The Protector (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 A Netflix Original Series [HAKAN] In fairy tales, good people always win.
Justice is served sooner or later.
And time heals every wound.
However, this is not a fairy tale.
We'll be late.
Come on! Get up! [HAKAN] Pass it! Come on! [SIGHS] [GRUNTS] Here you go.
-[KAMURAN] Good morning.
- Aunt Kamuran, how are you? - I'm well, dear.
-[SILA] Good morning.
-[MEMO] Good morning.
- See you.
- Come on.
-[MEMO] I'm coming.
[CHILDREN PLAYING] [HAKAN] Do you see the left side? We'll put the porcelains there.
Um we can build a shelf from the ground to the ceiling.
Then, we'll put the carpets on the right.
Then comes the money! [SINGING] Mo Mo Money! We'll have prestigious customers, I'm telling you.
You'll see.
[MEMO] Oh wow! [MEMO] By the way, we are just under the shadow of your idol: Faysal Erdem.
[HAKAN] That's why I like it here.
What does this guy have that we don't have? I don't understand, man.
Except the companies and billions of dollars? Yeah, except those.
Moustache, how are you? Have a good day.
Have a good day.
-[BILAL] Hakan.
What's up? - Uncle Bilal.
Have a good day.
Have a good day.
My regards.
[HAKAN WHISTLES] - Yes? - I'll take these two.
I'll pay later.
Oh! Oh! Wow! - There is a big fish! See? -[HAKAN] Türkan! I've just visited a fortune teller.
She said there's a huge shop window in my future.
Hakan, come here.
[HAKAN] Yes.
Your destiny is changing.
But it's not something like a shop window.
You are destined to do something different, something big.
[SIGHS] Come on, Türkan.
Stop it for God's sake.
Good morning, sir.
Where have you been, son? Dad, Memo and I have found a store in a wonderful spot, but the rent is a little too expensive.
Oh! Tell Memo to go get a bank loan.
Dad, I'm serious.
Of course, we lack some money.
If we find the money that will keep us going for a few months, we'll get better gradually.
Hakan, how many times did we talk about this, son? - Many times.
- What did I tell you each time? - You said no.
- I said no.
Dad, we really want to do this.
Memo found a job, so he could save money.
- He works at a night club.
- Oh! -[HAKAN] Exactly.
- Memo? - He started to work at a night club.
- Mm-hm.
Again? You started a phone business, and you went bankrupt.
You started a boat tour business, you broke.
How long did it last the most? Was it two weeks? Look, dad.
It's a brand new store, and it is in a great spot.
It's just perfect.
It's great for us.
- Hakan.
- Dad, just look at the store.
Hakan, son.
The fact that it is new does not make it acceptable.
- Look, this bazaar is 600 years old.
-[HAKAN SIGHS] Good, so what about us, dad? I mean, look at us.
We're stuck in here.
We need to break through.
We need to grow.
OK, you go make a breakthrough and deliver this order.
What order? A carpet.
A tourist girl ordered it yesterday.
Remember? I remember the girl.
You stud! Here we go.
Fucking car! [SIGHS] [HAKAN] Hey! Come here.
What's this? I found it on the ground.
I'm taking it to the police.
Look at me.
If I ever see you stealing anything again, I'll take you to the police.
Do you hear me? You won't steal again.
All right? You have to work to earn money.
Do I interfere with your damn business? Aren't you ashamed of making little kids work? You won't come near to my kids again.
OK? Good.
You're a smart guy.
Fucking fatty.
Erdem thinks that Hagia Sofia is Istanbul's most precious heritage.
It's an honor to be chosen for its restoration.
[SELIN] He hasn't become the richest of Turkey just by being a philanthropist.
My sources say that he has some other interest in this project.
Then, your sources misinformed you, dear Selin.
Erdem sees himself as the humbled savior of this city that gave him everything.
Good morning! Good morning.
How was your flight, Mr.
Erdem? There was a traffic jam.
Topics to discuss with the media at the Hagia Sophia tender.
The media is planning to make it look like a race.
What do you say, Mazhar? Do you think we'll win this race? We will.
[FAYSAL] Hagia Sophia.
It was built to show us that mysteries and miracles can be real, and to have us, the mortals, experience an eternal moment.
It's not a business but an honor to help its restoration process.
There's a quote of Napoleon: "If the world was only one country, the capital would be Istanbul.
" I change this quote to this: If the world was a human, their heart would surely be Hagia Sophia.
The date of tender is approaching.
What do you think? What do we think? What do we think, Miss Sancak? You pick up from here.
[LEYLA] Yes, so 1,500 years.
Mazhar, this place has been here for 1,500 years.
[SIGHS] Do you understand how long this is? I do, Mr.
Both Constantine and Mehmed the Conqueror were here.
They both fought their own wars, they both reigned.
But what happened then? What remains? This.
[FAYSAL] GÃkhan Gültekin.
It's good to see you here.
[GÖKHAN] I see you're also excited for the tender.
Yes, I guess so.
It's sad that we come across as rivals all the time.
- And I'm confident as always.
- What can I say? May the best one win.
May the best one win.
Have a good day.
[KNOCKS] coming from antique shop.
Thank you.
Do you speak Turkish? A little.
My mom is Turkish.
She is? Good.
There you go.
- I remember you.
- Really? Hold on.
Are you going on a trip? I have to leave in two hours.
- Hm.
- Before I leave Istanbul I was thinking of doing something different.
Like what? Like what? Don't force the doors [HAKAN SIGHS] [SCREAMS] Raindrops are falling on your forehead In Batıkent If you stray from the path It will cost your life Excuse me.
What's going on here? A job interview.
- To work here? - Yes.
Where can I get a form? - From back there.
- Thank you.
No problem.
[LEYLA] "I don't want to be an ordinary employee of Faysal Erdem.
I want to be someone like Faysal Erdem in the future.
I have a dream of opening an antique shop with a friend.
" Did you really think you could get the job as you prepared this résumé? Why? I think it's quite sincere.
Demir, look.
As Mr.
Erdem's general coordinator, I take this very seriously.
Therefore, I expect you to take this seriously, too.
Thank you.
Let's not waste more time.
Don't you ever dream? I'm already where I dreamed of.
This success at this age Great job.
I had guessed that you were one of them.
Excuse me, I'm one of whom? The ones who were born lucky.
A rich family, education in a private school, master's degree from abroad.
Daddy's network and acquaintances.
Then, you found yourself here, ha? Am I right? What is your story? I really wonder the story that lies behind this extreme confidence.
Did your family spoil you too much when you were little? My parents died when I was a kid.
We have a dream of opening up a store.
An antique shop.
Nothing big.
We're planning to start small and grow gradually.
But you know, it's not easy.
That is why I need this job.
I can work part-time or night shifts Mr.
I understand.
However, you don't have a college degree.
You don't speak any foreign languages.
English, Russian, French, some German.
-[HAKAN] Which one do you need? - Not the broken English you speak in Grand Bazaar.
As far as I know, Mr.
Erdem didn't go to a private school, either.
- He learned everything on streets.
- Look.
I think you should chase your luck somewhere else.
Have a good day.
I think you should keep dreaming.
You have the potential.
You can rise up even more.
[ELEVATOR HUMMING] [CHANDELIER RATTLING] Dad, if you try to understand us and support us a little, we can open that shop.
We can really grow the business.
I mean, don't you see? I can't fit in here anymore.
A voice inside is telling me to go and do something.
I mean, I don't want to live in this rat hole.
This shop that you call a rat hole connects us, son.
No, dad.
It's the thing that separates us.
But you don't see it.
-[NEŞET] Welcome, ma'am.
I was told that you have the most special pieces in the bazaar.
We try our best.
I heard the same thing about hundreds of other shops though.
You did? I'm looking for a specific, precious piece for a special client.
- Mmm-hmm.
- An talismanic shirt from the Ottomans.
[NEŞET] Um Unfortunately, we don't have that shirt.
Sorry that we couldn't help you.
Um Dad, don't we have it in the cellar? [NEŞET] No, you're wrong.
We don't have it.
Um Still, we'll ask around.
- I think I've seen something like that.
- Nope.
Actually, my client is ready to pay a huge amount for it.
It will be a pity if we can't find it.
Don't worry.
We'll do our best.
All right.
I'll give you my card anyway.
-[NEŞET] Sure.
-[SUZAN] If anything comes up -[HAKAN] We'll let you know.
- I'll be glad.
Miss Bayraktar.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, too.
- Have a good day.
- This way.
This way.
Dad, I'm sure I've seen that shirt in the cellar.
She talked about a lot of money.
I'll go and check.
Don't waste your time.
Look, this could be an opportunity.
Don't you see? She obviously has money.
Hakan, stop it.
Bring me a cup of coffee.
- Dad, I'll just go check.
Come on.
- I said no.
For God's sake! [TSKING] The time has come.
Are you going on a vacation? -[MEMO SIGHS] - Huh? [MEMO] Cemil, that fucker.
He kicked us out of the house.
Cemil? Why? Because we didn't pay the rent.
[HAKAN] But I left the rent money on the table.
The money, I left it on the table this morning.
This moron must have lost it somewhere for sure.
What? You should support our dreams, Uncle Neşet.
- Dreams? Is gambling a dream? - What happened? You lost it? - Is it all gone? - If we won it wouldn't be gambling.
- Yeah, if you win - Shut up! Tell me that you lost the rent of this month only, for God's sake.
Don't tell me you gambled with all the money.
Memo! Man They said it was a sure thing.
Fuck you.
- They said it was reliable.
- Fuck you.
[NEŞET] I told you.
This guy is a moron.
You're also a moron because you let him drag you into trouble.
So it's my fault, ha? Is it? And these two morons are planning to open up a store.
Only if you had supported us - Is it my fault? - He didn't mean it.
You guys both grew up, but you're not adults.
We can take care of ourselves.
[MEMO] Yeah, sure.
Thank you.
Many thanks for not even bothering.
[NEŞET] Thank you very much.
Watch your mouth as you're talking to your father.
You're not my father.
[DOOR SLAMMING] [GÖKHAN] Mazhar, the only thing you need to do is to have Faysal withdraw from the Hagia Sophia tender.
I'll transfer 250,000 dollars to your account the next day.
[MAZHAR] Hagia Sophia project is very important to Mr.
["PUSULA" PLAYING] So you're bargaining.
You tell me an amount, and I'll take care of it, Mazhar.
Let's discuss this outside.
[MUSIC INTENSIFIES] I found the right way on my compass Every righteous path is full of traps If you asked the eight ball It would say Don't worry about where the road ends [MEMO] I was looking for you everywhere.
I see two chicks over there.
I think we should immediately buy them drinks.
[BOTH CHUCKLING] With the money you lost? I bought this with what I have.
I made plans as I was looking for you.
- We'll work so hard from now on.
- Memo, shut up for God's sake.
DJing, commerce, whatever we find.
Get it? Whatever we find.
Memo, fuck off.
I mean it.
We'll work, ha? I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I thought we were going to win.
It's not that easy to win.
You need to work hard to win.
At least, that's what I was thinking.
Dad is right.
We both are losers, man.
He knows nothing, come on.
Things were different in his time.
You're right.
Did university graduates sell simit in his time? Exactly.
[CHUCKLES] I met a girl today.
- The General Coordinator.
- Hmm.
She said I couldn't have a dream beyond Grand Bazaar.
Fuck what she says.
She's actually right.
People like us have no chance of getting out of here.
- We're cursed.
Yes, we are.
- Are you crazy, man? Luck is all around us, don't you see? Shut the fuck up.
Luck is all around us? - OK, consider it this way.
- Yes.
Back then, the time before Neşet took you from the orphanage.
And? Could you imagine that you would have such a cool friend like me? [MEMO] See.
- To where? To start again.
Come on.
- What's going on, dude? - Move! [MEMO] Where the fuck are we going? [DOOR RUSTLING] [HAKAN] Come on.
Close the door.
[MEMO] Neşet would kill us if he knew we were here.
Here you are.
I don't need to tell you how important it is.
We've been waiting for this moment for years.
I hope, this time it's what we're looking for.
[SUZAN] I have a good feeling about this, Mazhar.
The guy sounded very confident and very desperate.
I'll call as soon as I make sure it's the shirt you're looking for.
ÇİÇEK PASSAGE [MEMO] I've passed by here a thousand times, but it's the first time that we're sitting here.
May I order an Alinazik Kebab? May I see the shirt? ["BU SON OLSUN" PLAYING] I think this is the shirt.
I need to know the amount you'll offer.
We need a big motivation to convince my dad.
Is an amount with seven digits enough? [MEMO] Seven digits Excuse me, but I wonder why this shirt is so valuable.
What the fuck are you guys doing here? Dad, what are you doing here? I knew you guys were up to no good.
-[SUZAN] Please - We're leaving.
Have a seat.
Let's talk.
This shirt is not for sale, lady.
Hakan! Get down! [MUSIC INTENSIFIES] [PEOPLE SCREAMING] You are still young, my child Life is full of hopes and dreams Happy days are ahead of you [MUSIC FADES] [PANTING] -[HAKAN] Are you OK? Huh? - I'm fine.
- Huh? -[NEŞET GRUNTING] Dad? [NEŞET GRUNTING] No, you're wounded.
-[NEŞET GRUNTING] - Hang on.
Let's go.
[HORN HONKING] [HAKAN] Move! Hold on, dad.
We're almost there.
[GROANING] [NEŞET] No, not the hospital! Take me to Fatih.
There's a pharmacy called Atak.
What pharmacy are you talking about? We need a doctor! [SCREAMS] I always told myself that there was time to tell you the truth, but there's no time left.
Do what I say.
Dad, what truth? [STAMMERING] You're in shock.
- You don't know what you're saying.
- Drive.
-[HAKAN] Hold on, dad.
I'll save you.
- Take me to the pharmacy.
This is our lobby.
[LEYLA] The guy who works at Grand Bazaar.
Do you know him? He applied for a job in the Communications Department.
But? But he is qualified only to be a waiter.
He doesn't have a degree? You mean that? He has no degree, no network, nothing that stands out.
It's like you're talking about me.
I mean, Mr.
This is different.
You're Faysal Erdem.
Um, thank you for reminding me.
You'll forget about all these when you're at my age.
Erdem, he's an ordinary guy who works at Grand Bazaar.
But he's a hero.
I'll offer him a job.
Erdem, are you serious? You know I'm always serious.
Let's ask Mazhar, too.
Where is he? Of course I don't know.
You let the guys run away, and you lost the shirt, is that so? Look, Suzan being alive is no good news.
Me having the shirt in my hands would be good news.
Understood? Good.
Which hospital? Did you order paracetamol? - I will, but -[DOOR OPENS] -[HAKAN] Help! Help me! -[KEMAL] Neşet! -[HAKAN] Dad! - Quick! Neşet! What happened? -[HAKAN] He got shot.
- Did anyone follow? I don't know.
Where are you taking him? - I'm coming, too.
- No, Hakan.
You stay here.
I'll do my best.
Don't go anywhere.
Listen to me, OK? Stay here.
Zeynep, close the pharmacy.
Are you all right? [SIGHS] - You're not wounded, are you? - Who are you? - Why did my dad bring us here? - Calm down.
Calm down.
Are you sure that you aren't being followed? - I don't know.
Where did they go? - Stop.
Get out of the way.
Dad! [KEYS CLINKING] [HAKAN] Who are you? Huh? Who are you two? -[ZEYNEP] Calm down.
- Where is my dad? Where did you take him? [ZEYNEP] Calm down.
Give me your phone.
Stay away! - I'm calling the police.
Stay away.
- Calm down.
Let go of me! [BREATHING HEAVILY] Stay away.
I've told the other guys, too.
I said I don't know them.
I swear I don't.
You sit at the same table with them, but you don't know them? I was sitting at my table, and they came to me.
I don't understand who are you talking about anyway.
The shooting started as I was leaving the table.
And I ran away.
Don't you understand? I swear I don't.
- Stop! Sir, stop! -[MAN 1] Fuck this asshole! [MEMO] Stop! Stop it! [GULPING] Do you feel any better? What did you do to me? I can take you to your father if you keep calm.
Where is my dad? I just want to see my dad.
Come on.
Come on here.
[RUMBLING] [HAKAN] What's this place? Where's my dad? Dad! Dad! - How is he? - I took the bullets out.
Unfortunately, he bled too much.
Why are we waiting here then? Let's go to a hospital! Call an ambulance.
Do something! I'm sorry, son.
We can't do that.
What do you mean we can't? What are you talking about? My dad is dying here! [NEŞET] Hakan.
Dad? [SNIFFS] Why aren't we going to the hospital? Dad, who are these people? Why are we just staying here? It's too late now.
But you're in good hands.
I know, you have a lot of questions in your head.
They will tell you everything.
Never doubt your power.
Your power is your destiny.
Dad! No! Please.
Don't go, dad! Don't leave me, dad.
Please, stay with me.
Dad! Please.
Dad! No! Dad! Doctor, do something! Dad! No! Dad! No! Dad! [SOBBING] In our business, there is a saying.
They say: "A good liar can even convince you that your mom is not your real mom.
" [MEMO BREATHING HEAVILY] And I'm looking at you, and you're not a good liar.
Stop bullshitting me.
I'm kindly asking you.
Who were those people? [COUGHS] OK, sir.
- Good.
There you go.
- I'll talk.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] I was with your mom, with your sister, with your relatives, and you know what? It was great, you know? It was wonderful.
Like How can I say? Hey! Let go of me! [ECHOING VOICES] [KEMAL] Drink this.
It'll help you calm down.
Who are you? Listen.
You'll get all of the answers, Hakan.
But there's something more important that we need to know.
The shirt.
Where is it? What shirt are you talking about? My dad has just died! -[KEMAL] Where is the shirt? - He knows nothing.
We'll tell you everything.
Where is the shirt? You have to tell us.
Do you have it? The shirt is in a safe place.
You're very much like your father.
He was not my biological father.
What? Neşet was not my biological father.
[KEMAL] I know.
We've been waiting for this for years.
Who are you? What do you want? Um Let's start from the beginning.
I'm Kemal.
This is my daughter, Zeynep.
We're the Loyal Ones.
The Loyal Ones? What are you loyal to? - To you.
-[KEMAL] To you.
[KEMAL] I mean, to the Protector.
What's in the bag? Take the shirt.
Do whatever the fuck you want.
What am I going to do now? [SIGHS] - What am I going to do? - Come on.
[ZEYNEP] I can't believe it.
[HAKAN] Get us out of here! I said get us out of here! You can't run away from this, Hakan.
This is your destiny.
And it's our destiny to protect you.
Just like Neşet.
Your father Neşet was a Loyal One, too.
[STAMMERING] You are nuts! The Loyal Ones, the Protector! - You guys are insane! -[ZEYNEP] Hakan.
You have a duty.
You're the Protector.
The Protector's duty is to stop the Immortal.
Do you understand? What? The Immortal? [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] Zeynep, we'll tell him everything one by one.
He needs to find out about all these as soon as possible, doesn't he? I'll go insane! What's happening here? Put the shirt on and we'll see what happens.
What's going to happen? Huh? Will I become invisible? Your dad got killed because of this shirt.
Doesn't this mean anything to you? Put it on.
Give it to me.
[SIGHS] Look, I put it on.
What happened? Have I become invisible? Huh? [KEMAL] No.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] [BULLET CLINKING] Now you can ask whatever you want.