The Rain (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Avoid the City

1 Run, they are going to kill us! Who are they? Stop or I'll shoot you! - Run! - My glasses! - Get up! - Stop or I'll shoot you! - My glasses! - Stop! Wait! Stop right there.
Get up.
Stay there.
Nice and easy.
- Patrick, got her? - Yes.
Leave us alone.
 What do you want from us? - Grab their stuff.
- Yes.
- Give me that.
You can't have it! - Put it down.
Put it down.
Put it down! No.
Shoot me.
Just shoot her.
- Put it down.
- Then shoot me.
There is no food in the bag.
Put it down.
Shoot her.
I can show you where there's food.
Okay, Jean, Lea.
Let's go.
She's lying.
We should just take their stuff.
We have made our way into the headquarters in Sweden.
Get up here now, no matter the cost.
We must fix this He was told to go there.
- Did you find it here? - Yes.
What did your dad do? He works for Apollon.
Doing what? - Trying to save the world.
- Trying to save the world from here? - Well, that went well.
- They were working on a cure.
But they didn't find one.
- You can't know that.
- Yes, I can.
We've heard those rumors a million times.
And that message is six years old.
But you haven't been there, have you? Have you been to Sweden, to Apollon? No, but we've been to other places that were allegedly better.
Come with us or stay.
We're going.
I want to know if our dad's alive.
If your dad was alive, he wouldn't have left you here for six years.
You don't know squat about that.
The only way to Sweden is through Copenhagen, the only way out of Copenhagen is the Long Bridge.
- Okay.
- The other bridges were demolished.
Why? To make control posts to restrain people and contain the virus.
Walk along the tracks.
Steer clear of the Strangers and other people.
The few left in the city will kill you for food.
We'll stay here and survive.
Pack your stuff.
Simone, do you think we can make it without them? Hey, of course.
Come, let's go.
The city is dangerous.
What if we meet people there? We just have to get through unnoticed.
We'll reach the next bunker before dark.
We'll be safe there.
I don't like it.
I know, but we can make it, you and I.
You're all talk, no serve.
Yeah, yeah! - Oy.
It's still on.
- Yeah.
Where are the others? They left to find their dad in Sweden.
- Ready? - Yes.
Their dad's in Sweden? Does it matter? But they shouldn't have gone without us.
They won't make it on their own.
They'll have to.
We're not going.
- Ready? - Yes.
What's up? Martin kicked out Rasmus and Simone.
No, I didn't.
People can do what they want.
Come on.
- Where did they go? - To Sweden.
They think their dad's in Sweden and that he can "save the world.
" - Come on.
- We're going with them.
What? If their dad can save the world, we need to help them find him, or they will die.
So what? They helped us when we needed it.
It's not just about surviving, it's about hope.
We're going with them.
But it's really dangerous.
- What is? - Dangerous We're not doing anything dangerous, right? Let's go.
Pack your stuff.
We must find Simone and Rasmus.
Let's find the others.
Are you there? Martin? Sit down.
Weren't you hungry? We try to keep our distance.
Particularly people who might be infected.
You didn't mind stealing our stuff.
Nice guys.
They don't have a chance of surviving.
We'll leave them early in the morning.
Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name - Please dig in.
- Thank you.
Where did you learn to cook? From my mom.
Was she a chef? - Was that a stupid question? - No.
Tell us about your mom.
Ask him what his name is.
He's called Jan, right? Isn't it Jan? - What? - His name is Jean.
- Jan? - Jean.
- Sean? - Jean! His mom named him after Jeanne d'Arc because she hated men, right? Tell us about when she made you wear a dress to school.
- Stop, Lea.
- Sorry.
You suck, Lea.
Hey, who is this Jean Dark fella? It makes no sense to just walk out on months' worth of food.
They'll be knocking on the door soon, begging to come back inside.
Are you sure? Beatrice is so goddamn annoying! Shit, this is crazy.
- It's completely destroyed.
- What the hell happened here? Look, what's that? Rasmus, don't go in there.
Rasmus, let's go.
Rasmus, someone's coming! Get down! We can't go out! Keep quiet.
Having fun? Hi! Hi! What's going on? We're going with you.
We believe in you.
You're kind of a What did you call her? - A guiding star.
- Yes.
- Lea believes in God.
- It has nothing to do with that.
A guiding star is just someone you want to follow.
What about the others? They'll follow sooner or later when Martin realizes we aren't coming back.
Why are you all looking at me? Because you're in charge.
What? No, I I'm not in charge of anyone.
Then I'll be in charge.
Perfect! Want me to drive? We are the champions! Is anyone hungry? - I'm always hungry.
- Come on, guys, we need to keep moving.
What does she think is in Sweden? Their dad? Apollon? What does Beatrice think she'll get from joining them? Fuck them.
We're better off without them.
It's strange, don't you think? There's nothing left.
They're marching into death.
We can't change that.
Pack your things.
What the fuck? Can I taste your Chili Cheese Tops? What? I'm eating bunker food like you.
This is Burger King.
Okay, I'm eating a pizza with shawarma, greens, and dressing.
It has to be from Burger King.
I'd rather have a pizza.
We need to move on.
It's dangerous here in the city.
There's a bunker in Amager.
We can spend the night there.
- Where are you going? - To get some new glasses.
Is that okay? I haven't seen clearly for years with these.
Didn't you hear Simone? It's dangerous here.
If it starts raining, we'll be trapped.
You have five minutes.
- That's fine.
- I'll join him, make sure he gets back here.
Do you think Martin's looking for us? Whatever.
I don't need him anymore.
What are you doing? We're staying together, aren't we? What's so dangerous about the city anyway? There was a lot of food here at first so people gathered here and infected each other.
Those that weren't infected were so desperate they stole from each other.
Now they're killing each other for food.
People kinda suck.
They're hungry.
Simone, we have to get out of here.
Come! What about the others? - What's happening? - Come on.
Now! They're coming! Beatrice.
This way.
We have to find Jean and Lea.
Rasmus? Beatrice? How do I look when you're not wearing glasses? - You look fine.
- Take them off.
Go ahead.
- Can you see my braces? - Yes.
Sure you can.
How many fingers? - One.
- Yes.
Lea, don't be so mean.
Okay, let's have a look.
They look great.
They're so you.
Oh, dear.
These would be great, too.
Or these.
Can you see okay? Yes, they're fine.
Can you see me? - Yes.
- Can you? - Yes.
- That will be 1,000,000 kroner.
- Do you take MobilePay? - Yes.
Then I need your number.
Sure, you can have it.
You can.
We need to get back to the group.
Rasmus! Rasmus! Beatrice! Rasmus! Rasmus! Rasmus! ANETTE IS MISSING WE'RE SEARCHING FOR JOSEPHINE.
You shouldn't be here.
It's dangerous.
There's got to be someone who's looking after you.
- You go through a lot of shit for her.
- Who? Beatrice.
- It was easier when it was just us.
- Whatever.
Go on.
Okay? - The rain's coming.
- We have to find Simone first.
No, we must get inside now.
I grew up right in there.
- What? - I was born in there.
- My mother gave birth to me in there.
- Okay.
- But Simone is - No, hurry up before the rain starts.
Hey, we have to get out of the rain.
Come on.
I'm sure she did.
You lived here? Why haven't you been back for all those years? I need to tell you something.
I have a secret.
My parents were getting a divorce.
My dad had just told me.
I didn't want to talk to them.
I just took off to the movies.
And when I came back out, everything was gone.
He'd been calling and leaving messages.
In the first one, he said my mom was sick but that she'd be fine.
In the next one, he had started feeling sick, too.
He didn't know what to do.
He felt strange.
He told me to take good care of myself and never come back home.
And in the final message there was nothing.
Only silence.
It looks like they liked each other in the end.
They did.
Where are your mom and dad? Are you all alone? What's that? Nothing.
May I see? Is it morphine? It makes my tummy stop hurting.
You shouldn't be eating pills.
You need food.
This is much better for you.
Hey! Hey, do you hear me? Let him go.
I didn't do anything.
Keep away from him.
Keep away from my son.
- Think the group made it inside? - Yes, I hope so.
Why haven't you thrown it away? I won't until I know what it does.
What if it's a tracker? Then they'd have been here by now.
Fucking Fuck, man! - What's up? - It's hash! - That's not hash.
- What is it then? I don't know, but it isn't hash.
- It's shit.
- Nonsense.
- You think it's shit? - It's old shit.
- You've never seen hash, that's why.
- It's six-year-old shit.
You can actually eat it.
Yuck! Gross! You're so stupid.
What did you do? I just threw it.
What's that? A map.
- That looks like a wall.
- A wall? Fuck, we're in a quarantine zone.
Has the rain stopped? No Yes.
Let's go up.
The view is awesome up here.
You can see everything.
And no people in sight.
Sometimes that's really nice.
It would be better if you weren't here.
It's irony.
I don't understand.
Well, you'll have to learn.
- Say the opposite of what you mean.
- Why? Because.
Because you're ugly? Come, let's find your sister.
Why did you help him? He needed food.
But it's not normal.
Not here.
I'm not from around here.
Get out while you can.
There's nothing but animals here.
What do you mean? There are people here.
No, it just looks that way.
Then why are you still here? He's too weak to travel.
I can't protect him.
I wanted to cross the bridge with him.
They say there's a doctor.
A doctor? She's supposed to be in a place called Little Bjärred.
He might make it all the way if he gets enough to eat.
You are the first real human I've met.
I don't know Thank you.
No need to say thanks.
I must get back to my brother.
- Food - We have food.
Come on.
- See this.
Try it.
- Is that food you have? - What? Answer me.
Is that food you've got? - Hurry away.
We don't have anything.
Don't you touch him! - Don't! Stop.
- Let go! - Don't! No! - Show it to me.
- Don't! - Give it to me! I need it! Help! We have to get out of the city, now! - Where's Rasmus? - Hi, Simone.
We were waiting for you.
What the hell do you think you're doing? Moron! - It's not funny.
We can't stay here.
- Simone, what's going on? - Now! Hurry up! - Simone, what's happened? Grab your bag.
Put it on.
Put the bag on.
Come on.
I fucking hate you.
Give me your food.
Now! - We can't spare any.
- Now! - Give him the bag.
- Martin says Fuck him! Give it to him before more come.
There's more in the next bunker.
- Where is there more? - Nowhere.
Give him some from the bag! Hey.
- Let him go! - Okay Now tell me where there's more food! Where is there more food? Please Let him go.
Where is there more food? - Let him go.
- Should I stab him? Let him go! Go on! Move away.
Step away.
Rasmus, come here.
Step away.
I'm gonna count to three.
One two three.
No! Leave him! Martin, do something! Do something or he'll die! Focus! Breathe.
Patrick, gauze! Hurry! - We're out.
- Give me the duct tape.
Okay, breathe.
We have to get out of here.
There's a bunker in Amager.
There is? Find something to transport him in.
If you don't keep quiet, more of them will come, so shut up! Is it here? - It's right here.
- Come on.
It's right here.
Fuck! Someone's been here! - Maybe they're still down there.
- I'll see if it's safe.
I'm coming with you.
Check there.
Can you find anything? The medicine cabinet's empty.
There's no one here.
Come on! Bring him in there! - It hurts! - Fuck! It hurts! He needs to shut up! We'll dress his wound and move on.
What's that? Painkillers, I think.
Where the hell did you get those? Rasmus, swallow this.
It'll make you feel better.
I'm dressing your wound, Rasmus.
Press here.
There, there.
Easy, Rasmus.
It'll be fine.
I'm sorry, Rasmus.
It was stupid to leave without the others.
Good thing he has you.
I'm not so sure.
I am.
I had a little sister.
I'll stay with him.
You should get some sleep.
Thank you.
I'll look after you.
We're in this together.
Patrick and I will continue without you guys.
It's safer to travel in small groups.
But I thought we were together now.
I have a secret.
I grew up down there.
- Seriously? - I was born there.
My mom had me in there.
That's crazy.
Want to have a look? No.
I haven't been there since the rain came.
My mom saved me.
She told me to stay indoors and not go out.
I saw them die.
Your parents? And my little sister.
I'm sorry.
I took care of myself, then I met Jean and Lea.
It's better to travel together than alone.
Right? Are the two of us moving on, Martin? Yes.
But they're coming with us.
Would you like that? You'll look after us? You're with us now.
That way? There's a doctor.
Where? Lilla Bjärred or something.
Just across the bridge.
We must get him there.
Will you help me? I need to show you something first.
- What's that? - A map of a quarantine zone.
A new quarantine zone.
We got a map of Denmark when the rain came, divided into the zones I told you about.
When they broke down, we thought the virus spread throughout the world.
But look.
That thing right there I think it's a wall.
What do you mean "wall"? I think we've been walled in.
I think we're in a quarantine zone, and that means they've stopped the virus.
Why else build a wall? There must be life on the other side of that wall.
Right? - Do you really think so? - Yes.
That's where you want to go.
And we'll join you.
Thank you.