The Protector (2018) s03e02 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 2

1 NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Make way! His Royal Highness, Sultan Mehmethan! Harun Bey, the raider.
They say you are the bravest of all raiders.
They also say you are the wisest of them.
True, Your Highness.
You will be dedicating your life to Istanbul.
Not only yours, but your children's, who will come after you.
This is a dangerous duty.
Are you aware of the difficulties? I know everything about my duty.
I am ready for anything.
[Sultan Mehmethan.]
You will not be alone on the way.
This is a unique dagger, powerful enough to kill the immortals.
A ring of value to distinguish enemies.
And a shirt that will protect you from all things evil.
They have all been blessed to ensure your triumph.
I will find these people you call "immortals.
" I will kill them all, one by one, Your Highness.
And I will protect Istanbul at the cost of my life.
Then, your first duty is to find the most savage of them and kill him when you do.
The one they call the "vizier slayer.
" [.]
The message says KarakÃy Funicular.
What if it's a trap? We'll see.
You fucking What are you doing here? Faysal! Give me Levent, you son of a bitch! We don't have him.
[announcer over PA.]
The next train is leaving the station in three, two, one [speaker shorts out.]
[man over PA.]
Hello, Hakan.
Tell me, does Istanbul belong to you? Do you think it's yours because you're the Protector? It's the Vizier.
Where the hell are you? Come out! [Vizier.]
Ha! What about you, Faysal? You've been living here for centuries.
Does Istanbul belong to you? You both want this city for such boring reasons.
But, when it becomes mine, the people of this city will turn into my playthings.
And we'll have such great fun together.
- [Hakan.]
What is this? - If you still think you can beat me, bring it on.
Find me, find Levent.
[train bell rings.]
Levent! Shit, Levent! Levent! [yells.]
Vizier! [coughing.]
What's going on? What? Vizier.
It's you, isn't it? You shot me on the bridge.
And you tortured me.
Let me go.
Stop it.
Don't! Son of a bitch! [groaning.]
Vizier! [breathing heavily.]
The footage taken while we were there's been deleted.
We managed to find a deserted station.
And we don't know who or what kidnapped Levent.
Be right back.
Nisan? Don't worry, I won't harm you.
You harmed others.
What happened last night? Are you the police or the military? You're shooting guns, raiding places.
It's not what it looks like.
You can trust me.
The hell I will.
You get shot and nothing happens.
You're bulletproof.
Who are you? [scoffs.]
I am the Protector.
What? [.]
So, my kidnapper is immortal.
And you're trying to save Istanbul from them.
And that makes you a Loyal One? Exactly.
What are you doing, Hakan? What I need to.
She needs to know everything if she's going to be with us.
Do you trust me now? Good.
We need your help with the antidote.
Back to business I did some research on the vizier and found out some stuff.
What kind of stuff? Let me put it this way.
Uh, the vizier is a bit different than other immortals.
Hm Honey, maybe you should exercise to blow off steam.
Last night, the vizier openly challenged us.
Why are you surprised? He loves grand gestures.
But he was our leader till now.
Does he always have to be? Honey Why did he make us face Hakan last night? Because we're just competitors to him.
Even so, we can win at the vizier's game by not engaging with him at all.
We have never been this close in all these years.
We can't give up.
We have to find Levent and kill him.
You know his blood can change everything.
How do we do that? Find the vizier, get Levent.
There's only one place in this city that the vizier calls home.
We'll get Levent's blood and you'll develop a cure.
I couldn't find out much about the vizier.
We have so few documents.
The only thing I could find out is an ancient legend.
A legend? Yes.
The vizier has a special power that sets him apart from the others.
Fresh spices here! [Zeynep.]
It's called, "mastering faces.
" There you go.
The vizier's games scared some people so much that they couldn't look at their own faces.
Many lost their minds.
They were even locked up.
Is that all? I mean, is it just one big horror film script? Of course not.
The vizier is also the leader of the immortals.
In fact, the first Protector's wisest move was killing the vizier first.
Imagine what would happen to Istanbul if he were still alive.
Hang on, um This vizier is one of the seven immortals that woke up at Hagia Sophia? Exactly.
But for some reason, he's been a lone wolf since he woke up.
He hasn't cooperated with Faysal, Rüya or any others.
- [coughs.]
- [Hakan.]
Let's see what we've got.
A mythical creature, a horror film script, and a special power.
Not so bad, actually.
Why do you do this? Is this a joke to you? If we want to find this guy, we need current information.
We do have it.
The building Nisan was kept in.
It's obviously a headquarters.
He set up a system there with armed security.
If we can get in there again Yes, maybe we can find some clues there.
But it's still quarantined.
Actually, there's a way.
But you won't like it.
Just as I expected.
He hid here after he'd woken up.
And he was busy.
Faysal, he's planning something.
And apparently it's not just about the Protector.
Vizier! Vizier! [.]
Vizier! Vizier.
Vizier! Vizier! Let us out! Vizier, we're all on the same side! No.
Vizier, let's talk! No! Come.
What's up, bro? You have some nerve coming here.
Calm down.
What's your problem? Fuck off.
This neighborhood has enough problems without you two.
Look here.
We're not here to make friends with you, idiot.
You're going to find a way to get us in there.
Got it? We'll pay you your fee and you'll do your job.
Do you know what happened when you left? There was a shootout.
Do you know what that means in a quarantine zone? It means chaos.
People pouring into the streets.
Scared people that start riots because they think their shitty lives are about to get shittier.
Look, you idiot.
You'll get us into that neighborhood now.
Because that's the only place we can find the cure that'll save Istanbul.
Your neighborhood, too.
Got it? I thought mum was the word.
I said, got it? So you're You're saying you can save this city? If you're all set, let's get into the tunnels and not waste any time.
Well What? Actually the tunnels may not be ready for public use.
What? What do you mean? I mean Honestly, there are no more tunnels.
The police have been guarding it.
No one's gotten in or out since last night.
It's genius, really.
He can keep us here forever if that's what he wants.
We won't die.
We'll rot slowly.
It's really genius.
You fuck! [trap door opens.]
"Don't forget who your leader is and wait for my orders.
" We're sorry! We won't disobey you again! We promise! [Rüya.]
No, the evidence is burning! Rüya, don't.
It's all burned down.
There were a lot of clues in there! Rüya, don't you get it? He's mocking us.
Did you really have to tell him everything? You told Nisan.
We need her.
Who knows? Maybe we'll need him, too.
Is there really no way to get in? No.
I swear.
Hang on.
What's this? What? I've seen this before.
[rap music plays.]
Are you okay? [Hakan.]
Hey, buddy.
Hey, hey, hey.
Let me go.
I'm just a student.
Calm down, boy! We just have some questions.
How do I know you? You live in Balat, right? - My mom does.
- There.
You're from Balat, too? Sure I am.
I have a question for you.
That graffiti you drew.
Yeah? I've been seeing it everywhere.
- Yeah.
- What is it? I started after the epidemic.
It pays well.
Hang on.
Someone's paying you to draw it? - Right.
- Who is it? I don't know him.
But I went somewhere to see the original work.
Where? - There's a castle in Garipçe, - Yeah.
- right on the coast.
- Yes.
- It's there.
- Thanks.
Okay, bro.
Thank you.
If the vizier's there, Levent Zeynep.
Zeynep! Zeynep.
Zeynep? [Hakan.]
There's blood.
Her pulse is really fast.
She might have the disease.
Pick her up.
We'll take her - to our place.
- No! What do you mean, no? You said you could find a cure and save this city.
You do what you need to do, bro.
I can't leave Zeynep.
I'm here.
I'll take care of her.
You go and find that cure.
Save her and the city.
- Hakan, go.
- Zeynep? Go.
Hakan, go.
I'm going to save you.
I promise, okay? Look here.
Take good care of her.
[Zeynep coughs.]
I'm feeling better.
I must find Hakan Listen to the doctor.
She's not a doctor.
Maybe an IV? Oh Such a tough girl, scared of needles.
It's not just an ordinary shot.
She'll have to gain vascular access, put in an intravenous catheter, and the IV I don't get those fancy words.
It's a needle.
Just so you know, I've been shot before.
Gunshot wounds hurt a lot.
Is that so? So, bookworms can get into danger and shot, too? Twice, by the way.
Oh Show-off.
Okay, then.
I'll believe that you're not I mean A nerd.
Nerd? Couldn't come up with something more original? Hey, all done.
That's it.
- All done.
- [coughs.]
You shouldn't have bothered.
It doesn't seem very hopeful.
Come here.
Don't say that.
Hang in there.
You'll be okay.
Lay down for a bit.
Come on.
Little bookworm.
You're giving up.
I'm not.
I'm only keeping our promise.
Our promise? Remember we had a plan? Find and kill Levent.
Rüya, are we going to disobey the vizier after all we've been through? Yes! Faysal, look at me.
When have threats ever stopped me? Rüya, okay.
Please, stop it.
It's fine.
I'll find and kill Levent on my own.
How? Wait a minute.
You know where the vizier is? I have a guess.
I saw it in the pictures at the shelter.
The vizier asked Hakan and you whom Istanbul belonged to.
I'll show him who.
I don't even get a last wish, you jerk? Come on.
Tell Hakan that I'd take everything back if I could.
I'm so sorry.
So sorry.
I'm sorry.
Hakan [coughs.]
Hakan, leave me.
You're not touching him.
You won't be able to stop me.
We'll see about that, Rüya.
Levent, run! [yells.]
Levent, get up.
We're leaving.
Come on.
[door opens.]
Nisan! [Nisan.]
I'm here.
Come on.
Okay, that's enough.
All done.
Is that it? She's cured? Completely.
It's over.
You're fine now.
I don't know what I'd do without you.
Whatever happens to me I mean, to us you're the Protector, and there's nothing more important in this world, okay? [man.]
Hey! What should I do with these? I talked to Kemal's friends.
They'll get the cure to where it's needed.
You just take these to him after they've been filled.
Can you do that? I'll do anything for Istanbul.
I should leave.
I don't want to be a burden.
You better.
Hakan, I'm so proud of you.
I'm sure our parents would be, too, if they were still alive.
You helped us.
Thank you.
But if you think this makes everything okay No, it's not like that.
I always tried to be somebody.
I tried that when I was a kid on the streets and got beaten up, too.
Then I grew up and I beat them up.
I was trying to be somebody, then, too.
But I guess I should have tried to be your big brother first.
I should have been a dad to you after our parents died, but I couldn't.
Remember this? You still keep that? Yeah.
That's humans for you.
You can't believe what they do for an ounce of love.
They make huge mistakes.
But you won't make them, not with those people around you.
I wish I were as lucky as you are.
Life doesn't treat everyone fairly.
Remember me when you look at it.
Keep it.
My love.
It'll calm you down.
Can you believe it? An immortal offered the only thing that could stop the attack to the Protector with his own hands.
You know, I didn't know what to do when you weren't around.
I was always suffering.
I was living, but I was actually dead.
I had only one purpose: to bring you back.
And I did it.
But nothing's gone my way since then.
I did everything you asked me to.
Even things I didn't want to do.
The attack? Okay.
Following the vizier? Okay.
What have you done? You pointed a gun at that asshole, but couldn't pull the trigger.
Zeynep? Look.
I don't know much about compassion or forgiveness.
But I'm the Master of the Loyal Ones now.
I'm the one that needs to say: "He's from the Protector line.
" So you should reconsider, okay? Levent.
Well If you don't have a place to stay, you can spend the night here.
Look, I can explain that.
I had dreams, too, like you do.
But they were simpler.
A simple home, a simple life.
Would it be so bad if we had a daughter? Faysal I'm sure she'd take after you.
Her eyes, her stubbornness.
But I'd be an okay dad.
The attack failed, and we couldn't find - the last piece of the key - Rüya.
You don't need to worry about the key or the attack anymore.
I do.
We all need to worry.
When you were away, I didn't only look for the blood, but also for the elixir.
The elixir of death.
Faysal? I think immortality is overrated.
And I thought if we both drank that elixir, we'd be a real family.
We'd live happily in this world and then just leave it.
The elixir is not real.
It's a myth.
It's real.
And you just drank it, darling.
I mean, you You'd never do that to me.
You don't believe me? No.
Try and see.
Faysal? [gasps.]
[song plays in Turkish.]
This was more of a secret headquarters, but I mean, really No.
Are you okay? I am.
The shirt is making me tired.
I'll go take it off.
That's it.
I can show you sometime if you feel like it.
- You can take the one you like.
- Okay.
Levent? What are you doing? Snap out of it! Levent! - Levent.
- Hakan [both panting.]
Hakan, they've changed me.
I didn't know, Hakan.
What do you mean? What are you saying? [gasps then retches.]
Hakan, if we had more time, we'd be real brothers.
Levent! Levent.
Levent, no.
What do you think? You like my game? You and I will play a lot of games, Protector.
And when I'm done with you, you'll beg me to kill you.
You You're the vizier.
You're the vizier.
I'll find you.
And I'll fucking make you pay.
I'll find you.
Do you hear me? I will.
The immortals are here to destroy Istanbul, right, Hakan? Maybe you've noticed.
I'm a bit different than the others.
Because I'm here to kill you.
I'll find you.
I will! Where the hell are you? Show yourself.
Where are you? Show yourself! [breathing heavily.]
[closing theme playing.]
Subtitle translation by Bilge Nur Gündüz
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