The Protector (2018) s03e03 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 3

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Good morning! We couldn't start the program so cheerfully for some time! How are you? Good? We missed seeing Istanbul like this.
We got rid of the virus! Virus! Don't forget to get vaccinated.
If possible, administered by a pretty nurse.
We'll share with you the horoscope and news on the hour.
But first, here's a song to celebrate this happy day.
Come on, turn up the volume and start dancing.
Any siblings? A brother, four years my senior.
I had one, too.
Why are you laughing? Why are you laughing? - I'll find you! - Hakan, calm down.
I'll find you! Sooner or later, I'll find you and take my brother's revenge! In fact, you'll pay for not only my brother's death, but for the pain you inflicted on people! Do you hear me? Do you understand? Do you? Don't laugh! Don't! You'll always be by my side.
You will not ever leave me alone.
Understood? Now, go.
The dollar has risen.
People are lining up to be vaccinated.
What? What happened? Interest yourself in such things.
Watch a TV show, go to the seaside, take a walk.
You are a mortal now.
Get used to it.
There's no going back.
It won't matter.
Won't matter if I'm mortal or not because I'm strong, Faysal.
But without me, you're only a puppet in the hands of the Vizier.
I pity you.
Oh, Rüya.
Your ambition.
It's greater than everything, is it not? Can't stand losing a game.
I wish you were capable of loving.
Our life would have been different.
What is it like now? I don't have you, you don't have Istanbul.
I don't know how it looks from there, but from here I see not one, but two losers.
Get out.
Get out! Okay.
I'm going.
Faysal Erdem, you're under arrest for the virus attack.
Not me.
Is it true? Did you spread it? Why don't you say something? Are the rumors true? Wait for the Vizier.
Keep on pushing Keep on pushing Keep on pushing Keep on pushing What you gonna do when you're tired? Keep on pushing Keep on pushing I couldn't reach you.
Are you okay? Normal.
Shall we talk? Talk about what? You may feel good.
We'll continue to do what we've been doing, Zeynep.
Breaking news on a flash development.
Faysal Erdem, the CEO of Cavidan Holding, has been arrested as the prime suspect of the virus attack.
Faysal Erdem has been taken into custody this morning.
Are the rumors true? Did you spread the virus? It's reported that after giving statements he was taken to prison.
We'll be with you with the developments.
What do you think? I'll go to Faysal and you go to Rüya, collect information.
- Right now? - Why wait? We've been through a lot.
You lost your brother, went into quarantine zones, searched for a cure, I almost died.
Let's think about it more and make a good plan.
- I get it, you're right - Zeynep.
Go to Rüya's, observe her, gather information.
And don't put yourself in danger.
Okay? Hakan.
Don't forget it.
You want water? Ask for permission.
A success story.
From marble high-rises to stone prisons.
Faysal Erdem, welcome.
Come closer.
It's not like the outside.
Think of yourself as dead.
You, a king you died.
Now you're my lackey.
If you don't like it you'll die again.
But this time, you won't wake up.
Not because it's what I want.
Our friends here love shish kebab.
Now kiss my hand and drink.
Please forgive me.
Now go.
- Where to? - I'm passing by.
It's closed.
Why closed? Get out of my way! - Come on.
- Take your hands off me! Thought I'd be an easy target when Faysal's gone? Think twice when you are making plans about me.
Let her go.
The prison suits you.
We'll make a deal.
You'll give information about the Vizier, in return I won't harm Rüya.
Love your attitude.
Always sneering.
And I like your attitude.
Always brave.
It's a good thing, bravery.
But courage of ignorance is peculiar to humans.
For instance, animals are different.
They take care of themselves.
Don't be confident of your shirt and lift your eyes to the hilltop.
The Vizier is the hill.
You always have to be one step ahead.
You have to be smarter.
If I were you, I'd withdraw into my shell, accept my fate.
If you don't have an idea, don't ever challenge him.
That's what I do.
Besides Rüya is no longer your enemy.
What? Miss living a normal life? Exactly.
Movies afterwards? Okay? You start.
Faysal and the Vizier are working together.
They are planning something.
He said something about Rüya.
She is no longer your enemy.
What? Loyals used to talk about it, but I'd take no notice.
My dad and others talked about a concoction.
Say it.
What? I think Rüya has become a mortal.
Her hand was bandaged.
Obviously injured, and was trying to hide it.
And Faysal said, "She's no longer your enemy.
" They made the concoction.
The Immortals.
Mortality potion.
Could you find me some Loyals? Okay, but why? I have an idea.
But we need more people.
Four families.
Karaman, Şahin, Yıldırım, Erman, my family.
Raiders in the Ottoman period.
The first Protector kept them by his side.
There are very few members of these families today.
Naturally, they don't want to risk their lives.
But if you like, we can try.
I need somebody versed in informatics and technology.
Arif, from the Karamans.
A computer engineer.
I did ask for his help formerly, but he chose to stay out.
The devil you know My girlfriend said she was home.
And I installed an app to track her.
Entered a coffee shop.
I logged into her bank account.
She paid 42 liras.
One person can't drink so much coffee.
Another app for the gym instructor.
It was full of messages.
I'm being cheated on.
As for your offer, I accept it.
I'm a Loyal.
I need a good lawyer.
Ambitious, motivated.
Berrin, the House of Şahin.
The family is preoccupied with justice.
And she's the last.
They say she never loses a case.
The devil you know You want to take the Immortals and the Vizier to court? Right? No, we'll kill them wherever we find them.
That's all.
I think I can get my hands dirty.
Pile up, baby, pile up We need someone big.
Who doesn't get knocked out by a punch.
Someone huge.
Sami, the House of Yıldırım.
If you want someone to have your back, he's your man.
Doesn't budge an inch.
Also, he is huge like a mountain.
So, only the dagger kills Immortals? Are you sure? Yes, we are.
Will you join us? Couldn't get my nephew vaccinated.
His lungs crashed.
I'd do anything to kill those bastards.
Someone to stand against injustice and will never give up, defend the cause till the very end.
Aylin, the House of Erman.
A brave girl.
Social media activist.
She'll be useful.
Besides, she is my cousin.
Animal research is murder! I lost count of animal testing scandals.
If it weren't shared on social media we'd never hear about it.
You need to be heedful.
People are messing around.
Uh, will you join us? Don't worry.
I and my two million followers are in your service.
Baby, pile up higher Make that money pile up Make it, pile up higher - The devil you know - Make that money pile up, baby Miles higher Make that money pile up, baby Pile up higher The devil you know It's me! Burak.
Are you stupid? Why are you following me? I was joking.
This is no place for jokes.
You'll have a party and I'm not invited? Why? Has our partnership ended? Don't be so nosy.
There'll be a meeting.
Why am I not informed? Why should you be? Firstly, you're not a Loyal.
Secondly, you have to have a talent to join us.
And you're only loitering.
Thirdly, even if you met the two criteria, you wouldn't fit in with us.
Not fit in? Because I wore green? They say it becomes me, I look good.
Bookworm, a question.
How did I get in here? Wouldn't someone who can break in quietly be useful? Is he a thief? Hitting below the belt again.
I came to see you.
You were sick, I was worried.
Now I regret it.
Hey, the captain is up.
Let's ask him.
Captain, Ms.
Zeynep says because I'm not from one of the chosen families I can't be a Loyal.
I say I can be of use.
You? Fine with me.
What? We are very few.
The more the better.
Besides, Burak has proven himself.
Come on.
Let's go.
We'll end a war which is going on for centuries.
There have been losses.
Both Loyals and civilians.
Our losses are in our hearts.
But life is still wonderful.
And we'll kill those who try to ruin it one by one.
The Vizier is the first on the list.
Anyone who doesn't believe in this, leave.
If so welcome.
First target, Rüya.
First step isolation.
We want justice! We want justice! We want justice! What's this? The holding has been seized.
I can't let you in.
Arif, print the confidential correspondence of Cavidan Holding and block their bank accounts.
Berrin, deliver all the documents to the public prosecutor.
We'll freeze Rüya's assets.
I can't go into my own company? It isn't yours anymore.
And your statement will be taken.
Aylin, gather everyone who was affected by this attack.
We'll make some noise.
We want justice! She's Rüya Erdem! Sami you lost your nephew.
In time, we'll take his revenge.
I want you to shout at Rüya your anger.
See this photo? Remember? You'll die as well! We want justice! Rüya must feel alone, fragile, weak, desperate.
Must seek a haven.
We'll do it together.
Then we'll move on to phase two.
Murderer! Murderers! Nisan? Are you okay? Rüya went back to her house.
First phase is completed.
Everything is fine.
And you were worried about me.
Be cool.
Hakan! No! What happened? Where's your shirt? On me.
What? She told it.
Who told what? You didn't have your shirt on.
Because it wasn't on, Levent almost killed you.
- Why are you doing this? Why? - Zeynep.
Calm down.
Have you ever worn this shirt? No.
You can't know its weight.
Don't treat me like a child.
I need to feel like a human being, too.
It isn't working, Hakan.
We're trying, but it isn't working.
You know it, too.
You understand me? No, I don't, Zeynep.
It's not the right time.
I mean not now.
For us both.
If we continue to live like this, our emotions will control us.
We'll fail to decide, we'll get distracted.
We'll become more important to each other.
You'll want to protect me.
It'll be like the domino effect.
So Please.
So, you want to end it? Hmm? Be honest.
Or is there something I don't know? No.
Only this.
Anyway it was something we couldn't name, it was pointless.
It happened impulsively and ended.
Let's end it.
I agree.
Yes this will be much better for both of us.
Everybody ready? Yes.
Scooch over.
Arif, will you be able to disable the alarm? It's already done.
We're ready.
Sami, Berrin, you watch the road.
Arif, Aylin, you go to the backyard.
Burak, you're with me.
Zeynep, wait for us.
Come on.
- Is everything okay? - It is, Ms.
But after the last events, some people left.
We can't do anything.
They don't want to work for you.
But we're here.
Good day.
Hey, handsome! Simple.
Well done.
Stop! Who the hell are you? Come here! I told you I'd be useful.
Stop it.
What are you doing? You're not coming.
Don't you know you can't hurt me with that? Stop! Zeynep, no.
Her lip is bleeding! Don't you see she's become a mortal? So what? I'll kill her! Stop! No! Stop.
Stop! Don't run! Come here! Oh, no.
Rüya! Don't run! Rüya! Come on.
Come on! Quick, they'll be here! Intimidation.
We'll scare the isolated Rüya and she'll withdraw into herself.
As a result, she'll come to us.
Come, don't be afraid.
Nobody can find you here.
You're safe.
You need anything? Many things.
At least you're alive.
Look at it that way.
So, this is what it's like.
What? Pain.
Welcome to the club.
You'll get used to it.
But I don't know what time means for you.
You've been living for centuries.
But this is the first time I feel so old.
It happens.
Can we have a word? Graduation day.
My parents came to America to surprise me.
This was four years ago.
My 25th birthday.
Mom made the cake.
They always indulged me.
I grew up like a princess.
And what did I do? I killed them with my own hands.
Killed them with the virus I created.
I killed my parents.
I did it.
I did it.
You asked me if I was okay? No, I'm not.
I will never be okay.
I shouted my head off, but nothing changed.
I know it won't change.
I want to do something, Hakan.
I want to help you.
I want to kill some people.
I have to ease my pain.
I'll get revenge on the person who did this to me.
They'll regret the day they were born.
You'll see.
Why did you save me? Because we're not murderers.
And you can be regarded as a normal person.
Of course, it doesn't mean you're forgiven for your deeds, but you may change.
Why become a mortal? Is it Faysal's doing? All right, let's not talk now.
Maybe later.
Please leave it on.
You're safe, don't worry.
Good night.
Shout if you need anything.
Don't hold it in.
Let go.
Sometimes you can't control everything.
Therefore, let go.
That's what I did.
My destiny is being a Protector.
The Protector's destiny is to suffer.
I've accepted it.
But you are a superhero.
So Isn't it super being a superhero? I wish I were normal.
For instance if I had met Levent some other time we would have gone fishing.
Or Zeynep.
We'd own a pet.
Just like normal people.
I had dreams.
I don't know what happened.
Wouldn't have wanted it to be like this.
Your parents' fate is not your fault.
One more? Okay.
You don't forget but it helps.
Do you know this song? Mm-hm.
Mom used to play it when I couldn't sleep and I'd sleep in no time.
Her favorite song.
Oh, how nice, how nice It is to love you Oh, how nice, how nice Sweet smile becomes her Her eyes are worth everything Oh, how nice, how nice It is to love you Oh, how nice, how nice - One more? - Okay.
Hakan can't catch me! Hakan can't catch me! Hakan can't catch me! Good morning.
I prepared you some breakfast.
Eat, it may do you good.
Can I stay here for some time? ZEYNEP: THIRD PHASE COMPLETE And thus she'll accept defeat.
And thus we'll infiltrate them.
Faysal I've been waiting for you.
You're late.
I wanted you to calm down.
You wanted to love Istanbul.
You wanted to love your wife.
Most of the time you didn't expect anything in return.
But everything and everybody you love betrayed you.
You've made a mess of everything, Faysal.
Now, listen to me.
Look at me! The attack you prepared was going to have a small impact.
But I have bigger plans.
What do you want from me? I know you have the three pieces of the key.
We'll find the remaining piece together.
We will find the last piece.
After we find it, we will open up the gateway and bring the other Immortals here.
And in the end Return home? We'll make Istanbul our home.
Hakan! You okay, Hakan? The shirt Hakan! Hakan.

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