The Rain (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Trust No One

1 - There's one.
- Is it stopping? No.
We're stuck here if they keep patrolling.
- What are you doing? - Just taking a look.
Fuck, Jean, get down.
You will get us all killed.
- Sorry.
- What were you thinking? I thought God protected you.
Well, he does, but not from stupidity.
I'm not stupid.
No, you aren't, but that was a stupid thing to do.
You're nice, Jean.
- What? - You're nice.
Christ, that's something your mom calls you.
"Jean, you're nice.
Jean, you're a good boy.
" But you are.
I'm not so sure.
You've always been nice to me.
Lea Does everybody make it into heaven, no matter what they have done? What? I did a terrible thing.
It doesn't matter what you've done in the past.
It's all about who you are.
And I know who you are.
You know nothing.
Help me.
Don't tell the others, or they won't bring us along.
Shit! It's that bad? You need a doctor.
Here, I have some morphine.
Are you thirsty? Thanks.
I don't know how we're gonna cross.
The Øresund Bridge is the only way.
It's too risky to walk across.
We'll be exposed with nowhere to hide.
But it's our only option.
Martin, he needs that doctor.
Please help us get across.
You look a bit pale, handsome.
Okay, we'll wrap ourselves up and cross in the dark.
Hey! We're busy here.
So are we.
Okay, doing what? Nothing.
Okay, we'll cross tonight.
Are you up for it? Yes.
Beatrice, you come with me.
What's eating you? Want to go on a date? - A date? - Yes.
Want to go on a date with me when all this crap is over? And do what? There's this place up north.
I used to go skiing there with my family as a kid.
You want to go skiing? No, but there's a mountain there.
Well, it's just a hill, but I thought it was the tallest mountain in the world and that you could see the whole world from up there.
I thought we'd start with a glass of rosé or something.
I'd like that.
What were you and Rasmus laughing at? You're jealous? No.
- But you're toying with him.
- No.
Why are you playing this game? Hey.
We have to find another solution.
Rasmus can't walk.
Well, he has to.
We can't drive him across in a shopping cart.
The Strangers are the only ones who have vehicles.
Then let's get one of theirs.
You're fucking crazy.
- They're patrolling this area.
- Where? I saw one right over there, but I don't know where it is now.
They snatch anyone who tries to get to the bridge.
- Well, I'll just have to draw them out.
- What a shitty plan.
Be careful, Simone.
They will kill you.
Grab their weapons.
Jean, tie them up.
- Let's just whack them.
- That wasn't the deal.
We just want their car.
It's like you live in a fucking cartoon.
Well, fine.
Sometimes you're a total asshole.
What the fuck are you talking about? Patrick, we'll question them first.
About what? Where they buy clothes? Had breakfast? Just go start the car, okay? Come on.
Good job, Simone.
Jesus! It looks like shit.
At least it's wrapped around something nice.
You liked hearing that? Isn't that pretty normal? I don't know.
I don't like people saying nice things to me.
Good thing there's nothing nice to say.
You pick up fast.
Your sister and Martin What about them? They seem to get along well.
You think she likes him? You tell me.
But aren't you and Martin a couple? Nobody owns each other in this world.
But there's still love, isn't there? You're so young.
- Answer it.
- I don't think kicking them will help.
Go ahead, but don't remove their masks.
It'll only make it harder to kill him.
There are more patrols coming.
We gotta go.
- Patrick.
- Wait.
Simone's just talking to them.
- Shoot them and let's move on.
- I will.
When I know what they know.
She changes everything to suit herself.
She doesn't give a shit about us.
She's twisting your head, Martin.
You can't trust her.
What are you doing, Simone? Don't tell that bitch anything.
Martin! Boys! We have to whack them! I told you.
- Did they talk? - No, they haven't.
Hey, do him first.
The tattooed guy.
Why? Just because.
Everyone go to the car.
Yes, come on.
- You promised not to kill them.
- Come, goddamn it.
Are you okay, Jean? Get in the car.
Let's get the others.
Where are we going? Lilla Bjärred.
What the fuck is that? A town.
Lilla Bjärred.
Sounds like something you do on the can.
I'm gonna go dump a little Bjärred.
You okay? They didn't have to die.
But we can't be on our best behavior if it ends up killing us, can we? No, but you gotta start somewhere.
They deserved to die, Simone.
Good morning.
Did you sleep well? Yes.
Are you hungry? Yes.
I'm starving.
She wants to know where your family is.
I don't know.
I haven't seen them since the rain.
- It was delicious.
- Good.
- I'd better - Sure.
He says he'd better be on his way.
She really wants you to stay.
I'm afraid I can't.
- Stay as long as you want to.
- Yes, we've got plenty of room.
I'd like that.
J E N V L Vilde.
And Vilde.
Are you okay, Rasmus? The doctor should be somewhere around here.
Rasmus, can you hear me? We are here.
- Rasmus? - Where is it? Where is that doctor? - Lea? - Yes? Hand me the drone.
Come, my friend.
- It is not working.
- Then we have to make it work.
The drone must send information to a receiver.
Jean? The map.
He's really not well.
- Is there a connection button? - No There's a button here.
How about this one? Here.
Press them simultaneously.
One, two, three.
- Anything happen? - Yes.
- Yes.
- Throw it.
Yes, that's it.
It's working.
- That's us.
We're right here.
- Yes.
- There's someone there.
- That could be the doctor.
- It's not far.
- Let's go.
Hello? Hello.
Anybody here? Stop! Go away! I'm sorry, but it's my brother - You're a doctor, right? - Who sent you? - A man - Where did you get that? We found it.
Who are you? We just need help, and you can help.
I don't know what you're on about.
- Go! - We're not leaving.
If you can you'll help.
What happened? He's been stabbed in the stomach.
He needs a surgeon or he'll die.
Bring him inside.
Will he be okay? Have you treated many? I try to help anyone I can Do you live here? I move around.
Havn't you got any family? I had one.
They died? A husband and two children, a little younger than you.
The rain took them.
Jean it's gonna be all right.
It's gonna be all right.
No I can't make it work.
Nothing works anymore.
Whether it's cars, the roads, electronics.
Daddy's gonna check it out.
Jean, stay with her.
No! You killed him! You killed him! You killed my husband! No! Get off! You killed him! Let me go! Vilde? Vilde.
Vilde, wake up.
Hello? Hello! Is everything okay? Yes, he's almost done.
What about her? The doctor? Simone.
She'll make it, too.
Why do you ask? You could learn a thing or two from Rasmus.
And what might that be? To express your feelings.
Every time I try to express my feelings to you, you won't listen.
Where are you headed now? NorrkÃping.
I see.
What's there? - Our dad.
- What's your dad doing in NorrkÃping? He works for Apollon.
What's your dad's name? Frederik.
Frederik Andersen.
We're not quite done yet after all.
- No more stitches, I hope.
- No.
But you need a tetanus shot.
I haven't got it here, but close by.
That's really nice of you.
You're whole again? - I'm all stitched up.
- Let's get going then.
- Rasmus just needs a shot.
- Just stay here.
Have some tea.
- Do you want me to come with you? - No, we'll be right back.
- Sure? - Yes.
- You'd rather go with her? - Oh, cut it out.
Go have some tea.
Right over here.
Easy, Rasmus.
What is this place? You have access to that? - You work for Apollon? - Used to.
Did you know our dad? No, we weren't in the same department.
But you must have known him.
He was one of the first employed.
I didn't know your dad.
- Come on.
- But Stop it, Simone.
I juts need that shot and we'll move on.
She's helping us.
Why did they build the barracks and everything around them? For the patrols.
The Strangers? Sit down.
What were the Strangers doing here? There.
- This is just to keep you still.
- Okay.
Division 45.
What about it? - Simone.
- It said that on the access screen.
- Simone.
- And? My dad worked there.
- No! Let her go! - Your dad killed my children.
Simone! Let her go! - What's keeping them? - All we ever do is wait for them.
They'll be here.
Okay? Let see what she's got.
You're going to rob her? Why not? She's helping us.
Let's just take a look around.
I've had it.
Let's go.
- Where? - We'll find the others.
No, you're staying here.
- Take Simone's backpack.
- Beatrice, you're staying.
Are you coming? - Come on, Jean.
- Jean, come here.
Come, Jean.
Jean, come now.
Jean, come.
I'm gonna find some food.
Be back in ten.
I haven't got a watch.
Is it good? Well? Is there anything? Good stuff.
Guys we need to get out.
What's going on? We need to go now.
What was that? Why didn't you shoot them? - You promised.
- We have to leave.
- What's going on, Martin? - I'll explain later.
Jean, what the fuck are you doing? - Fuck you! - Jean! Why the fuck didn't you shoot them? Why didn't you shoot them? They must have tracked the car.
Martin, why didn't you shoot them? No.
- Hey! Hello! - Don't do that.
What the fuck is he doing? Hey.
No, don't shoot.
What was that? Jean! Run! Just run! Come on, Jean! Fuck! Move.
Goddamn it! We have to go.
We have to go.
Come on.
- We have to go.
- What are you doing? - Hurry.
- We need to bring him along.
- Martin, listen.
- We need to get him.
Let's go.
Down here.
Come on.
Where's Jean? - What's going on? - He's dead.
He's dead.
What's going on? - Where's Jean? - The Strangers are here.
Where's Jean? We have to find the others and move on.
- And leave him behind? - Come on.
Run! Where's? Where's Jean? I don't know what you want or who you think we are.
- Your dad did this.
- What are you talking about? I told them it was dangerous, you can't attack nature and not expect it to strike back, but they wouldn't listen.
Neither him nor Sten.
They wouldn't listen.
He killed my children.
My? My dad? No.
No, my dad wouldn't kill anyone.
You have no idea what your dad's capable of.
I want him to see what I'm going to do to you.
You won't get out of here.
It's going to hurt but it'll be over fast.
Why are you doing this? You don't know what it feels like to be lonely.
You can't kill us.
You don't know anything.
They must be here.
No matter what you think our dad's done me and Rasmus haven't done anything.
Lie still! I'll get them.
I understand.
I know how much it hurts.
Our mom is dead, too.
We can't undo it.
They're not coming back.
That's the way we do it from now on.
No more talk.
Let's go.
What the fuck are you doing? Trying to help you, okay? Get up.
Goddamn, Simone.
Let's get out of here.
Come on.
Are you okay? What's going on? What the fuck happened? The doctor stays here.
Let's get out of here.
Let's go.
Let's see if we can stay the night here.
Patrick? Why didn't you shoot them? I did what I thought was right.
You did nothing.
If you had shot the Strangers, they would not have killed Jean.
- We don't know that he's dead.
- Of course he is.
I have followed you for six years, done anything you asked me to.
- And now you do anything Simone asks? - Patrick.
Why don't you listen to anything I say? - Does she own you now? - Are you through? It was your decision not to help him.
That's right.
Jean is your cross to bear.
Damn it! Is that your family? Come.
You can come with us.
You should have killed them.
The Strangers.