The Rain (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Have Faith

1 Where are we going? It's gonna rain any time now.
I don't know.
Why not? You've had a map in your head for two weeks, and now there's a techno map.
Where's the fucking bunker? Patrick, this place isn't on the map.
So your memory's gonna get us killed? See for yourself.
It doesn't work! Let her think.
You're defending her now? Great, Martin.
- Shut up, Patrick, you idiot.
- What? Do you want a slap in the face? Patrick, calm down! Take it easy! - Let's go up here.
- Yes, go up there.
Don't do that.
Take your time.
This place isn't even on the map.
Patrick? Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
I miss him too, Patrick.
- What are you talking about? - Jean.
I don't want to talk about Jean right now, okay? I miss him too.
I miss him like crazy.
Look, he was a fucking pain.
Yes, he was a fucking pain.
It's okay.
He's right here, you know? Yeah.
He's right here.
Should we move on? What's that? What is this place? It looks creepy.
I'm not going in there.
So you'd rather die in the rain? We don't know who lives there.
Why isn't it on the map? It could be the Strangers.
- Then we'll kill them.
- Do you know how many they are? It's that or the rain.
It's gonna pour down in a second.
I really don't like this.
Do you want to come in? Stay there.
Put that down.
I won't harm you.
You're welcome inside, but no weapons.
- I'm not handing over my weapon.
- Martin.
We are peaceful people.
How can I be sure? You can't, but you can choose to believe me.
Don't give them your gun, Martin.
But you have to hand over your weapons or we won't let you in.
- Martin - Martin, come on.
- Martin.
- Come on.
It's going to start raining.
We need to get inside.
Come on.
Come on in.
Come on in.
What is this place? All you need to know is that once you enter you're part of us.
Nothing outside can touch you.
Whatever you used to be, all your problems and worries are gone.
There is no past here, only you, right now.
Rasmus? Is he infected? Rasmus.
No, he had an accident.
You need to sleep.
You're tired.
Come with me.
She locked the door.
We're locked in.
Why the hell did we come in here? You should have kept the gun.
We're moving on as soon as the rain stops.
Kind of hard when we're locked up.
You think this is fucking funny? No.
Good morning.
Good morning.
- How is he doing? Is he alive? - Sure he is.
- How are you? - Breakfast is ready.
You've got food? Yes, of course there's food.
Are we going to eat? It's so beautiful.
And peaceful.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Oh, lovely.
Very good.
Go on down.
You must wash away the outside world.
There you go.
Isn't it nice here? Now I want you to take off your clothes so that we can wash them.
When you've showered, there's a set of clothes for each of you in the stalls.
You're not asking us to get wet, are you? Well, how else would you shower? Don't worry.
We have our own well, and we clean the water.
Nothing here is dangerous.
- Like the tomatoes? - Precisely.
Just like the tomatoes.
You don't believe me? I see you're still skeptical.
Wait and see, then.
Look at this.
Lea, come here.
No, it's okay.
It's okay.
Not everything can be explained.
But I see that you want to believe.
You're safe to do that here.
Jesus Christ.
Okay, we're getting out of here.
Put your shoes on.
We're in no hurry, Martin.
Lea put on your shoes.
I know you're only trying to protect us, but maybe we should stay here a bit.
- It's not dangerous.
- Maybe not.
Isn't it odd to come to a strange place and be offered tomatoes and showers? Sure it is.
So put on your shoes.
Martin Come on.
Okay, do whatever the hell you want.
That's your call, Martin.
Let's do it? Shall we do it? Okay.
- Do we do a countdown? - Let's do that.
- Okay, yes.
- Five! - Four! - No, wait! So you sure took it all in, didn't you? Hello? - Took what in? - What? Beatrice.
I saw you.
It's sweet.
And she doesn't seem to mind.
But she's with Martin.
You didn't know? How do you mean? - You know, "with.
" - "With"? - Hey, that's okay.
- Sure, I just thought you What? - You thought that I what? - Nothing.
- Look, just put on your shirt.
- Yes.
- Let me see that.
- Ouch, damn it.
It's infected.
We need a doctor.
It needs to be cleaned.
You're not eating their food, are you? Yes, we are, Martin.
- Who are you? - Martin.
What is this place? How can you have vegetables and bread? Shut the fuck up.
They're just trying to be here.
I found children's shoes.
See any children here? - They must have grown up or - Or what? What do you mean? They're right outside, playing.
You're interrupting their meal.
And we don't wear our old clothes here.
What's the deal with these hippie duds? Are you some sort of cult? I understand your doubts, your questions your distrust towards others.
I, too, have had that nagging doubt.
Who can I believe? Can I trust anyone out there? But we've done away with those doubts here.
Just like that? How did you do that? By melting into one.
It all boils down to: what do I fear if I don't exist? We are one, and we are now.
That's all that matters.
- Is it good? - It's delicious.
Dig in.
We have no past, no name, no gender.
It's the end of the world, but we're right here, right now, and that's all that matters.
Do you even hear what you're saying? That's the dumbest thing I ever heard.
Calm down, Martin.
They're trying to help us.
I apologize for Martin, our friend.
He means well.
Some people react with fright at all the love here.
We're not so used to it.
You can stay if you want to.
Settle down and become one of us.
I think we have to move on.
Our monthly celebration is tomorrow.
What's that? Once a month, we share a nice meal in silence and gratitude.
You mustn't miss it.
You remind me of my daughter.
I do? Yes.
I thought we agreed you weren't going to the party.
I changed my mind, Mom.
I think you should stay home.
It's for your own sake.
If I don't go, it's for your sake.
You know it is.
It's just a party, Mom not the end of the world.
Will there be a lot of boys? The boys from school are coming.
Are you going to drink and smoke? Maybe they are, but I'm not, am I? Mom - You're wearing makeup? - Stop it.
Mom! Mom, you have to support me.
- You always make me feel like a freak.
- You're not a freak.
- But you make me feel like one.
- But you're not.
No, I'm not.
I'm going to the party, and I won't stay out late.
It's a deep wound.
Yes, a doctor stitched him up I don't want to know anything about the past.
What about the pills? - You're not having any more pills.
- But it really hurts.
I'm going to sedate you.
We're out of antibiotics.
You need to rest for at least a week.
No, thanks.
No sedative.
Why not? I don't want him sedated.
Can you stand the pain? I said no.
We have morphine in our backpack.
Good idea.
He needs a painkiller.
I'll have it brought up.
This is the last one you're getting.
Sorry to interrupt, but I need to know.
Who are you? Who are you? Are you connected to Apollon? That belongs to the past.
This You had this.
- Yes.
- What is it? A sedative.
I told you.
A sedative? It's the same as this.
It belonged to a doctor who tried to kill me and my brother.
Let me see.
That is something else.
Give it to me.
- No.
- I'll take that.
No, you don't.
Give it to me.
- What? - No, don't.
- Don't do that.
Put it away.
- Why? - You can kill us all with that.
- What? Why? - Why did you bring it here? - Tell me what's in it.
Who made these? Where are they from? Leave the past be.
I just want to know what's in it.
Believe me you don't.
You understand, don't you? That we have to free ourselves of the past.
It's too difficult for me.
I've done something terrible.
You have to let it go.
Please try.
- No.
- Yes.
I'll teach you.
I don't think I can do it.
If you can close your eyes and breathe, you can.
Close your eyes.
There you go.
You can do it.
Now breathe.
Take a deep breath through your nose.
I can't do it.
It's too hard.
You don't know what I've done.
Let it out.
Let it go.
Let go of it.
Lea, you came.
I did.
Nice dress.
- Everybody is so pleased that you came.
- Really? Yes, they are so pleased.
I wasn't sure.
- Here's your Coke.
- Thanks.
- Thanks for inviting me.
- Sure.
Here's to the future! Here's to the future! Louder! Do you want to fuck? Lie down.
Do you want to fuck? I'll do it.
- I want to.
- Look at the camera.
Everybody wants to fuck.
Lea, look at the camera.
Oh, Christian Lea? Don't forget the condom.
Sh is that for real? She's so gross.
Is that you, Lea? Mom.
Mom, please come and get me.
I don't feel well.
I can't do that.
I told you not to go.
Mom! I've seen the video from the party yesterday.
Everybody has seen it.
You're on your own.
Mom! Mom, just come and get me, please.
I'm hanging up now.
Mom? Mom, say something! Goodbye, Lea.
Mom What are you doing here? - Looking for the bathroom.
- You're not allowed here.
No? Okay.
- Go back upstairs.
- Sure.
- Martin - Listen.
There's a guy from Apollon here.
What? They're keeping something from us.
That's what I'm saying.
Something is going on.
Come here.
- I don't get what they're afraid of.
- Just come.
They were here.
They were here just a minute ago.
Right? They said I wasn't allowed down here.
There's something wrong with this place.
I think we should get out of here.
- No, Martin.
- Yes.
There's a guy from Apollon here.
We have to find out why.
Maybe he knows something about my father.
We have to stay.
Have you seen Martin? Hi.
Simone just left too.
Does it still hurt? Not much.
You don't have to act tough.
We can tell each other everything.
Everything? Are you and Martin a couple? You are, aren't you? I don't know.
But he isn't like you.
What am I like? You're honest.
Is that a good thing? It's pretty good.
Very good.
Beatrice is looking for Martin.
Have you seen him? No.
He must be in his room, then.
Well? What? Hi.
Where have you been? I I've been - in the basement.
- Strange first date, isn't it? What? You and Simone have been hanging out.
- It's pretty obvious.
- No, listen.
I'm trying to find out what the hell's going on in this house.
- It's so obvious.
- This isn't about us.
- It sure isn't.
- No, it isn't.
It's just that I I feel like I'm losing all of you.
- All of us? - Yes.
Maybe Martin and Beatrice aren't a real couple.
Maybe they're just having sex.
- Did you ever have sex before the rain? - No.
- Before the rain - No! Don't you want to try it? I'm trying to figure out whether to stay or to leave this place.
- Okay? - Yeah, okay.
It seems natural to the others.
Why do you ask? It's not a weird thing to talk about.
It is with my little brother.
Oh, okay.
Maybe you should talk to Martin about it.
Cut it out! But don't you want to try? We're going to find my gun and leave.
Why do you get to decide that? I don't, Patrick.
This place is coming between us.
- There's something wrong here.
- No, there isn't.
Okay, fine, but we're still in a quarantine zone.
Wasn't the plan to get out of it? What about the Apollon guy? - What? - There's a guy from Apollon here.
What does that mean? He was about to inject Rasmus with something.
He knows something.
We'll find the answers somewhere else.
We can't leave until Rasmus is better.
But it's not safe here.
- I vote to stay.
- Me too.
For sure.
- Good.
- Yes.
Looks like you're going alone.
You're crazy.
Why don't you just leave and we'll come later? What's happening to you? Why can't you just stay here with us? He can't.
- He can't stand not being in charge.
- Bea He'd rather be alone.
- Lea, are you coming? - Sure.
Where are you going? We'll see you at the dinner.
- Yeah.
- Come.
Don't you see it? Martin Hey.
This is so wrong.
It's his own choice.
Hello? Is someone there? Hello? Dear God you need to help me.
I don't know what happened, but you need to help me.
- Lea? - Mom? Lea, can you hear me? Mom, they Don't be sad.
- I'll come pick you up.
- Mom, don't leave.
- I'm leaving right now.
I - Don't go outside.
My mom I killed my mother.
You lost your mother but you didn't kill her.
We all lost someone before we came here.
Little Lea, you didn't kill anyone.
Okay? Yes.
Did you lose someone, too? Did you? A A daughter and a grandchild.
Where are they? Here.
They're right here.
Welcome to this, our traditional monthly celebration.
As usual, we will observe absolute silence both to honor the meal and to open up to this boundless love that will flow through us from the meal, dissolving us as individuals.
We are each other.
We are in each other.
We are nothing without each other.
Now eat.
I hope you like it.
I hope you all appreciated the meal.
Now it's time to find the next person who will gratify us with their body thus getting eternal life.
What is he talking about? What is this? Did we eat a human being? There now.
Karen? You've been fortunate to experience ultimate love.
We want to leave.
Sit down.
Once you've partaken of the meal, you're part of the community.
The one who finds a flower in the wrapper is the chosen one and will come to the basement directly - to give their life to us.
- Hey! - Martin.
- Stop! Step away! Step away from him! You can't stop this now.
Your friends have to stay here - Martin? - until we've found a flower.
Martin? Martin? I'll start.
Go ahead.
I think we've found the chosen one.
- What? - Lea, sit down.
- Shut up and sit down! - What is this? What is this? Karen? You took the wrong one.
- Karen? - It's mine.
- No! - Thank you all for for allowing me to become one of you.
It's a huge honor for me to to live on in you.
Thank you.
No! I need you.
- No.
- Yes! Come, come, come.
I need you.
- You must live.
- No.
You must live! Please let go.
No! All has been revealed now.
You can either go or stay.
Do as you wish.
But you won't find a better place than this.
We're leaving.
Give us our backpacks and my gun.
What was in that syringe? Simone.
You know something.
You know something.
Tell me! Did you know my dad? Frederik Andersen? Yes.
We did it.
We destroyed the world.
But it will be better when Let's go, Simone.
We have to go, okay? Simone, come.
You have to go now.
What? No.
You're stuck in the past.
She has the right to know the truth.
We have to stand by what we've done.
Go now.
You're on your own now.
You cannot leave me out here.
What do we do now? I mean you know best.
So, what's the plan, Martin? You want to know what's in the syringe? We thought we would save everyone with this.
Instead we killed them all.
No! Let's get out of this fucking zone.
But we'll stop by Apollon first.