The Protector (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [EXHALES] [KEMAL COUGHS] I may help you if you tell me what you're looking for.
- Zeynep? - She'll wake up soon.
I haven't seen anyone who died of electroshock.
Sweetie, open your eyes.
Zeynep! - Do you hear me? Zeynep! - Just shut up! Blah blah blah! Look, she's fine.
[KEMAL] What do you mean she's fine? Don't you see? She's not moving! Zeynep! [GROANS] Who the hell are you? Who are you? Speak or else I'll kill you right here! - Enough.
He can't breathe.
- Let him die, dad.
I bet he works for the Immortal.
I'm one of the [PANTS] I'm a Loyal One.
Show me your tattoo.
[PANTING] As quiet as the blood in my veins.
- We're mortals, we roar like a mortar.
- We roar like a mortar.
We're the Loyal Ones.
-[COUGHS] -[ZEYNEP PANTING] [KEMAL SIGHS] [EMIR] Fuck! What have I done? What's your name, kid? Emir Türker.
Are you relatives with Serdar Türker in Princes' Island? I'm his son.
How do you know my father? Your father and I are old friends.
How is he lately? - I haven't seen him for a long time.
- He's good.
Will you untie us? Then we can keep having the conversation.
It's quite unique.
Is it a tattoo? Where did you get it? A friend from the neighborhood made it.
He has a different technique.
Your necklace is so pretty.
Very pretty.
Just like you.
You're not going to start talking in a romantic way now, are you? Who? Me? Not at all! Never! [PHONE RINGS] INCOMING CALL ZEYNEP What? Why are you in a hurry? My friend Zeynep.
She needs me.
I have to go.
Your friend Zeynep.
I don't know what she is to you, but you're not just a friend to her for sure.
Maybe she sees me as an older brother.
I think you know what I mean.
- Hakan.
- Leyla.
I didn't say anything.
The hurry seemed a little too much to me, that's it.
I really have to go.
By the way, I don't really need to tell you, but don't tell anyone about this.
Of course not.
It wouldn't be nice if people figure out great Miss Sancak has an affair with a guy from the Grand Bazaar.
Would it? You don't know me at all.
[HAKAN] I want to know you though.
You and everybody else here.
Mazhar, for instance.
What's wrong with him? He was breathing down my neck yesterday.
You'd better get along with him.
Or else he could be a trouble.
You don't know what trouble is.
[KEMAL] Is your father still in Princes' Island? - Yes.
- Does he still He used to gulp down a full tray of baklava.
Does he do that? Yes, but mom doesn't let him anymore.
- Dad.
- Yes? Hakan didn't pick up his phone.
So tell us, Mr.
How did you find here? I was watching Ayşe's house.
Then, you guys came.
After that, I found this place.
Hold on a second.
You were there and you didn't do anything for all this time? But my job was to watch only.
I couldn't intervene.
I had no other choice.
The Loyal Ones do only what they're instructed to do.
Good job.
You did the right thing.
There were no visitors at all for years.
Then, you and that guy came.
First, I thought one of you were the Immortal.
When the others started to open fire on you, I realized that it wasn't the case.
I followed you because I didn't know who you were.
- I was going to find out and report.
-[KEMAL] Hm.
Then you came here, you tied us, right? But you're good.
Your father trained you well.
I need to work on infighting more.
No, you're not bad at all.
I've seen worse.
Who was the guy with you? Is he a Loyal One? Um Well, not really.
Well, you know the Protector we've been waiting for years.
Well, he is the Protector.
I didn't have the chance to thank you last night.
So, thank you.
I just did my job.
He really is a modest guy, isn't he? You'll make me give up on Mazhar if you keep working like this.
What will happen to the boy who attacked you? [FAYSAL] Why do you ask? I mean, I can understand how he feels.
If something like that happened to my dad, I wouldn't just sit and wait, either.
So you would also try to kill the offender, wouldn't you? No, no.
I agree with him.
That boy needs help, not a punishment.
And we'll provide him with the help.
Right? You were talking to someone last night at the party.
I'm sorry about that.
Her name should have been on the list.
No, I know Leyla invited her.
I heard that she's a historian.
Is that right? Yes, she is.
She's a teacher in a university.
She teaches my cousin.
[FAYSAL] Yeah.
I got it.
Why don't you understand? Faysal Erdem is the last person that saw my father! Son, your father is a business man.
He must have a lot of enemies.
Why do you suspect Faysal Erdem? -[OFFICER] Yes? - I'm Mete Gültekin's lawyer.
Before the interrogation, I'd like to see my client.
In private.
Go ahead.
[CAMERA BEEPS] Did my mom send you? My mom sent you, didn't she? I know, she hates me, she's ashamed of me.
Calm down.
How are they? Both your mom and sister are OK.
Please tell mom I didn't want to kill anyone.
I just wanted to find out where my dad is.
Listen, my dad and Mr.
Erdem are not on good terms.
He was last spotted with him.
So, I wanted to scare him a little.
Erdem has nothing to do with your father's death.
His death? Is my father dead? How do you know that? Because I killed your father.
Motherfucker! It was slow and painful.
-[HANDCUFF CLINKING] -[MAZHAR] Try to control your rage.
Or else your mother and sister are next.
There you go.
Dad says it all the time.
It is a privilege to meet the Protector.
Most of the Loyal Ones don't get the chance to meet the Protector.
Thanks, bro.
My parents are not going to believe it.
[KEMAL] Emir, let's call your father.
Talk to you later.
Oh [EXHALES] [HAKAN] I guess last night was adventurous.
Actually, I think your night was more adventurous.
How was your night with Leyla? What did you guys do? Learn from that kid a little.
He knows how to talk to the Protector, how to respect and serve the Protector.
[HAKAN TSKING] Shame on you.
What did you find out about Mazhar? Not much, I'm afraid.
I'm on it.
Emir is going back to Princes' Island.
And you're going with him, Hakan.
Why is that, Doctor? I'll go after Mazhar.
It's risky to go after him on your day off.
You'd draw attention.
Doctor, you're already wasting my time with meditation, training, and ring stone.
- And now Princes' Island? - Hakan! You were born in Princes Island.
Your parents are from there.
Besides [EXHALES] Serdar and your father were old friends.
He might tell you a lot of things about your family.
What will he tell, Doctor? Didn't the Immortal kill them? You need to listen to what Serdar has to tell you.
[ZEYNEP] Um, all right.
I'll skip my class in the afternoon.
- With Hakan -[KEMAL] No.
You and I will search for the stone of the ring.
If you don't know about your past, you can't shape the future, Hakan.
Face your past.
[AUNT] She misses you a lot, dear.
[LEYLA] I'll visit more often, auntie.
- Thank you.
- You look tired, sunshine.
You work too much.
Not really, auntie.
You know me.
Nothing unusual.
By the way, I brought my mom's medicine.
How is the new nurse? - Are you pleased with her? - She's good.
I could take care of her in the daytime actually.
Nurses are very expensive.
I work so I can pay for the nurse.
It's OK.
Look out for number one a little, dear.
Is there any decent man at your workplace? How do you make them that good each time? They're so yummy.
I'll take some with me.
Is it OK? Life is short, my dear.
Don't get hooked on little details.
[SIGHS] Mom.
Do you think I should tell auntie about him? Yes, you're right.
It's too early.
My dear mommy.
[INDISTINCT CALL OF PRAYER] This is the place.
Come on.
THE MAUSOLEUM OF MÄ°MAR SÄ°NAN The stone can't be inside of it, right? Zeynep.
The Loyal Ones never disturb a deceased person at where they rest.
Then it should be around here.
Let's look around.
Check this out.
There should be four faucets in the Mausoleum of Mimar Sinan.
This one has a different knob, too.
[KEMAL] Yes.
Could it be a sign? It's loose.
It's It's fake.
"When you do things from your soul, -you feel a river moving in you.
" -"You feel a river moving in you.
" Mimar Sinan.
Then let's feel this river moving in us.
So you really didn't know you were the Protector all this time? Wow.
But you've found the Immortal.
You've even started to work with him.
How have you done that? Emir, listen.
I grew up in the Grand Bazaar.
Even though I'm still learning about this Protector stuff, I know about people a lot.
You've learned how to fight quite fast.
You lack some technique, but - Do you want to fight? - Dude! You have the shirt on.
Come on.
All kidding aside, what happened when you put the shirt on? I got shot.
Zeynep shot me.
She's a tough one.
Do you work here? Yes.
There must be a mausoleum around here.
Which one are you asking? [KEMAL] The Mausoleum of Vefa.
- I see.
-[KEMAL] We want to go there.
[BLIND MAN] You are in the right place.
There's a yellow block about 100 or 150 meters back there.
[BLIND MAN] It's right past there.
-[KEMAL] Yellow block? - Yes.
[KEMAL] Thank you very much.
It's not far then.
-[BLIND MAN] Not far at all.
- All right.
[CRICKETS CHIRPING] Damn! We had our breakfast.
[EMIR] Damn it! What are we going to do? Son! - Emir! -[EMIR] Mom! Serdar, come! Emir is here.
Emir? What are you doing here? Hey dad.
Ayşe? The Immortal? They've figured out who he is, dad.
Who did? Dad, the mission is complete, so I'm back.
This is Hakan, the last Protector.
[HAKAN] Hello.
- Welcome, Hakan.
- Thank you.
[EMIR'S MOTHER] Welcome, Hakan.
You look just like your father.
[EXHALES] - Come on, I've prepared the breakfast.
-[HAKAN] Um, I All right.
We can have breakfast later.
You want to see your parents' house, don't you? That'd be good.
Emir, come.
Come on.
I've been far from home for years and you just say hi to me.
But you offer the Protector breakfast and pastry.
- Come on, mom.
- It's enough for everyone.
Erdal? - How are you? - Fine.
Thank you.
I'll ask you something.
I've heard Mete Gültekin is here.
The guy who attacked Faysal Erdem yesterday.
He's just left.
POLICE Is he brought to prison already? Not prison.
- To the hospital.
- What? He spoke before his lawyer came.
But he suddenly stopped talking.
He started shouting and breaking stuff.
We gave him something sedative and sent him.
Sent him where? Şişli Etfal Hospital.
But If I were you, I wouldn't go.
He's not talking.
Thank you.
Can I ask you something? What did the lawyer look like? Mazhar.
What are you doing here? I'd never imagine you'd have an affair with someone who works for the company.
Especially with that new guy.
Are you watching me? It's my job.
You're Mr.
Erdem's security chief, not mine.
That means the holding itself.
Nobody can do anything secret in this company.
That includes you, right? You took 100,000 euros from the safe, remember? Good job.
I'd be disappointed if you hadn't noticed that.
You might want to know how the money is spent.
This is for your mother.
I've heard you have hard time with transportation.
Erdem and I thought a car with big doors would make your life easier in Istanbul's horrible traffic.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
If you excuse me, I'll go "watch" around a little.
[DOOR SHUTS] Come on.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] This house.
[INDISTINCT CHILDREN PLAYING] This is the house you were born in and grew up in.
Here it is.
We didn't touch a thing since that day.
[SERDAR] They loved each other.
[SERDAR] Do you know how they met? They met here, in the island.
Murat and Seda grew up together.
They trained together.
Seda was way better at protecting herself.
Your dad was also agile though.
Hold on.
Was my mom a Loyal One? Of course.
Every Protector in your family got married to Loyal Ones.
Why? Because only they can understand the Protector's holy duty.
Seda knew that Istanbul comes before everything for your father.
That day.
When the Immortal came, were you also here? Have a seat.
[SERDAR] That day, Murat came home right before dawn.
He managed to kill an Immortal One.
However, as the last Immortal had managed to run away, he was uneasy.
He was right about that.
[DOOR OPENS] Murat? Is that you? [SEDA SCREAMING] [SERDAR] When he heard Seda screaming He did something a Protector should never do.
He made a mistake that cost him his life.
He acted upon his instincts.
He acted like a father.
[MURAT SHOUTS] [SERDAR] He didn't consider his own safety.
[BONE CRUSHING] [MURAT GRUNTS] We'd just heard [SERDAR] about the massacre in the training camp.
We were on our way to warn Murat and Seda.
But it was too late.
I prayed and prayed till we came to the house.
The moment I thought I'd lost you, too you came out of a surprising place.
Out of the cabinet.
You were little, but you managed to hide.
Your parents taught you how to protect yourself even at that early age.
The last survivor of the Protector's bloodline.
I wish your siblings had been as lucky as you were.
My siblings? Your brother and sister: the twins.
I didn't know I had any siblings.
Oh Neşet! [SERDAR] Hold on.
[SERDAR] They were six years old.
Protectors start their training at an early age.
That is why they were at the camp.
Training camp massacre.
You said my dad made a mistake.
That mistake cost him his life.
What was that mistake? He didn't put on the talismanic shirt.
We've found the shirt in the bathroom, at a distance that he could easily reach.
That day, Murat forgot everything he had learned.
He acted upon the love and fear he feels for his family.
So, that was his only mistake.
To love.
For a Protector, nothing or nobody can be more important than Istanbul.
They shouldn't be.
Otherwise, we'll all be ruined.
Could you leave me alone for a while? You know where you can find us.
Emir, come on.
I could have come with you.
OK, anyway.
Let me know if you find anything, all right? Be careful.
See you.
[FAYSAL] Did you like the car? It's not bad.
We didn't have the chance to meet last night.
I'm Faysal.
I know who you are.
- What are you doing - I came here to meet you.
You're an expert on Ottoman History, but you're not interested in my Hagia Sophia project.
Was I misinformed? No.
I already have a job, Mr.
Aren't you bored of reading the history that other people wrote while you can write your own? Huh? Thank you very much for your offer but I already have lots of responsibilities now, Mr.
You can call me Faysal.
Unfortunately, my answer is no.
[MAN] He is coming.
Hello! Why does Faysal Erdem want you to work for his Hagia Sophia project? I don't know.
But don't worry.
I won't take the job.
I mean, it's a great job opportunity.
I think you should say yes.
I have one semester left to finish my PhD.
Why on earth would I do that? I'm not crazy.
Just let the cat out of the bag now.
You say you want an academic career, but I don't think you're serious enough.
You don't think I'm serious enough.
You skipped the last three classes.
You brought the midterm grades late.
I'm sorry, but I can't clean up after you anymore.
Did I ask you to do so? Is your attitude due to me not having time to have sex with you? Hold on, wait a minute, Zeynep.
Stop right there.
Let's draw a line there.
All right then.
Um, you're upset because Mr.
Erdem offered the job to me, not to you.
Have you ever thought why he offered the job to "you"? I'll see you in the class.
Have a good day, Salih.
[SALIH] You, too.
["MISKINDIR BIZIM ADIMIZ" PLAYING] Look at those colors.
You grew so well.
All of you are pretty.
Welcome, my dear.
Thank you.
My mom used to talk to her flowers like you.
They grow faster if you talk to them.
[MURAT] Hmm.
What do you mean, "Hmm"? You want to know what "Hmm" means? I read it somewhere.
Talking to flowers is a sign of getting old.
I'll show you -a sign of getting old! - Ouch! [MURAT] Ouch! What is that? I've told you how many times not to let your kids leave their toys around.
So, they are only my kids now.
We are leaving this world Greetings to the ones Who are left behind May everyone know us Even the ones who haven't met us Greetings to the ones who knew us Greetings to the ones who knew us May everyone know us Even the ones who haven't met us Greetings to the ones who knew us Greetings to the ones who knew us [FERRY HORN] [MUSIC FADES] [FAYSAL] Arrange a meeting with the team working on the mosaics.
We'll go on later.
Miss Erman.
You sent me a written document for your job offer.
So that you'd understand how serious I am.
And I'm here to bring it back.
You shouldn't have bothered.
You could make a phone call.
I wanted to make sure that you get my message.
Miss Erman, calm down a little.
Two cups of Turkish coffee with sugar.
I won't stay for a coffee.
Thank you.
[INDISTINCT VOICES] One push is enough.
I was wondering if you have seen Hakan today? - Yes.
- Then you know where he is.
His boss Mazhar asked about him.
He didn't return my calls.
That's why.
Are you worried about him? Yes.
Him spending the night with you yesterday and not answering your calls today isn't the problem? Hakan's out of town for family concerns.
He'll call you when he comes back.
Thank you.
Look, we're not friends.
But if we were friends I would tell you this: Hakan's life is a little more complicated than it seems.
If you are with him, you should afford to take a chance.
[KEMAL] Welcome Adem.
Is it you again? - You - Come on.
I didn't tell anyone about anything.
Have a seat.
You seem to be used to have uninvited guests.
But I'm not the one you think I am.
Your voice You were at the mausoleum yesterday.
You asked me an address.
You sent me to the yellow block.
Now tell me, Adem.
How could a blind guy know the color of the block? - Who blinded you? - It was a work accident.
No accident can ruin someone's retina like that.
All right.
I'll tell you everything.
I promise.
I'll tell you.
I was on a night shift at the mausoleum one night.
A man came.
He gave me 1,000 liras.
He told me to look the other way.
What did he do? I don't know, I swear.
After the shift, I came home and went to sleep.
Then one day, [ADEM] he came.
[PANTING] He tied me up.
Even though I swore I wouldn't tell anybody anything, [ADEM] he said trust cannot be bought.
HYDROCHLORIC ACID I did everything he asked me to do.
[ADEM SCREAMS] [CRYING] [ADEM] Everything he asked.
Do you remember his face? Can you describe him? [ADEM] The last thing I saw was his face.
[ADEM] He had a rigid face.
He had dark hair and dark eyes.
The way he spoke was very different, like he wasn't from here.
What are you doing here? I called you several times, but you didn't answer.
I know.
Zeynep said there was a problem with your family.
Are you OK? I'm OK.
Hakan, why are you here? [EXHALES] Come on in.
Zeynep, I have some interesting news.
We need to talk.
[KEMAL] What happened? We can't find Hakan.
He is missing.
[LEYLA] How are you today, little one? Here's some for you.
You know what, my mom loved growing flowers, too.
What I do isn't really "growing.
" Cactuses can survive even when they are not taken care of.
They're tough.
Just like you.
In this life, are we struggling in vain? Have you ever thought about that? I mean, maybe We're all predestined.
Our job is to play the roles when it's our turn.
Do you remember what you wrote in your résumé when you came to the job interview? I wrote a lot of things.
"My biggest dream is to work for Mr.
" And now here you are.
Do you know what my dreams are now? INCOMING CALL ZEYNEP [THEME MUSIC PLAYING] Subtitle translation by: Esin Gürgür