The Protector (2018) s03e05 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 5

1 NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Why are you hovering over me like a ghost? Look who's talking? Was it me who went to the past and wandered about like a ghost? I don't see anything.
I am stuck in that moment, seeing the same thing over and over.
But I can't see his face.
What happened to your hands? It's not only my hands, my whole body becomes numb when I go to the past.
I push myself harder to see more, but I don't know what to do.
I don't know what you should do there either, but there is a lot we should do here.
There's a new development? Exactly.
Rüya is very pissed because I deceived her.
She wants to get even and made a proposal.
She is so pissed at Faysal that, if we kill him, she'll give us the pieces of the key.
- So Faysal means nothing to her.
- Exactly.
But there is one problem.
Rüya was excluded from the vizier's plans a long time ago.
Only Faysal knows where the vizier is and what his plans are.
So what? When you go to kill her, put the dagger to her throat and he'll sing.
What if he doesn't? If the plan works, we'll not only get the pieces of the key, but also the vizier.
Could you tell it from the beginning? I will.
But first call Rüya and say that we accept her proposal.
Most importantly, where is Faysal? Rüya says every time Faysal retires into seclusion, he goes to a ranch.
And because he is a fugitive, he must be there.
So you've become so despicable as to collude with them.
Who is speaking? The wretch who made his woman mortal? You've come to the end of the road.
There is no way out.
But - But you are not alone.
- No.
You can't do this.
You have until tonight.
You'll share everything you know.
Who the vizier is, what his plans are, why he has formed an army.
Or else I'll kill one of you in front of the other.
You decide which one of you I should kill.
There is no need to wait, do whatever you want.
I'd rather die than talk to you liars.
It's hours until night.
Locking Rüya and Faysal together? How are they going to make up? You said Faysal is madly in love with Rüya.
He concocted the elixir of death to live a happy life and have children with Rüya.
And Rüya sent him a video even as she was about to leave town.
Although they hate each other, they are each other's weaknesses.
Let's assume you are right and they make up, what will we gain from it? The more Faysal is away from Rüya, the more he draws near the vizier.
But if they reconcile, he won't try to annihilate Ä°stanbul or continue to be immortal.
Once again, he'll embrace his happy thoughts.
Did you plant the camera? I planted it somewhere in that confusion.
We'll see.
Get me out of here! Zeynep! - What? Your plans are failing? - Shut up! The pieces of the key in return for my death.
Is that so? - What? - Why "what"? Please, Rüya.
As if you didn't know.
The vizier heard it himself in Hakan's place.
What are you Did he say, "The vizier heard it himself in Hakan's place"? That was it exactly.
How is that possible? The only ones who know about it are you, me, Rüya, and the ones in the hammam.
Maybe he heard while we were talking in the hammam, but the mirrors were covered.
I sent Aylin to the ranch.
Arif, Sami, could it be that one of them is the vizier? Impossible.
Their parents are descendants of the Loyals.
We only had their names and addresses.
That's how we found them.
Perhaps the vizier took the place of one of them.
The one who we know the least about is Burak.
Are you suspicious of Burak? He is only a petty thief.
Maybe he pretends to be one.
Burak saved our lives in the quarantine zone.
He helped us.
How could he be the vizier? He keeps disappearing.
Did the same thing the other night.
When I asked him where he'd been, he answered evasively.
Uh It may not be what you think.
What do you mean? Burak was with me that night.
Why would he keep it a secret? You and Burak? There's nothing to talk about.
It was just in the moment.
- Zeynep, shut up.
- It wasn't Zeynep, shut up! That's why you want to break up.
And your pretext is that I'm the Protector and have commitments.
Why not say you can't have a relationship, cannot be tied down, because you prefer promiscuity? Hakan.
Don't say things you'll regret.
Our break-up has nothing to do with Burak.
So be it.
But I'm not buying your lies.
Believe it or not, I'm not lying.
I'm telling you the truth.
Gather everybody.
We'll practice fighting techniques.
Without informing them? Do as I say.
Guys we'll do some practice because we need to defend ourselves when we're unarmed.
Super! You have to learn how to defend yourself.
Captain, you want to fight, not to practice.
How did you understand? No! Stop! Enough! You know what you're doing? What? Are you trying to reach the reflection of your boss, the vizier? Shut up.
Don't sweat it, it's useless.
Keep your ideas to yourself.
We're here because of you.
No! We're here because of you! You messed up everything! Me? If you hadn't made me mortal, this would not have happened.
No, this would not have happened if you hadn't slept with Levent.
You know what I did and why I did it, but you are still stuck in the same place.
I'd love to know one thing.
What was it that made him so special? What was the reason you couldn't kill him? Hmm? Was he very caring, very romantic? Or very wealthy? None of these could be the reason.
Or was he a great fuck? Hmm? How did it feel? A mortal Enough! Don't Don't Don't Now you're behaving like a mortal.
Angry, but weak.
Where were you? I've been calling you for hours.
Went out to get some air.
Do I need your permission? Hakan, stop speaking curtly to me and the other guys.
Everybody is trying to help you.
You saw it yourself.
None of them is the vizier.
He is different from the other immortals.
Maybe the ring isn't effective on him.
Come on, don't be absurd.
For centuries, both the Loyals and the Protector have been using the ring stone to hunt the immortals.
Why would the vizier be different? Until yesterday, we had no idea an immortal could speak through mirrors.
The vizier We know very little about the vizier.
I can't be certain.
Neither can I.
So speaking from a mirror isn't your only skill? I'm everywhere.
I'm as close to you as your breath.
As your breath.
You Come out! - Come out! - Hakan - Come out if you have balls! - Are you okay? I'm not okay! I'm going mad! Hakan, please try to be calm! How can I be calm? Didn't you hear him? "I'm as close to you as your breath.
" That's exactly why you need to be calm.
He is trying to drive you crazy.
You I'll be damned if I don't get my hands on you! I have to say, some clues show that the vizier is among you.
- What? - How come? It's hard to believe, but it's a fact.
What does that thing in your hand have to do with it? I'll make an incision on your hands.
If it bleeds, you are not the vizier.
If it doesn't Then we're fucked.
Exactly! You're fucked! Okay, make the incision.
As far as I know, there is a ring stone for this purpose.
- I've already done that test.
- When? During the practice.
If you have tested it and it didn't work, why this then? I just want to make sure.
If you are sure of yourself, you must let me do it.
You tested and made sure.
I don't understand what more you want.
- Shut your mouth! - Wait a minute.
He's right.
- I also think - Do you expect us to ease your mind? - You're going too far! - So what? I joined you to help people, but now you say, "One of you is the monster who is trying to destroy Ä°stanbul.
" - Bullshit! - Come to your senses! Fuck it, I refuse to! So what? Since this morning, you've been behaving strangely.
Enough! Stop it! All right.
I quit.
I will be nobody's whipping boy.
Where are you going? - Stop it! - You can't go anywhere! The vizier is already aware of your plan.
Don't you see? He doesn't need a mirror.
Even a reflection does the job.
You are breaking their hearts for nothing.
Are you ready to talk about the vizier? Are you ready to talk about the vizier? Don't! Your wife says don't.
You moved heaven and earth for this woman.
Don't try to look cool.
When I gave you until tonight? That's too much time.
Be back in two hours.
If you don't speak, then that's it.
Hakan I hope you didn't do anything crazy.
If you're concerned about your dear friend Rüya, don't worry.
Only a minor cut.
I'm always with you, on your side, okay? I'm only worried you might act impulsively.
Don't worry.
I did it so that they'd reconcile.
Where to? One way or the other, I'll find the vizier today.
Maiden's Tower.
Nisan, go to the Maiden's Tower.
And bring several vials of the medicine.
We'll test something.
Here Here Our thief is actually a super hero.
Of course he is a hero.
- He's our Superman.
- Superman.
Okay, beat it.
You've got yourself a pretty woman.
Beat it, shorty! Look at the bookworm! I'm honored.
Why are you here? When you left like that, I felt bad.
You came to say goodbye? In fact I want you to come back.
Why didn't you ask me to stay before? He insulted us for no reason.
I understand him.
Since the appearance of the vizier, he's gone berserk.
So what? I'm not in a better state.
But I don't grab people by the throat and accuse them of being an immortal.
Cut it short.
I'm asking you to come back.
You can't do it without me? What? Come on! Stop! I think you really want to die.
This is our dance of love.
Just like the first day.
Let go.
I will.
But I have a condition.
I want that tattoo done to me as well.
The tattoo of the Loyal.
- You wish! - Okay? Why are you obsessed with this tattoo? I want everything you have.
Let go.
Okay! I'm ready.
I'd thrash you but Let's go.
When I was working in the Grand Bazaar, I used to tell the story of the Maiden's Tower to seduce the tourists.
The story of Leandros who drowned as he was swimming to his beloved.
What's happening? Could it be because you've exhausted yourself? Sit.
But it was worth it.
I learned something.
I understand but you look awful.
Let's wait a bit.
You didn't forget it.
Does it hurt? "A soul that hasn't tasted pain is wanting," you used to say.
Maybe my soul is getting what it is lacking.
I used to think that mortals live their lives more real than deep.
Feeling pain, weeping, becoming happy, getting drunk, appreciating each breath they take.
Does it really happen? I always thought being a mortal means playing a losing game.
I used to say, "What's the point of struggling if you'll die eventually?" Now, at every moment of my life, I say this may be the last.
And I'm terrified of dying.
But there is one thing I know every moment of my life is invaluable.
In immortality, nothing is just once.
There isn't a feeling worth dwelling on.
Maybe we lost what we had because we did not appreciate them.
Are you okay? Yes.
Let's begin.
Let's not do it today.
Nisan, we have no time to lose.
You said to wait, and I did.
I'm not here to watch the view.
I know, but You almost died, God forbid, while traveling to the past.
Are you aware of this? Nisan, you're very much into this nursing game.
What's it to you? I'll do whatever I like.
Who the hell are you? Who am I? I care about you very much.
Take it.
My lord? Bury this creature.
Yes, my lord.
Bury his saddlebag with him, so that he's gone forever.
What's in that bag? Fuck! Fuck! We're here.
You can go.
Get some rest.
I had to listen to their nonsense the whole day.
Thank God, they stopped talking.
I'm going.
- Okay.
- See you.
See you.
They're very quiet.
Perhaps the only moment I felt as if I were dying was when I realized I was in love with you.
But you were completely oblivious.
Cavidan? Cavidan.
Hüsrev? Are you all right? What happened? I was on my way to the aqueduct to watch the sunset.
I slipped and fell.
I'm going there too.
Let's go together.
Everything we value is under that aqueduct.
The budding of our love and its rebirth.
I have a confession to make.
That day, I wasn't there by chance.
What? Cavidan? Hüsrev? You always went there to watch the sunset.
And I couldn't think of another way to attract your attention.
I mean I was always in love with you and you were not aware of it.
But you ran away from me for years to avoid a relationship.
Because I am not as courageous as you are.
I've always loved you.
I wanted you to love me always.
But I was afraid of the immortals.
For you.
What's this? The token of my love for you.
Give me a break.
A thief with an angel's heart giving what he's stolen as a gift.
I didn't steal it.
Accept it! Anyway, you're my love, aren't you? Your love? Burak, we aren't lovers.
What do you mean? - What about the other night? - It happened in the spur of the moment.
Don't you ever feel like that? Don't you want to have sex when you're depressed or upset? Yes, but it felt more like "I love this girl.
" Hang on.
What did he take out of his pocket? I never parted with it.
You always had the elixir of death with you? I always wanted to have the freedom to leave this life in my hands.
And now I'll tell them everything I know about the vizier.
Then we'll go away and start our new life as two mortals.
Yes, the plan worked.
I need to call Hakan.
No connection.
I'll try to call him outside.
Vizier Fuck! Fuck Fuck fuck You piece of shit Fuck! I knew it I knew it! I knew it I knew it Zeynep Hakan, I have great news! Zeynep, Burak is the vizier.
What? The ring stone we tested this morning was fake.
I found the real one in Burak's bag.
The emblem of the vizier I saw in the past was also in his bag.
Burak is the vizier! You don't need to do this.
This is what I want to do most.
Vizier Vizier He kept himself in our blind spot! How could Burak hide himself so well? Why did you take him there? There is no point in talking about this now.
What's important is their whereabouts.
The vizier was after the pieces of the key.
Therefore he must be after Rüya.
Did Rüya say anything about the pieces? Of course not.
But they were talking about an aqueduct.
All their valuables are there.
Aqueduct? When Rüya came to the airport to leave İstanbul, she had the pieces with her.
Of course.
They are her life insurance.
But maybe she hid the pieces somewhere as she was coming back to your place.
How many aqueducts are there between the airport and your home? Probably a lot.
I don't know.
Let's find out.
I think this is the most likely.
Worth trying.
We find them, we find the vizier.
Let's go.
Let's do it, and be done with it.
Slow! Hakan, be careful! This might be our last chance to catch the vizier.
We'll start from scratch where everything began.
From now on, there's only you and me.
Only you and me.
Come on.
We need to slow them down.
- Are you okay? - Yes.
They're getting away! This is the fastest this fucking thing can go! I'll try once again.
They're gone.
Relax, it's okay now.
I can't see them.
They're far behind.
Rüya! Rüya! Rüya! Rüya! Rüya Rüya Rüya Please! Faysal? Cavidan, are you okay? What happened? This time I'm not acting, my love.
I love you.
Please! Rüya, open your eyes.
Rüya! Please! Please! Please don't go! I beg you! No! Subtitle translation by Hamıt Calıskan
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