The Rain (2018) s02e03 Episode Script

Stay in Control

1 [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] [SARAH] You killed them all.
So, do to me what you did to my brother.
- I know, and they call her a prodigy.
She skipped two grades in primary school, was valedictorian in high school and the youngest undergraduate in biology ever [WOMAN 1] She finished her Masters in four years.
Yes, she did, exactly.
And look at her now.
Thirty shots in five minutes! [WOMAN 1] She may be smart, but if the world ended tomorrow, I wouldn't want her to save us.
[FIE SHOUTS] Cheers! [FIE] Now that I have your dad's records, I can make a cure out of these samples, but we're in a hurry.
If the virus starts mutating, then we have a problem.
What do you mean? [FIE] Every time it takes on a new host, it mutates.
And we don't know how.
The virus is inherently aggressive.
Let me show you.
[FIE] Look what happens when I provoke it.
It's as if it senses it.
It attacks and attempts to eliminate the threat.
And each time this happens, the virus mutates into an even deadlier strain.
What you see there, the mutation, is much more dangerous than the rain.
We cannot hide from this.
So, if the virus in Rasmus mutates Then I don't know if I can help him.
The smart thing to do is to not provoke it until we know more.
We can use Rasmus to map the virus and to get ahead of the mutations.
[SIMONE] But being locked up in there is stressful.
Can't we put him somewhere else? He's suffering.
- Maybe the back room is more comfortable.
- Thank you.
[INHALES AND GULPS] - Aren't you feeling well? - Excuse me.
I have to [SIMONE] What? [VOMITS] Here we go.
Wow, huh? Pretty fancy.
- You're quarantined, not imprisoned.
- When can you do something? [SIGHS] [SIMONE] We're working as fast as we can.
Fie's good.
She's on top of it.
- Well, Fie doesn't believe in it.
- Sure she does.
No, I could tell.
Hey I believe in it.
Okay? [RASMUS] Yeah.
- What does it feel like? - What do you mean? - To do what you like.
- You think that's what I do? - Aren't you? - Nobody does what they like these days.
- So what would you like most of all? - What do you mean? - Maybe something to do with Martin? - [SIMONE] Shut up, you! - I'm not discussing that with you.
- [RASMUS] You're so grown up! Well, someone has to be.
Jesus - Won't they see us? - Huh? - They will see us.
- Whatever.
Eyes closed.
No peeking yet.
Wow! Yes.
Go ahead and have a seat here.
- And a little vino - Did you plan all this? No, I just found it here.
It may have fermented, but it has a screwcap, so let's try it.
There we go.
Let's have some musica.
Let's see.
Et voilà! [MARCHING BAND MUSIC PLAYING ON RECORD PLAYER] Well, that was what they had to offer in the record store.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Oh, it's - Slightly bitter.
- A little sour.
- [MARTIN] Yeah.
I have to say - Is it okay to lie down? - [MARTIN] Oh, yes.
It is, yes.
You said I could tell you everything.
There's something about Rasmus.
[PATRICK] Martin! - What's up? - [PATRICK] Sorry, are you guys having sex? [MARTIN SIGHS] [PATRICK] Okay, so I guess not.
I've found something weird you need to see.
[MARTIN] Okay, coming.
Rain check? While you were showing Simone a good time, I found the video room.
The video room? The movies are crap, but there's weed and tools and whatnot.
Check this out.
- These are regular magnets.
- Yes? But these ones are electromagnets.
Roll up your sleeve.
Stick in your arm.
Don't worry.
Try it.
Trust me.
[MARTIN] What the hell? The capsules are magnetic.
[PATRICK] I don't know who left it here, but they tried to get rid of the capsules.
Stay put.
There's more.
They had all sorts of crazy gadgets.
I've found this as well.
Whoa! [PATRICK] Sorry.
It switches the light off.
A gun that switches the light off? Surely it can do more than that.
I haven't figured that out yet.
- See what you can make of it.
- [PATRICK] Yeah, I'll have a look.
Who the hell were those people? - [RAPID BEEPING] - [DOOR UNLOCKS] [DENNIS] Kira? What are you doing down here? - [IN SWEDISH] They found the base.
- [DENNIS IN DANISH] You're kidding.
[KIRA IN SWEDISH] If Apollon finds the hidden video cards, we're screwed.
They will kill us.
I need your help! [DENNIS IN DANISH] Did you forget I'm locked up? How can I help you from in here? [KIRA IN SWEDISH] I can't go away unnoticed for long.
We have to get you to the base so you can cover our tracks.
We're dead if Apollon finds the video cards with me in there.
[DENNIS IN DANISH] Okay, but how are you supposed to get me out of here? [KIRA IN SWEDISH] Like this! [DENNIS IN DANISH] Fuck! We need to get him to the clinic.
- [LEA IN DANISH] Is it better here? - [JEAN] Uh-huh.
Working in the sunlight is great.
[LEA] Hm.
Why are you just sitting there? You're just watching me work.
That's because you're so good at it.
[RHYTHMIC PULSING] - Now what? - Oh.
[JEAN] Where did that come from? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] [LEA] Come on, Jean.
[RHYTHMIC PULSING CONTINUES] [JEAN] Lea, be careful! It might be dangerous.
- [LEA] There's a button.
- Don't touch it.
Lea! [IN SWEDISH] We've been looking for you.
Now we know you're here.
You can't hide anymore.
We want Rasmus.
He has the virus, and he will kill you all.
I know how much you have suffered, but we can end that.
Let us take over.
Either you hand him over voluntarily, or we'll come and get him ourselves.
If you collaborate, we will help you extract the capsules from your bodies, and you can leave the zone.
If you resist, you will die! You have 24 hours to hand him over.
[JEAN IN DANISH] We have to talk to them.
He offered to help.
You know he's lying.
They will kill us all.
Jean, we can't trust him.
He won't help us.
- What if we can't manage without him? - [SIMONE] Of course we can.
We know more than they do.
We have the equipment that Fie needs.
We have my dad's notes, and we have Rasmus.
- [JEAN] How dangerous is Rasmus? - [LEA] Stop it.
He isn't dangerous.
Right? Simone? No.
We know how to control him and how the virus spreads.
- [JEAN] He said it can deteriorate.
- He wants to scare us, to cause a rift.
But they have all kinds of insane technology they can kill us with.
Then we'll have to fortify.
- And we'll find a cure for Rasmus.
- I'll go look for Fie.
[MARTIN] Okay, you two keep a lookout for Apollon.
I'll find Patrick.
[APPROACHING FOOTSTEPS] - [SIMONE] Fie! - [FIE] Yeah? [SIMONE] There you are.
They know we're here.
- [FIE] What? - Apollon know we're here.
- How the hell did they find the base? - [SIMONE] No idea.
They're coming for Rasmus unless we give him up.
We've got 24 hours.
But if we rid him of the virus, they can't use him.
Then we are free.
But it has to be done within 24 hours.
- We're working as fast as we can.
- [SIMONE] Please, Fie.
What we're attempting has never been done.
Frankly, the odds are not in our favor.
[SIMONE] Then I'll just have to do it on my own.
[FIE] Simone [SIGHS] PREGNANCY TES - [FIE] Are you angry or something? - [MAN] Did you have to down 30 shots? [FIE] It wasn't 30 Loosen up a bit.
I'm just sick of everything having to be so serious all the time.
"Fie can do anything.
She'll find a cure for cancer and save the world.
" What if I don't want to save the world? What if I don't want to grow up? - It's okay.
- Is it? You aren't angry, but you're ticklish.
Knock it off.
Fie, knock it off.
- Come on, it's fun.
- Fie - I'm just having fun.
- [MAN] Fie, I'm [VEHICLE HORN BLARING] [GLASS SHATTERING] Okay, this is our only means of defense? [PATRICK] Plus the light gun in the basement.
- Is it of any use? - Only to turn off lights.
The gate will keep them busy and the barricade helps, but for how long? - Why don't we just take off? - No place to go.
They're right outside.
[PATRICK] So, let's leave Rasmus behind.
He's the one they're after.
- Did they offer to extract the capsules? - [MARTIN] They're lying.
[PATRICK] They have been chasing us forever.
[MARTIN] It ends when we find a cure for Rasmus.
If we find a cure.
We don't even know what's wrong with him.
- We don't know if he killed the others.
- We do.
- Simone was there.
- What if she's lying? - How do you know she's not? - Enough with the questions! - I'm just saying - [MARTIN] You're being a pain in the ass! What good are you? - Okay.
- Find something better than a frying pan! - [JEAN] They're not advancing.
- No, they're on standby.
I think we should leave.
You and me.
We could look for a small house and maybe start - Why would we do that? - [JEAN] Because Apollon are here.
- [LEA] So what? - They're going to kill us.
Not as long as we stick together.
- [JEAN] They don't care if we're together.
- Well, I do.
We're a group, and we need each other.
- Not if we're dead.
- [LEA] You do as you like! I'm not leaving the others.
I'm not leaving Simone.
She didn't leave us.
[RASMUS INHALES DEEPLY] [RASMUS] You said I killed your brother.
If that is true, I'm really sorry.
It was unintentional, I promise.
[SARAH SCOFFS] That won't bring him back to life.
- You have to help me.
- [SARAH] And why should I help you? Because Because you're the only one who knows I did it, and you haven't told anyone.
I have to find out what I did and why.
[SARAH] What good will it do you? [RASMUS] I'm not sure, but if I know how, I'll know not to do it again.
I don't want more blood on my hands.
[SARAH] Okay.
[RASMUS] I was locked up for six years.
You're locked up like me.
You know what it's like.
- [SARAH] You think we're the same.
- I think we're sharing the same fate.
So, we're kind of like Romeo and Juliet? Who? Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare.
I love you, I can't have you, I commit suicide, and so on.
It doesn't ring a bell? [RASMUS] As I said, I was locked up for six years.
[LAUGHS] - Sorry, but it sounded funny.
- [RASMUS] Well, it wasn't.
I want to show you how the virus works, but I don't want you to get hurt.
It's a date, then.
A date? Relax.
I'll help you.
[KIRA IN SWEDISH] Hurry, Dennis.
It won't be long until Apollon find out that you're gone.
It's just over here.
- You know what you have to do, right? - [IN DANISH] The video cards, drawings [IN SWEDISH] Burn everything, including the weapon.
[IN DANISH] What happens when Apollon find out? [IN SWEDISH] If they find out, I'll have to kill you.
I'll say you tried to escape, and I shot you.
Go on.
Hurry up.
If anyone sees you, kill them.
- [MACHINE BEEPS] [SIMONE GRUNTS ANGRILY] Fucking crap! Two seconds.
Come in.
I'm working on a cure.
- [MARTIN] Alone? - I can't find Fie.
Don't you think you should wait for her? [SIMONE] I'm not sure we can.
Apollon are here.
- These ones go in there - [MARTIN] Be careful with those samples.
[SIMONE] I know what I'm doing.
[MARTIN] Remember when Jakob dropped a sample? - [HIGH-PITCHED BEEP] - Fucking machine! Hey, hey, hey! - [SIMONE] Why the hell isn't she here? - No idea, but you can't do this alone.
- I don't know how to solve it.
- No, you don't.
We'll do this together.
Okay? Yes.
Why do you have to be so sweet? It just comes naturally to me.
Shut up.
[SIGHS HEAVILY] [WOMAN] I'm sorry to have to tell you.
Your pelvis was shattered, and you won't be able to have kids.
You're lucky to be alive, considering you ran a red light and got hit by a van.
We've called your parents.
They're on their way.
- What about Asger? - I'm sorry.
We tried to save him.
It may not feel that way now, but you're very lucky to be alive.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] [PATRICK] Okay, here, toss it up! Check this out.
- Ready? - Yeah.
[PATRICK] Here we go.
[BOTH YELL] What happened? [PATRICK] It's some EMP shit, like in Fallout.
- [MARTIN] What do you mean? - [PATRICK] An electro multi-pulse.
The capsules.
- So it's magnetic? - Yes, that's why it's so painful.
- We can ambush them.
- Yes.
- Can I have a go? - [PATRICK] Sure.
Are you pressing it? - [MARTIN] Yeah.
- [PATRICK] What the fuck did you do, ? It must have run out of whatever power it uses.
There must be a charger for it.
I'll find it.
- [MARTIN] Patrick! - Yes? - Thank you.
- [PATRICK] What for? - [MARTIN] For helping.
- It's a fucking Fallout gun! By all means.
[DENNIS] Where the hell is the gun? Okay, okay.
Video cards, the drawings Yes! [PATRICK] Where the hell do we recharge you? There has to be batteries somewhere.
What the fuck? Hey! [SHOUTS] Hey! Who the hell are you? Huh? [DENNIS] Give me the gun! [PATRICK] What the hell, man? [GUN CLICKS] Piece of shit! [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] [PATRICK SHOUTS] [GRUNTING] - [DENNIS] I have to kill you.
- It's empty.
- It was you who destroyed the samples.
- [SIMONE] Uh, yes, but - [FIE] Don't worry.
I made new ones.
- It's good to go.
Put on a suit.
- [SIMONE] What? You're right.
Apollon pose a threat, and we have to do something.
- So - Okay.
[FIE] I've isolated what I believe is the controller gene in the virus.
I'm going to test it on these rats.
If it works, we'll repeat it on Rasmus within the hour.
Take the lid off.
In you go.
[FIE] If it works, we should see it within seconds.
[MOUSE SQUEAKING] [FIE] Put the lid back on.
Let's see.
Now the rat carries the virus, as well as the antidote.
[FIE] Let's try again.
Come on, come on Come on.
Fie, look Fie, it works.
- [FIE] What? - [SIMONE] It works.
[MOUSE SQUEAKING] Fie We have to get out of here.
Fie, come on.
Fie, now! Fuck! What the hell happened? We have to try again.
Stay focused.
- We can do it if we just - Just what? Find the time? Okay, it happens when I get angry or feel threatened or upset.
Then I feel it.
Well, try to get angry.
I can't now, but I did it this morning.
- Pretty disappointing.
- [RASMUS] Two seconds.
[OMINOUS MUSIC PLAYING] You're pathetic.
I couldn't care less if you're upset.
Why should I bother? I have no idea why your sister wants to save you.
- [RASMUS] What do you mean? - You're not worth it.
You belong in prison.
You killed everyone.
Why should you be allowed to live? You're a monster! A freak! Think of everyone you killed, Rasmus.
You killed your own family! My family! This is all your fault! Your fault, Rasmus! [SCREAMS] Stop! [RASMUS PANTING] [SARAH] It's working, Rasmus! Be careful - Rasmus, stop it.
- [RASMUS] I can't! [SARAH] Rasmus, stop! - Come quickly.
- [LEA] What's going on? [JEAN] It's Rasmus.
He's exploding! - [SIMONE] What? - [JEAN] Hurry! [LEA] Jean! [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] [SIMONE SHOUTS] Rasmus, stop! Rasmus - [FIE] Watch out! - What the hell's going on? [SIMONE] Rasmus, it's me.
Sit down.
Calm down, calm down.
[JEAN] What is happening to him? Did he kill them? - Jakob? The doctors? - Jean You said they died because they dropped a sample.
Was it a lie? - You knew? - We could have died.
[SIMONE] Jean, I I've always tried to protect you.
Did he kill Jakob? Simone, did he? Fuck you! Come on [SARAH COUGHS] [SIMONE] Martin.
[MARTIN] He has to be locked up.
Can you walk? Let's go! [PANTING] Martin He killed everyone.
He could have killed us.
Why didn't you tell me? I tried to tell you.
He won't be dangerous once we've cured him.
Apollon will stop Apollon are right outside.
They will kill us unless we do something.
We stuck by him.
I was ready to die for us, and you lied to me? - [SIMONE] Martin - No, I can't! [RETREATING FOOTSTEPS] [SIMONE] Shit! [JEAN] Lea Lea, stop! Stop that! - What's going on? - It was all a lie, don't you understand? Jean, it was all a lie.
What's going on? [LEA] I trusted her.
She was the one that was pure.
She was my guiding star, Jean.
Why did she lie? I don't know.
I want to go.
Let's go.
There's nothing keeping us here, Jean.
All that stuff about helping each other was a lie.
Then we're leaving.
Why the hell didn't you say it was me? I killed them all, Simone.
[SIMONE] I thought it was for the best.
I didn't want to scare you.
I told you, I'm not scared.
Maybe we don't need to remove it.
[SIMONE INHALES ANXIOUSLY] - I'd better get back to the lab.
- Are you scared of me? No.
[MENACING MUSIC PLAYING] ["COMING DOWN" BY KWAMIE LIV PLAYING] [FREDERIK] There is someone who can kill the virus without killing Rasmus.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS] If they fail, you have to kill him.
[BREATHING ANXIOUSLY] What the hell? [GROANS] [GROANS] [PATRICK] What the hell? [PATRICK SHOUTS] Help! Help! Help! [MUFFLED SHOUTING] [APPROACHING FOOTSTEPS] [FIE] What the hell was she thinking? [MARTIN EXHALES DEEPLY] We could have been killed.
But we can't do anything about that now.
What can we do? I can't control him.
We can't trust her.
We have to take Rasmus to Apollon, before he kills us all.
[KNOCKING] - I never imagined anyone would get hurt.
- No, but it happened.
- Look, I'm sorry - We've decided to go to Apollon.
- What are you saying? - We can't control Rasmus.
That's why we have to keep trying.
Rasmus isn't a threat to us, Apollon are! They will kill Rasmus and then us! [MARTIN] You're not thinking clearly because he's your brother.
This is crazy I know what I'm doing, and I'm not giving up on him.
[SIMONE] What are you doing? What are you doing? Martin! Martin! Martin [TENSE MUSIC PLAYING] [SIMONE] What the hell? [SARAH] I don't think you should do it.
We have to, Sarah.
He's too dangerous.
But I also have a personal interest in handing Rasmus over to Apollon.
I'm pregnant.
[SARAH] What the hell are you saying? I thought it was impossible, but I guess I was wrong.
Jakob's the father, so you're going to be an aunt.
You're such a fool! You think we're going to be one big happy family now? Do you think it will make everything OK? Well, it won't! It's crap! And Jakob isn't here.
The last thing he experienced before dying was you upsetting him.
You and I will never be family.
It monitors everything.
- Hi.
- Where's Patrick? - Jean, see if he's asleep.
- No.
[MARTIN] What's going on? Lea and I are leaving.
We don't want to be here anymore.
- We want to find someplace peaceful.
- [FIE] Good luck with that.
- [JEAN] Thanks.
- You can't just leave.
Why not? Because we're in this together.
In what? Together how? - And who are we? - All of us.
[LEA] Simone? Where is she? Where's Rasmus? Where's Patrick? We're not in this together at all.
Why should we stay? - Apollon are right outside.
- We're leaving as soon as we can.
You don't have to.
We're handing Rasmus over to Apollon.
They were right.
He's too dangerous.
- What does that mean? - [MARTIN] You said it yourself, Jean.
We have to cooperate.
Not with the ones who killed Simone's dad.
What does she have to say? It's her brother.
- Are you out of your minds? - She lied, Lea.
- You're taking off, anyway.
- But I wouldn't sacrifice my friends.
So what are you suggesting? Rasmus is about to kill us all.
The whole thing's falling apart around us.
- Listen, we have to do it - [LEA] Let go of me.
Don't! I'm going to find Simone.
Are you OK? - They're handing you over to Apollon! What? Simone would never do that.
- Simone - Look.
The virus has two controller genes.
Maybe if we defuse them both Fie got it wrong.
- Yeah, but - They think it's over, but it's not! - Where is she? - [LEA] With Rasmus.
- I have to get her now! - But, Simone Fie Fie.
I know how to solve it.
I know what went wrong.
- I know - Listen to me! It's too late.
- I know how to solve it! - [FIE] No, stop it! Fuck, he's gone! [FREDERIK] Rasmus is no longer who he used to be.
We don't know what he's become or what will happen.
[SARAH] Are you alright, Rasmus? Rasmus?