The Protector (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Do you think this guy is really the last Immortal, dad? Probably.
First, he used Suzan to get the talismanic shirt.
He couldn't get anything and He killed her without leaving a trace.
The sandwiches of the snack bar around the corner are really good.
Have you tried it? Where have you been? - Hasn't Zeynep told you? - I heard you had things to do.
No way I forget about it.
Your love affairs are not our business, Hakan.
We have more important stuff to do.
For example, we still don't know who Sinan is.
That guy Ayşe was talking about.
This is the guy who killed Suzan.
He may be the Immortal himself.
He may be the one to take us to the Immortal.
But we don't have the slightest idea about who he is.
His name is Mazhar.
Mazhar Dragusha.
Faysal Erdem's private security chief.
I met him.
As a matter of fact, we will be colleagues soon.
Now you can ask whatever you want.
You need to do way better than this to beat the Immortal.
Come on.
Ough! How about this? Lame.
So How is it going? Great.
I can't wait to confront with Mazhar.
He's full of courage and self-esteem, but he lacks some skills.
Who saved you from the bullets the other day? Hakan.
Cut it out, please.
We need to work hard, you know that.
You're looking for someone to beat, I guess.
Go and take karate classes.
Do you think I haven't taken any? I think you know where my medals are.
The more you train, the better you'll get.
That's how it works, Hakan.
All you need to do is to get the dagger and bring it to me.
The rest is a piece of cake! It'll never be easy.
- If we just sit here, it won't be easy.
- Hakan! What? I'm the one who found out who the Immortal is.
- You did because you're just lucky.
- Lucky? Am I lucky? First, I lost Neşet, my best friend and my family.
Yes, I am very lucky indeed.
How lucky I am! It's not luck.
It's his destiny.
The Immortals and the Protectors are pulled towards one another like the opposite ends of a magnet.
We are pulled and it's enough.
Let's start and do what we need to do.
I came here to tell you that.
I found Sinan, the guy Ayşe mentioned.
Doctor, you could just say that.
So, who is this Sinan? Unfortunately, he is deceased.
- What do you mean? - He died in 1588.
I can't believe I didn't realize that.
Sinan is just a code.
The guy we're looking for is Mimar Sinan.
So, what do we do now? The Loyal Ones must have hidden the stone of the ring in Mimar Sinan's architectural work.
But he has over 100 pieces of architectural work in Istanbul.
It could be mosques, bathhouses, madrassas or kulliyes.
Doctor, do we have to find the stone of the ring? I mean, I won't use it to kill the Immortal.
Our priority is the stone.
We could be sure of who the Immortal is only with the stone.
I'm already sure.
I've told you it's Mazhar.
Don't you understand? Listen, Doctor.
I talked to the guy.
We spoke on the phone.
I heard his voice.
You'd understand if you saw the guy.
He's wandering around like a ghost.
Besides, you say the Immortal and the Protector pull each other? Still, we need to be 100 percent sure, Hakan.
We have no evidence now.
That is why we need to find the stone.
They must have hidden the stone somewhere very special, somewhere nobody can easily find.
A place they could mask.
I need to do more research.
I'll go and sound my professor out.
Maybe I'll get some information.
Let's go together.
But we need to stop by somewhere first.
- Where? - Be ready in five minutes.
Thank you.
What? What do you expect me to say? The truth.
I don't like you.
Huh! Miss Sancak? Mr.
I came here to make sure that you made the right choice, but your girlfriend has a great taste.
- There was no need for me to come.
- Well I'm not his girlfriend.
I'm just his friend.
Do you know each other from the neighborhood? Um No, Zeynep is my Well I'm the lecturer of Hakan's brother.
- Brother? - She means, my cousin.
- But we're like brothers.
- I see.
- What's your major? - History.
I'm not into history that much.
I'm more into today.
You need to look back into the past so as to perceive today, they say.
I'd rather observe today and plan the future.
Be at the party place at 6 p.
You have a meeting with the security crew.
All right.
When can I see Mr.
Erdem will find you when he wants to.
By the way, I'm not sure if Hakan told you about it, but we got the contract for Hagia Sophia's restoration as Cavidan Holding.
And we're throwing a party tonight.
If you want I don't think so.
I think a history teacher shouldn't miss this opportunity.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Think twice.
Have a good day.
Miss Sancak.
Come to think of it, I might need a briefing before the event.
About the people, structure of the company, organization So? I mean Maybe we can meet in private and hold a meeting before the event.
It's called orientation, right? I suppose it's called hitting on.
Have a good day, Mr.
Be ready in five minutes.
Excuse me.
- You wanted me, sir? - Come and sit.
A tourist recorded the conflict in Sultanahmet the other day.
Yeah? Our men identified someone after analyzing the video thoroughly.
What did you get yourself into? What the hell were you doing on a roof with a rifle in your hand? Are you from the mafia? Huh? Do you know what will happen if people hear about this? Both you and I will be in trouble! We'll be so fucked! What are you going to do, sir? Let me tell you what I'll do.
I'll make sure that the incident is not heard.
And you'll bring me your resignation letter by the evening.
Got it? - Did you fucking get it? - Yes, sir.
Fuck off now.
Out! Now! - Sir.
- Don't say a fucking word! Get out! Leyla has an important position there.
If I get close to her, we can learn a lot about Mazhar.
So you're not trying to get in her pants? I'm after Mazhar.
That's it.
Pussy cat! Want some simit? Nope.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- With chocolate please.
- Sure.
I didn't think you would be that jealous.
What? Jealous of you? Well, jealousy is not even in my book.
I'm saying for your own good.
Girls like her don't really care about guys like you.
Whoa! Come on, dear.
Over there.
What the hell is going on? You won't make these kids work again.
What's up? Who says that? I do.
Who the fuck are you to tell me that? Who the My hand! My hand is fucking broken! What happened? What the fuck happened? Fucking fatty! What happened? Kids, take the money.
Take the fucking money! If I ever see you making kids work again I'll break all of your fucking bones.
Did you hear me? My hand is broken! What are you doing? I know him.
He makes little kids beg and takes their money.
So, what does it have to do with you? Should I ignore it? Yes! It's not your job to be a super hero in the streets.
- Let me tell you something.
- What? Wipe your mouth, then we'll talk.
There's some more left.
Well, Hakan is writing his thesis on Mimar Sinan and Ornamental Arts.
I mean, I have seen nothing about gems in Sinan's architectural work.
But I wanted to come and ask you about it in case something got your attention.
I know you're into details after all.
Which university? İTÜ, professor.
Sinan used ceramic glaze a lot.
But I don't really think he used such precious gems, either.
However, there is this interesting story.
Evliya Çelebi also mentions it.
I don't know if it would help you.
Sinan waits for a long time after the foundation of Süleymaniye Mosque is dug because he wants the ground to fit into its place.
The Iranian Shah isn't aware of the situation.
He thinks the Ottomans ran out of money.
That is why the construction stopped.
He sends Suleiman the Magnificent a few chests of precious stones.
So, he thinks he can humiliate Suleiman.
I'm sorry, professor.
I mean Anyway.
Suleiman the Magnificent gets mad about this.
He gives those precious stones to Sinan.
He tells him to put them in the mortar.
Sinan takes the stones and puts them in the mortar of one of the minarets.
Cevahir Minaret.
Right, I know that story, too.
It is said that the minaret shined bright when it was first built.
OK then.
If we don't have anything else to ask Thank you.
I'd like to talk to you about the next semester's schedule.
- I'll be downstairs.
- OK.
Thanks, professor.
Have a good day.
Who is this guy? I told you.
He's my friend.
He's writing his thesis and I'm helping him.
You expect me to believe it? You can believe whatever you want.
I don't even care.
Zeynep, don't play me.
Tell me if he's your boyfriend.
What on earth are you talking about? Why are you so jealous? You act like a teenager.
- See you.
- OK.
All right.
Don't get mad.
So what do we do? When will we meet again? I don't know.
PHARMACY You forgot your medicine.
Thank you.
I zoned out.
Hope you get better.
Have a good day.
Mazhar, I don't want to lose my job.
You work for a very powerful man.
A phone call from you would do.
If it doesn't work, you can bribe him.
He's bought a house recently.
He is short of money these days.
I told you to find the guy, you couldn't.
I told you to get the shirt, but you couldn't.
I told you to make his friend speak, you couldn't.
So why would I clean up your mess now? Mazhar, you don't understand.
This would be the end of me.
I have a family, I have kids.
How would I look them in the eye? I can't do anything.
They have the video.
You can't give up on me that easily.
I did what I did because you wanted me to do so.
We did it together.
Isn't it true? Besides, who else do you have? Do you have a bolder guy than me among the police? You need me.
I've pass here a lot before, but I have never been inside.
Sometimes, you just don't see the beauties around you.
Are you talking about me? Give me a break! I'm talking about history.
Yes, I can tell.
You like old stuff.
What do you mean? I'm talking about that professor.
It's not as you think.
So, he uses you for his own pleasure.
No, I'm the one who uses him.
God, I love this place.
There it is, Cevahir Minaret.
- Are we going up? - Yes.
Let's check the minaret balcony.
Here it is.
- How can I help you? - We were just looking for you.
Well, my fiancée studies history.
Can we go up and take some photos? No way.
You can't enter.
It's forbidden.
It'll only take about five minutes.
I said it's forbidden.
You can't enter.
- Hello.
Will you do me a favor? - Yeah, sure.
Can you please take a photo of me right there? - Where is your fiancé? - He went to the restroom.
He doesn't like taking photos anyway, stupid guy.
Well, sure.
I have 1,640 followers.
- Of course, I'll take a photo.
- That's great! Thank you very much.
- Can you take one here, please? - Yeah, sure.
Let me take one just like that.
One from this angle.
Fuck! Fuck! - Take one with me, too! - Of course.
Let me take one together.
- It's a nice one.
- OK.
Thank you, thanks.
- You're welcome.
- Have a good day.
You, too.
Erdem, I'd like to talk to you about something if you have time.
Do you have a date for the event tonight? I don't have a boyfriend.
Why not? I don't know.
I think you know.
I guess it's because I don't want anybody.
Nobody knocks the door? - Actually, I pretend I'm not home.
- Oh! So, the right man hasn't knocked on the door yet.
I'm really content with my life.
Loneliness isn't for humans, Leyla.
Loneliness is one of the worst ends in life.
Why did you choose to stay lonely then? Well, I It's like I can hear her better when I'm lonely.
You don't think I've gone insane, do you? No, I don't.
I was actually thinking how much you love her.
Erdem, I know you don't like talking about Rüya.
However, I also know how much you miss her.
One of the reasons for your passion about Hagia Sophia is her, in my opinion.
I saw her there for the first time.
At Hagia Sophia.
This painting is the last souvenir of her.
She passed away before she could finish it.
So, what was the thing you wanted to tell me? - Is there a problem with the new guy? - No.
Hakan will be present tonight.
100,000 euros were taken from the small safe.
I suspect that it's Mazhar.
You're right.
It's Mazhar.
Did you know about it? I saw him take the money in the video by chance.
He didn't tell me anything, but I'm sure he has a good reason.
Listen, Mr.
I know it's not my place to say this.
However, I think you trust Mazhar too much.
Leyla, calm down a little, please.
Mazhar won't disappoint me, OK? There's something I want you to do tonight.
I would like you to wear this.
Let's go.
There's no stone here.
I wish you had told me this before we climbed 254 stairs.
Stop complaining.
So, what will we do now? We'll keep searching.
But I don't know how we'll find it.
Sinan built things everywhere.
Where would you hide the stone? I don't know, but I would definitely leave a hint.
A clue, you know.
Maybe the clue is before our eyes.
But we're not looking at it from the right angle.
I mean, it seems like there's no secret mark on the ring.
We may be straining at gnats and swallowing camels.
Maybe we're stuck on one detail.
We should change our perspective.
100,000 euros.
Your chief will forget about everything once he sees the money.
Thank you, Mazhar.
I knew you wouldn't hang me out to dry.
We still have a lot to do together.
I'll see the chief before he leaves.
The money goes to the manager.
Every penny of it.
Don't worry.
I got it.
I'll help you in a minute.
How can I help you? MÄ°MAR SÄ°NAN Yes.
Kılıç Ali Paşa Mosque.
KILIÇ ALİ PAŞA Which one of them has the stone? THE MAUSOLEUM OF SULEIMAN THE MAGNIFICEN We may be straining at gnats and swallowing camels.
Maybe we're stuck on a one detail.
We should change our perspective.
Found you.
The Mausoleum of Mimar Sinan.
Without disturbing anyone.
Nobody will see you.
But you will see everybody.
Don't forget that.
I'll do my best.
No cell phone.
I see.
But I won't take much of Mr.
Erdem's time.
Look, a brief presentation on our new fleet, that's it.
How about this? You send me the presentation.
I'll go over it first.
Sure, I can send it as an e-mail, as well.
However, Mr.
Erdem will read the e-mail and then reply it.
But you're here and you can make everything faster You don't understand.
That's not possible.
Come on, Miss Sancak.
I know you can get it done right now.
Insisting won't change anything.
Have fun.
Maybe If we get to know each other, if we have a dinner together Wouldn't it be lovely? Or how about we never see each other again? Sir, you left your drink at the bar.
There's more if you'd like.
Come on.
- Thank you.
That new guy, Hakan.
He look a bit nervous.
I'm not sure if he qualifies for the job.
We'll see in time.
May I ask what you see in him? I saw what I saw in you once.
Of course.
Still, my story is different.
But both of you have the same talent.
You've revealed it.
We'll see if he may be able to do that.
Excuse me.
If you expect me to thank you, you'll be disappointed.
- I just wanted to make sure you're OK.
- I'm OK.
I'd already taken care of it.
I can take care of myself.
Don't worry.
I'm quite nervous today.
I worked all day, then I got stressed out here.
So, I'm overwhelmed.
I'm sorry.
There's also the full moon.
You know.
Full moon affects your mood.
That must be it.
Actually, you are like the moon in a way.
Do we both shine? No, you both have a dark side.
I'm sorry, but I don't have a dark side.
I'm what you see.
Everybody's got a secret.
What's yours? If there's someone mysterious here, that's you.
I barely know anything about you.
And that's my dark side.
I'm not into mysterious guys anymore, Hakan.
You're late for that.
What are you afraid of? What do you mean? I think you feel it, too.
Speak your mind.
Have you ever experienced it? You know that something will happen.
But you take your time.
You just wait for it to happen.
I need to get back inside.
I don't want to get fired on my first day.
Well, would you Would you like me to introduce you to Mr.
Erdem? Yes, we agree.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you very much.
Let me introduce Mr.
Glad to meet you, sir.
Me, too.
I also want to thank you for trusting me.
No, you don't have to thank me.
Everyone makes their own luck.
I always dreamed about being someone like you.
What about now? Have you given up on your dream? I have more realistic plans now.
I think you should keep dreaming.
You never know what life brings.
Thank you.
I'll get back to work if you excuse me.
Good evening.
Who's this? A friend of Hakan's.
I'll take care of her.
I knew you would come.
Actually, I came to check on Hakan.
Is there anything wrong? No, I couldn't reach him on the phone.
I need to ask him something.
He must be around.
He'll be here soon.
It's hard for him not to notice you in this outfit, anyway.
I didn't have time to dress up.
Still, I'm not sure if I would, if I had time.
I've never been a Barbie doll.
By the way, consultants for the Hagia Sophia project will be assigned this week.
I can add you to the list if you want.
As an assistant, of course.
What do you say? Actually, I've been working both in the academia and in the field for a long time.
I don't need experience.
Furthermore, it's not my cup of tea to be the servant of a rich but not so smart guy.
- It's your call.
- I'll go check on Hakan.
Have I seen you before? Are you new in the security crew? Yes.
How about you? I'm Yasin Karakaya.
I'm a journalist.
But I'm not a lackey like the ones in there.
I'm one of those journalists that people try to avoid.
Especially people like Mr.
I don't think Mr.
Erdem is avoiding you since he's the one who invited you here.
How do you know that he invited me? Look, handsome.
A good journalist goes everywhere.
But a new security guy wouldn't want to fall out with someone like me.
Have a good evening.
Murderer! Take him.
Let go of me! He's a murderer! Let go of me! This guy tried to kill my father! He's a murderer! Mr.
Erdem? I'm all right.
It is suspected that the man who tried to attack Faysal Erdem is business man GÃkhan Gültekin's son.
GÃkhan Gültekin has disappeared in a mysterious way in the past days.
Mete Gültekin is being brought to the Police Station right now.
We don't know why the suspect thinks Faysal Erdem is behind his father's disappearance.
Faysal Erdem published a message saying that he will be concerned about the guy attacking him and he will do whatever it takes to find his missing father.
Mete Gültekin is now at the Police Station.
Stay tuned to hear more about it.
- Do you know the attacker? - No.
I have no idea.
Hakan Demir.
You became a hero on your first day.
What are you doing here? I found the stone of the ring.
- Where is it? - In the Mausoleum of Mimar Sinan.
- Does Doctor know? - No.
He's waiting for us.
He texted me.
He's at the drugstore.
- I directly came here.
- What will we do? - Come on.
We'll go.
- Now? Yes! You were very brave tonight.
I don't know what would've happened, if it hadn't been for you.
I just did my job.
Can I get you a drink? I mean, the full moon is still pretty.
We've got a lot to do.
We were about to leave.
Um Come on.
Say hi to Doctor for me.
After you, Miss Sancak.
ATAK PHARMACY CLOSED Dad? Dad! Ah! Tell me now And show me how To understand What makes a good man? Hey walk the line Hey understand What makes a good man? Ah! Ain't nothing wrong With this place for me Ah! And time tell that there's pedigree Experience is another one meant for me To tell me now And show me how To understand What makes a good man? To tell me now Hey walk the line Hey understand What makes a good man? Ah! Subtitle translation by: Esin Gürgür