The Protector (2018) s03e06 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 6

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [footsteps approaching.]
I'll love you forever.
There are a thousand things.
We'll never be ready.
Yes, we need to hurry.
There is still too much to unpack.
Is it certain we'll stay here? Burak knows this place very well.
We're doing our best to be safe.
How could I have done that? Why did I trust him? Don't, Zeynep.
We all trusted him.
Some trusted him more.
Are we staying? Yes, we are.
But Burak is not our only problem.
There's Faysal, too.
- He blames us for Rüya's death.
- He wouldn't be wrong.
- True.
- This is our home.
We aren't going anywhere.
If they come, they'll come ready to fight.
You failed to see what that son of a bitch was trying to do, trusted him with your eyes closed I have important news.
Art galleries, warehouses and auction houses have been broken into.
They are places where Ottoman weapons are either stored or displayed.
What's that got to do with us? Look at them.
Who are they? They were promised immortality.
- They are - The Vizier's men.
- Exactly.
- Are they stealing old weapons? So far, nothing has been stolen.
If nothing's been stolen They are after something important.
Okay, but why weapons? When he gave pieces of the key to the Loyals, the Protector said "They are now your comrades in arms.
" He told them to hide the pieces in their swords.
Arif and Sami are in the archives.
I'll call and tell them we're looking for a sword from the 1450s.
Do that, because the Vizier will not rest until he finds the last piece.
It'd be a tall order while we're here.
"We"? You've done enough, Zeynep.
Look at me! I'm as upset as you are.
Rüya died right before us.
We made a plan regarding the pieces of the key, and somebody I love died as a result.
- Somebody you love? - Yes! Be careful when choosing your friends! What do you mean? - First - Guys! He became a human! - Then you slept with him! - I didn't know! - Why is the Vizier so close? - I Guys Time is running out.
Since you're blaming me for Burak, I'll bring him to you.
Do that.
You may be able to make amends.
And what will you do? What will I do? I'll visit the memory of the Protector.
I may learn something about the last piece and find it before he does.
[Adamlar's "Zombie" playing.]
[inaudible dialogue.]
Give me a vial.
You know it's not good for you.
I know, Nisan.
I do.
But I know nothing about the Vizier or the key.
My only option is to go back to the past.
Therefore, I need to drink it.
In fact, I need to drink two vials to go to the moment I can see the Vizier.
I'll give you a whole syringe if you like.
- On one condition.
- Name it.
I'll be with you.
Okay, agreed.
Sit down.
[voices whispering.]
[Rıza coughing.]
God bless you for coming.
- Master Rıza - The doctors say my illness has advanced.
I need to take measures regarding the thing that was entrusted.
What do you want to do? I've been honored with what you've entrusted.
My Protector, you know best what to do.
Are you okay? Hakan.
I saw something.
Help me.
What did you see? I was in the home of a Loyal.
He was about to die.
He was sick, said he was dying.
Gave a piece of the key to the Protector.
So, it was the Protector who hid the piece? What did he do? Hid it in the hilt of his sword.
The key the Vizier is after is in the Protector's sword.
Sami and I went through the archives, searched everywhere.
We're looking for a 500-year-old sword with an eagle's head on the hilt.
Have you found anything like that? Unfortunately, we haven't found any with an eagle's head.
Where is this sword? I need to find that sword.
[Hakan groans.]
Hey Look at you.
It's the medicine.
I need to go, Nisan.
Hakan, no.
I need to find it before the Vizier.
You'll be paralyzed.
What do you want? Do you want to kill yourself? - You're being dramatic.
- I'm not.
If you persist, you won't have strength to save anybody.
Nisan, leave me alone.
What if I don't? If you don't, I can tell you that we had a relationship and it was good.
But you'll be hurt if you expect more.
I have a duty.
This city.
I'll be of no use to anybody.
Okay, agreed.
Agreed? Agreed.
You have responsibilities.
I have responsibilities.
We have no time for anything else.
[rap music playing.]
Where to, beauty? Are you lost? [Zeynep.]
I've come to the wrong place.
You don't come here by mistake.
Somebody sent you here? Obviously he doesn't want to see you around.
I'm looking for someone.
He moved recently.
You know him? You know where he lives Piss off.
Don't look for trouble.
This isn't a good place for girls.
I'll make you eat those words.
Try me.
[glass breaking.]
Still think this isn't a good place for girls? Bravo.
Now, tell me.
Where is this Burak? Who is he? [doorbell rings.]
We had a customer in Grand Bazaar.
He used to collect old swords.
He'd know.
Yes? I'm Selim but you haven't said your names.
I'm Nisan.
- Nisan.
- Nisan.
Selim, we're looking for a very special sword with an eagle-headed hilt.
You used to work in Grand Bazaar.
But it's all in the past now.
Why? Are you doing something more important now? [Hakan chuckles.]
Welcome, miss.
We've been waiting for you.
The sword you're looking for is invaluable.
Why? I'm curious.
Why invaluable? Because it is made from meteorite.
Meaning the common meteorite we know It does not break and never loses against the enemy.
Only five swords were made.
The eagle-headed sword survived to the present day.
It's said that the rest got lost during the Janissary rebellion in 1622.
So, the sword is here.
In the university.
Do you believe these things, that if someone opens the secret passage, Istanbul will be destroyed? You know what they are capable of.
You saw it.
But you say a passage two different worlds.
Doesn't it sound like a fairy tale? I've learned that it's not a fairy tale.
Stay here.
Call our guys.
[cell phone ringing.]
Answer it, Protector.
Are you afraid of your own reflection? Vizier.
I know who you are.
I'll tear you to pieces.
Angry voice does not become you at all.
But do you know what does? - Playing a game with me.
- [Hakan.]
What game? What game? A game where you make a choice.
Between two things you love most.
Which one will you save? Istanbul or Zeynep? You can only save one, Hakan.
If you choose the key, Zeynep will die, but Istanbul will be saved.
If you choose Zeynep, that cute girl will live, but your beautiful city will be destroyed.
A just choice for a traitor like you.
- What do you say? - Why are you doing this? [Hakan sighs.]
I want you to think.
How does it feel when you lose everything even though you have done the right thing? Zeynep.
[coughing then groans.]
Easy! [Burak.]
I'm not good enough for you.
You're talking nonsense.
Of course you're good enough.
You saved my life.
Really? Yes.
Everything will be okay.
No! Stay with me! Open your eyes! Burak! Open your eyes! Burak! [Zeynep crying.]
Please do something.
Please! Burak! Please open your eyes! Burak! Please! Burak! Burak.
Burak, please! Do something! We'll operate on him.
Wait here.
No, I won't leave him! I can't leave him alone! No! You did the right thing.
Choosing Istanbul was right.
I thought Burak was the Vizier.
Yes, you did.
Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! I I didn't mean for it to happen.
I apologize.
Zeynep I'd better go.
Here! Protector, you brag a lot.
But when it comes to action, you are a big failure.
I had you kill your brother.
Then what happened? You blamed your friend.
He's on his deathbed.
Do you still think you can find me? Who is left? Who is still with you? Are the Loyals with you? What happened to Zeynep? Who sticks by you? Piss off.
Or are you all alone? [laughing.]
You love to laugh and mock, don't you? Then laugh at this.
I have the key, asshole! You're nothing without the key.
You know it.
What are you doing? Pardon.
The patient is critical, but stable.
He's asleep.
We can do a thorough check if he wakes up.
What do you mean? Is it possible he may not wake up? [EKG beeping.]
These belong to the patient.
Hope he gets well.
What is this? It's a token of my love for you.
Why are you here? I came as soon as I heard.
How can I stay at home when Burak is here? Listen to me.
For him, this is just a scratch.
It seems you don't know him well.
The moment he moved to the neighborhood, I saw what a fine man he is.
He helped us a lot.
Especially during the quarantine.
He worked more than the city, I swear.
He's a good person, isn't he? Of course he's a good person.
He robbed many places to buy his mother's pills and ended up in jail.
His mother? What happened to her? Well When he was put in jail his mother was all alone, nobody to look after her she died.
Don't lose that thing.
The only thing she left.
The angel-hearted thief is giving stolen artifacts as a gift.
It's not stolen.
Accept it.
Bro See you.
[door closes.]
At last.
Where were you? I've been looking for you.
What's that? Nisan, go away.
Why? Shall I come and go as you like? I'm not a lapdog.
I said go, or else I'm not going.
Go! Go! Remember the day you came? You were afraid of me.
Remember? You need to fear again.
People die because of me.
They die because of me.
Go and save your life.
Go! Is that it? This is it? Not good enough.
Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this?! I want you to tell me.
Talk to me.
What's preying on your mind? I'll talk, and you'll understand how I feel? Try me.
[metal clattering.]
I want to go out.
What? I want to go out at night.
Go to a bar, drink all night, without stopping, get drunk and make decisions I'll regret when I get up in the morning.
But I can't.
I can't because I'm wearing this shirt.
I can't because I'm wearing this dagger.
I can't because I'm protecting Istanbul.
I can't.
I can't.
I want to speak, Nisan.
I want to forget everything even for one night.
I want to be that foolish Grand Bazaar boy who doesn't have a future.
I killed my brother.
I want to forget that a man is fighting for his life because of me.
I want to forget how lonely I am.
We roar like a cannon.
We are mortal.
We are Loyal.
Now that you have your tattoo, it's time you got well and joined us, Mr.
Time to resume your duties because being a Loyal obliges you.
Because Loyals don't desert or let anybody down.
Neither will you.
You'll come back to us.
Please open your eyes, Burak.
Please come back to us.
You're going.
It's late.
Stay a little longer.
Why? Well What? Why do you want me to stay? Haven't you got an answer? And you think you're brave? You have the courage to die for others, but not for this, right? You're the biggest coward, the weakest man I've ever known.
- Hakan - Nisan.
[Cem Pilevneli's "We Got Arrested" playing.]
Blame me Right on Nisan Later tonight Later tonight Knock me down Behind your walls Hit me tonight Like in a fight Yeah [inhales sharply.]
[voices whispering.]
I mourned for you.
The time has come.
For what? For revenge.
He will pay for what he did to us.
Hakan? [Hakan gasping and groaning.]
My love.
Look at you.
You suffer a lot.
I thank you for this.
I couldn't have done it without you.
I'll keep all my promises, Hakan.
I've finished you.
Now it's your loved ones' turn.
I'll kill them one by one.
This time, you won't get in the way.
Subtitle translation by Hamit Caliskan
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