, okay? Get a picture of Novak on your phone and send it to me.
Just, you know, be discreet.
No, it's better the other way.
Oh! My God! Hey! How are you, Brennan? Man, you scared me.
How you doing? I'm good.
I was kind of hoping you were the D.
- Nah, sorry.
Just me.
- Oh, well, just you is good.
Yeah? How are you? You here to testify? - Yeah, just finished.
- Oh, lucky you.
My God, when did you make Lieutenant? - Oh, yeah.
- That's fantastic.
About a month ago.
Pretty exciting, huh? Wow.
You know, we'll have to go out and celebrate sometime.
Yeah, how about tonight? Well, actually, you know what? As luck would have it, my kids are out of town.
I could probably do that.
Can Amy drive in and meet us, or oh, that's right.
No, you probably wouldn't have, uh probably wouldn't have heard about that.
About a year ago, I, uh I joined the divorced cops club.
- I'm sorry.
- It's all right.
I didn't hear about it.
Well, welcome aboard.
- Thank you.
- You know the secret handshake yet? Well, maybe you can teach me that tonight.
What do you think? Summer's, say, uh, 7:00? - Uh, yeah, okay.
- Yeah? Good.
- All right.
- Good, it's a date.
- Okay, it's a date.
- All right, good.
- See you then.
- Okay.
It's a date.
Standing, do you know why you're here? I assume my ex-wife fabricated some new accusations against me.
Did I drive within a mile of her house and do something against the restraining order? Where were you last night? I was home.
With my daughter.
Yesterday was my day to pick her up at school.
What -- what's going on here? You made a series of threats against Ronald Lennox.
You got me.
- I plead guilty.
- To killing him? Are you saying Lennox is dead? Oh, yeah.
You seem devastated.
I'm sorry if I don't openly mourn, but the divorce ruined my life and left me bankrupt.
And those two won't leave me alone.
You know, I used to be a broker.
Then the recession came.
I had to get a job as a bookkeeper.
Well, the two of them came after me for underemployment.
And get this -- her family's worth millions.
So, you had many reasons to want Lennox dead.
Did I want him to die of ball cancer? Yeah.
But I didn't kill him.
I want you to find current contacts for these guys, poor bastards who Lennox really put through the mill.
Yeah, well, some of them probably deserved it.
Well, do we like Standing for the murders? The odds of him hiring a pro to kill Lennox? Feels like a long shot.
Here we go.
Have you solved it? So, what have we got? People who have threatened the life of Ron Lennox.
Angry divorced men.
How sad.
So, none of these guys have the money or the access to hire a pro, and we need to tie them to Boussard's club.
Who's this older man? He looks familiar.
That's Henry Sherman.
He made his fortune in oil.
So, he's got money.
What's his connection to Lennox? Lennox broke the prenup Sherman had with his 24-year-old wife, got her like 50 million bucks.
Sherman vowed publicly to kill Lennox.
Sounds dishy.
Doesn't mean he did it.
Is this Cake Gibson, the record producer? You mean the felon? He's done time for manslaughter -- hung his brother-in-law out of a 20-story window by his feet because he didn't believe his pockets were empty.
Gibson lost millions to his ex-wife because of Lennox.
So, why are we standing here? Go talk to him.
Let me explain something to you.
We can't just pick off a murderer who will make the biggest splash.
We need more before we can go talk to him.
This guy's entire entourage are gangsters, and he can afford a professional hit.
That's a suspect to me.
There wasn't as much cash as you said.
Another $50,000, and you'll never see me again.
Omar Rivera.
He's a known hit man.
Whoever shot him snatched his gun.
You can see from the empty holster on his back.
But this is what I wanted to show you.
Aren't those the initials of our poker victim? Ronald Vincent Lennox, yeah.
So, whoever shot him took his gun so we couldn't get a match but didn't count on him having that money clip.
Executions, double crosses -- it's looking like organized crime.
Assure the mayor and the D.
that all of the resources at the department's disposal are being deployed to find the Lennox killers.
I'm all over this.
There used to be a time when you looked at me like I was your favorite person in the world.
Was I drinking? Look, Chief asked me to come in on this.
I'm a good cop.
I go where I'm ordered, just like you.
Only difference is is that I do it in heels.
I always liked that about you.
Heard you got married again.
Come in.
Lennox I.
'd the money clip as her husband's.
So Omar Rivera's definitely our shooter.
Two years ago, on his parole report, Rivera listed he was working security at Cake Records.
That's a hell of a coincidence.
The only thing missing is how did Cake know Lennox was gonna be at that poker game? Let's go talk to Mr.
Hope you're enjoying your day off.
Oh, yeah.
Living the dream.
Listen, I'm just happy to be out of the office.
Oh, yeah, I heard about your ex-wife.
Hey, actually, you've been through this a couple times.
Let me ask you something.
How do you know when you're ready to start dating? That's why you called me? Yeah, well, the reason I ask is I ran into Jack Brennan here, right? And I noticed that he made Lieutenant, okay? And I said we should celebrate.
He said tonight.
I said okay, you know, thinking that I would go out with him and Amy like we used to when he worked in R.
Then he tells me that he's divorced.
- So it's a date.
- Yeah, it's like a date-date, only I didn't know until it was too late.
I mean, here Detective Cummings has been asking me out for months and month, and months, right? And I keep saying, "No, I'm not ready yet.
" And now I'm having dinner with Jack Brennan.
And, yeah, okay, sure, I know him better.
But still, I just -- I don't know.
I just don't think I'm ready, you know? I-I-I think I'm gonna cancel.
Listen, y-y-you got to eat.
Felix, I haven't been on a first date in, like, 15 years.
I would not know where to begin.
Okay, here's what you do.
You meet at a restaurant and you order food.
Drinks are good, too.
- What if it's horrible? - You'll be fine.
Seven up! Nice.
Can I help you two? I'm Detective Dulcett.
This is Lieutenant Valdez.
We'd like to speak to Mr.
You got an appointment? We're hoping he might be available.
Yeah, I got two LAPD cops here to see Cake.
End of the hall on the right.
You have a great day.
Nice attitude.
Work on that.
Nice gun.
How you doing, today? So, you're acquainted with the deceased, Ron Lennox.
Hell yeah, we were acquainted.
The man lived out my damn pocket.
- How's that? - My wife's divorce settlement.
Paid for half that big house of his.
Dude had some huevos going up against me like that.
What about Omar Rivera? You know him? He used to work for me.
I had to let him go.
Couldn't screw up my own parole, associating with a known felon.
You telling me none of those guys out there are felons? Not a one.
There's a couple of retired cops out there, too.
Every one of those guns registered by the state.
God bless America.
I talk to my P.
like two times a day.
Omar Rivera was suspected in the shooting of Ron Lennox.
- "Was"? - Rivera's dead, too.
I ain't got nothing to do with none of that.
As for Lennox, if I was gonna kill him, I would roast him alive like a stuffed pig.
You know Guy Boussard? Of course I know him.
Why? Lennox was shot in Guy's place.
You want to quit doling out information in dribs and drabs, I might help you.
We're asking if you hired Omar Rivera to kill Lennox and then took out Rivera to cover your tracks.
Is that concise enough for you? If I did that, would I be here talking to you two, or would I be lawyering up? I vote talking to us.
Done here.
And don't worry about me leaving town.
Hell, I don't even go to the Valley.
Any luck finding Boussard? Mnh-mnh, we sent uniforms to his house and his club, but it looks like he's in the wind.
We got to get him to flip on Gibson.
What do you think she's doing in there? I didn't even know that office had blinds.
My guess is she's sacrificing a goat.
Good night, all.
Don't look at me.
Hey, 'Chelle, do you have a minute? Hey, how'd it go today? Oh, well, not so great.
I didn't get to testify, so I have to go back to court tomorrow and I-I have a date tonight.
- What?! - With who? - Jack Brennan.
Jack Brennan? Wow, that's weird.
No, no, not you.
Not you.
Listen, Jack Brennan's a good-looking guy.
Wait a minute.
I thought he was married.
Not anymore.
Listen, I'm, uh -- I'm running kind of late.
And I-I really don't know what to wear.
Can you help? - Okay, well, video chat me.
- All right.
You see me? - Yo.
- Look at this outfit.
Okay, hang on.
What do you think? Hey, that is super cute.
- What is it? Pants? - Oh, no, hang on.
What do you think? Huh? I never get to see you in a skirt.
Is it weird? It's weird, isn't it? Is it too weird? How is a skirt weird? Come on, you're overthinking it.
N-- oh, you know -- wait -- wait one sec.
All right.
What do you think of this? Look at this.
What do you think? Oh, now that right there, that is -- that's -- that's money.
That is not too casual, not too fussy.
The skirt's the best, isn't it? Yeah, go with the skirt.
Yeah, all right.
Thanks, 'Chelle.
All right.
It's just a date.
You know, it's a roast-beef sandwich, not a live grenade.
You can actually pick it up with your hands and, you know, take a bite.
Like, I've seen you do it a hundred times before.
Yeah, but I just -- I was trying to, you know Eat like a girl.
- Yeah, I guess a little bit, yeah.
- Don't.
I always liked it when you enjoyed your food.
Well, thank you.
I, uh -- yeah, I guess.
You know, the truth is, I-I-I -- I just -- I really don't do this a lot, you know, uh, date.
- Really? - Never.
I never date.
Could have had me fooled.
What about you? Do you, uh -- do you go on a lot of dates? Oh, well, you know I mean, uh - No.
- No? Oh, God.
Um You know, I was really sorry to hear about you and Amy splitting up.
I-I know how hard that is.
Well, it's been a year, and I'm okay.
And she's, uh she's really okay.
I liked her.
She could always make me laugh.
Just Well, not really, you know, so much laugh as just get along with s-someone like that who's just easy, just mildly amusing, sometimes anecdotally.
I mean, you know, well, she -- she annoyed me sometimes.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Just Okay.
Um Can you please pass the horseradish? Border Patrol just stopped Guy Boussard on his way into Mexico with 400 grand in cash and a suitcase full of guns.
You think he was running from us? I think he's running for his life.
Okay, I can see how having your ex-wife as your C.
might be a little uncomfortable.
Root canal's a little uncomfortable.
Colonoscopy's a little uncomfortable.
But it is temporary.
Sister Mary Elizabeth taught us hell was forever.
Son of a bitch.
So, I'm taking a drive to Cabo, and I get hauled back to L.
in cuffs.
Is there a law against going on holiday? Let's see, 400 grand in cash, 2 Glocks, a Sig .
45, and a dozen boxes of ammo -- that's some holiday.
Who asked you to drop a dime on Lennox? I didn't do that.
Okay, we warned you.
Okay? We warned you yesterday.
Get out in front of this or get run over.
I think you sold Lennox out because you had to, not because you wanted to.
That scary guy who called this cleaning house, right? That's why you bolted to Mexico.
I got nothing to say.
- We can keep you safe.
- Witness Protection? No, thanks.
All right, what about this? We like Cake Gibson for this.
You don't help us, I can call Cake and tell him we had a little talk.
Then maybe Cake will want to have a bigger talk with you after that.
It wasn't Cake.
Then tell me who it was.
No? Okay.
You had your chance.
You want to try again? I'm telling you, it was Grissini.
Marcello Grissini? That's the name you want to give us? That's the only name I've got.
No one's seen Marcello Grissini in 15 years.
It's like saying "Jimmy Hoffa.
" Look, I'm not an idiot.
The old man called me, asked me if Lennox was playing in my poker game, and I-I said yes.
Now, why the hell would Grissini call you himself? 'Cause this guy called first, from Vegas.
I didn't believe it.
I said, "I got to hear that straight from the horse's mouth.
" How do you know it was really him? 'Cause I met him once, years ago, in Vegas.
And he remembered everything.
I don't have much time.
Read me the text.
Well, all it said was, "Thanks for last night.
- I had a nice time.
" - Okay.
How did it end? Well, I offered to split the bill.
He refused.
He walked me to my car, and he said, "good night.
" Did you hug him? Well, it was more like a Like a side hug, you know? Sort of like a drive-by.
Well, hugs are good.
One time after a date, I shook a guy's hand.
Seriously? That's kind of cold.
I told you.
It could have gone much worse.
Do not obsess over this.
No, I won't.
This is Special Agent Pete Quinnell.
He works organized crime for the bureau.
Every year, there's about 100 bogus Grissini sightings here in L.
This was a professional mob-style hit.
The shooter got erased, and the same mann our witness fingered Grissini.
This could definitely be organized crime.
But if Grissini is alive, then why would he risk blowing his cover on this? Well, here's a list of people Lennox faced in court.
Any of those names jump out at you? - Uh, Cake Gibson.
- We're looking into him.
Any previous connection between Cake and Grissini? None that we know of.
Maybe it's Cake that Boussard's really scared of, and this whole Marcello Grissini thing is just a misdirect? Well, a data dump on Boussard's cell shows a call that night from a pay phone.
- Who the hell uses a pay phone? Well, felon's used to so they wouldn't get traced.
Maybe we're talking about an old felon that's used to that M.
This guy Henry Sherman threatened to kill Lennox.
He looks like he's about the right age for Grissini.
- Did you run him? - No arrests or convictions.
Agent Quinnell I'd like to apologize on behalf of this department.
I think we've brought you in on yet another bogus Grissini sighting.
But -- Clearly Boussard is just trying to save his own neck by leading us down a blind alley.
Lieutenant Valdez shouldn't have wasted your time.
I'm sorry.
Bring in this Henry Sherman, just to dot our I's and cross our T's.
I'll be right back.
You didn't just throw us under the bus in there because you think we're wrong.
You did it because you think we may be right.
- And why would I do that? - You want to make sure you get this collar instead of the F.
has done all the legwork.
And I want R.
to get all the credit.
Guy Boussard made bail.
They're signing the paperwork now.
Tail him in case he tries to disappear again.
, you're gonna want to see this.
12 year ago, Henry Sherman was earning minimum wage at a soda-bottling plant.
Just two years later, he's an oil tycoon.
So, if the background's fake, Sherman very well may be Marcello Grissini.
I get it.
Compare their prints to their files.
Sherman has no record, not under that name, anyway, so there's no prints.
So, bring him in.
Sherman, when was the last time you saw Ron Lennox? In court, maybe five years ago.
You threatened to kill him.
I was angry.
My ex-wife and I had an agreement, and he had it thrown out in court.
15 years ago, you were putting caps on cola bottles in North Carolina.
How is it that, two years later, you're a multimillionaire? Dumb luck.
I bought into an oil rig.
It hit pay dirt.
What does this have to do with Ron Lennox? You want some more of that? Yes, thank you.
Check this against the prints we have on Marcello Grissini.
This guy's definitely hiding something.
Sir You're not really Henry Sherman, are you? - Wait a second, I - You know what? If you're hiding something, you'd better tell me right now.
I am h-Henry Sherman.
But you weren't born with that name, were you? Rodolfo Fernandez.
I learned English at Oxford.
I was a petroleum engineer in Nicaragua.
If I came back to America through usual channels, I would have been forced to come with nothing.
So I bought myself an American passport.
What happened with the real Henry Sherman? He retired happily in Mexico.
I picked him because he had a good name.
Sherman, like the General.
Prints aren't a match.
4, William, 23! 4, William, 23! I got a vehicle fire at 4th and Main! I need a bomb squad and backup! Excuse me? Excuse me! Uh, yeah, yeah.
Uh, those are color-coded and alphabetized.
The cabinet didn't organize itself.
No, no.
Maybe if you just, you know, sort of slowed down and thought about the time and effort that went into making it look like that, then you wouldn't be in such a rush to ruin it.
You're Detective Sheppard, right? I'm Judge Feinberg.
You're supposed to give testimony in my courtroom today.
You know, we've been moving along at such a good pace in there, but I'm gonna heed your advice and slow things down.
- No need to rush, right? - No I'll get to you sometime.
Now, you take good care of that wall.
I will.
Car bomb says this is organized crime.
That points us back to Marcello Grissini.
I'm gonna call in to a cop who works organize crime in Grissini's hometown.
He'll give us his habits, who his running buddies were.
Captain pulled us off that angle.
She did a press briefing explaining why Guy Boussard's car blew up in the middle of downtown.
Sir, Detective Russo, line three.
Sal, it's Felix Valdez.
We met at the F.
Convention in Boston.
Sure, I remember.
You're a funny guy.
So, Marcello Grissini.
"The Ghost"? Sure, what about him? Did he ever use a car bomb out there? Joe Dipuccio back in '94.
Louie d'Andrea back in '89.
Any known associates still alive here, in Vegas? Nothing in L.
A couple in Vegas.
His cousin, Mike, died there the past year in a "gaz" fire.
Grissini never married.
Was there a steady girlfriend? Barbara McCarthy, showgirl, about 10 years younger than him, disappeared the same time.
Okay, thanks, Sal.
That's a big help.
No worries.
Can I get a look at those complaint reports from the Lennox house? Yeah.
I got them around here somewhere.
Wait, hold up.
This is it right here.
There you go.
Here's that woman, Evelyn, but there's nothing from that couple we talked to.
What were their names? - Uh, the Parseghians? - Right.
If they're so ticked off about the noise, why didn't they file a complaint? And did you notice how Detective Russo pronounced the word "gas" gaz? I've got an aunt in Philly.
They all say it that way.
Should we wait for Captain Novak? Hell no.
You folks taking a trip? Yeah.
We're going to visit John's cousin.
In Philadelphia? In Philly? No.
- Put the bag down.
- Put your bags down.
Let's go.
Drop it! Drop it now! Put your purse down.
Put the bag down right now! Turn around.
Turn around! Turn around.
Put your hands behind your back.
Miss, let's go.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say or do will be held against you in the court of law.
You have a right to an attorney.
We got your prints.
We know you're Marcello Grissini.
I haven't been him in a long time.
Yeah, about 15 years.
Why would you risk your cover for this? You heard the racket.
Drove me crazy.
These people in Los Angeles, I don't know who they think they are.
I went to talk to Lennox man to man.
But he was a prick! He disrespected me! And I can't let that go! Why is he giving us all this? He knows it's over.
The feds already have him for six murders.
What's three more? Four.
Why did you call Guy Boussard yourself? I guess I let my guard down.
I'm old.
I'm out of practice.
But that schmuck, I took him down with me.
You know, you could have just moved.
But then he'd still be alive.
Congratulations, Captain.
I hope this helps get you wherever it is you want to go.
Ooh, vanilla syrup.
Is that how you're celebrating these days???? You know, in case you ever come back, this is the kitchen.
Coffee is kept here.
First-aid drawer is here, not that you ever bleed.
Come on, Felix.
Can't we play nice, hmm? Sure.
You first.
I've missed you.
I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot.
Is that the foot you used to kick me out of my office in front of the entire squad? Okay.
That was, uh, childish of me.
But I guess I'm still hurt.
As I recall, you walked out.
Not me.
That's because you didn't have the courage to do it.
Well, that's not the word you used at the time.
I was trying to motivate you.
You definitely did that.
Right out the front door, huh? Lisa you left me.
I guess I just wish you would have fought harder to keep me.
Two days in that room, and the killer took a plea before lunch.
- So it worked out.
- Yeah.
But, uh, Judge Feinberg didn't bother to tell me till quitting time, so he just left me there all afternoon.
It was horrible.
How'd the date go last night? I think I talk too much or too little.
I-I don't know.
I-I really can't tell.
He sent me a politely worded text this morning, but that's it.
You sound disappointed.
Yeah, I guess I kind of am.
I don't know.
- Hey.
What's up, guys? - What's happening? Hey, would you mind turning that up? Most important, Marcello Grissini, a dangerous fugitive, is off the streets.
We want the people of Los Angeles to know that they can depend on us.
Never saw you on TV after a collar.
I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the one person who deserves most of the credit for today's arrest.
That would be Chief Paul Letts.
- What?! - It's all right.
She knows where her bread's buttered.
Chief Letts' tireless leadership is what allowed us to make this historic arrest.
Listen, we solved the case, and she's on her way back to Vice.
- Hey, nice collar.
- Thank you.
Is, um is that Sheppard? Best of luck, pal.
Of course, none of us would be here today, if it weren't for the excellent detectives of Robbery-Homicide, led by Lieutenant Felix Valdez.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Well, that's not so bad, is it? - Right? Thank you.
- It deserves a drink.
- You guys want a drink? Lieutenant.
How are you? Good.
How are you? Hey.
You know everyone.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hey, come on.
They're leaving, but that's okay.
Did you get my text? - Yeah, I did.
I did.
Thank you.
- You did? - Uh, do you want to join me? - Yeah, sure.
Yeah? Okay.
Um, just one more of whatever they're having.
- I'll take a beer.
- Yeah.
Okay, look.
I was really nervous last night.
- Oh, you were? Oh.
- Yeah, yeah.
- You didn't seem like you were - Oh, come on.
No, no.
Well, okay.
I didn't really think you were nerv-- I don't know.
- I-I was very nervous.
- You were? - Yes.
- See, I couldn't tell that.
WellI -- - I couldn't.
- Really? No, I could not.
Yeah, I was, but What? What? But -- I don't know.
Well, maybe the next one will go better.
- The next one? - Yeah.
What are you doing Saturday night? Nothing.
Besides that?