The Protector (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [SWORDS CLASHING] [KEMAL] In 1502, the Immortals unleashed a plague that nearly destroyed Istanbul.
Death was everywhere.
The city began to buckle.
The Immortals were about to win.
However, the Protector, who is your ancestor, refused to accept the defeat, Hakan.
You need to take the same path.
[CROWD NOISE] Good morning.
[MUSIC PLAYING] Huh? [HAKAN] Don't underestimate me.
-[ZEYNEP] You don't say! - Yeah.
[HAKAN GRUNTS] Is this all you've got? Huh? -[ZEYNEP] We're just getting started.
-[HAKAN GRUNTS] [ZEYNEP] The ring won't come out without effort.
[HAKAN GROANING] [HAKAN PANTING] Who wants coffee? [ZEYNEP] No, thanks.
I need to go.
I need to give in the exam papers.
Where? Why? Won't we look for the ring? I thought it was important and urgent.
We'll do that later.
[ZEYNEP] You'll tidy up here after I leave? Won't you? [GRUNTING] [LEYLA] I'm going to the clinic in Fikirtepe.
- Anything else? - No, thanks.
Any news about that boy? Yes, of course.
I reached him.
He said that he had some family issues.
- We'll meet tomorrow.
- Good.
But I made a list of more qualified applicants for you.
- I even - Leyla.
We're not recruiting for the UN.
Take it easy.
I'm so sick of the same kind of men in the security crew.
They all look like mafia.
I'm looking for someone younger and more dynamic.
Someone different, like that boy.
Understand? I do.
I'm sure you'll convince him.
Excuse me.
[ORKUN] I wish you could stay longer.
The kids will be at their mother's this week.
We can have a rest.
I'm busy.
[ORKUN] Why are you giving such short answers? Did I say something wrong? Orkun, my dear, not everything is about you.
I'm just busy.
You're busy.
[ORKUN EXHALES] What will you do? Tell me.
I'll meet my dad.
Do you want to join? This would be crossed out.
[ORKUN CHUCKLES] No, thanks.
Listen, don't get me wrong, but I'm so busy mentally.
I don't want anything like this in my life now.
Neither with you nor with anybody else.
Don't you think we're just great like this? [ZEYNEP] Ha? [ZEYNEP] See you.
[SEAGULLS CAWING] The guy we texted from the bastard's phone.
We investigated him.
His name is Neşet Korkmaz.
[TEKIN] He's 62, quite an old guy.
There's no way he could be the bulletproof boy on Beyazıt Square the other day.
His family? He's not married.
He's got no kids.
We went to his place, but we couldn't find anything.
We're looking for fingerprints but I don't think anything will come out of it, either.
So are you here to report your failure again? I mean The guy must be hiding somewhere, Mazhar.
I mean, we're searching but We'll find him at the end.
Listen to me.
I don't believe that everybody deserves a second chance bullshit.
I don't want you to figure it out the hard way, Tekin.
Is it clear? All right.
If you find Neşet, you'll find both the shirt and the other guy.
[FIRE SIZZLING] You're a descendant of the Protector.
Some of your talents are in your genes.
Like the stiches of the shirt.
Why are your eyes still open? What is this training for, Doctor? What is the purpose? The purpose is to calm the storm inside you.
"Rage is like the wind.
It'll calm eventually but" "The branches are already broken.
" Rumi.
Keep your spine up.
Remember, it's like a rope from the center of your head holding you up in the air.
Very nice.
It's a nice saying, isn't it? It is.
It is, but I don't understand how these Sufism lectures will help us kill the Immortal.
[KEMAL] The shirt has its own will.
You will see it in time.
You need to control your feelings for the shirt to protect you.
Believe in its power.
Believe in your power and your duty.
Give me your hand.
Why? Don't question it.
Give me your hand.
Very nice.
Keep breathing.
Take the risk of going in fire and burning.
[KEMAL] Concentrate now.
How did my parents die, Doctor? The last Immortal killed them both.
He took all my beloved ones away from me, and we're still Ouch! - Let go of me! What are you doing? - Don't panic.
-[HAKAN PANTING] - Don't panic.
Keep breathing.
Stay focused.
[KEMAL] Just focus on breathing.
Forget about everything.
Think about all the pain and rage flowing out of your body.
Unite with the shirt, Hakan.
Unite with the shirt.
[DOOR OPENING] [ZEYNEP] How are you? Fine, and you? [HAKAN] What are these? [ZEYNEP] We suspect these were caused by the last Immortal.
We need to find him before he destroys the humanity.
[KEMAL] Guys.
Now, it's time.
The Immortal might start going after the ring any minute.
Ayşe Tokatlı.
She lives with her son somewhere out of the city.
She is a senior Loyal One, and everybody trusts her.
On the day she was given the ring, we've sworn not to communicate again.
Until The Protector comes.
I'm ready.
- Let's go.
- Here we go then.
[KEMAL] Be careful.
[MUSIC PLAYING] [HAKAN] Holy shit! No way! [ZEYNEP] No, Hakan.
I'll take this one.
- How about this? -[ZEYNEP] No way.
Give it to me.
Drop it, come on.
Stop it! Leave them.
- Won't you give me a gun? - I have one.
You got the talismanic shirt.
You don't need a gun.
Let me take that dagger.
[SEAGULLS CAWING] [KAMURAN] Dear! - Who are you looking for? - Hello.
I'm looking for Hakan Demir.
I suppose he lives here.
- Who? - Mr.
There's no such person in this neighborhood.
I see.
Thank you.
Have a good day.
Gomiz! Hey! Where the hell are you? [SILA] Drop the ball.
I put some money in this.
Go and get some bread.
Come in.
Do you have Um Do you have the security footage of the hospital corridors? - Why do you ask? - A friend needs it.
[SECURITY MAN] And who is that? Um, I don't really know.
His name is written on one of these papers.
I can't see properly.
Well, let me see.
God! Why don't you take a look at it? You'll understand.
[KEYBOARD SOUNDS] [DOOR BANGING] - No way! -[LEYLA] Hi! The rope of the basket was broken so Thanks.
Wait a minute.
My name is Leyla Sancak.
I am the General Coordinator of Faysal Erdem at Cavidan Holding.
Here, this is my card.
Which Faysal Erdem, dear? There is only one Faysal Erdem, mom.
Look, I won't take much of your time.
I just have a few questions.
I need to be at Mr.
Erdem's clinic at Fikirtepe in half an hour anyway.
He's really sensitive about public health.
- Yeah, I bet he is.
-[KAMURAN] Sıla! Oh! I guess I smell some pastry.
And I'm kind of hungry.
I suppose I'm an unexpected guest.
It tastes so good.
This is even better than my mom's.
-[KAMURAN] Enjoy.
- Thank you.
I mean, this could be fake.
How do we know that you work with Faysal Erdem? Sıla, you go do the dishes.
So, does Faysal Erdem has a job offer for Hakan? Yes, but we can't reach him whatsoever.
He's not someone trustworthy, I guess.
[KAMURAN] No way, my dear.
He's a brilliant boy.
He's hardworking, he's honest.
He has a heart of gold.
It is not easy to find someone like him these days.
I believe Mr.
Erdem also saw that and he wanted to offer him a job.
But, as I said, we can't reach him.
I mean, where can I find him? My dear, I'll try to reach him.
But I don't think he will come here for a long time.
[SEAGULLS CAWING] [WAVE SOUNDS] Is everything all right? I'm sorry to bother you.
You hired someone new for the security crew.
After Leyla's certain confirmation.
Didn't I need to confirm that? Don't worry, Mazhar.
No one can replace you.
Thank you.
I mean If you don't overthink about anything Maybe you can concentrate on your job more.
Good things are happening, Mazhar.
I've just got informed that we got the contract.
GÃkhan missed the deadline.
So, we own Hagia Sophia now.
That's great.
- Would you want anything else? - Yes.
You're so nervous.
Take it as a gift from me.
Maybe you'll use it.
[FAYSAL] Relax a little.
Life is quite short.
["LIKE A MOTHERLESS CHILD" PLAYING] Sometimes I feel Like a motherless child [ZEYNEP] A shirt, a ring, a dagger.
We need to find these three.
[HAKAN] How does the ring work exactly? Does it show where they are? [ZEYNEP] No.
When you touch an Immortal, the ring glows.
So you're saying that I should touch everyone I see.
[ZEYNEP] Shall we talk about this when we find the ring? [HAKAN] OK.
Do the Loyal Ones get paid? I mean, who supports you? Who finances you? That cistern, the guns, and stuff.
You guys don't make a living out of just one pharmacy, do you? Hakan, put your shirt on.
[HAKAN] All right.
Well, doesn't being a Loyal One keep you busy enough? What's up with teaching at a university? Actually, I got way busier since you came.
But no, I'm not as busy as you think.
I'm a teaching assistant.
[HAKAN] What's your subject? Ottoman Armor and War Weapons.
[HAKAN] Wow.
I'm not surprised.
Come on, put your shirt on.
I guess we're here.
[HAKAN] Wow.
Is it here? [ZEYNEP] The address says so.
What is this though? Sometimes I feel Like a motherless child Sometimes I feel Like a motherless child Hey.
Are you sure it is here? I don't know.
I mean, this is the address.
It looks like an abandoned place.
[HAKAN] He's got a gun.
[ZEYNEP] Good morning.
Where is Ayşe? Get the fuck up.
Where the hell is Ayşe? Huh? Speak! Speak now! -[ZEYNEP] Come on! -[STUTTERING] You can't touch her.
Leave mom alone.
[HAKAN] We won't hurt her.
[PANTING] [STUTTERING] The sons of bitches that came before you said the same thing.
All right.
Leave him, calm down.
He's trying to protect his mother.
It's all right.
You got us wrong, brother.
[HAKAN] We won't hurt your mother.
We're just going to ask her a question.
[HAKAN] Is that OK? Is there anyone else in the house? No.
[STUTTERING] Ask her whatever you want.
But you won't get an answer.
[HAKAN] How come? Is she sick? [STUTTERING] You'll see.
[ZEYNEP] What's up with the locked doors? Does your mother live like a prisoner? No.
She lives a safe life.
So that no one can attack her again.
[HAKAN] What's this smell? [STUTTERING] You can't go in with a gun.
No way.
Open the door.
Open the fucking door! I told you to open it! Come on.
It's fine.
He's opening it.
Come on, bro.
Open the door.
[ZEYNEP] Open it! Mom! Look, some people came here.
[STUTTERING] They said they wanted to ask you something.
[FLIES BUZZING] She's like this since the incident.
[ZEYNEP] What incident? It was seven years ago.
One night, [STUTTERING] they came as we were sleeping.
They looked for something.
I didn't understand.
Mom screamed all night long.
[STUTTERING] Then she went silent.
She hasn't said a word since then.
[STUTTERING] I'll go and make some tea.
You You guys talk.
[STUTTERING] No one would come here anyway.
[NOT STUTTERING] I left them alone in case they talk about the ring.
No, the door is locked.
It's recording everything.
All right, I'm waiting for the crew.
[PENCIL RUBBING] This woman can't help us.
She's insane.
Look at her.
Wait a minute.
All right.
Ayşe, I'm Kemal's daughter.
I'm a Loyal One.
Do you remember Kemal? [INDISTINCT WHIMPERING] [HAKAN] I wonder if she knew my father.
I mean, my biological father, Murat.
Ayşe? Do you know my father? Ayşe.
[HAKAN] Do you recognize this? [HAKAN] The ring! That guy is not my son.
You are in danger.
Fuck! What the fuck is going on? [ZEYNEP] Drop your gun.
Drop it.
You are not fucking stuttering now! Who the hell are you? My name is Can.
[PANTING] - Who do you work for? - You'll meet them soon.
They're on their way.
- Speak now! Speak! - You can't get out of here! [GUN COCKING] The video records are in the room.
Hurry up! They'll be here soon.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Take the phone, too.
[AYŞE] The phone.
I've been waiting for you for seven years.
Finally you're here.
Come on, quick.
-[AYŞE] They're coming.
- Hakan, come! Come here! - Come! -[AYŞE] Come on.
[AYŞE] Hurry up.
Get inside! [ZEYNEP] What are you doing? [HAKAN] Ayşe! [AYŞE] All of us have sworn to protect you.
I have, like the ones before me.
It was an honor for me to work for your father.
[PANTING] Here is the ring.
The ring is yours.
Take it! Wait a minute.
Hold on.
The stone is missing.
The ring doesn't work without the stone.
Someone called Sinan has the ring.
I don't know anything else.
Take this.
You will save all of us now.
- Hakan, move.
We have to go.
-[AYŞE] Come on.
Hakan! Pull yourself together! - Why did you hit me? -[ZEYNEP] Move.
Jump! Come on! Quick.
Move! Move! [ZEYNEP] Are you all right? Did you take the shirt off? [HAKAN] Yes, I did.
Hold on, the ring? You have ring, right? - Yes, I have it.
- Oh! Ayşe mentioned someone called Sinan.
Who is he? I don't know.
I've never heard of a Loyal One whose name is Sinan.
I'll ask dad.
He might know him.
Do you have that bastard's phone? Yeah.
I took it.
- Let's see.
- Give me.
-[ZEYNEP] Stop it! - I'll check his call log.
No, you're not calling anyone right now.
Give it to me.
Hakan, I said give it to me.
Wait, no, wait.
It's ringing.
[MAZHAR] Speak.
I'm listening.
Hello? Can? -[HAKAN] What are you doing? - What do you expect? - They'll locate us based on the signal.
- How would they? - I was going to find out who that is.
- How, Hakan? If I had asked his name, he might have told me.
It's so hard to reach you.
I called you all day long again.
[HAKAN] There's no need to insist.
I've told you before.
I'm not looking for a job.
[LEYLA] Listen.
I get it, OK.
You reject the offer.
You don't want the job.
It's all good.
But If I tell Mr.
Erdem you reject the offer for the second time, it won't be good for me at all.
I'll be glad if you tell him that yourself.
What do you mean? On the phone? [LEYLA] No, in person.
You can come to the hotel whenever you'd like.
It won't take you long.
Demir? Hello, Miss Sancak.
Thank you.
Erdem will be out soon.
We can wait here if you like.
As long as you accompany me, it's OK to wait.
If you think you can talk to me like that because you reject the offer, you're wrong.
No, I'm cool all the time, Miss Sancak.
Besides, you shouldn't be offended.
We won't see each other again.
Miss Sancak.
I heard that we have an applicant for the security crew.
Let me introduce him.
Dragusha, he is our security chief.
He's the man in charge around here.
And this is Mr.
Demir, our ex-applicant.
I say "ex" because he rejected our offer.
I wonder why.
- I'm busy with other stuff.
I'm listening.
What about Can? Hm.
Take the computer, then we'll see.
I'll call you later.
All right.
Excuse me.
Actually I mean I have a lot on my mind these days.
I'm not making reasonable decisions.
May I accept the offer if it's still on the table? Yes.
Sure, it is.
And I believe it's the right decision.
I like smart guys.
- Mr.
Demir, right? - Yes.
Welcome to my crew.