The Protector (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES ["ARAYAN BULUR" PLAYING] [HAKAN] See the cameras up there? [BEEPING] [HAKAN] A little back.
[X-RAY SCANNER BEEPING] [ZEYNEP] There is an x-ray scanner at the entrance.
[BEEPING] [ZEYNEP] They search bags meticulously.
MUSEUM OF OTTOMAN ARTWORKS [ZEYNEP] It's impossible to sneak something in or out.
They put cameras in streets, gardens, walls, rooms, everywhere.
Every fucking place! It finds a way When everything comes to an end It doesn't show mercy on me [HAKAN] There are nine security guards.
[ZEYNEP] They change shifts when closed, but there are always nine guards.
[GUARD 1] Sir, taking photos is prohibited.
[HAKAN] I'm sorry.
Even if you can't escape There's a hell even for the chasers Seekers are finders Weepers are the ones who die It's the right season It's the right time [KEMAL] Security room? [ZEYNEP] You need a password to enter.
We don't even know what's in there.
[GUARD 2] May I help you? [HAKAN] Um We We're looking for the restrooms.
You need to use the other door.
- Thank you.
-[ZEYNEP] Thanks.
Server room.
-[HAKAN] I'll go to the restroom.
- It's right here.
[MUSIC FADES] [DOOR BUZZES] What about the dagger? The dagger is exhibited in a different room.
[HAKAN] A separate room.
The safest place of the museum.
All artifacts, including the dagger, are protected with alarm systems.
[ZEYNEP] There are two men and security cameras in the room where the dagger is exhibited.
They never leave the room.
Any good news? I think it's impossible to steal that dagger.
[KEMAL] Everything is possible, Zeynep.
We'll find a way to get that dagger, no matter what.
How do we do that considering the circumstances? I have a plan.
MAIN HALL EXHIBITION ROOM We meet at the place we agreed on.
Then we run! What do you think? - So this is the plan? - Yes.
[ZEYNEP] We'll cut the cables at night.
You'll go in again as a technician the next day.
[ZEYNEP] Dad will wait outside, in the car.
Radios and gizmos and all that stuff.
Whoa, you're watching a lot of films.
So you have a better idea, then? No, I just think we're rushing a little.
We need a better plan.
We need to do more research.
For instance, the security guards should be followed one by one.
Where do they live? What are their weaknesses? Sure.
These are all very important.
What does the guy eat and drink? Does he eat white beans with rice? Does he like karnıyarık or red pepper flakes? - These are all important details.
- Zeynep.
We don't have that much time, my dear.
We need a faster solution.
Then we're back to my plan.
It's too risky.
[HAKAN] Pfff.
But we have no other choice.
What? What do you mean? Are we going to follow this plan? I think it's worth trying.
[KEMAL] He needs the dagger to kill him.
He doesn't even have a solid escape plan.
OK, let's say you take the dagger.
How exactly will you get out? Well We'll talk about it later.
You've heard him.
- How about going to the museum again? -[ZEYNEP] Hmm.
I think there's someone who can help us about this.
According to Timur, she knows the museum very well.
She's a Loyal One, too.
[CHUCKLES] Awesome.
Another Loyal One.
Where can we find this Ceylan? [FERRY HORN] All right, sweetheart.
I'm out now.
I took the day off.
[HAKAN] I'll call you later.
[ZEYNEP] How is it going with Leyla? [HAKAN] Fine, good.
So, are you in love with her? What are you getting at? - Weren't you after Mazhar? -[HAKAN] Nothing has changed about that.
So you say Leyla is just a side dish.
Don't talk about her like that.
I don't pry into your life.
Do the same.
What did I do? Why is Mr.
Erdem so interested in you? Because he offered me a job.
And I accepted it to get close to Mazhar, but it was too late.
- So that's it? - Yes.
Because I'm not like you.
I'm really trying to keep an eye on Mazhar.
Anyway, after we get rid of this guy, we'll go our separate ways.
- Hopefully.
-[HAKAN] Hopefully.
[HAKAN] I'll ask him.
- Hello.
- Hello.
We're looking for Ceylan.
Do you know her? She's at the counter that sells underwear.
- Is that her? - Yes.
Thank you.
[CEYLAN] Nice bras! Come on, ladies! I'm a wholesaler! What are you looking at? Come on, douchebag! Really? [ZEYNEP SIGHS] I swear, you Loyal Ones hide really well in life.
[CEYLAN] You are jerks, it is a bargain! [HAKAN] Ceylan? ["KENDINE SAKLA" PLAYING] -[ZEYNEP] What's going on? - Hey! Don't run.
[HAKAN] Come here! Don't run! Come here! [VENDOR] What are you doing? [HAKAN] Come here! What goes around comes The day comes Nightmares fall on your rose gardens Lemons! I'm calling you from your own world [HAKAN] Get out of the way! You are looking at me from my own world There is no way you can't see I'm calling you from your own world Ceylan, stop! Don't run, Ceylan! You are looking at me from my own world There is no way you can't see Every pilgrim has a parasite They cross the mountains with it [HAKAN] Go around the back! The storms inside make the way Those parasites fall from the cliff WHAT IS ETERNAL IS GOD.
With that kind of luck You don't have a chance at love The price you pay for your greed The interpretation of your dream I'm calling you from your own world There is no way you can't hear me You are looking at me from my own world There is no way you can't see [HAKAN] Girl, come here! [HAKAN] Wait! -[CEYLAN] Help! -[HAKAN] We're not going to hurt you.
[ZEYNEP] Shut up.
[HAKAN] There's nothing to see.
-[MUFFLED SCREAMS] - It's a family issue.
Understand? Have a good day.
Don't scream! Don't scream.
We're not going to hurt you.
OK? [CEYLAN] Hmm-mmm.
- All right.
- Help! -[HAKAN] What the hell! Shut up, girl.
-[ZEYNEP] Stop! Stop it! - Calm down.
OK? -[CEYLAN PANTS] What kind of a lunatic are you? Don't scream, OK? [CEYLAN] Hmm.
[PANTING] Brother, if you hold me upside down and shake me, only one lira will fall to the floor.
- Good Lord! - And it's my simit money.
We don't want your money, girl.
We'll ask you something.
Didn't Kadir the Scarface send you? -[ZEYNEP] Who is that? - Who is that? So Dirty Melahat sent you.
Kemal sent us.
God! Kemal the Saw sent you.
Calm down a little! Kemal is my father.
Kemal the Pharmacist.
I put a bottle of cologne in my pocket as I was buying painkillers the other day.
- So you say the pharmacist.
I see.
-[ZEYNEP] I can't deal with this.
Shame on you! It's too big of a fuss for a small bottle of cologne! OK, I'll pay.
I'm not saying anything Won't you shut up for a second? God! I'm a Loyal One, just like you.
- Is it OK now? - What about the handsome one? [CEYLAN] What the fuck is this? Wow, it's amazing.
Where did you get it? [HAKAN CHUCKLES] It's the Protector's tattoo, kiddo.
He is the Protector.
- Seriously? - I swear.
Let me see one more time.
- Come on.
We have questions.
-[CEYLAN] It's real.
[CEYLAN] Sure.
You can ask whatever you want.
My father put the dagger in the museum.
He was a security guy.
And there was another dagger.
He replaced it with the talismanic one.
It was kind of an exchange.
Got it? And hasn't anybody ever noticed that? Nope.
They're all stupid.
If you hung a picture of this nice old man and said it's Suleiman the Magnificent, they might notice it after three months.
Just maybe.
So, where is your father now? He passed away.
- Did the Immortal take his life? -[CEYLAN] Nope.
One night, he was drunk and fell into the sea at Bosphorus.
My condolences.
I'm used to it now.
Don't get upset over it.
It's life.
What can you do? You will be a very strong woman.
It would be enough to be someone like you.
Can you teach me some moves? I could use it in the neighborhood.
Look, Ceylan.
[KEMAL] Hakan must find the last Immortal and then kill him.
How can I help you? [HAKAN] Listen.
We made a plan to break into the museum and take the dagger.
I mean, we can go inside.
But we can't really get out.
So we need an escape plan.
You know what? My dad told me that somebody would need this.
[CEYLAN] Here.
What's this? [CEYLAN] Open it.
Like this? - Open it.
Flip it.
-[HAKAN] Hmm.
[KEMAL] What's this? Password for the door to the roof.
It's in Arabic.
What's this? It's not Arabic.
It's Ottoman.
[CEYLAN SNICKERS] So what does it say? 2357.
The password.
I don't know how you'll escape from the roof, though.
Tell me, can you fly? Can he fly? [KEMAL] Yes, what are the dates? OK, it's good.
Yes, Miss Sancak.
What's going on in Hagia Sophia? They carry on working.
If everything goes well it will be all done by the estimated time.
Is it me or is there something new about you? What do you mean? You are smiling for the first time in a while.
I wonder if love has knocked on your door? It's quite new.
Love is a big word for it.
Very nice.
So who is the lucky guy? Do I know him? [MAZHAR] It's Mr.
They have a secret affair for a while.
I don't think I asked you this.
- It's just - Just what? You only answer the questions I ask you.
Don't cross the line.
Affairs within the company change the dynamics, remember.
-[MAZHAR] You wouldn't approve - What is that I wouldn't approve? I don't want such misbehavior again.
[CEYLAN STARTS THE JUKEBOX] ["BIRAZ OLSUN" PLAYING] - Do you like it here? - It's pretty cool.
I'll tell you what.
You promised to teach me some moves.
All right.
So, punch.
[ZEYNEP] How was it? Was it good? It was good [COUGHS] but it wouldn't work in my neighborhood.
Why, you ask? Because they draw a knife.
Yeah? Then draw your knife.
Let's see what happens.
[INDISTINCT VOICES] [GASPS] [PANTING] [ZEYNEP] You do this when someone draws -a knife on you.
-[HAKAN SIGHS] Where did you learn these moves? [ZEYNEP] When my mom died, my dad got me a violin.
I guess he thought music would help me.
Then I took that violin and broke it by hitting it on the wall.
He sent me to a judo class the next day.
[HAKAN CHUCKLES] Oh! Good morning.
Oh! [ZEYNEP] I talked to my dad.
We're starting tonight.
So we finish it tomorrow? -[ZEYNEP] Mm-hmm.
- You're with us tomorrow.
Really? What will I do? You'll do what you do best.
[PHONE RINGS] It's Mazhar.
-[LEYLA] Did we check the reports? -[BANU] We did.
All right then.
We can send them to lawyers.
Yes, Miss Sancak.
- I'll come to your office shortly.
- All right.
Thank you.
-[HAKAN] Miss Sancak.
- Mr.
You said you weren't going to be here today.
Dragusha wanted me.
Why? I don't know.
He said he wanted to talk.
I think he sees you as a rival.
Be careful.
A rival? I have just started to work here.
How come? Mr.
Erdem's style of evaluating people is a little different.
I think he may make you the new security chief.
Are you serious? I mean, look.
He takes you wherever he goes.
He gradually distances Mazhar from himself.
-[HAKAN] Hmm.
- If you had seen what happened today you would understand.
What happened? Mazhar is coming.
We'll talk later.
-[HAKAN] Mr.
- Mr.
- We're going.
-[HAKAN] Where are we going, sir? Let's get some fresh air.
[LEYLA] Will I see you tonight? - I'll meet my friends tonight.
-[LEYLA] Tomorrow? Tomorrow is good.
[GUN COCKING] Have you ever used a gun? Blank cartridge.
[CHUCKLES] - At a wedding, then.
- No, at a street fight.
To scare the guys.
Go ahead.
There is the target.
[MAZHAR] Again.
Erdem trust you so much? You need to ask him about that.
He said that he sees something in you.
Erdem is an important businessman.
We need to trust his feelings.
I only trust my own feelings.
What are you after? [MAZHAR] You two, Leyla and you.
Are you two trying to turn the tables on me? No, not at all.
If you want my spot, you have to kill me.
Do you think you can do that? [THUNDER RUMBLING] I don't want anybody's spot.
I just follow my own path.
[THUNDER RUMBLING] Where have you been? [HAKAN] I went to practice with Mazhar.
We need to leave.
Ready? [ZEYNEP] I'm always ready, my dear.
[HAKAN] Yeah? Is that so? [HAKAN] I've missed this.
[ZEYNEP] What? Nothing.
He's down there.
We need to go this way.
That's where the control panel is.
[HAKAN] Let's wait.
They'll go inside soon.
What if the ones inside come outside? [HAKAN] It's not a good time to argue.
We'll wait.
Hakan, stop patronizing me.
You don't know me at all.
You have to listen to me.
You can't be a pain in my ass here.
[HAKAN] I get it.
You're a tough girl.
And I know you very well.
How do you know me? Huh? Tell me about it.
Let me tell you.
You don't know me at all.
You don't know a single thing about me.
Your tough girl attitude is just your shield.
You've built walls because of your rage.
You fight everything and everybody.
- And you feel strong when you win.
-[ZEYNEP] Hmm.
Still, there's a weeping little girl inside you.
You just don't see this.
But I do.
- Shall we continue? - If you please.
[ZEYNEP] Good.
Hurry up! - Which one? -[ZEYNEP] Seven and eight.
[BEEPING] [HAKAN] Come on.
Let's test the earphones.
Doctor, we tested them several times.
They work.
Hakan, look.
If anything goes wrong Doctor, nothing will go wrong.
I'll go and get the dagger.
OK? Calm down.
You make me nervous.
I'm saying this in case something goes wrong.
Look, what is important is you, no matter what.
What is important is you getting the dagger.
[KEMAL] So you can kill the Immortal.
Thank you.
- I'm here to fix the alarm system.
- Oh! Welcome.
- You're early.
-[HAKAN] There wasn't any traffic jam.
- The system is in the security room.
It's weird.
We don't usually have any big problems.
-[HAKAN] I'll fix it right away.
- Go ahead.
[BEEPING] [DOOR BUZZES] -[TAYFUN] I really liked it.
- Tayfun? -[TAYFUN] Ha? - This guy is the technician.
You guys help him.
- Hello.
-[TAYFUN] Hello.
I don't know what you do.
We can take you to the server room.
I'll check around here first.
Then we'll see.
As you wish.
You can do whatever you want.
[TAYFUN] It's your job after all.
Right, Neco? [NECO] Right.
[NECO] Would you like some tea? That'd be good.
I'll take some.
Wow! God, look at that chick! She is damn fine.
She's gorgeous.
I'd spend a whole week with her in bed.
I swear I would.
Don't tell my wife about it.
What the fuck? [HAKAN] Doctor.
I'm in the security room.
I got rid of the guys.
[KEMAL] Good job.
You're doing great.
- I'm turning on the connection now.
- OK.
[KEMAL] Getting connected.
I connected to the CCTV.
-[KEMAL] Load the virus into the system.
- Got it.
[KEMAL] I'm watching you from here.
Do you think everything is OK? Everything seems fine right now.
Be ready.
We'll start in a minute.
[KEMAL] Now, the cameras and the alarm system will shut down when you activate the virus.
OK, Doctor.
I'm ready.
If you're ready, start it.
MESSAGE SENDING My phone! My phone is gone! - It was just right here! -[GUARD] Are you sure? [ZEYNEP] Yes, I'm sure.
My phone is gone.
Ma'am, calm down.
Mine is gone, too.
Mine, too.
I'm sure it was in my pocket.
Do something, please! Come on! There she is.
She's going! Do something! [GUARD] Come here! Stop! - Come here.
Don't run! -[ZEYNEP] Catch her! What are you doing? You hurt my arm! Let go of me! - Search her bag.
She stole it.
-[CEYLAN] I didn't! You're violating the right of privacy! [CEYLAN] Will you let go of me? -[GUARD] What are these? -[CEYLAN] Who the fuck put them there? Damn it.
[ALARM BLARING] -[CEYLAN] What are you talking about? - I'll press charges.
- I won't leave it like this.
-[CEYLAN] Listen to me! -[ZEYNEP] Just walk.
-[CEYLAN] I'm telling you.
Shame on you! [CEYLAN] You don't listen to me! My dad is in jail! -[GUARD] Sir, wait.
-[CEYLAN] Believe me! [CEYLAN] Shame on you! [ALARM SOUND INTENSIFIES] [GUN FIRING] [PEOPLE SCREAMING] [GUN FIRING] I had enough! [KEMAL] I don't want to live anymore.
Don't come any closer! I don't want to hurt anyone.
Stay away! [TAYFUN] Catch him! Come on! Move! - Don't come any closer! -[GUN FIRING] Stay away! [GUN FIRING] -[KEMAL] I'll kill myself! - Doctor, what did you do? [KEMAL] Stay away or else I'll shoot! Stay away from me! [GUN FIRING] Fuck.
[GUARD] Over there! Stop.
Don't move.
Did he fly? Where the hell did the bullets go? [TAYFUN] He went to the parking lot.
Something must have happened.
- Hakan! Hakan, what happened? -[HAKAN PANTING] What happened? Tell me.
I saw my dad going inside.
What happened? Is he OK? He did it so that I can get the dagger.
I need to go there.
Zeynep, come on! There are policemen everywhere.
We don't know if he's dead or alive.
I can't leave him there.
I said you can't go.
I can't let you risk your life.
- Let me go.
- There's nothing we can do.
- Hakan, please.
-[HAKAN] We have to go.
The police are coming.
I saw him going there.
He looked at me like As if we wouldn't see each other again.
Doctor is a smart guy.
He'll find a way to prove himself innocent.
I didn't get along with my dad before my mom died.
Did you know that? We always had fights.
We yelled at each other all the time.
Every day was a nightmare.
But my mom was there.
She used to hold us together, poor woman.
Dad and I were like vines holding onto the same wall.
Then my mom died.
We didn't know what to do.
We stumbled.
We were lost.
Then we learned to hold onto each other.
Hakan, I'm not ready for this at all.
What will I do without my dad? ["ARI MAYA" PLAYING] Is he late? That's too optimistic.
I think he'll never show up.
I guess this guy needs to learn some manners.
But I suppose he has a good excuse.
I can't reach him.
His phone is off.
I hate phones that are turned off.
I hate phones that are turned on more.
Would you like to keep me company? [FAYSAL] Thank you.
Yes, come on.
Don't overthink about it.
I'm sorry.
I'm ruining your night, too.
Not at all.
So tell me.
What's going on? FED reports are announced.
I was going to send an email.
Forget about that.
I don't want to talk about reports.
What's going on with you? How's your mother? She's the same.
She's alive.
I'm not sure if that's called being alive, though.
You do your best as far as I see.
Don't be upset over things you can't change.
It's not your fault.
Actually, it was my fault.
That night we had the accident, I was the one driving.
Doctor will get out of there one way or another.
He'll find a way.
If he can't, we will.
We'll go and kidnap him.
But you need to stay strong, OK? What happened to that strong woman, that tough girl who challenges the world? Just stop that! I don't want to be strong anymore! Do you think it's easy? Do you think it's easy to shut up and sit, hold your anger, not to shout out each time you're hurt? It's not easy.
It's not.
I know it's not easy.
Not at all.
But believe me.
Everything will be fine.
- Doctor will get out.
- Come on, Hakan.
Even you don't believe that.
They'll never let my father go and you know that.
[FAYSAL] We're actually kind of alike, you know? I blamed myself after what happened to Rüya.
I thought it was my fault, but Believe me, there's really no end to it.
Stop upsetting yourself, please.
Was it a car accident, too? No.
Um Rüya was attacked.
By someone with a knife.
And I couldn't protect her.
"Happy families are all alike.
Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
" A quote of Tolstoy.
To happy families then.
To unhappy families, too.
I rushed things with Hakan.
[FAYSAL] Leyla, please.
Don't think about it.
I'm sure he has a valid excuse.
I don't want to make mistakes anymore.
Do make mistakes.
Don't make just one mistake.
Make multiple mistakes.
You grow up as you make mistakes.
And one day you'll understand what we call experience is the total of those mistakes.
Are you mad at me because I left Doctor alone in there? You still haven't realized anything, have you? You still don't know how important you are.
My dad did what he needed to do, and I'm proud of him.
Be proud of him, as well.
You'll stab the Immortal with the dagger for my father and for all the ones we've lost, Hakan.
You will do that.
[HAKAN] All right, OK.
I promise.
I will take revenge of all the suffering.
Don't cry.
[THEME MUSIC PLAYING] Subtitle translation by Esin Gürgür