The Protector (2018) s03e04 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 4

NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES The key in the drawing symbolizes the beginning of the end.
[thunder rumbling.]
When the key opens the passage, there will be a terrible noise.
Day will turn into night.
Heaven and earth will change places.
The immortals from the past will bring the world we know to its end.
So, it's really the key to apocalypse.
Is that so? Where is the key? There is an answer to all your questions, Hakan.
But I don't have it.
What has this got to do with my shirt? At least tell me that.
Your ancestors are warning you by way of the shirt.
My ancestors? Why? The key belonged to the vizier.
But he lost it when the first protector killed him.
He is once again after the key.
But as I have said, I don't have the answers.
They are in the memories of your ancestors.
Where can I read them? You need to visit those memories, not read them.
Am I getting it right? Are you talking about traveling in time? Is it possible? Whatever you deem impossible is in fact possible.
But the fact that it's possible doesn't mean it's easy.
If you want to go to the past, you need to go to the edge of death, Hakan.
Your team cannot win the cup this year.
Nothing can come out of that team.
With this coach, it's very difficult.
What is your team? Who is your coach? Sorry What's up, Mr.
Faysal? You have something to say? I'd like to ask your permission.
What for, Mr.
Faysal? To beat you to a pulp.
What the hell are you talking about? What are you saying, you prick? Huh? [man.]
Fuck He's not bleeding.
What are you? A human or a devil? [groaning.]
But if you like, I can be your savior.
According to the soothsayer, if the vizier gets hold of the key, we're doomed.
We know nothing about the key.
Where do we start the search? The soothsayer kept saying that the answer was in the past.
It isn't easy to go to the past.
I'll have to wait in Purgatory.
What? Mm.
It's absurd.
There must be another way.
How? I don't Well I'll sound Rüya out if you like.
She's immortal, isn't she? I mean formerly immortal, whatever.
I'm sure she knows a few things.
Worth trying.
Well, then I'm going.
I'll let you know if I find anything.
Burak Captain? I have to find a way to die.
It's a great bank.
Come on, the other day - [man.]
Die! - [prisoners clamoring.]
What's that? Hurry! 8543, code 26 in B-5.
What's all this? Disperse! [man.]
Gentlemen, welcome! - [guard on PA.]
Rebellion in B-5! - [alarm wailing.]
All units to B-5.
Stop! Surrender or I'll shoot! Stop! [guard 1 grunts.]
[guard 2.]
Stop! Don't [gunshots.]
[guard 3 panting.]
We're leaving.
My head is splitting.
Waking up has been a problem since I've become a mortal.
Is it normal? Good morning.
I'll make you some tea.
Coffee is for the weak, the vizier used to say.
It seems that old friends have become enemies.
The mirrors are covered.
Are you afraid of him? I fear nobody.
The vizier cannot harm me.
Are you sure? After all, you are a mere mortal.
Don't you worry about me.
The vizier cannot lay a finger on me for I have an important thing.
Very good then.
If you say so I'll make you some coffee, too.
Will you do a coffee cup reading? Cup reading? Really? Me and cup reading? Nowadays, so many things beyond my comprehension happen.
Rüya [vizier.]
Faysal? Faysal? The man's name Captain, what the hell? You want to go to the other side clean? Very funny.
Look I'll get into the water and exhale and you'll keep me under water.
You won't die on me, will you? You have the shirt, you won't die, will you? No, I won't die.
But if I stay in Purgatory too long, I may lapse into a vegetative state.
That's another story.
But how will I know if you've stayed long enough? You're a bright fellow, you'll figure it out.
Come, get behind me.
Thank you, my lord.
Is there a problem? Your summons made us worry.
Is there a sign of the fucking vizier? This time not a sign.
Him in the flesh.
His corpse is upstairs.
What? Are we free from him? Yes, we are.
He was after this.
The famous key.
Gentlemen I've summoned you because I'm giving you a task.
You all know how important this key is.
If it falls into the hands of those from the invisible world, we're doomed.
I've cut the key into four pieces.
Each one of you will be the protector of one piece.
What should we do with them? They are now your comrades in arms.
And I'll deal with the body of the vizier.
No! No! Is he dying? Hakan.
Hakan! [gasping and coughing.]
What have you done? I did what he said.
It's okay now.
Thank God.
Why did you bring me back? What are you talking about? You almost died.
Have you both gone mad? I almost learned the identity of the vizier.
Ah! Look who's here! Mortal Rüya.
Have you come to mock me? No.
I'll ask you a question.
Where are the pieces of the key, Rüya? Don't say, "Which key?" Because we know you stole it from Faysal.
I guess by "we" you mean Faysal and you.
Are you back together again? Don't forget to take clean underwear when you visit him in jail.
[vizier laughing.]
So you don't know that Faysal escaped from prison? What? Wherever you hide, I'll find you.
You can do nothing to me.
I have the pieces.
Well then, I'll take the pieces first and then rip out your mortal heart.
What do you mean you went to the past? How did you go? It's a bit complicated, but I've learned a very important thing.
The first protector divided the vizier's key into four pieces and gave them to Loyal families.
Is this why it is in the shape of a key? Exactly.
What a key! It's at the bottom of everything.
Hakan, I have a question.
Is it okay if a non-Loyal hears our secrets? I'm only lacking a tattoo, but I can get it.
It's not done to the likes of you.
All right, keep your tattoo to yourself.
Back to the subject.
Rüya has three pieces of the key.
- Did she steal them from the Loyals? - Stole them from Faysal.
But if you ask where Faysal got them, I have no idea.
If Faysal has three pieces, where is the last piece? Could it be that one of our families has it? I think we should focus on what we have.
Since Rüya is in our pocket, we must get those pieces, because the vizier and Faysal want the pieces, too.
We should be quick.
Faysal can't do nothing.
He's in jail.
Not anymore.
He escaped.
Fuck! Rüya will never tell us where the pieces are.
[Hakan sighs.]
But if Faysal and the vizier are after Rüya, we can use Rüya as bait.
What do you think? I mean It's a bit risky.
For us or for Rüya? I don't give a damn about Rüya.
If this is the plan, I need to find a way.
Sorry for interrupting, but I may have found a secure way of traveling into the past.
What? How? Come with me.
"Sorry for interrupting.
" Bitch! [lighter clicks.]
Did you impersonate Nisan? Of course not! I was talking to myself.
Besides, why do you care? I don't know.
I think you are jealous of Hakan and Nisan.
No way! One last thing.
You are fond of me.
But in order to keep it from me, you are treating me badly.
- Are you out of your mind? - Shh.
I'll burn your hair.
Take it easy.
I mean it.
- Where you off to? Take me with you.
- To drink, and you're not coming.
[techno music playing over speakers.]
It's really great! Faysal is looking for me, but I'm bar hopping.
I don't think he'd be searching for you in a Beyoğlu bar.
Super! Hiding in locations Faysal won't deign to look for me.
Right now, I don't give a damn about hiding you, Faysal, or anything.
I only want to get drunk.
Are we going in there? If we don't get caught.
If we get caught, we'll pretend to be lovers trying to find a secluded place and they'll pity us.
Come on.
I hope Zeynep is not upset because we're here in the middle of the night.
Why is that? I mean it's as if you two are We're just friends.
What are we looking for exactly? Mandragoras.
- What? - Blood dryer.
It's very poisonous.
You're going to poison me? Everything is poison.
It's the dosage that's important.
Good, I like it.
What exactly does the blood dryer do? Will it stop my heart? Kind of.
It was used to put the patients to sleep during the operation, and according to my research, you'll be in a deathlike sleep.
- So you'll be the death of me.
- God forbid! Okay.
We're looking for a plant which fireflies flit about.
Another round and a tequila.
You must be crazy.
If you throw up, I'm not taking care of you.
And you? It seems you're determined to stay sober.
- Immortals don't get drunk.
- Why? Didn't you ever get drunk? You know what? You're missing something incredible.
Another absurd pleasure of the mortals.
Come on.
It's not that bad to be a mortal, Rüya.
You spend your life in fear of death.
But it is death that gives life its meaning.
Without death, life would be meaningless.
Give me a break.
There are worse things than being a mortal.
Not being able to enjoy life, for example.
Not giving life its due.
Oh! There you go! Whoo! There you go! You can really hold your drink.
Another round, please.
We'll continue.
- To life.
- To life.
Yes, of course.
It's wonderful.
One, two, three.
So, how was it? Traveling to the past? I would have felt a bit weird if it were my own past.
It was like watching a historical film.
They did not see you? No.
I was like a ghost.
What would you do if you went to your past? I'd go to Neşet Baba.
To the days I worked in the Grand Bazaar.
You worked in the Grand Bazaar? What did you think? The Grand Bazaar youth at your service.
And you? What would you do if you could travel to the past? I wouldn't trust people so easily.
Nisan, I think I found one.
- Did you? - Come.
Wait, don't pick it.
We have to pick it when the full moon is at its peak.
Really? That's what they say.
A success story.
From a chemist to a sorcerer.
Stop it! [dance music playing over speakers.]
I can't stop myself.
I'm tired, I need to sit.
We've No.
We've just begun.
I have a confession.
I'm all ears.
This drunkenness, it's worth being a mortal.
Rüya we need to take you away from here.
A life away from Faysal and here.
Wouldn't it be nice? Being away from Faysal? You know what? For a long time, we hid our love from the other immortals.
But because we couldn't stay away from each other, they came to realize it.
How come you fell apart? Our anger took precedence over our love.
Faysal concocted two death elixirs.
One for me and one for him.
We wanted a normal life.
We wanted to have children.
Maybe he didn't give up that dream.
Too late.
You're right.
It's best I left.
Could you arrange something? Certainly.
I can arrange something tomorrow.
Oh! Vizier Tonight, even you cannot dispirit me.
Wait a minute.
- Won't you say goodbye to Faysal? - Should I? Yes.
You want to call him? - You have his number? - Yes.
Isn't this drunken behavior? Calling the old flame? You're right.
It's the first clause of the Constitution of the Drunk and cannot be amended.
I have to say something.
I can't call him.
Record me.
- We'll send him the video.
- Okay.
Here, take it.
- Wait.
- How's my hair? Great.
Faysal, the love of my life, I never thought I'd say these things to you.
I curse the day I met you and every second I spent with you.
You can have your beloved Ä°stanbul, I'm going away.
I hope you'll suffer every moment of your immortal life.
Oh, no! I was expecting something very romantic! He deserves it.
Send it after I've gone so that he won't come after me.
This is one of the best nights of my life.
By life, I mean about a thousand years.
You go home, I'll come in a while.
Are you okay? Very.
What's that? Go ahead.
The keys are in your purse.
Isn't it very peaceful? No humans, no turmoil.
- Let's go.
- Don't be stupid.
What the hell are you doing here? I was worried.
Two women, alone.
I thought I should check on you.
What do you mean? Can't two women take care of themselves? Come on! You're determined to misunderstand.
The problem is with your stupidity, not with my understanding.
You still think women need to be protected.
Who are you bossing around? Who do you think you are? What do you think I am? Am I your stress ball? What you are is obvious.
The same old subject.
What did I steal from you? If you haven't stolen from me, does it mean you aren't a thief? Don't get soiled from being in the car I stole.
Get out! What was this? I don't know.
It's a full moon.
Full moon.
We need to pick the plant.
I forgot.
[upbeat, dramatic music playing.]
They're all connected to the same place.
I overslept.
Hangover? Yes, Rüya and I drank a little bit.
So? So what? Nothing else happened.
I mean, did you find out anything after Rüya got drunk? Yes, in fact, something great happened.
Faysal has a secret phone number and I got it.
Why did she give it to you? We recorded a video.
She wanted me to send it to Faysal.
Faysal, the love of my life, I never thought I'd say these things to you.
I am going away.
I hope you'll suffer every moment of your immortal life.
Yes, we've found the bait.
Zeynep, send the video to Faysal at once.
We'll arrange a private plane for Rüya.
And you, Arif will make sure that Faysal learns about it.
And? And while Rüya thinks that she's going away, Faysal will be waiting for her at the airport.
And us for Faysal.
What if Faysal does something to Rüya? Hmm? I mean if Faysal harms her? Zeynep, do you think Rüya is your sister? Burak would have teased you, but he is very quiet today.
I I drank a lot yesterday.
Great, everybody is drunk.
Okay I'm sending the video now.
And you do something.
Enough of this empty talk.
[Rüya over video.]
You can have your beloved Ä°stanbul, I'm going away.
I hope you'll suffer every moment of your immortal life.
Birol! Yes, Lord Faysal.
My wife is planning a short trip today.
Find out where and when.
[rock music playing.]
After you.
Oh, my God! Grab it! Wonderful! Why are we attacking the immortals with guns? Do you expect us to go at them with chocolate and flowers? Arif, Veli, cross the bridge and watch Rüya and Zeynep.
Burak, you take the main gate.
They're coming.
I think that's Faysal and his men.
Come on.
[music stops.]
Still can't believe I'm leaving Ä°stanbul.
Won't you miss anything about Ä°stanbul? [vehicle accelerating nearby.]
No, I won't miss anything.
What's happening? [Hakan.]
Where have they come from? [Faysal.]
So, you won't miss me at all? Me Your sweetheart! Really? Not at all? How did you find me? It doesn't matter! What should we do? We'll take action in a minute.
We cannot put Zeynep in danger.
Where is the key? Rüya Don't be foolish.
Where? Rüya! So, you want me to live my immortal life in agony.
Where is the key? Where is the key? [grunts.]
Hakan! Hakan! [Hakan.]
Well We meet at last, Mr.
Vizier! Vizier? You think capturing the vizier is easy? You cannot cope with the vizier or his army.
What the hell are you babbling about? Where is the vizier? Tell me where the vizier is or I'll kill you! Where is he? Death is my greatest reward.
For the vizier will resurrect us.
And this time as immortals.
Don't Don't do it! Welcome.
I thought you were gone.
After your deceit? Don't you think we should get even? What deceit? Didn't you see we almost died there? Please, Zeynep.
You did everything to gain my trust, didn't you? Part of a plan, that is.
Even the uncovered mirror.
Right? I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to put you in danger.
I thought of killing you, I must confess.
But then I realized that there is somebody who should die before you.
Who? Faysal.
You will kill Faysal, and I'll give you the pieces of the key the vizier is after.
The man killed himself to be immortal.
I'll go nuts.
Nisan, I need to know the identity of the vizier.
Let's begin, but I don't know if it'll be of any use when you're so tense.
We'll see.
[Hakan exhales sharply.]
What will happen now? Unbrace yourself.
What if I don't go to the right memory? Stop worrying, Hakan.
Leave your logic aside.
Your anger.
Look beyond the world you see.
Are you all right? Are you okay? The vizier Easy.
[closing theme playing.]
Subtitle translation by Hamit Caliskan
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