The Protector (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [KEMAL] Soon after Mehmed the Conqueror conquered Constantinople, he realized he had enemies in the city.
Seven Immortals, who devoted themselves to destroying Istanbul and the world.
Nobody knew when or where they came from.
But all famines, floods and earthquakes were traced back to them.
One night, Mehmed had a dream.
He came to know how to identify and kill the Immortals, who looked like one of us.
Mehmed saw three objects in his dream.
The first one is the virtue ring that glows when it touches an Immortal.
The second one is a unique dagger that can kill the Immortal.
And the third one is a shirt that would serve as an armor in this deadly war.
The talismanic shirt, which is protected by holy prayers, still has symbols that remain mysterious even today.
All we know is there's a special connection between the shirt and the Protector.
So, the Protector is the man Mehmed chose due to his skills, his power, and his pure heart.
Hakan, you are the last Protector.
Wearing it for the first time disturbed your physical and mental balance.
You'll get used to it.
It's always like this the first time.
Is it over? Actually, It's just getting started.
[ZEYNEP] Take this.
There's stuff inside.
I hid the car.
I need to go and find my friend.
We'll help you find your friend.
Listen, son.
Someone's still after this shirt.
It could be Nazat, the Immortal himself.
It could be one of his men.
It could be a profiteer.
We can't let you out of here.
What do you mean? Will you keep me here by force? Unfortunately, yes.
The Immortal may reach you any time now.
They might even have gone to your house.
Immortals, Protectors.
[HAKAN] Everything's nonsense.
It's bullshit.
Hakan, why don't you still believe it? Didn't you see how the shirt affected you? I shot you and the bullet bounced off your forehead.
And you still don't believe? I don't know.
- Maybe you drugged me.
- Oh! Maybe you gave me something when I was unconscious.
I think I'll shoot him.
This time without the shirt on.
What about my dad? Don't worry.
We'll bury him somewhere nice.
Can you leave us alone for a minute? Of course.
[TEKIN COUGHING] What's up? He didn't speak, did he? What? - OK.
-[MEMO GRUNTS] [TEKIN] Look at me.
I'm kindly asking you.
Listen, don't keep us waiting.
Talk, so I go my way and you go your way.
I already told you.
I said your mom, your sister, your niece, and so on.
I told you that your relatives were there.
I'll show you, you motherfucker! - You son of a bitch -[MAN 2] Sir! - What now? -[MAN 2] We've found his house.
It was the house.
[TEKIN] Good.
Fuck off and check it out.
Just don't interrupt me! - All right.
- Fuck off now.
[TEKIN] Then go to the station.
[TEKIN] Fucking talk! - Huh? - What kind of policemen are you guys? We're very nice policemen.
-[MAN 1] I'll rip your head off.
-[PHONE RINGS] -[MAN 1] Will you talk? - Fucking bastards! Hello? Hello? Do you hear me? The signal must be weak.
Hold on.
[FERRY HORN] [TEKIN] He's not talking.
He's either clueless, or he loves getting beaten.
The shirt might have gotten lost.
Tekin, are you kidding me? [TEKIN] Not at all.
I'm telling you.
We tortured the shit out of him, but he won't talk.
[FERRY HORN] There's nothing left to do then, right? I don't know.
I have no idea what else we can do, Mazhar.
I mean You mean? [TEKIN] I tell you what, Mazhar.
The payment.
How do I get paid? Should I come to the office? Or to your house? [MAZHAR] So you're asking for money for the job you couldn't do? That guy's body still hasn't been found, has it? Suzan is in the intensive care, still alive.
[TEKIN] Just trust me.
For God's sake.
I say I'll take care of it.
[TEKIN] Why don't you trust me? Don't even bother.
Find the guy's friend.
[MAZHAR] I'll call you.
Fuck you, and fuck your shirt! You fucking son of a bitch.
[BARREL MOVING] [FERRY HORN] [HAKAN] I didn't mean it.
You know, right? I'm your son.
And you're my father.
It's always been this way.
We've been waiting for the Protector for over 20 years.
Praying that he would come and kill the last Immortal.
And then? This guy shows up.
Give him some time, Zeynep.
His world has turned upside down.
His father I mean, who he thought was his father has just died.
How would you feel? I wouldn't care.
His duty is to kill the Immortal.
That's it.
[SIGHS] Sometimes I worry that I raised you too well.
He is too weak and untrained.
You will train him.
With the shirt, the dagger, and the hidden ring.
What if he doesn't learn anything? Istanbul's destiny and future depends on him.
Dad, we need a lot of time for this.
If the Immortal finds out that the Protector is back, he will immediately take action to kill everyone in this city.
You see, the only thing we don't have is time.
Let's pray that Hakan's a fast learner.
[KEMAL SIGHS] I'm not sure if I should believe what they say.
Nothing makes sense.
But it's so real at the same time.
Let's say it is real, then why didn't you tell me? Why? I couldn't protect you.
Forgive me.
But I won't make the same mistake again.
I'll go and find Memo.
Good move.
But this is a better move.
- I didn't see Mazhar today.
- He was at the shipyard this morning.
- He was? What was he doing there? - Hm.
Well, I don't know.
Generally, nobody really knows what he does.
Have you found that guy? No, Mr.
- But frankly - Please.
I don't think that guy has enough qualifications.
He is not good enough to work for you.
Leyla, we'll see.
I want to see him in my office tonight.
Fuck! Dad! [BIRDS CHIRPING] [INDISTINCT VOICES] -[MAN 1] Do you live here? -[MAN 3] Exactly.
[MAN 3] We've been here for years.
We know everyone.
Everybody knows us.
[MAN 1] So where did Memo move? [MAN 3] I have no idea.
What's that about? Is it a matter of money or something? -[RADIO SOUNDS] - Mind your own business.
[KAMURAN] What's up, Hakan? What's going on here? Things went crazy while I was away.
You got kicked out of your house.
There's police everywhere.
Tell me what's going on, son.
Hakan, what's happening? Have you seen Memo, Aunt Kamuran? No, my dear.
I asked the neighbors.
He was here yesterday.
That rustler-like guy keeps asking for you.
What have you guys done? [SILA] Here's the coffee.
It's foamy, too.
[CHUCKLES] Thank you.
I don't feel like drinking coffee.
Drink it.
She made it for you.
I have to go.
- Just sit down.
- I Where do you stay anyway? I found a place to stay.
I'll tell you about it later.
Hakan, you can stay here if you want.
We have plenty of space.
You're always welcome.
Hakan, you don't look good at all.
Don't forget to breathe.
- You'll get used to it more easily.
- Is it that obvious? No, it's not about you.
Just my observation.
[BABY CRYING] - For whom are you here? - I came here for Suzan.
Suzan Bayraktar.
Can you tell me her room number? Sure.
Suzan Bayraktar, room 130.
Nothing will come out of this guy.
We need to find something else.
The phone.
- Is it his? - Yes.
Do these cell phones still exist? Fuck it.
Why didn't he get a smart phone? How the fuck do I open it? [MAZHAR] I'm awaiting your news.
Thank you.
-[LEYLA] Busy day, ha? - It is.
[LEYLA] I heard you went to the shipyard.
- For inspection.
- Was that your job? There are lots of things you don't know.
I have a different connection with Mr.
Don't bother figuring it out.
Have a good day.
[PHONE VIBRATES] Memo? Where the hell have you been? [OPERATOR] The person you have called cannot be reached at the moment.
Please try again later.
[KEYS CLINKING] [GUN COCKING] What are you doing here? I said what are you doing here! [HAKAN GRUNTS] Martial arts, lesson one: If you have a gun in your hand, use the distance.
I don't have time to listen to this nonsense.
Understand? I have to go.
I understand, but I need to take you.
My dad is waiting for us at the cistern.
Look, I don't care.
I need to go and find Memo.
Do you understand? I have a question.
How are you going to find your friend? Huh? He texted me.
We'll meet at Sultanahmet Square in an hour.
All right.
Why there? Call him.
Tell him to come near here.
Aren't you a Loyal One? Aren't you supposed to do whatever the Protector says? It doesn't work like that.
How does it work then? You can't keep me here no matter what you do.
I'm leaving.
You know they'll come here, too, right? Listen, you're right.
I understand.
But we need to clean here first.
We need to destroy all your belongings.
Then we'll go together.
If they find Neşet, they'll find you, too.
You have this in your life from now on.
Get used to it.
["STILL DANCING" PLAYING] Everything should be fine Even you thought The sky was looking bright So why is it like this? Yes? [LEYLA] Mr.
Demir, hello.
I'm Leyla Sancak.
You finally answered my call.
[LEYLA] We'd love to consider your application for another position.
What do you mean? [LEYLA] Mr.
Erdem said he saw potential in you.
So, he is offering you a job in the security crew.
Erdem? [LEYLA] Listen, I'm just telling you about the offer.
We're waiting for you as soon as possible.
Thank you very much, but I'm not looking for a job anymore.
[LEYLA] Well, how is that even possible? You talked about how important this job is to you just yesterday.
To you Mr.
Erdem I mean, it was your biggest dream.
Dreams change sometimes, Miss Sancak.
But still I can't seem to catch up So why is it like this? Colorless and endless spinning I don't know how it is supposed to be I don't know why I don't want company Do you know where he might be? I'm looking around for him.
- There he is.
- Just wait.
Wait! Memo? Memo! Memo! - Memo! -[GUN FIRING] [PEOPLE SCREAMING] - Hakan! -[GUN FIRING] - Memo! - Get up! Run! [BREATHING HEAVILY AND COUGHING] -[HAKAN] Memo.
- Hakan, are you OK? Get up.
Hakan, come on.
- Are you all right? Hakan! - Memo! - Hush! -[HAKAN MUFFLING] - Calm down.
We have to go.
[POLICE SIRENS] [ZEYNEP] Everything happened so fast.
ATAK PHARMACY Everything suddenly turned into chaos.
What about you? Did you go to the hospital? I did.
Sadly, I was late.
They killed Suzan.
What? But I won't let it go.
Security cameras must have something, that's for sure.
There will be great chaos, my dear.
We should be prepared.
I'm prepared.
But I don't think he is prepared.
Who is Murat? What? Murat.
Well [CLEARS THROAT] This photo was taken in 1989.
[KEMAL] In Princes' Island.
My closest friends.
Neşet and Murat.
Actually Neşet was supposed to tell you everything.
He would talk to you.
That was our plan.
But as years passed, his love for you became stronger.
He was afraid of losing you, or putting you in danger.
Murat He was the last Protector.
Hold on.
So So, is he my father? How? [EXHALES] Um [STAMMERING] What about the story I was told? Orphanage and everything, were they lies? The most suitable lie.
He was afraid that you would dig into your past.
Why? Why didn't he tell me anything? To protect you.
It's the first time I've seen this photo.
He kept it in a box for years.
He never showed it to me.
He never talked about it.
It was the right thing to do.
It didn't have to be this way.
He could have told me.
I could have protected him.
I wouldn't have lost him.
Or Memo.
I wouldn't be left all alone.
You're not alone.
You've never been.
We're your family.
Look, Doctor.
How do we find the Immortal, Nazat, whoever the fuck he is? The time will come.
I don't like to show off.
[TEKIN] But I shot a crown cap from 200 meters.
I never miss the target.
I saw it, four bullets bounced off the guy.
It was not a bullet proof vest.
Bullets remain in a vest.
They bounced off his face, Mazhar.
I'm asking you, Mazhar.
Who is this guy? What are we after? Was he alone? No.
He was with a girl.
She wore a hoodie, we couldn't see.
Who the fuck are these people? So, we ended up with nothing.
[KEMAL] The Immortals managed to hide among us without being noticed for centuries.
The last Immortal is somewhere in this city now.
Don't we know what he looks like? No.
Only your father saw him.
The Immortal hasn't shown his face again.
Maybe he's dead.
Maybe he's given up, right? I guess you weren't listening to us as we were talking about the Immortal.
The Immortal doesn't die.
He doesn't give up, either.
You're the only one who can kill him.
Then let's go find the Immortal.
That's exactly why we need the ring.
There's no way to identify the Immortal without the ring.
Wait a minute.
Don't you guys have the ring? Look, Hakan.
After your parents died, we, the Loyal Ones, shared the duty of protecting you and the talismanic objects.
Our goal was to keep the Protector safe.
Thus, nobody could have all the pieces of the puzzle at once.
Let's go find the ring, wherever it is.
What are we waiting for? - So you're ready for your duty.
- The Protector shit? - Not really.
- Hakan But that fucking Immortal took all my loved ones from me.
I'll go and find him.
I'll go face him, no matter where he's hiding.
And I'll make him pay for every single thing he did.
Shall we start with the ring, dad? OK.
What are we waiting for? Let's go.
[THEME MUSIC PLAYING] Subtitle translation by: Esin Gürgür